Decision 2012: Former Member of ‘The Choom Gang’ vs. Alleged Hair Cutter

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This morning on radio Glenn took an in-depth look at the main attacks the Obama campaign has used so far against Mitt Romney. It’s a pretty sad lineup of negatives – either false or not even bad in the first place. The problem with negative personal politics is it doesn’t work against a truly decent human being.

“Look at the sheer desperation of Obama and the Democrats. They have been reduced to just doing nothing but repeating lies over and over and over again,” Glenn said this morning.

Whether or not you agree with Mitt Romney’s policies, there is one thing all honest Americans must admit: his record shows him to be a man of good character. Unlike the actions of the current White House resident, Romney’s past actions and policies match his words. He isn’t saying one thing, and secretly (or seemingly secretly in Obama’s case) sending messages to Vladimir Putin, Glenn pointed out.

“So, let’s see here. In his late teens Mitt Romney gave a kid a haircut against his will which they now say didn’t happen, while Barack Obama was being mentored by a heart core, American hating communist and smoking dope, doing drugs to the extent that they named their drug gang The Choom Gang and that’s all verifiable. We have photos of that,” Glenn said. “Then in the early 80s, when Romney took his trip in the car with the dog safely secured to the roof, what was Barack Obama doing?

In Barack Obama’s own book, this is how he describes his lifestyle in the early 80s:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Our Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk rock performance poets. We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets. At night in the dorms, we discussed neocolonialism, Franz Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy. When we ground out our cigarettes in the hallway carpet or set our stereos so loud that the walls began to shake, we were resisting bourgeois society’s stifling conventions.

So while the Obama campaign and the mainstream media hyperventilate over Mitt Romney’s dog being securely fastened to the roof on a family vacation and the alleged haircut he gave a classmate, President Obama was hanging out with Marxist professors, destroy property with his cigarette butts (so much for the ‘green’ movement), disturbing the peace with his music, and resisting the bourgeois.

“This is so unAmerican and, yet, at the same time, kind of sad and pathetic and laughable,” Glenn said.

Glenn pointed to the next lie Obama tried to spread about Romney.

“Then they try to tell the American people the amazing lie that Mitt Romney pays less in income tax than the average American,” he said.

Here is the accusation that Gene Spurling made about Romney’s taxes:

“They are actually paying less taxes or a lower tax right than hard working families who are out there working as nurses, as police officers, as construction workers. This is a basic issue of trust and fairness.”

Which not only isn’t true, Glenn pointed out, but shows complete ignorance on behave of the Obama administration on taxes. That, or they are treating the American people like idiots.

“Here’s the guy who is on the economic council and he’s trying to explain tax rates where he clearly doesn’t understand any of it. As we’ve pointed out and I’ll speak slowly for Gene, you can’t compare income tax to capital gains tax,” Glenn said.

Glenn corrected the error and noted that the average hard working American is paying around 12.8% in income taxes, while Romney pays around 15%, before moving on to the next lie. This one from Joe Biden:

“We see a future where those rights are expanded, not diminished, where racial profiling is a thing of the past. Where access to the ballot is expanded and unencumbered. Did you think we would be fighting these battles again?”

“No,” Glenn commented upon hearing the audio, “and we’re not.”

The only people that seem to be worried about this “battle” is the Obama administration, who, as Glenn described it, is ‘shadow boxing.’

“They are so desperate for ammunition that they resort to flat out proven lies,” Glenn said.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Let us hear the end of the matter. Obama is a narcissistic Marxist whose instability of the mind grows with each passing hour, that combined with his constant delusions of messianic god-figure makes him madder than a mad hatter.

    He is capable of unleashing anything upon the nations people at the drop of a hat; and now with the signing of Executive Order 13618, Homeland Security has the ability to seize and control andy and all telecommunications services they wish during any kind of emergency.

    Directly from the White House, as of July 6, 2012…

    We have a President who grows truly more and more desperate as the real world intrudes in on his delusions; may God grant us the time and ability to peacefully vote him out of office this Nov, along with all the Progressives and turncoats in DC, and to get a new POTUS in office in the new year.

    Otherwise this nation will be torn apart in a civil war ignited by Obama when he goes for his dictatorship based on absolute madness.

    • Paul Jacobs

      This is ridiculous. Your only making all other conservatives look bad by posting this crap all over the internet. Tin hat brigade needs to post this crap on their own websites, or facebook brigade. I suppose you’ll just bring up more “evidence” on this crap.

      • Lisa Merritt

         Thats the key word, “evidence” it works in a court of law, or at least it use to.

      • Anonymous

        The October surprise is on it,s way. Obama will not run for President he will take his WAR chest of billions and run to Kenya. The tag team of Bubba, Obama, and Hillary are out to destroy America. In 2008 Hillary dropped out after a talk with Obama, she will be the DNC choice. Obama has went overboard with his insults to even his own followers and knows that his base has slipped away. The good Democrats will vote for Hillary because they hate What Obama is doing to America. The bottom feeders will vote for anyone who will send the checks. The big money boys will still go to the bank with our tax dollars.  We must Vote ANTI-INCUMBENT across the board on all PARTY’s.

        Congress has had 100 years or so to get it right and still they will only line their onw pockets.

        • Anonymous

          obammy will not run for president—exactly just what do you think he is now doing?  That October surprise you speak of is his ticket to the dictatorship he craves and and mass murders of those who resist.  That’s how they accomplished dictatorships in other countries–what makes you think obammy hasn’t the same agenda on mind for Americans?

          • Paul Jacobs

            Get your own tin hat brigade website, and stop posting your crap everywhere. Making all conservatives look bad CJM2.

          • Paul Jacobs

            Also OP, he’s not gonna run away with all of his donations, but whatever floats your boat.

          • Anonymous

             Are you a Sunstein plant?

        • Anonymous

           100 years ago Wilson and the democrats in congress gave up their right to “coin money” giving a private cartel the control of our economy.  And the emergency powers act executed by FDR still remains in effect.  2013 will be the centennial anniversary of the 16th Amendment and the Federal Reserve Act.

      • Anonymous

        There are too many ueful idiots like you whose drivel and anti American poison needs to be disputed. Welcome to the place where that can happen.  If you want your kind of drivel to go unchallenged, try huffpo!  Patriots assemble here. And we believe in God!

        • Mick Johnson

           It seems that Paul does not know that the tin hat he is wearing is soldered on to his noggin’…tsk tsk…his Lib is showin…poor poor fool, well, Liberalism is a mental disease after all. He can’t help it I reckon.

      • Mick Johnson

         PAUL!!!!  Wake up and look in the mirror….the tin hat you speak of is sitting on that head of yours….what a maroon….tsk tsk tsk.

    • Anonymous

      Psalms 109.8:  May his days be few and le another take his office.

      • Paolina Garcia

        Don’t cite scripture for election purposes. The office the scripture speaks of is not an elected office. The Bible does not support democracy or republics. Jesus did not say to overthrow Caesar and bring back the Republic, but rather basically said to be loyal and pay tribute to the King.

        If we want to preserve our Christian way of life, the ONLY way to do it is to secede SLOWLY, and peacefully. If we hold a vote with a majority in favor, we can do it. And in Texas the majority of the GOP favors it already.

        We’re only a few days away from California asking for a federal bailout and they are already secretly using federal taxpayer money to prop up various regions via the Federal Reserve giving loans to liberal states and city governments to keep them afloat (which basically means Texas is already paying for California’s debts).

        • Anonymous

          Personally, i think you are dead wrong God supports us using our own free will to unelect anyone who we think is unfit for the office of our GOD given USA! And citing scripture is a free speech in this country if you haven’t noticed! If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything! Our country was founded on GOD, don’t read the liberal history, but read the real history of this country. Being passive and just standing there while our country is being taken over by progressives is what they want and why our country is in the shape its in right now!! Psalm109:30

    • Anonymous

      Soros and unnamed others will not let that happen WHY you ask? , the entire collection  of crooks want money and power. To completly destroy America is not their agenda, to enslave us is their goal. Complete destuction by riots and revolution would kill the CASH COW.   100% of nothing is still nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Obama get’s away with this because he has the entirety of media pushing his agenda. 

    The fact of the matter is, in todays world Truth, Fact, and Reality are completely Unnecessary.  It’s all a PERCEPTION game,  If All 7 news outlets repeat the same lie over and over repeatedly, It becomes truth.  And unfortunately Americans have been taught to learn WHAT to think, not HOW to think for years now, leaving the average American nothing more than a political dupe.   Their using Psychology principles, so unfortunately most people with an IQ under 110 literally can’t defend themselves from the Perception game(constant lies the media spews).  Even the majority of the people visiting this site only realize the lies because Glenn points them out, without Glenn telling them, they would see the lies as truth. 

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed the refutations but the spelling could have been better.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t you proof read something before posting it? Heart instead of Hard…etc.etc.

  • ToddReece

    Desperation often inspires ingenuity…. these guys might think its ‘ingenious’ to postpone an election cycle or two (remember Bev. Perdue NC??)  Do not think they are above it… Many dead people have voted, many people have been threatened (Blk Panthr in ’10)….

    This is the election that so much rides on…. their 100 yr march towards a communist USA… andour 236 yr march for Freedom…

    • Paul Jacobs

      I agree with the last sentiment, but I must be seeing a tin hat if you think the election is gonna be “delayed”.

  • Erik Osbun

    I would say an more important issue is that Obama be required to explain his fraudulent SSN.   

    • Anonymous

      I would like to talk with the people that play golf with Obummer.Does he cheat on his scorecard,or does he automatically give himself a birdy or an eagle?Does he use a foot wedge to kick a ball out from behind a tree,when he thinks no one is looking?Knowing him,he just regards himself as a winner ,no matter the score.If you cheat at golf,you only cheat yourself. People tthat cheat at golf,will cheat at anyything. Cheater in Chief probably tee’s off on the lady’s tee’s.(shorter distance)

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Right out of the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals playbook.  Target and Destroy with any and all means possible.  Shock value even though it is a lie.  Doesn’t matter.  What matters is it puts a questionable spin (reasonable doubt) in the geraniums of the weak-minded unsophisticates. 

    And I kind of agree w/EIPzee…Obama gets away with dirty politics not just because of the media.  It’s because he is BLACK.  Look at what the crook Holder and the Demwits called Congressman Issa…a racist because he and other Representatives held that corrupt pig in contempt. 

    The Liberal Demwits can get away with calling Romney a “felon” and not apologize.  Obama had direct association with cheats, a terrorist, a Marxist mentor, and a racist preacher but if any Republican labeled him a terrorist, a Marxist, or a racist, the lame stream media as well as all those idiot Demwits would jump all over that and call Republicans racists.

    Not only is Oblamo all that, he is also the Thin Skin-in-Chief. 

    • Nancy B. Mauldin

       Tin hat brigade needs to post this crap on their own websites, or facebook brigade. I suppose you’ll just bring up more “evidence” on this crap.

      • Anonymous

        If you read Saul Alinsky’s book, you’d realize that Obama is following that gameplan to the letter.

        Demonize and destroy your opponent by any means. Lying, fabricating “evidence”, it doesn’t matter. If the charge is serious, that’s what matters.

        I hate to sound petty, but please show me the evidence that Obama is NOT doing this. You don’t need a tinfoil hat to realize what his actions are.

        • Anonymous

          James, those aren’t the words of Nancy.  She is a spammer and like

          many who have been here recently, they ”borrow” comments from the

          posts of others and use it as their own.  Flag all spam.

          • Paul Jacobs

            So people should go around posting crap about unicorns simple because I don’t have evidence they DON’T exist?

          • Anonymous

            Paul, OK wise guy, what in H are you talking about?

            If you read any of the comments the recent spammers

            have posted, you will see they have taken the posts

            of others and used them as their own.  Don’t believe

            me?   Don’t recognize your own comment?  Why don’t

            you check it out for yourself.  Or do you enjoy being

            obtuse or acting dumb?

          • J.w. Appling

             I wish the moderators would wake up and do something about this I’m getting tired of flagging this spammer 20 times a day.

          • Anonymous

            You and me, both, J.w.   Are they on vacation?

  • Anonymous

    All that is bad with America is now at our White House. We are being taught to lie to hate people of color and class. He they have devided this country more so then our terrible civil war. Whats going to happen to America with a crazyman at the helm. He is taking us all to Hell. A place we can not come back from. The worst of nan has shown it s ugly head. The demon Barack. The son of the Devil.

    • carol morgan

      don’t you think n the end that we ultimtely choose whether to love or to hate? we can choose to defend what we value and not just become one of the mob an that is what i think Glenn is aiming to do with  the Restoring Love project. Even if we can’t attend, we can do our part to not engage in hate and racism, we  have way more power than we Americans give oursleves credit for…all we have to do is open our eyes and STAND!!!

      • Paul Jacobs

        Your calling Barak Obama the devil? Really. Get some perception, and then come back.

    • Anonymous

      RGS,  I guess there goes that ”Great Uniter” title that was being thrown around when he

      was running in ’08.   Along with the ”Mine will be a transparent administration” promise.

      It’s a pity and a crying shame that so many people believed him in ’08.   And it will be

      a pity and a crying shame if those same people think he should be reelected and vote.

  • Anonymous

    Glen you are spot on.  Their new tactic now is to go after Romney on Bain Capital and say he was directly responsible for the outsourcing of companies such as Modus Media that happened in 2001.  Every fact checker has said that Romney left in 1999 and Bain has even said that.  They point to an SEC filling in 2002 with Romney’s signature as proof he was there.  Bain’s response was that with Romney’s sudden departure Romney was listed on various SEC filings as President while the executive committee was reorganizing, however after 1999 Mitt did not run the day to day operations of Bain.  The motive for this attack is to distract everyone away from Obama’s horrible record.

  • Syd Holst

    “Which not only isn’t true, Glenn pointed out, but shows complete ignorance on behave of the Obama administration on taxes. That, or they are treating the American people like idiots.”
    obama most certainly thinks we are all idiots. 

  • Anonymous

    Actually, while Romney was taking his dog on vacation, Obama was EATING his dog.

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That was soooo funny. It just struck my funny bone. I can’t stop laughing, especially bacuase it is true!!!!! 
      Hey, how come we never see pics of the Obama’s family dog anymore?? Oh nooo!! Do you think…….. 

  • Anonymous

    How can people not be able to see thru? Pelosi, Reed and Obama? and this debbie waserman shultz? it is hard for me to believe people actually believe anything she says.
    it is truly a dark day when people do not have the brain power to see thru? what is so odvious.
    Kevin L. McConaha

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    yea that all sounds good but just watch soulbrother # 1 write some checks and Romney will lay down just like Mccain did and all this won’t matter… keep your powder dry man that is the only way to fix this!

  • Anonymous

    behave instead of behalf

  • Anonymous

    There is and old saying that if you tell a lie over and over enough times you will begin to believe it, So let us start with lie number 1, Obummer care want increase your taxes one dime, Lie, try several hundred dollars, Out source, means someone else will do the work, I think the head dork at GE does a very nice job at sending jobs overseas, Jobs, this is a pure example of grade A bull shit to say that our King has produced 4.5 million jobs, I seem to recall that several car dealer ships was closed by his lordship, And all the jobs he saved was teachers and union members. I seem to remember that many lost their nest egg when he took over the auto industry. Green jobs, WOW he sure has done a real good job at that also, I think we should give him 4 more years, I would like to see him get life for screwing up the country with so much dept, Tax the rich? I would like to see some of those tax dodger dems have to pay their tax. Like Al the punk Gore, And sweetie pants Pelosi, And Harry ass Reid. Forget taxing the King he only takes from the rich like Robin Hood.

  • Anonymous

    God has given us with Glenn Beck at a time when the country is struggling to understand the dangers afoot..’Glenn you have been a beacon of light in these dark times and I thank you for your research your insights and your patriotism.  You will be rewarded.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Black Americans know that it was Democrats holding the hoses in Selma, Alabama.
    I hope they know that it was 3 rich white Republicans that founded the NAACP. Their purpose was to protect the black citizens civil rights.
    I hope they will google Margaret Sanger, Communist extrodinaire, that formed the forerunner of Planned Parenthood. The purpose of Sanger’s group was to eliminate black babies.
    I hope they know Obama voted yes to infantacide. equals neonaticide.
    I hope they know that 60% of babies aborted in NYC last year (or it was 2010) were black babies.
    Obama not only seems to fit the sociopathological/narssistic profile but as I was thinking about him this aftenoon, I realized he is still the bully in the neighborhood, the one who would wind up in jail.

    • Anonymous

      lady, sadly most of the blacks either wouldn’t believe what you say, especially about

      who started the NAACP—Republicans?  Not a chance!   Or they aren’t interested

      unless it directly affects anything stopping the hand outs from ”Uncle Sugar” as Gov.

      Huckabee refers to the gov’t and/or B.O.

  • Anonymous

    I’m tired of the pussy-footing around where obammy is concerned.  The truth is, he is nothing more than a fraud, seditionist, and a traitor—but nobody is doing anything about it.  Tha’t is what’s disheartening–allowing felons to remain in high positions of government while throwing average citizen under the bus.  It is beyond disgusting.  I tell my congressional members to grow a backbone and every time I write them, I ask why aren’t they doing something to oust this beast.  No, I don’t get a direct reply to this particular issue, but I still let them know of my anger.  More people should badger their congressional members and do it frequently–at least they will know more of your displeasure and just maybe they might do something about it.

    • Anonymous

      CJM, you’re kidding, right?   Badger congressional members?  Perhaps if there would

      be a snowball’s chance in h— to get any action out of it.  However, my congress people

      are all Dems. (I’m from CA) and my messages would probably wind up in the shredder.

      Others may have more luck, but it looks like most in Congress have back problems—

      no spines.

  • Anonymous

    The trend of mud-slinging continues as usual. Obama is spending his millions against Romney, making up lies, and the media is swallowing it hook line and sinker. Just listen to how little he talks about his first term, yet issuing Executive orders by each day, all against the good of America. There is NO regard for America’s constitution, yet the media, and surprisingly, both houses, are dumb quiet! If this continues, Obama will win in November with a bigger majority than before. It is high time that not only the conservative commenters here voice their concern, but the congress take more direct action against this runaway POTUS. And Romney’s time has also arrived to question many of the suspicions about Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Barry and his campaign thugs have used these tactics before. When they had nothing to run on, no record, no experience, nothing! they resorted to discrediting and eliminating Barry’s opposition. This happened in Illinois when he ran for the state senate and when he ran for the US senate. That is why he ultimately ran unopposed. Barry has a long history of corrupt and dirty politics on his despicable and onerous record. Character assassination and lies are not beneath this sorry Chicago Thugocracy. Like an Islamic Jihadist, Barry will say and do anything–even lie–to achieve his goal. ANYTHING. Don’t forget that in November. If he is re-elected, he will destroy the America we know and love.

    • Paul Jacobs

      Oh my god I hope I read this wrong, but I believe your saying Barak Obama is “Barry”.

      • Anonymous

        You mean Barack, not Barak, right? One and the same, with many other aliases on various documents throughout his sordid and concealed past. 

  • Anonymous

    What else can you expect from a Chicago politician who can’t run on his record?

    • Anonymous

      AmPat, Yeah—spill chick or watt iver.   : )

  • Anonymous

    Well, what else would you expect from B.O. and his merry band of thieves?  Mischief makers?

    They certainly can’t point to the economy or the unemployment figures.  They can’t talk about

    the wonderful policies of B.O.  The jury is still out on Obamacare damage, but it doesn’t look

    good for the average taxpayer.   So, if they can’t talk about their last 3 1/2 years, guess they

    have to throw some dirt on the wall about Romney and hope it sticks.   The LSM won’t be

    covering it as lies, after all.   When the truth comes out, they will move on to something else.

    Wish Romney would issue a challenge to B.O.: ”I’m willing to hand over all my college info

    from Freshman year through graduation if you will do the same.”   Golly.  I wonder what the

    answer will be?

  • Mick Johnson

     Paul….you really need to stop, you are embarrassing your-self.

  • Mick Johnson

     I would love to hear/read Paul Jacobs take on your post…. LOL, well said LadyNav.

  • Mick Johnson

     you ding-a-lingo…It’s not ‘watt’ its wut, and it’s not iver its evure…silly

  • Take 2

    IM not going off to camp marx in October!  am I?  Glen (for short) made us write silly stuff…sq=wear.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it a surprise that Obama and his comrades LIE????These are the TOOLS of communisim. 

  • TT

    My pet peeve on this is that everyone keeps talking about this presidential elections, senate, house and local official elections like if they are a game where the people trying to get OUR votes somehow are going to win or loose when in reality is US the VOTERS that really win or loose and when WE the voters allow LIES, DEMAGOGUERY, DECEIT, SMEARS then WE should look at OURSELVES and accept that WE ARE the liars, the demagogues and deceitful ones because we allow through proxy and projection, WE have have ALLOWED that message to go out. WE GET WHAT WE DESERVE or ALLOW!
    A POLITICIAN that is not a LYING PIG has no chance “TO WIN” anything and that really really should got us all worried because is a projection of WHO WE ARE and we have accepted and elected as OUR REPRESENTATIVE therefore THEY ARE WHO WE ARE! 

  • Berney Pearce

    Is there something wrong  with you Americans. You are going on about someone cutting someones hair and having his dog on the roof of his car and that’s the reason ye are not voting for him.  Will ye all grow up   Romney is the man for the job  that’s it.  he will make abetter president than a few i could mention.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you dumb*ss, Progressive Tax was named after a mathematical algorithm, not after political movement.

  • Karen Nelson

    My name is Karen, and I have learned about you, from my Late husband. He just passed away a few months ago, and it’s for some reason, not getting any easier, rather harder. I’m not sure why, but when I watch your shows, or listen, rather, I always think of him. OMG how I miss my Husband, but I hope, that time will heal, as they say it does..Thank you, I really do enjoy watching and listening, so I’m just hanging out today. I”m a Cancer patient, and I am dying. I have three types of Cancer, and I’m alone, always..While I know. this isn’t good, I do not know anybody in Tulsa, but perhaps one day, I’ll get to return home, which is Oklahoma City. I do love your shows, however, and hence, is why I’m just sort of hanging around. Hoping you do not mind, of course? Thank you Glenn…
    Karen Clark 
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    • w. Parker

      I’m sure i can speak for Glenn and everyone who accesses this site – you are more than welcome here.  Feel free to share your input also.  God Bless you and your late husband

  • Anonymous

     Seems like a Sunstein plant?

  • Anonymous

     So if they saw the lies as truth, what drew them Glenn in the first place?

  • Anonymous

    Excellent program.  Everyone needs to see the Dnesh Dsouza full program on Beck. Use the free 2 weeks of GBTV.  Ideally, subscribe to GBTV.  I follow a lot of news/commentary sites.  New Media.  I read everything and I watch all clips.  I know Glenn is gearing up for Restoring Love.  I don’t feel particularly loving.  My ex-husband and son go to Glenn’s events.  I don’t.  I don’t have the money nor can I take off work for something like that.  That being said, my guess is Glenn has a resounding message to all who do attend.  I can search high and low for information, discourse, on what is going on. But, ultimately, when I go to Glenn Beck or GBTV, I find not only the answer, but the emotion and passion I feel when I see what is taking place in our country.  I applaud him for interviewing Dnesh Dsouza.  You  see, we aren’t dealing with sanity any more.  We are trying to understand and even debate, argue, with something that isn’t even sane.  We are watching an individual, Barack Obama, brainwash and succeed in the brainwashing.  This is beyond what Hitler did.  This is beyond the progressive movement.  When someone like Obama has something close to 50% approval you have to ask how?  Who and why is someone – more than someone – supporting him.  I think it goes beyond socialism or communism.  It’s much more evil and insidious. What I see is ultimate power, complete takeover.  I would say this is beyond any human conception of control than has ever been conceived yet.  And I hear Darth Vader music in the background.  And I don’t think it’s funny.  It’s extremely disturbing.  Who helped Obama produce the latest attack ads against Romney?  Hollywood.  Who conceived the message?  And ultimately, who really is behind it?  And to what purpose?  To not only destroy America… wake up folks.  But to create a new world government that will dictate everything. As we are considered no more than than nothings moving around and contributing nothing to the world, there is a movement, Obama included, who have decided we are no more than pawns.  We have no say nor importance.

  • Victor Tiffany

    The Libertarian Review is reporting that Romney and one of his sons was involved with a Ponzi scheme that bilked a whopping $8 billion from investors. What the Obama campaign is reporting doesn’t hold a candle to this story, and if some enterprising journalist digs in and verifies what The Review is claiming, this election would get blown open.

    Can you say October surprise? Read this and sleep well tonight knowing that the President you all hate will most likely remain in power for another 4 years. 

    Thank you Mitt Romney for being a felon!

    • greywolfrs

      Thank you for not caring about the things YOUR president has done. Moron.

    • Anonymous

      Aren’t YOU the gullible moron chewing on the pig droppings of the libtard underground media?

      You really want to bring up the word ‘FELONY’ in a campaign against Romney? That’s like standing in a glass house and throwing stones. But then you are used to that hypocrisy.

      The October surprise will be when Holder is indicted, Barry’s firewall collapses, and Barry and Company are left with the egg of their own crimes all over their faces.

      Shall we list Barry’s FELONIES?

      Believe me, you don’t want to go there. You do realize that Romney is also under Secret Service protection too, don’t you?

      You are such an idiot, Vicky<2.

    • Guest
    • Sandie

      More Obama camp hogwash.

      • Anonymous

        He’s still stuck on that one hang-up of his… that opinions and lies are facts. He’ll never learn.

  • Victor Tiffany

    Yes, list “Barry’s FELONIES” you disrespectful, reactionary twit!

    I could use the laughs. I’m already laughing at your idiotic and ignorant “the libtard underground media?”  Libtard?  Is that what reactionary Limbaugh, the racist, taught you morons to believe?

    The Libertarian Review in not liberal, you stupid moron!

    No wonder Beck gets away with deceitful propaganda: his audience is stupid and/or ignorant as hell. You believe what you want to believe, and to hell with actual reality.

    You are NOBODY; just a witless twit.

    • Anonymous

      That’s it Vicky. Attack the messenger, not the message. You are such a hypocrite. Why hide here in the archives of an old forum? When you can answer the questions about your comments on a current post?

      I know! Because YOU ARE A COWARD!!!

      Your reality is delusional and imbecilic.

      You are a REACTIONARY JOKE, Vicky<2.

    • Guest

      English shouldn’t be such a challenge for someone with a Master’s degree such as you claim to possess.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for demonstrating severe hatred of Beck and anyone who disagrees with your idiotic comments, as well as your ignorance of how to reply directly to an individual. You must really be absolutely mentally deficient not to be able to do such a basic thing on a comment page. 
      Why don’t we list all your arrest records? You are the criminal moron here, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. I have your criminal record and your lame ass attempts to minimize your degree of wrongdoing, and it displays the truly delusional nature of your mental illnesses, (plural for the sake of accuracy).

      Better go to the toilet soon in case you forget how to get there too, it’s going to be a long day for you, and the night will be even worse. 

  • Victor Tiffany

    I do care; I think he should be impeached.

    Got more ignorant bulls$%t you want to convey?

    • Anonymous

      You’re doing such a great job with the Bullshit, I’m going to let you have at it.

      You keep contradicting yourself from one forum to another. Get your shit together you moron and at least strive for a little consistency.

    • Guest

      Then why aren’t you thumping that drum. After all he has more influence on everyone than anyone else you claim to be a critic of. Besides, no one thinks you are a critic. They think you are a crank.

      • Victor Tiffany

        By “no one,” you mean Beck’s flock.  You can’t see that Beck is such a crank, that he was rejected by conservatives like G. Will and W. Kristol.  Pathetic how you refuse to understand what most Americans readily grasp about your hero: Beck is a liar, a hypocrite and a far-right, brilliant propagandist and crank.

        Crank (person), a pejorative term used for a person who unshakably holds a belief that most of his or her contemporaries consider to be false. 

        Beck’s views on the Arab Spring leading to a Caliphate make him a crank.

        • Anonymous

          As many times as you’re repeated this tired old hate-Beck rant of yours, and as many times as you’ve been regarded as a liar with biased delusions and factless assumptions, why do you continue to repeatedly and continuously write the same message?

          It gives the impression that you are more likely trying to convince yourself, rather than anyone who posts here. No one believes what you say and you certainly aren’t going to change anyone’s perceptions by beating them over the head or shoving your garbage down their throats. Calling people names won’t get you a sympathetic ear, either.

          You’re toast, Sanduskyman. Give it up and throw down the towel.

        • CaptainAmerica

          *To the readers of this site – 

          Nostradumbass for village idiot of Ithaca paid for the previous campaign of lies upon lies and stupidity he puts on display here daily. Next show time is at any moment, so feel free to go about things you enjoy, because his vendetta and agenda-riddled hypocrisy isn’t going to change. You can look at any thread on any site he can still access and the messages are all the same and have been for three years.

          You still can’t directly reply to anyone, can you? Even though I have told you how at least a dozen times you still are too stupid to get it.

          Nostradumbass, there simply isn’t any hope for you.

        • Anonymous

          You stole “crank” from the other posters here. You even had to look it up to make sure you used it correctly. Is this your word for today?

          By “no one” Guest means “NO ONE”.

          You can pretend and presume to speak for the COOTUS, but not for anyone who posts here. That is forbidden and you WILL BE held accountable!

          You are such an arrogant and narcissistic prick, Sanduskyman.

          You are such an idiot.

          • Doodaddio

            He is the model for the original Mister Potato Head – you can see it in the eyes…

          • Anonymous

            And Mrs. Potato Head… the ears with the earrings…

          • Doodaddio

            Now that you mention it, that’s absolutely correct!

        • Guest

          I asked you a direct question. Why did you avoid answering it?

    • CaptainAmerica

      How about your ignorant bulls$%t? 
      Amazing how you can always fail to properly reply to your target. And you want people to recognize you as an authority on any subject??? Preposterous! 

      Your comments are the rantings of a fool and idiot.

      You are the supreme idiot jackass of the internet, and you fight to keep that status your primary role in life as shown by your posts. Every one of them is a chronicle of madness and stupidity!

      • Victor Tiffany

        …wrote the supreme idiot jackass of the Internet. (Note capitalization.)

        Your response is typical reactionary nonsense. You can’t deal with the message, so you attack the messenger as you have been from a couple of months now if not longer under another sock-puppet (cowardly) name.  

        Why don’t you give examples instead of just being another reactionary a-hole? You want examples of me “properly replying to [my] target?” I do this many times only to get attacked by a-holes like you for pointing out Beck’s lies. 

        Deal with that lie. I didn’t force Beck to falsely claim that he wrote “The truth has no agenda.” He lied. Deal with THAT!

        • CaptainAmerica

          Why Nostradumbass, I had no idea that you wrote things to yourself! I know you talk to yourself – that goes with all the mental frailties you are afflicted with.

          The only person on earth that lies more than you do sits in the Oval Office.

          • Anonymous

            Nostradumbass! LOL That’s a much more accurate moniker than any of the others he’s had. LOL

          • CaptainAmerica

            I’m going to repeat it every time he rears that ugly head! SergeantRock is calling him that too. Feel free to join us!

          • Anonymous

            Thank you. I will. ;D

        • CaptainAmerica

          You have no message, just a vendetta that seems to be encompassing an ever-enlarging circle of enemies, enemies that you yourself create!

          Nostradumbass, you are incredibly stupid!

        • Anonymous

          You’re an idiot. You’re guilty as charged. Case closed.

          Now runalong home to your mommy.

          Everything you say to others here is projection of your own pathetic narcissistic delusions.

          You aren’t making your point because you have no point. And you certainly can’t get your message across because it doesn’t make sense and you have an inability to communicate here!

          You lie! Deal with THAT, moron.

        • CaptainAmerica

          You did it again, Nostradumbass! Still can’t avoid the “reply to all” method of making an ass of yourself, eh? 

          Who cares what an idiot who can’t even respond properly to a direct comment has to say about anything – you are always telling lies like your lord Obama. 

          Nostradumbass, servant of Obama and world class dipstick!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for demonstrating severe hatred of Beck and anyone who disagrees with your idiotic comments, as well as your ignorance of how to reply directly to an individual. You must really be absolutely mentally deficient not to be able to do such a basic thing on a comment page. 
      Better go to the toilet soon in case you forget how to get there too.

      • Victor Tiffany

        I have no reason to hate Beck. You chewed out someone the other day for making assumptions about you, and now I see you are making assumptions about me. 

        Hypocrisy much?

        I know how to “reply directly to an individual.” I can’t control Disqus’ malfunctions, and this is hardly the first time this has happened.

        Finally, if I point would someone’s ignorant bulls$%t, that doesn’t demonstrate “severe hatred.” It demonstrates that the person I’m responding to is ignorant. There is a lot of ignorance on the part of Beck’s sheeple. Otherwise, they’d know how he deceives them much of the time. (My guess is that a combination of biased assimilation and the need to avoid cognitive dissonance prevents Beck’s loyal followers from hearing the misinformation that Beck spreads 5 days/week.

        • Anonymous

          Everything you write is plagiarized from someone else. Case in point:
          “biased assimilation and the need to avoid cognitive dissonance”, stolen directly from another poster, one whom you attack daily because that person in ursine form constantly outsmarts you in public.

          Face it moron, you have no credibility here or anywhere else. You killed it off with idiot posts like this one and the absurd takes on others you seem to have a need to post. You are the idiot’s idiot, Nostradumbass!

          Have you learned how to reply to individuals yet, or did you just get lucky this time? Any man who constantly posts in the, “reply to all”, mode and says such blatantly ignorant and just plain old stupid lies like you do deserves a title, and that title is all yours:


        • Anonymous

          Your words above: “Finally, if I point would someone’s ignorant bulls$%t, that doesn’t demonstrate “severe hatred.” What are you talking about?

          You are such an idiot.

          Why don’t we talk about how ignorant YOU are? My guess is you have an unqualified need for attention. Did your mommy abandon you shortly after your birth?

          Or are you too stupid to realize that you aren’t relevant and no one reads the crap you write.

          Time’s up, Sanduskyman. You can go home now.

          • CaptainAmerica

            Get HIM Mama G!

          • Anonymous

            Well, Alrighty, then!

          • Doodaddio

            Nostradumbass must be inhaling more these days…

          • Anonymous

            …that or he’s really that stupid!

          • Doodaddio

            It’s like an eternal supply of stoooopid!

        • CaptainAmerica

          You have no reason to hate Beck, but you display the most hateful attitude and stop short of threatening the man in nearly every post you write. Your hypocrisy is here for everyone to see, Nostradumbass. 

          Obvoiusly you don’t know how to reply directly to anyone, because you rarely accomplish it, and Disqus isn’t responsible for your lack of capability.  How many times did you write hate or forms thereof in this post? With you, it’s hate or deceit so which is it? Apparently you can’t deal with reality to the point you have to make enemies to blame for your shortcomings, which seem to increase in number and magnitude by the day. 

          You are always micro-analyzing everything Beck says and does, and misinterpreting most if not all of it. Then you sit down and slobber all over yourself and the keyboard as you feverishly mis-type and mangle the English language in an effort to continue your constant persecution of Beck and anyone else who interferes with your idiot presentations and projections.

          Nostradumbass, you are in a class by yourself – remedial detention.

        • Anonymous

          If you can’t prove what you say, then you are lying, and you are the lyingest liar who ever drew a breath. No need to assume anything about you, you are an open book in black and white for all to see.

          You haven’t got the least inkling what hatred is, but you sure have a ton of it to dump on the world don’t you, Nostradumbass?

          Your guesses are worth less than the scum forming on that pond of yours. You only know terms like biased assimilation and cognitive dissonance because you’ve been told by psychological and medical professionals that you suffer from both conditions.

          You are a pathetic loser and a lousy excuse for a human being, in fact your complete lack of compassion and respect for others is the icing on your insanity cake.

          Maybe you should take a long vacation, and after that you should find something appropriate for you to do instead of being NOSTRADUMBASS – the biggest moron troll on the Internet!

  • Amie Claire Doggett

    Obama opens his mouth and nothing but lies come out. I swear the man must be the anti-christ. Everyone that has the inside scoop knows he’s George Soros’s puppet, but what if it’s the other way around and Obama is leading Soros to believe he’s in charge because George has the $$$ Obama needs to push all his little agendas. Then as soon as Obama gets what he wants he gets rid of Soros and takes the power for himself when things finally fall into place. That is the “One World Order” that they are all trying to achieve and folks there not that far off if the dominoes don’t stop falling. Once Europe collapses we’re next folks. And if Obama is still in office, we are all in for a very bad ride.

  • Keegan Decker

    How bout we clean up the spelling in this? I mean, I love Glenn, and I’m a strong advocate of small government and everything, but for crying out loud. Spell check, please. 

  • R.

    Sorry, but I think “resisting bourgeois society’s stifling conventions” is a pretty good thing to do at some point in one’s life. Four more years, y’all, deal.

  • Victor Tiffany

    From the Wall St. Journal:

    “For example, say, you’re single and have taxable income of $185,000 in 2012. And let’s say your gross income was $210,000. Well, your income up to $8,700 is taxed at 10%. From $8,701 to $35,350 is taxed at 15%. From $35,351 up to $85,650, it’s taxed at 25%. From $85,651 to $178,650, the rate is 28%. And you’ll pay 33% on the remaining $6,350. (The top rate, 35%, kicks in at $379,150 for singles.) In this case, your average tax rate (the proportion of gross income you’ll pay in taxes) is “only” about 22%.”

    In other words, Beck is lying…again. Unless, of course, people making from $8,701 to $178,650 are not “hard working.” 

    • CaptainAmerica

      What’s the matter, Nostradumbass? Still smarting from the last time I beat you like a drum? Come on and make an example of yourself – a sorry example of a lame and cowardly excuse for a man, like you always do. 

      No one here believes your lies, so pack up the moron show and get out of town already.

      Now playing, in a town somewhere that doesn’t know what a moron he is, it’s the Great Nostradumbass, Idiot Extraordinaire!  

    • Anonymous

      OMG!!! You finally attributed a quote! It took you awhile–a LONG while–but you finally learned how to attribute a quote. Being a slower learner, it takes you longer to ‘get it’, but at least you got this one!

      Now, what is your point? What does this say, actually?

      I mean, the tax code is so damn confusing and there are so many “if-thens”.

      Let’s hear Barry try to explain this without lying to us again. I bet he doesn’t do his own taxes, either!

      ONLY 22%. Isn’t that still more than what the Clinton tax rate was that was negotiated with a Republican majority in Congress???

      Just saying, Butthead.

      • Doodaddio

        You called him Butthead! Bwaaaaaaaaa-haa-haa-haaaaaaaaa!

        • Anonymous

          Maybe we should refer to him by all of his names, so there is no doubt who we’re talking about!

          • Doodaddio

            Is there enough room on the Internet for that???

          • Anonymous

            Hmmmm, probably not, but we can abbreviate and just use the initials… like an acronym….

        • Victor Tiffany

          That’s because she’s an a-hole, like you.

          • Anonymous

            This is a deliberate and intentional ad hominem… 5 days after the comment posted.

            You’re the one starting the flame wars, but you’re too stupid to see that. And you won’t listen because you think you know it all.

            That makes you an idiot, Vicky<2.

          • Victor Tiffany

            …wrote the hypocrite.

            You see, moron, you can’t bitch about an “ad hominen” and turn around and issue on.

            You’re not very smart, are you?  ANYONE who follows and defends a liar and a hypocrite is best understood as an ethical retard. That’s about right for Benny, the racist, Hill.

          • Guest

            Sorry, wrong guest, again… You just can’t cut a break, can you?

          • CaptainAmerica

            Why can’t he? You do it all the time, oh master of hypocrites. It appears you are the non smart one, and it seems you frequent this site often enough to be awarded the title of Beckerhead, since you are here complaining all the time. 

            Apparently you aren’t very smart, since you can’t seem to keep from violating the rules of personal conduct that most of society operates by. You lie, you plagiarize, you return to sites that have barred you more than once by means that are unethical and dishonest, and you conduct yourself in public as a common criminal. You are no better than the convicts in prison. 

            You are the closet racist, and Benny isn’t anything like you – he is a moral and ethical man which is more than we can say for you. 

            You really should concern yourself with what is coming. You are in for a rude awakening.

          • Guest

            “…and turn around and issue on.” ON? You mean “one”, right? Where is the ad hominem “issued” to you?

            YOU aren’t smart at all. “ANYONE who follows and defends a liar and a hypocrite is best understood as an ethical retard.” Another ad hominem. Score another for you and your vivious insults.

            BTW…wrong guest.

          • CaptainAmerica

            There is absolutely no indication of any kind that you are not talking to yourself again. 

          • CaptainAmerica

            Now was that nice? I don’t think so. That’s uncalled for and you should apologize.

          • Anonymous

            He’s already had one of his recent comments “under review”. Maybe someone is awake at the site after all.

          • Victor Tiffany

            After his sleazy smears? I don’t think so.

          • Guest

            You still seem to have gender identity issues… 

          • CaptainAmerica

            Your day is fast approaching so you best clean your own household.

          • Guest

            Then don’t expect anyone to apologize to you. You are will be held accountable for your sleazy smears, as well.

          • Sandie

            The only ahole I see here is Vic the Di.. 😉

          • Doodaddio

            No, that’s because you are an a-hole like yourself.

          • Doodaddio

            Victor, I’ve been giving you a pass for quite some time now, and the one thing I have noticed about your posts is that they have progressively become more and more outrageous. You’ve been overboard on the hypocrisy and hyperbole for months.

            The latest misadventure of yours has been particularly egregious; spoofing your IP and re-infiltrating The Friend Center so you could use information there to go after enemies you yourself created in your numerous “flame wars”, not to mention how many times in the past you have violated the bounds most people would observe in conducting themselves.

            Your transgressions are numerous and well known, and you deserve to be sanctioned for them, which it seems is in the works at this time. Soon you will be forced to realize your limitations, so get ready for the retribution that you have worked so hard to deserve.

            No more Mister Nice Guy from me; you are fully deserving of the treatment you get here, and more is coming.

          • Doodaddio

            Would you at least stop attributing my remarks to other posters? I am really tired of you doing that. I was the one who asked when you stopped beating your wife, but you seem to think I am either omnipresent or several different people. Sorry to disappoint you but CaptainAmerica isn’t my screen name. I saw you accusing him of being me, but again you are as wrong as you can be. You really are a dope, aren’t you?

            Don’t bother to answer that, I will do it for you:

            “Yes, indeed, I am a DOPE!”, Victor Tiffany, August 4, 2012….

    • Anonymous

      There are two inherent issues with your post. The first is how you classify a lie. In this case Beck makes a statement that the average American is paying X. But you cite a source that claims it is Y. Neither is authoritative. In Beck’s case, because he is not speaking as an expert or authority on the matter – nor does he have a history of doing so. In the other case, the WSJ, the article is speaking speculatively as in a set of averages that apply in some cases. At best you can only argue that Beck was wrong, but you’ll have to apply the  same standard
       to the WSJ as it is in averages where we see the biggest lies. Now, if you would like an explanation of that I can provide one. However, for the sake of brevity I will not include a justification to it for now. 

      The second is what you classify as hard working. This is a completely subjective term. What makes work hard? What makes it not hard? Who is to say that someone is or is not working hard without a clear definition of what hard is?

      Now, the reason you get slammed for being stupid all the time are issues like the ones I have outlined for you in your previous post. But, feel free to point out any legitimate issues with what I have reviewed. And unless you do point out something legitimate – as in logically unsound with an explanation of the offending element – you’ll automatically lose the debate.

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