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Glenn literally held history on radio today as he showed the actual letter Thomas Jefferson wrote that may have been the key to getting the Declaration of Independence actually signed. These are the kinds of stories the progressives have worked diligently to erase from American history. If you want to restore America you have to first know what it looked like at the beginning.

“Do you know who Caesar Rodney is?” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “Caesar Rodney played a huge role in the passage of the Declaration of Independence.”

Rodney, a member of the Continental Congress, had been in Dover when he received word on July 1st that that vote for independence was deadlocked. He had to ride eighty miles in a thunderstorm to break the deadlock.

“He rode the horse on July 1st. They came tomorrow. They’re, like, Caesar, Caesar, we need your help. He’s, like, What? I’m busy. You’ve got to get to Congress. We have the Declaration of Independence and if you’re not there, it may not go through. We have to have Delaware and he’s, like, I can’t make it. When is it? They’re, like, we’re voting tomorrow afternoon. He’s, like, I can’t make it there and they said, We have the horses and they have them all staged and you’ve got to ride now. He got on the horse and he rode all day, all night, and he walked in and he was, like, Delaware says aye,” Glenn said.

“This is Thomas Jefferson writing to Caesar: ‘I see a real breaker ahead which fills me with horror. But I hope that prudence and moderation and regard for our own happiness and especially for the cause of reformation throughout the world will induce a spirit of accomodation and save our country and the world entire from the calamity that is threatened. We are the world’s last great hope and its loss will be on our heads. God bless you and preserve you, Thomas Jefferson.'”

Glenn revealed that there would be even more amazing pieces of history unveiled at Restoring Love.