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On Wednesday night, Glenn reviewed some of the scary news happening in America and across the country. From dangers on the borders to Islamic extremists in the Middle East to Nazi’s in Greece, it seems like people who believe in good are surrounded on all sides by evil. But that is why Glenn believes that honor, courage, and love have to be restored. That is what the trilogy of “Restoring” events have all been about.

“When leaders ignore law and order , it starts to break down, it  tells people honor has been lost and people become disenfranchised. It shows a need for honor to be reinforced. Tough times are coming. That is when you need honor most,” Glenn said.

“When the economy gets even worse than it is,as many are now predicting, and illegal immigrants are still costing us over $100 billion a year – you don’t think there will be 3% of people who decide to take action into their own hand? people who are just sick of being ignored? People who feel disenfranchised and wronged by the federal government? That’s all it takes. We’re planting the seeds that lead to greece,” Glenn warned.

“This is why in seventeen days we gather in Dallas to Restore Love. It’s been a three year journey to restore honor, then courage, now love,” Glenn explained.

Honor. Courage. Love. These three things are the only answer.

Glenn discussed each principle and virtue starting with honor.

Honor. It’s doing the right thing – all the time. When there’s eyes on you and when there’s not. It’s treating people the same — whether it’s the secretary or the CEO. It’s keeping your commitments – like being faithful to your wife. It’s not cheating on your taxes. It’s telling the truth, even when it means it will have a negative outcome for you,” Glenn said.

Courage. It is required to be honorable. Bonhoeffer said ‘Not to stand is to stand, not to speak is to speak.’ He said, ‘God will not hold us blameless.'”

“And the last piece of the recipe is love. Love makes you do honorable things and have the courage for the right reasons,” Glenn said.

Glenn then shifted gears to the election, warning that we as a nation are heading down a path that shows reverence for personality over principles.

“Elections are the most powerful tool we currently have at our disposal. You are put in charge of hiring the people who represent you. So it’s your duty to hold them accountable when they mess up. And it’s your duty to vote in the first place,” Glenn said.

“Too many of us believe the lie that our vote doesn’t matter,” he said. “We can’t push that responsibility off on someone else and hope for the best.”

Glenn said that voters need to step up to the plate and to do it with honor, courage and love because those three things restore what is missing in America. Trust.