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When you talk about connecting to the past, you are also restoring history. Tonight on GBTV, Glenn tried to connect his audience with an important piece of history – the shoes of an American citizen of Japanese descent who was borin in 1913. She was an artist and went to work for the WPA. As the war starts to heat up, she decides she is going to create American propaganda, but she falls under Civilian Exclusion Order no. 41. That order meant she had to be interned at what was essentially an American concentration camp. While at the camp, she decides she is going to teach the kids in the internment camp art. One piece she does shows a Japanese girl and a American caucasian girl holding hands. After the war ended, she left and went on to live her life and maintained her faith in America despite her experiences. Glenn believes she is one of the greatest Americans who ever lived because she conducted her life with honor. She was scooped up by her own country and placed in a camp, but while there she decided to teach art and love. She never turned to hatred when it would have been easy.

Glenn tells her amazing story in the clip above.