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Yesterday Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney went into the lion’s den yesterday and addressed the NAACP. While Romney wasn’t particularly popular among those at the NAACP, Glenn believed going there anyway and saying his piece works to his advantage.

“I think this was actually a brave thing to do – he didn’t flinch,” Glenn said.

The crowed turned on Romney when he addressed Obamacare – watch below:

“He stops and lets them boo, and then he just moves on,” Pat commented.

“And he doesn’t back off from it, he just moves on,” Glenn added. “Now, if I were president, here is what I would say: Oh, you don’t like that? You know what? I’m going to do a lot of different things. I’m going to be the president of all the people – not special interest groups. And, quite honestly, I’m going to do some things that you like. And I’m going to do some things that you hate. I’m going to do the things that the people are sending me there for. And 68% of Americans do not want Obamacare. You might want it, but the American people do not. That’s what I’m going to do. And I’m sorry if you don’t like it. It’s going to suck to be you on that one, but we’ll find places where we can unite elsewhere.”

Pat pointed out that later in the speech Romney wasn’t afraid to point out that it’s never been worse for African Americans in this country. But the NAACP is a special interest group, so it doesn’t matter how many facts and stats Romney has to back his statements up – they’re going to vote for Barack Obama anyway.

“He went to a progressive leftist group that is not about principles, but about politics,” Glenn said. Adding, “I think this makes Mitt Romney stronger.”

He went on joking about Rush’s reaction to Romney’s speech, and how he didn’t change who he was or what he stands for in the speech. He didn’t start using a southern twang like Barack Obama, and he definitely didn’t go the route of Hillary Clinton, who, if you don’t remember, stood in front of the NAACP, started speaking with a southern draw, and started quoting the words of James Cleveland.

Here’s that hilarious clip:

“That is the worst stuff I ever heard,” Glenn said mockingly.

Glenn went on to say that, just like the National Organization of Women, the NAACP, is a joke. They lost any credibility they might have had because of special interests – much like the mainstream media news organizations.

“You guys are making such a huge hole in the market that GBTV and TheBlaze, we’re going to come in with semi-trucks, one after another, driving through that hole,” he said.

“You’re making yourself a joke,” Glenn added, addressing the media and other partisan organizations. “The National Organization of Women, you have no credibility; Democrats, no credibility; Republicans, no credibility; politicians, no credibility.”

Glenn told his audience that credibility is going to become on of the hottest commodities there is.

“You cannot put a price on credibility,” he told listeners.

“The American people will own that rare mineral of credibility. You just stay credible yourself and you win. This game is over. I’m telling you this game is over. You just have to go out now and finish the game. And we may be down at halftime, but I’m telling you, the game is over. Just get back on the field, and finish it.”

Glenn went on to congratulate Mitt Romney for actually having a spine, going into enemy territory, and just saying what he believed.