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This morning Glenn took a call from Torrie in Detroit. Torrie explained to Glenn that he started watching Glenn on CNN and followed him when he moved to Fox, and has since just been listening to Glenn on radio because he doesn’t own a computer.

Torrie explained to Glenn that he grew up in the city of Detroit – he’s lived there for 41 years – and Glenn opened his eyes.

“I went through the crack era. I went through the nineties with the automotive industry and the 2000s with the industry going down, but you have opened my eyes,” Torrie told Glenn. “I tell my friends, ‘this man knows what he is talking about. He knows exactly what he’s talking about with the liberals and the entitlements and the food stamps’.”

Torrie continued to explain to Glenn that he was black, and that President Obama has a large majority of the black community locked in.

“You must be mighty popular among your friends,” Glenn joked.

“Oh, they hate me,” Torrie replied. “They hate me. I’m probably one of the only black people in this city that listens to your show.”

Glenn wanted to know how Torrie got to this point – what was it that opened his eyes.

He explained to Glenn that he voted for President Obama in 2008, but he also paid attention to the policies of the man he voted for in the years following. He found Glenn on CNN, followed him to Fox, and really started watching around Restoring Honor in 2010. He saw how Al Sharpton made a big deal about the event being on the same day as the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Torrie went on to tell Glenn that he kept notes of what Glenn was saying on his shows – notes on radical Islam, communism, radicals, etc. He did his own homework and came to the conclusion that “this man is telling the truth.”

“Black people don’t understand that the Democratic Party is keeping a thumb on us to control us. And I’ve said from 2009 on up, never again,” Torrie said. “I will not be bamboozled. I took your advice. I’ve done my own homework. I didn’t just listen to you – I did my own research. I’m still reading your book Arguing With Idiots.”

He also explained to Glenn that he recently lost his job, he believes because of his political opinion and his stance against SEUI, the union he was a part of at the hospital he worked at.

“How would you like to teach your family to serve for a weekend?” Glenn asked Torrie after hearing about his job.

“I would love to man,” he answered.

Glenn told Torrie he was going to fly him and his family down to be a part of Restoring Love’s day of service – news that got Torrie so excited he woke his wife up.

“I’ll do whatever I can to keep America and our Constitution and everything intact,” Torrie said. “I’ll do whatever I can.”