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This morning Glenn took a call from Torrie in Detroit. Torrie explained to Glenn that he started watching Glenn on CNN and followed him when he moved to Fox, and has since just been listening to Glenn on radio because he doesn’t own a computer.

Torrie explained to Glenn that he grew up in the city of Detroit – he’s lived there for 41 years – and Glenn opened his eyes.

“I went through the crack era. I went through the nineties with the automotive industry and the 2000s with the industry going down, but you have opened my eyes,” Torrie told Glenn. “I tell my friends, ‘this man knows what he is talking about. He knows exactly what he’s talking about with the liberals and the entitlements and the food stamps’.”

Torrie continued to explain to Glenn that he was black, and that President Obama has a large majority of the black community locked in.

“You must be mighty popular among your friends,” Glenn joked.

“Oh, they hate me,” Torrie replied. “They hate me. I’m probably one of the only black people in this city that listens to your show.”

Glenn wanted to know how Torrie got to this point – what was it that opened his eyes.

He explained to Glenn that he voted for President Obama in 2008, but he also paid attention to the policies of the man he voted for in the years following. He found Glenn on CNN, followed him to Fox, and really started watching around Restoring Honor in 2010. He saw how Al Sharpton made a big deal about the event being on the same day as the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Torrie went on to tell Glenn that he kept notes of what Glenn was saying on his shows – notes on radical Islam, communism, radicals, etc. He did his own homework and came to the conclusion that “this man is telling the truth.”

“Black people don’t understand that the Democratic Party is keeping a thumb on us to control us. And I’ve said from 2009 on up, never again,” Torrie said. “I will not be bamboozled. I took your advice. I’ve done my own homework. I didn’t just listen to you – I did my own research. I’m still reading your book Arguing With Idiots.”

He also explained to Glenn that he recently lost his job, he believes because of his political opinion and his stance against SEUI, the union he was a part of at the hospital he worked at.

“How would you like to teach your family to serve for a weekend?” Glenn asked Torrie after hearing about his job.

“I would love to man,” he answered.

Glenn told Torrie he was going to fly him and his family down to be a part of Restoring Love’s day of service – news that got Torrie so excited he woke his wife up.

“I’ll do whatever I can to keep America and our Constitution and everything intact,” Torrie said. “I’ll do whatever I can.”

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  • NickDeringer

     Troy was an impressive guy. I suspect there are lot more like him out there who are worried if they speak up they will become outcasts in the community. It’s time for our brothers in the Black community to break free of the “Plantation Mentality” of the Democrat party.

    • Shannon M. Coachman

      how awesome it must have felt for Tony to have that experience play out live on Glenn’s show!

  • Anonymous

    This was great, heard it on the radio this morning and actually had to stop working for a moment. I was born and raised in Detroit and can definitely sympathize with Troy. I’m in the South now where the people actually “get it”. But I still argue with family back home routinely. I asked a high school friend last year who still lives just outside of Detroit why she still voted Democrat. Her response “honestly I don’t know. I’ve watched them destroy Detroit and the state of Michigan. I guess I still vote Democrat because that’s how I’ve always voted and that’s what my parents taught me”. I hope and pray that maybe I’ve “shown her the light” . Who knows. One big problem though is Michigan’s purple Governor. It’s hard to convince people that R is any better than D when you have bozo’s like Snyder running your state!

  • Anonymous

    WHY? Has Obama NOT been Impeached.????    I think this is the Biggest mistake, as Loyal Citizens, who Really are true Americans We Were given the “Oath of Office” to US the People to Always have this as our Protection just in case we DID end up with the whole situation exactly as we have been delt. This was are gurantee we could  remove the person who is taken
    Everything WE WERE ALWAYS To REMAIN away setting all of up for what we were and should never have to live. Obama MUST be Impeached, He has more then broke his sworn pledge he has not at all looked out for the Protecting, Preserving,or in any way at all has he Defend Our American Constitution.If we don’t do this in Honoring what was given to the people for this exact purpose facing all we are right now, and we have this action for us to act on, then we do not. Tell me please, What purpose will giving the Oath of Office to anyone else again.Here when we have MORE then needed reasons we should have used our American Rights intended for ONLY US-A was the only reason the Oath was added.This is where everyone is very Wrong. Together, we can Keep Our Home OURS, stay Independent, put all manufacturing, everything up and going we can completely take care of all our needs, Save, Our America. NOT be taken to our grave,and have China over US_A tell US_A how or What we
    can or cannot do or have. WE close our boarders, those who do not like Our US_A way, hay, let them leave. Find a island and make what ever they want! This OUR WAY, Our Home, Our Rules, We MUST Act Now, We Must NOT allow any of this Happen! I know WE can Fix every thing in a year or two, if we are aloud to do  what our common sense knows we must.WE Must Give Honor and Our loyality to the Oath of Office! Tell me, if we do not, how can we expect any other country to ever have any respect for US_A if we are cowards, or what to lazy to Honor Our Own Rules?  Not doing the right we were to act on, Will been the hell to pay for it!  

    • Anonymous

      From my view point a Democratic controlled congress is not going to start Impeachment Proceedings of a Democratic President in an election year – ever.

      However it is time for the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America to stand up and perform one of his sworn duties, to defend the constitution and its statutes against all enemies; and in this case that being commence General Court Martial proceedings according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) for Treason. When the President is found guilty of this crime, which he most assuredly is, give him the maximum penalty permitted by Military Justice.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not a Dem controlled Congress; the House, where impeachment proceedings begin, is Republican controlled.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what a great moment, im sorry I missed it. Mr. Beck is such a good man, and im so glad he did such a nice thing like that for the caller Tony. The world needs more Tony’s and Glenn Beck’s! I can’t imagine how awesome it must have felt for Tony to have that experience play out live on Glenn’s show! Beautiful moment that you just can’t fake. I can’t wait for Restoring Love, im so excited!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am impressed, when I hear someone like Troy speak out, it makes me glad that I am an American!

    • Anonymous

      I admire Allen West and Thomas Sowell also. They speak the truth.



             HOW NO ONE GETS
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                 Social Security number (SSN) is being used by President Obama:

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                 United States in 1924, and was assigned SSN 042-68-4425

                 current SSN) on or about March 1977.

                 Ludwig lived most of his adult life in Connecticut .
    Because of that,

                 his SSN begins with the digits 042, which are among only
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                 Obama never lived or worked in that state! Therefore, there is no

                 reason on earth for his SSN to start with the digits 042.


                 Now comes the best part! Ludwig spent the final months
    of his life in

                  Hawaii , where he died.

                 Conveniently, Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, worked

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    Courthouse, and

                 therefore had access to the SSNs of deceased individuals.

                 The Social Security Administration was
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    benefits there

                 were no benefits to stop and therefore, no questions
    were ever raised.

                 The suspicion, of course, is that Dunham, knowing her
    grandson was not

                 a U.S. Citizen, either because he was born in  Kenya
    or became a

                 citizen of  Indonesia upon his adoption by Lolo Soetoro simply

                 scoured the probate records until she found someone who
    who was not

                 receiving Social Security benefits, and selected Mr.
    Ludwig’s Connecticut SSN for Obama.

                 Just wait until Trump gets past the birth certificate and onto

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    leftist heads

                 exploding, because they will have no way of defending Obama.

                 Although many Americans do not understand the meaning of the term

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                 Let’s all get this information out to everybody on our
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                 If the voters of this great nation can succeed in
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                 biggest and best news in decades for our country and the

                   Interesting Bit of Detective Work;
                 Back in 1961 people of color
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             Obama ‘birth certificate’ state he is
              ‘African-American when
                 the term wasn’t even used at that
                 The birth certificate that the
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                 exist until 1963, two whole years
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                 On the birth certificate
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             The name did not change to
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                 How can this particular
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             Post-colonial history (from Wikipedia)
             Why hasn’t this been discussed in the


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    • John David Galt

      Forget about Obama’s birthplace already.  It’s a non-issue.

      He and his policies need to be voted out, and this would be true even if he were descended directly from George Washington.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you…but it still bothers me that he got away with it and that it was just swept under the rug.  I am waiting for the day when all this catches up with him.

        • Paolina Garcia

           Isn’t the problem that we’re waiting? I mean the fraudulent social security number is the least of his crimes.

          Being an accomplice to the murder of border patrol agent Brian Terry via handing assault weapons to drug cartels is much worse. And perhaps similarly, putting American citizens on a “kill lists” without a trial is pretty Stalinist.

        • Anonymous

          I’m with you.
          yoamma as outsourced for prez

    • Anonymous

      Obama was never vetted.  OMG….Connecticut Social Security number for Obama.  How much more evidence do you need? I would love to know what happend to make this go away? Unfortunately, too much time has lapsed and the social security number has become a non-issue. Between him and his pal Eric Holder!  Obama should have been impeached and Eric Holder should have been forced to step down.  Chicago politics. 

      • Anonymous

        joann, the reason none of this came to light earlier (no thanks to the LSM who

        did not vet B.O.) is, if one is to believe the figure, that one million dollars was

        spent to bury much of the evidence of the early days of Barry.   You will note

        lately more info is now out about the man.  Whether that will hurt his chance for

        reelection, we’ll have to wait and see.

      • Anonymous

        Also while the Pelosi and others scream about Romney outsourcing his money (they’re guilty too) I find that the Democrat Party “OUTSOURCED” to get their prez. WHOA…better shut up  Debbie, Nancy Reid and yomamma. Prez is the biggest outsource of the century

    • Joe Snuffy

      This is absolutely fantastic.  If it is true, and was known prior to his becomming a Senator, why was this man not invistigated, arrested and prosecuted?  This info definitely needs to get out to the public.  This needs to be investigated. 

      Unfortunately, with Eric Holder (the racist in chief) as Attorney General, there is no way that the Justice Department will be allowed to investigate this issue. Not only will Holder not allow an investigation, he will make sure that there are so many stone walls built that nobody will even get close to this. 

      Excellent info.  Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    amen, we’re all geen and we bleed red, saddleup

  • Anonymous


  • D Jean Patt

    Thanks Troy!  You are a brave man!

  • Anonymous

    Troy is a “thinking” man….. I’m sure their are thousands like him who regret how they voted in 08.

  • Anonymous

    I guess better late than never!  People need to learn to do their homework.  This will be a lesson most of us will not forget!

  • new2la

    That was the best thing I have heard today….you are a great Christian, Glenn Beck.

  • Anonymous

    America has lost her honor with the help of the ultra-liberal leftists
    Democrats, the SEIU and there intimitating tactics, and the
    some of the American people.  So many people have an
    entitlement mentality and want everything but are not willing to
    put forth any effort to help this great country.  I would call that
    stealing from the American people.  It doesn’t matter what color,
    race, ethnic group, or religion you are.  Dishonor is dishonor.

  • Ajean72

    Wow that’s so great. It’s good to read a touching story in all this chaos.

  • Anonymous

    So I listened to the whole radio show on line just now and didn’t hear the phone call.  Can anybody tell me at approximately one time in the radio show this phone call took place since I can’t hear it here?

    • Anonymous

      killer, if you were waiting for an actual ring of the phone, it wasn’t there.  I had to go to to hear this segment which began with Glenn saying, let’s go to a call from

      Detroit (or similar words.)

      • Anonymous

        I wasn’t listening for an actual “ring” of the phone.  I must have missed it and will go back and listen to the entire program again.

  • Anonymous

    Troy, God bless you!   Your eyes have been opened to who is now occupying the WH and how

    his policies are damaging the US—BECAUSE you took the time and effort to do your own

    research.  It’s a great pity that so many of your black friends will merely believe all that is said to

    them and accept it as truth.   They will believe what is told to them about the Republicans and

    look upon the Democrats as their ”saviors”, not realizing that is the way they are being put into

    a modern day slavery by expecting the government to fill all their needs.

  • Anonymous

    The amazing thing about this conversation is that someone who fell for the flap about Obama in 2008, who then looked at the facts, did his own research, and now has managed to reach a completely different conclusion, indicates the old Biblical adage “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” is still true. If he can do it, why are so many continuing to follow Obama and his destructive policies against the black community. Are they so blinded by the charisma of this man, that they would follow him into oblivion. Obama continues to be personally popular, even though his job approval rating is tanking. Where is the political smarts in that. Troy has been set free to make the choices he has made, because he lives in a country where he is encouraged and free to do that. Obama wants to re-institute mental slavery for the people of America, black, white, Hispanic, Chinese, etc.

    We can see that the federal government under Obama has put more people on the public dole for the sole purpose of making them more dependent on the government for their livelihood and has snowed them into thinking it’s for their own good. He has destroyed the principles of individual initiative, self-worth,  American ingenuity, and pride in their own accomplishments. They are constantly being told that it is racial thing and that discrimination is why they are in need of his help to change their future.

    Troy has discovered the truth and knows that he is being discriminated against because of his political views when he chooses not to buy in to the lies that are being spin-doctored by the Obama administration. It is refreshing that a black man, a former supporter of Obama, has seen though the rhetoric and found reality.

    The truth is we simply cannot afford another four years of Obama. We are walking down the path of political, economic, and social destruction, being led by our present president and his lackey congress. I am not convinced that Romney will be any better, but I am willing to take a chance on an unknown factor than to go down with the sinking ship we have now.

  • Doris Carman

    Too bad more people dont listen to Glenn. When he says something he backs it up with facts. When he makes a mistake he admits it on tv or internet whatever.You never ever hear obama say oops I made a mistake.What I said was wrong, I am sorry. The only time he apologizes is in another country  apologizing for America.

  • r carousel

    I just fnished reading Ed Klein’s book, The Amateur, and it is obvious that Obama was a made up character in some smoke-filled back room and much money was spent on hiding the truths; especially about his relationship with Rev. Wright.  I also believe that on his trip to visit the Mexican presdent before his inauguration

    he cut a deal to not enforce immigration for support of his Fast and Furious plan.  That is why he elected to invoke Executive Privilege
    so as not to expose it was his plan.  Those who watch only MSM never even heard of Fast and Furious until Holder’s contempt vote.  I just hope this election is like 1980 when Carter was ahead of Reagan and then when the election came, Reagan won in a landslide.  I remember Cater conceeding before the California polls closed.  

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