Connecting to the past: A story of honor, courage, and love

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When you talk about connecting to the past, you are also restoring history. Tonight on GBTV, Glenn tried to connect his audience with an important piece of history – the shoes of an American citizen of Japanese descent who was borin in 1913. She was an artist and went to work for the WPA. As the war starts to heat up, she decides she is going to create American propaganda, but she falls under Civilian Exclusion Order no. 41. That order meant she had to be interned at what was essentially an American concentration camp. While at the camp, she decides she is going to teach the kids in the internment camp art. One piece she does shows a Japanese girl and a American caucasian girl holding hands. After the war ended, she left and went on to live her life and maintained her faith in America despite her experiences. Glenn believes she is one of the greatest Americans who ever lived because she conducted her life with honor. She was scooped up by her own country and placed in a camp, but while there she decided to teach art and love. She never turned to hatred when it would have been easy.

Glenn tells her amazing story in the clip above.

  • andy alvarado

    This is such sick enthnocentric drivel. So Beck wants minoriteis to do what is “right” in his eyes and to just follow what he says. What a disingenuous scumbag.

    • Anonymous

       There is a right thing to do.  Will you lead them towards it or will you lead them away?

    • Anonymous

      I know what you mean. That little Japanese-decent girl should have grown up to become a thoughtful protestor and Occupied Hollywood!!  That would show people her SUFFERING! That would make Roosevelt face JUSTICE!  So much better for all concerned. Why can’t Beck just see that speaking out in protest and resistance by any means necessary is what is the RIGHT of oppressed people everywhere! Beck wants all of us to lie down and take it. That’s exactly how he is interpreting the story of this poor little girl. He sees nothing of her choices and her heart and her personal, unforced, resilient, unquenchable spirit forged in virtue. He only cares that she sat down, shut up and take what the man gives her!  You are right. Anyone who can’t see the reality for what it is must be a real creep.

      • Anonymous

        Where in the story does this young girl lie down she actually get other kids together and teaches them art. please follow the thruth it has no agenda.

        • Anonymous

           I believe she was facetiously/sarcastically responding to mr alvarado

    • Anonymous

       I’m pretty sure that’s not what he’s saying, but “read into it” what you want.

    • Anonymous

      So in your opinion, the Japanese girl should have grown up with a sense of entitlement, a chip on her shoulder and lived a completely unproductive life steeped in bitterness and hatred.  Is that what YOU”RE doing? If so, have a great life, but don’t come crying to me about how everyone else should be working to make your sorry existence better.

    • Lioness

      One ridiculous post that says nothing. COWARD!!!! Now go change your identity and post again. All of you liberals are the same, just a bunch of whiney COWARDS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Everyone and every organization makes mistakes, sometimes horrible ones.

    The mistake has happened.  God has permitted an Evil.

    God is still watching.

    Repent.  Vow never to do it again. Make amends.  Penance.

    • Norbert Stager

      God did not and does not do evil. There are two forces in this world. Satan who runs the kingdoms of this world. Who is evil and seeks to enslave. then there is God. The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. He owns the Earth. He has given man and sprits freedom of choice. God is Watching. 

      • Anonymous

        That is correct.  God from all eternity, not limited in time or space has never done Evil.  God, for reasons known only to him but some of which have been revealed, does *permit* Evil and and to do Evil is our Free Will Choice.  Evil is wholly from The Liar, The Deceiver, The Murderer From The Beginning, that which knows nothing of Truth because because there is no Truth in him.

        • Anonymous

          Evil=the liar deceiver murder you just described our presidential administration!proof is that his bible their bible is RulesForRadicals which is dedicated to Lucifer!! To Save US We Must ALL Get Back To Good Get Back To God and practice our Faith in deed as well in speech!!God Will Bless America when America Blesses God..again!!

  • Evan

    Don’t forget Mr. SULU!!!!  George Takei.  Who also is a gay.  He too was interned in a camp.  

  • Anonymous

    I found this link and I wonder if this is the girl discussed in the story.  It was taken at the Wyoming location.  Unfortunately, no name is given.

  • Jane Peals

    Restoring Love… should be about families…who have lost their way…. doing their own things instead of loving and teaching their children respect for others and teaching them LOVE…teaching them about our nation and our GOD…. Restoring Love… means to me …to go back to the founding of this nation… tell your kids grandkids… and remember for yourselves… from the president to the congress and any government worker or official they are lost… on the path to destruction…because they have lost their LOVE of this nation… they are willingly giving or rights away to muslims and foreign countries including our jobs… and freedoms….its time to ask GOD back in this nation to lead us…guide us …and fight for us… and deliver us…. its time to stop WELFARE …. to stop illegals from having citizenship rights when they are criminal by their very presences…and their kids born here are also ….cannot be citizens because they are born to criminals not citizens..or immigrants…. immigrants  are here legally… illegals such as Obama and his goons and imps are not here legally…. nothing he has signed into law is legal because he is criminal by his presence here… he isnt a citizen …. he isnt eligible or the white house or any presidental benefits …. he is a criminal in his very presence being in this nation… he was born in Kenya…. he is a fraud…. he is evil… he refuses to salute our flag… he hates this nation and his actions have proven that ….. he thinks we are his bank… and those lavish trips he takes… on our dollar while real American citizens lose jobs and homes…. he sends billions of our money to his muslim kings and who knows how much he has hidden into his own accounts… we will not know the results of his being allowed in our white house until he is out and an audit is done…but the white house is probably a mess …. and needs fumigated after his time there with all the evil he has done… Obama Pelosi Reid Dodd Franks and other Traitors need to be held for High Treason and put before the firing squad….. there  is not telling what secrets obama has told to his muslim kings …. these Traitors need to be done away with …. NOW…. its time to make congress clean house and do away with he benefits they give themselves…they dont even deserve minimum wage let alone all the money they have in income and benefits made for by their own doing in laws we dont approve of and our constituition says is unlawful… they work for us not the crooks who are in their back pockets….

  • Eve

    Reading the description above of the episode ~ I actually found tears in my eyes. In the past year I was privy to a conversation I shouldn’t have had to endure. It was the scariest thing I have ever heard. And, in fact it has left me scared of, resentful of and partially angry towards the extreme liberal view in our nation. I was volunteering one day, serving lunch to some important people in our nation ~ when two east coast liberals (not realizing I was a conservative and from the west) made it clear that they would place conservatives from the west in camps should we resist their coming and overtaking of our way of life. I was in shock upon hearing such. And hurt. I didn’t say a word. I simply thought to myself “How dare such people who have ruined their own land and communities, plan to escape the consequences of their own actions while inflicting the same harm that ruined their way of life ~ on those that have taken care of their land by keeping it clean and providing an excellent community people would want to live in”. I’m not sure Glenn ~ how I could love them after such threats as that! In our own country! If they hate America so much, why don’t they just leave! Instead of threatening to place another American in a camp simply because they aren’t getting their way. So ~ maybe I do need to tune into “Restoring Love” ~ because right now I don’t feel so loving towards people who are willing to not only ruin our nation, but ruin others every day lives as well. 

    • Anonymous

      I think restoring love is about bringing together families and friends. We live such busy lives that we ignore what is most important to us. I think it is about undersatnding and the truth. We learn about our Founding Fathers and we appreciate and love them for setting up a country where we can be free. I think it is about living life by a good example by being honest, trust worthy and honorable. To show respect for thosearound you and live the “Golden Rule.” The only way to defeat evil is to educate yourself so that you can identify the propaganda and rhetoric when you see it. Love is not allowing other to impose their will on you. Sometimes love is standing up for what you believe in and for others who can’t defend themselves. Progressives are full of hate and have an agenda to tempt you into violence. They will prod and poke you and agitate until they can finally get a response. You have seen them on all the various sites on the internet. There words are often of violence, but as educated people we need to use our heads and continue to be good examples to those who hate us. We can’t give up our values, we stand on priniciples and do the right thing dispite the consequences. If we see a person being raped by our boss, for example, we don’t think to ourselves that I will get fired if I act to save this person. Instead we do the right thing and suffer the consequences later. Penn State is a perfect example of what America has become. Everyone worrying about our own skin verse the young boys whose lives were turned upside down. Believe me, when you stand up to do the right thing people will despise you, many will be part of the injustice so will lie about you to cover their own misdeeds. You will suffer in the court of public opinion and in the court of law, but if enough of us will fight for what is right and fight with honor and truth, those who see our sacrifice of love and honor will turn to our side. Unfortunately, it will not be until many have suffered and won the battle. So, I don’t think restoring love is about backing down from your values but standing up for what is right in a peaceful manner and re-incorporating the basic principles of morality, honor, trust, integrity and forgiveness when we can.

      • Click4MediaBlackoutExposed

         Could there be anymore propaganda pumped into here to take attention away from the coup and cover up? Welcome to the state run media for domestic spying purposes  

        • Laura H. Kozak

          This society full of huge egos will not understand this kind of love. Sorry I do run on. Flawed mind good heart.

  • Anonymous

    It always amazes me when Love and Respect for others, no matter what, stems from pain and the lack of Love and Respect comes from the privileged. Before I digress, allow me to point out that in 1943 a photo essay was done about this camp by one of America’s most famous photographers, Ansel Adams.
    His photographic essay can be found on the Library of Congress website at .And, Anyone can flip through the pages at .

    • Nancy B. Mauldin

      they embraced what was handed to them and decided to go forward and not dwell on the past.

      • Anonymous

        Exact-a-Mundo !!!

  • Jeremiah Nierras

    I remember when Glenn and Co. discussed this last week, I believe. The picture is as beautiful as you described it. It warms my heart, and thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn for this story.  It is an example of a people who were mistreated and decided to not let their circumstances bring them down.  Instead, they embraced what was handed to them and decided to go forward and not dwell on the past. 

  • Nonof Urbusiness

    It is going to be a challenge to restore love to this society. Love comes from some where near the heart. If there is a God then we find this God near the heart. Somewhere deep down inside of us we know that we are alone, we know that we are afraid, and we know that we do not KNOW for sure there even is a God. Therefore we love. We reach out to others with compassion so as not to be so alone. God, through Christ reached out to us. God reached out to us so as not to be so alone. This is the point of the idea of redemption. We return to our first love. Love is a verb that is useless unless it is active. It is in this love, this expression of this love that we find our whole self, our whole sense of being. When we love, when we forgive, when we understand, we are make whole. Love restores US.  Love is it’s own reward. Restoring love is going to be a challenge because it is so misunderstood and the media (driven by egos!) will judge it and mock it. Love, real love, the kind of love we need is deep and it is not cheap. The kind of love that this nation so deeply needs will be hard work. Love, real love is not easy and it is not a Hallmark Card. Love, real love, humbles you and brings you to your knees.
    This society full of huge egos will not understand this kind of love. Sorry I do run on. Flawed mind good heart.

    • Paolina Garcia

      How can you love STRANGERS who you share NOTHING in common with?

      We are a multicultural, and even multilingual society with no common ethnicity or religion, and love is often based on common ground. America HAS NO COMMON GROUND. Not even language anymore.  I fear the day the welfare checks aren’t issued anymore. I’d call welfare our “anti-riot bribery”, and it won’t work forever.

      The only way to preserve a Christian, Capitalist, English-speaking culture would be secession. The founders seceded over taxes which were less than a percent of GDP. Today our government spends nearly half of our GDP. The colonists had it good compared to what we put up with.

  • Robinfirst name

    Amazing Story, thank you Glenn!

  • Betty Foreman

    One of the reasons I so love George Washington Carver is that despite  being badly treated many times , he never responded with anything but love and generosity. I do admire that man!

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