Controversy? Grumpy Pat Gray doesn’t believe Glenn’s friends are e-mailing him about the Restoring Love soundtrack

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Apparently Pat didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, leading to some grumpiness on the radio show this morning. After Glenn played some music from Restoring Love, Glenn claimed that he got an e-mail from a friend saying ‘I just downloaded it. It’s beautiful’. Pat instantly asked Glenn who actually sent the e-mail, and then demanded that Glenn show him the evidence.

The hilarious (and somewhat confrontational) exchange went:

PAT: Who was the friend that e-mailed you about the song.

STU: Why is that important.

PAT: I’m just curious who it was. Tell me who it was.

GLENN: I’m not going to give you the name on the air. I’m not going to give you the name of the person. But I will show you the e-mail. Can you see it. Take the camera off please.

PAT: Let me come over. That’s not the e-mail but that is the name.

STU: He can only find the e-mail.

GLENN: You want me to do it. You want me to find the e-mail.

PAT: That wasn’t anything like the e-mail you said you found.

GLENN: I’m going to waste time of America, and I’m going to find the damn e-mail for you.

PAT: Credibility is what it’s all. It’s about credibility my friend.

GLENN: We’ll see who has credibility when we come back.

STU: Good thing I don’t care about it I just want to torture you.

Later in the show, Glenn still could not find the e-mail on his iPad. Frustrated, he threatened to shut down the intern program and have every intern comb through his inbox until it was found.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn, welcome to the world of high tech gadgets, we are of an age when a five year old can outdo us all on the latest of technology. Just dont forget the older addage though many a youth never figures out:

    “Youth may have speed and reflexes; but old age and sheer trechery will beat them every time.”

  • Tim Rowland

    Too bad you didn’t add the part where Pat gets it right on home Bible Studies….. Glenn, I am very disappointed with you! The church in Acts met from “house to house” They didn’t meet in a church building other than houses and synagogue on the Sabbath!!!  How is this city not violating the civil rights enshrined in the Constitution about the “free exercise of religion”? So localities and states can violate the Constitution, just not Congress?

    What if this city fined the Mormon Ward for sending elders door to door? What if the Mormon church wouldn’t back down on their belief that they are to spread the gospel on bikes and door to door? Would you support the city still? Every Friday and Saturday night someone on my street has a party or get together, and they have every right to do so. Just because it isn’t a football game or beer bash, its justifiable to put this guy in JAIL for a home Bible Study????

    MOST churches (evangelical) that I know of have home groups on a weekly basis!!! It’s a continuation of the early Church in ACTS!!!! Hello? Is our freedom of association and to peaceably assemble taken away because there are Bible present and we do it regularly?? What if only two of your kids could come over for Sunday dinner because all of them would be too many as defined by the city?? Is that justified? WTH are you thinking, man????

  • Anonymous

    It would be hard to be around Glenn. Somethings he does backwards. Don’t you buy the soundtrack after the event or movie.

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