The Oval: Trust – a Two-Way Street

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They say America has a trust deficit. That we don’t trust our institutions any more. We don’t trust Congress. Or the White House. Or the Supreme Court. Everyone’s cutting deals! Everyone’s looking out for themselves! Liberals and conservatives agree – you can’t trust the media. The stories are slanted to fit an agenda… or just flat-out wrong! And you sure can’t trust the banks! If you’re late on your loan, they might foreclose on you. If you invest with them, they might sell you junk wrapped in a pretty wrapper. And we just learned this week, that they’ve been lying. Lying about the interest rate they charge each other. All so they would look better to regulators. And so they wouldn’t have to pay savers and investors as much.

We profess to be shocked. Shocked! How could banks lie? How could the media get it wrong? How could politicians be so inept?

I wonder. I wonder what the trust deficit means. Does it mean that America’s great institutions. Its leaders and functionaries. Have their work cut out for them? And that all they have to do is start telling the truth? Start being honest? Start being accountable? I am not so sure.

It’s not just because I don’t think they CAN be honest. It’s because I don’t think we should EXPECT them to be honest.Because frankly, that’s not how America was designed. The Founding Fathers were suspicious of big institutions: The Church of England, the big trading companies of London, the King.

Exploiters. Taxers. It was their way – or banishment.

So the Founders chose revolution. They trusted the individual and placed power in the citizen. They wrote the Constitution with this in mind. They didn’t want America dominated by a new Church, a new King. Because they knew that at the heart of trust is dependency.

Trust is wonderful, don’t get me wrong! Trust is at the heart of friendship, of all enduring human relationships – especially marriage.

But trust between people is a two-way street. Trust between people and institutions is a dead-end. The individual trusts. The institution is indifferent.

So maybe this is a good thing. To have our trust shattered. It’s a wake up call. It’s a reminder. We are citizens, not children. It would be nice to trust our leaders, but we shouldn’t have to. We should have to trust only ourselves. We should trust those we know – not distant bureaucrats, not even our elected leaders. Certainly not self-appointed experts, and media pundits, and the CEOs of banks and corporations.

But this is easier said than done.

We have been trained…trained to wait like a damsel in distress for someone else to save us.

When the banks lied to us we ran into the arms of the bank regulators! And when the regulators fail, we are told: ‘Hire more regulators! Create more regulations!’

Last week, there were storms across the country. Trees down. Power outages. Houses destroyed. The east coast took quite a hit. And one area – Washington DC – stayed dark for days. After a few days of sitting in the heat,the people of Washington rose up!

What did they do? They complained! They wrote letters! And what did they say? They said: Where are the utility regulators? Why isn’t our government protecting us from these evil and lazy utility companies?


It’s a habit. It’s a bad habit. Imagine what the Founding Fathers would say? ‘Why are you so dependent? Where did America go so wrong? What happened to the Republic?’

If our institutions fail us we shouldn’t run into the arms of another big giant institution – we should take on the work of fixing things.

Stop delegating the work to others. Stop complaining when others don’t do things right. That’s what children do. And we’re not children.

Let’s make our institutions earn our trust. But if they can’t…if they won’t…someone else has to the job. Will it be you?

Many thanks for watching. God bless you and God bless the Republic.


Below, Glenn introduces The Oval and discusses the nature of truth and the importance of lasting principles.

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  • Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Beck, I think I say this every time, but this was your BEST “Oval” yet! This has become my favorite part of your program and I cannot express how much it means to have your wisdom and influence in my life! I know you have never asked for our trust, but you have earned it on so many levels and I just want to say THANK YOU! For having the courage of your conviction, and doing what you know is right, even when it must be so very hard at times to be that voice. It is an absolute honor to listen to your segments and do the research that you require your audience to do for themselves. Again THANK YOU, and I personally look forward to seeing you in Dallas for the “Restoring Love” event. You are my hero!!

    • Anonymous

      I agree!

      • Shannon M. Coachman

        They want to believe politicians who say they will take care of everyone and everything.

    • Click4MediaBlackoutExposed

       The biggest fraud is being perpetuated on the American people now who still think they elected a leader when all we have is a puppet taking orders after the coup and cover up.

      • Porphyry


    • Francisco Baus

      I second that!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I will state it this way: Political figures, as with anyone in positions of authority that can be all too easily abused, should be examined by the saying of Ronald Reagan of “Trust but verify.”

    Give them the benefit of a doubt when they first enter the office, watch though, for if their deeds and words measure up under account, then fine, the trust is established. They still need to be watched, and the people on the guard for corruption – the most insidious of poisons known among mankind.

    Let those who come into office remember and be reminded: They work for us, and keep their jobs at our sufference, not the other way around.

  • Eugene Surratt

    The founders would be agast at the shear number of governmental institutions that have sprung up like weeds to choke the flower of great beauty they planted with such care in the fertile soil of a resource rich land.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, If the Founders were alive they would storm DC, tar and feather all of the politicians, send them out of the nation, and replace them with real people who have real common sense. And for those faceless, nameless government workers who love power, they would be humiliated in front of their own communities for being so bold as to presume they can control our very lives. Every day the politicians go back and  forth, while real people are losing everything and getting deeper into the pit with every passing hour. Give me Liberty or give me death.

  • Anonymous

    We once had that . . . we will again . . .

     . . .

    The Ipod Incident . . .

    August 25, 2010

    Dear President Obama:

    It seems like a lifetime ago, considering the economy is being shoved off a cliff by your backward, not a snowballs-chance-in-hell-of-working economic policy; while you simultaneously grab the parachutes off of Americas collective back.  The grinding free-fall is becoming a reality for most in a world of depleted savings, and little reward for work other then survival.  Soon after your assuming the throne you called on the Queen of England, then you presented her majesty with an ipod full of your speeches.  Being a little bit of an audiophile, I’ve still got a reel to reel player and a record player, in my vast collection I have speeches from the most pivotal moments in recorded history, Churchill, FDR, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and much more.  Of course I have an ipod too, and on it I have a bunch of speeches on that like the ones that Reagan delivered after his 49 state landslide, and the one he gave so presciently, and with great vigor in 1964.  There is a vast chasm between you, and President Reagan.  To understand this all one needs to hear is the response of the crowd to his nomination acceptance speech in Detroit, Michigan, to absorb the wisdom, humility, and love of country that Mr. Reagan held.

    You see, Mr. Obama, men like President Reagan believed in what they were saying with their heart, soul, and mind.  Men like Mr. Reagan understood that the American people had been suckered in the past, and they deserved the service of an American that would serve genuinely without pretense, or false witness.  Mr. Obama, do you know what it means when a person has to speak in low tones, or can’t say one speech to every audience whether it is New York City, or Houston, Texas or, Minot Air force Base.  It means they are practicing the art of obfuscation, because in their heart, in your heart Mr. Obama, you know that if you told the whole truth, and nothing but the truth your entire world would come crashing down.  President Reagan earned the respect of the American people by holding himself, and frankly us, to a standard, and a hope, that we would once again see America as a shining beacon of liberty to all who seek her shores.

    Mr. Obama I hope that one day you grow enough to earn our respect.  I do not believe that there is a soul on this Earth who can’t decide that tomorrow is the day they do the right thing, including you.  Yet, the evidence for this opportunity is diminishing by the week with every opportunity you have had to promote, and celebrate what makes America so special you blew, and as I think, Sinatra once said, not in a small way.  If President Reagan were alive today he would be ashamed of what you have done thus far, he would be doing everything in his power to rally Americans to defeat you, and your ilk at the ballot box.  

    Since he is not here, it will be my honor, our honor, to try to do it for him.


    Joe Doakes

    • Anonymous

      Well said Joe and I hope you mailed this letter certified! Doubtful he will respond-you will get a form letter asking for donations so that he can do the right thing!

  • Donna Boone

    You  make too much sense.  Really, though I think people put more trust in the government than they think they do.  They want to believe politicians who say they will take care of everyone and everything.   People don’t want to grow up and take care of themselves.  It’s hard being grown up.

    • Anonymous

      This is the problem-they slowly brought us to the point of depending on them until obama-now everyone just feels entitled and today’s society breeds this type of dependence.

  • landofaahs

    “When laws do not respect the people, the people will not respect the laws or lawgivers.   The fealty of one for the other must exist if either is to survive.”—–Enil Selnad

  • landofaahs

    Little Nero the emperor has no truth.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the banks we can’t trust, it’s the ill-fated Dodd-Frank bill of 2010, signed into law by a Democratically controlled Congress just prior to the elections of that year.  This law centralized the power to shut down ANY bank for ANY reason into the hands of the White House and the White House alone.  Pure 100% federal oversight of the FDIC and all banking institutions has frightened every bank manager in the country.  Now remember, when the government decides that it is competent enough to evaluate the merit of each and every loan (it’s not) and thereby have the final say, the results are disastrous (TARP is one example, another housing crisis is on the way, a much worse one, if people don’t start paying the entirety of their mortgages; EVERY DOLLAR).  Banks aren’t denying us loans because they don’t like the citizenry at large.  The simple act of having the federal oversight makes these banks say NO a lot.  It’s not the amount of money you are asking for, it’s that fact that you are asking for it.  ONE government UNapproved loan can get a bank shut down immediately.  How can banks compete with all of these pretty little CREDIT UNIONS that seem to keep popping up everywhere?  Conservatives keep focused on repealing Obamacare, well we should also focus on repealing Dodd-Frank, because we were never meant to TRUST the government, we were meant to trust the checks and balances.  There is no check or balance when one man or one organization controls what happens with everyone’s money.  

  • Anonymous

    In God and Him alone do we trust. As God is removed from our institutions is it surprising that we have a trust deficit? This world is “one big deficit” without God, just read history.

  • Phillip Taves

    LOVE You Glen Beck. Why they haven’t killed you yet is beyond me. You have to stop telling the TRUTH!  Truth is uncomfortable for us, it  offers ideas and truths about how sinfull we really are. In Church we are told that we are a sinfull race and ,as a new Chrisian, I assumed that some in that audience actually thought to themselve, NOT ME!
    I pray that they  either MISS, or try to ignor you. Please PEREVERE PLEASE

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You’re right!  I don’t trust the Government, nor the media!  I want to
    know what this present administration spent 6 trillion dollars on.
    Our children have to pay this bill.

    Why are the American people who do not pay taxes crying for
    more and more free stuff.  American has become a nation of
    whiners.  They do not care that they are stealing money from
    the honest taxpayers.

  • Anonymous

    For those of you who don’t know, on July 27,2012 there will be a
    treaty signed by the UN to control guns being sent to each others
    countries.  Too many countries have had their guns taken away.
    If we sign this treaty, it will be the first step for gun control in
    America until the guns are taken away.
    I don’t own a gun but our constitution grants us the right to
    keep and bear arms.  I’m for saying, no, you have no rights
    to change our constitution.
    Call your House members, your Senators, and the President
    We must not give our rights away.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t add this to myprevious statements because
    they were covered with advertisements.  All the
    information I listed about gun control was spoken I
    several cable channels.

  • Timely Renewed

    One way to restore government by the people is to reform the constitutional amendment process so that the states can initiate and enact amendments without having to go though either Congress or the unworkable and archaic mechanism of a convention.  That way the fundamental meaning of our foundational document can  be decided by the People, rather than the Supreme Court.  See

  • Anonymous

    Well, I certainly lost my trust in the media some time ago.  They very definitely have an agenda.

    One with which I can’t quite agree.

  • Dan Hennis

    Hey Glenn, I loved this installment of the “Oval”.  However, there was one little part that you quickly brushed over that is an out-and-out lie.  Has to do with powering your home.  I think you said it for one of 3 reasons. 1, you have no resource and/or got suckered into some salesman’s “package deal”, 2, you are a total blithering idiot, and haven’t a clue where power comes from and how to manage it, or 3, you actually know it works, don’t like that it is one thing that works without your involvement, and are a true entertainer and are willing to bash the good AND the bad just to fit your agenda.  I lived off grid with 5 of my 6 children for 5+ years.  I have a friend in “Mr. Solar”, that has lived off grid for more than 3 times that long, … and not in squaller or suffering.  Every choice you make has a consequence.  You can not make a choice and choose a different consequence.  That is the liberal in you oosing out.  We all have a bit in us.  A short time back you set up a “red phone” to Challenger the president to refute your fact-based claims. Your people can get a hold of me any time.  My “red phone” is on for you.  I am experienced in “alternative” power systems.  I pioneered some of them in my quest to fight against the corrupt folks in my local power company.  I provided for my families needs.  I got them a feasible alternative to what corruption and wickedness was offering us!  Dearest Glenn, …My phone is ready for your call.  I am no entertainer like you.  I am just a simple guy using the knowledge you encouraged me to use, to do more than survive.  Wait, … whats that, … oh no, it is just the neighbor calling to ask for help.  Gotta run, but the lie is open.  I keep it right next to my heart, in my pocket, juuust in cast you might want to call and get the solution to your power problem that so cruelly bruised you and your family.  Still waiting …    

  • Francisco Baus

    Glenn, thank you for everything you do.  You provide a blueprint of what I should research.  GOD BLESS YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND EVERYONE THAT WORKS FOR YOU! 

  • Porphyry

    Unfortunately random neighborhoods are not generally equipped with the expertise/hardware to repair power lines.

    • Lioness

      Good point, but I’m sure he didn’t mean we’re supposed to fix the grid. I assume he meant we should be prepared with personal generators or alternative sources of energy if possible, to help ourselves and others, instead of wanting more bureaucracy to “fix” our problems.

  • Anonymous

    It should be a two way street despite the left wing news media !  Obama say voters have the right to know Rommey background business experience at Bain Capital !!  Then the voters & Rommey should turn it around that voters have a right to know obama background at Columbia,Harvard,thesis papers, selective service, Massachusetts social security card?, and disclose full copies of his birth certificate !!!!   It should be a two way street for both candidates!!!!

  • Anonymous

    In God We Trust!

  • landofaahs

    This whole set of the “oval” is sick and quite twisted.  

  • Anonymous

    Sorta like Fox Mulder said: “Trust no one”.

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