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Talk of Romney’s possible VP choice is kicking into high gear as Condi Rice rumors swirled around the internet today. Glenn thinks that choice is highly unlikely, but as he ran down the list of possibles Glenn seemed to do nothing but complain. Is there any VP choice he likes?

“He needs something that will, will unite the people, the Tea Party people,” Glenn said. “Somebody who will speak to us because that’s the only group he hasn’t spoken to.”

Glenn went through some of the big names rumored for the spot? Condoleezza Rice, Tim Pawlenty, Rob Portman.

Glenn felt that the list is full of big government Republicans and no one who will excite the Tea Party, libertarians, or independents.

“We’ve got California and New York already. We’ve got that on the other guy. We’ve got it. Can somebody represent the rest of the nation?” Glenn asked.

“Mitt Romney. You may not agree with his faith, but it plays a huge role. It’s why I can vouch for the man’s character, because I know he prays on his knees. I know his wife. He is a man of good character. I don’t necessarily agree with him, but he’s a man of good character. Now, what else can we do? Can we get somebody, anybody who’s a little more small government conservative.”

“I mean, it’s a legitimate argument and I’m sure it’s being made constantly. To me when McCain was running, I needed Sarah Palin to even pull the lever for McCain,” Stu added.

“You need people who are on their tractors. You need people who are in their trucks. You need people who are busy in the construction site who don’t pay attention to this stuff as much as we do. Somebody that speaks that language.”