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Last year Glenn was the keynote speaker at the Christians United For Israel event in Washington, DC. Hard to believe it’s been an entire year since Glenn was there, but it has and this Tuesday in DC the event is happening again. Anyone who stands with Israel will no doubt be enduring hatred from the anti-Israel crowd – take a look at the list of those brave enough to stand up to them.

Full Transcript:

GLENN: If I were ever asked to make a list of people that I have deep, profound respect for that are alive today, people that I think are true heroes, that list would be very, very short and toward the top of that list would be a man that I really knew very little about four years ago and got to know him and as we got to know him, we – honestly – I don’t even know if I’ve told him this, but we had conversations on, geez, look what the media says about him. I don’t know. Does anybody really know him? Do we know? Is this a guy – the more I got to know him, the more I got the respect him and I truly mean he is on a list, a very short list, of heroes and people I would like to be more like. John Hagee is on the phone with us now.

John, are you how sir? He’s also very quiet. He’s a man of very few words, which I appreciate. Can we open up his line? Why is the line not open? There he is. John?

HAGEE: Good morning to you, sir. It’s a pleasure to be with you.

GLENN: How are you?

HAGEE: I’m doing well. Thank God.

GLENN: You are – I – honestly, John, I tell the story about a meeting that we had in Washington DC. Was it a year ago?

HAGEE: It was. A year ago this coming week, by the way.

GLENN: My gosh. It seems like it’s been five years. Time flies when you’re having fun.

HAGEE: It was a great night.

GLENN: It was.

HAGEE: You were the keynote speaker for the Night to Honor Israel and the house was packed and it was a moment in time that we will always cherish.

GLENN: Well, I will tell you that I think of the minutes that we had earlier in the afternoon alone where you gave me advice on what my life will be like if I stand with Israel, et cetera, et cetera, and at one point you kind of got lost in the story and I think it was – you were reflecting more on what your life has been like and it was one of the most memorable moments, really, truly, honestly, John, of my life. I at that moment realized, truly, who you are and what you have sacrificed for your stance on Israel. You, your wife, and your family, and I am honored to know you.

HAGEE: Thank you. And God bless you for all that you do, Glenn, and thank you for being a light in a generation that’s lost its decoration and for seeing evil in the word and being courageous enough to call it evil.

GLENN: So, you are doing the Christians United For Israel event again Tuesday in Washington DC?

HAGEE: It starts – it starts Monday morning and we have our opening session. I’m going to be one of the speakers. We’re going to have Irving Roth who is a Holocaust survivor to describe what happens in a society that starts thinking away the rights and liberties of everyone but especially begins to torment and persecute the Jewish people, as we’re seeing anti-semitism in this nation rise to a new level, especially on the university campuses of the nation. Tuesday we’re going to have an intelligence – a Middle East intelligence briefing from Michael Homeline, Gary Bower, Eric Stackelback, Senator Joseph Lieberman. We’re going to have the prime minister of Israel live and then Wednesday – Tuesday night we’re going to have the night to honor Israel where you spoke last year. At 7:00 I’ll be speaking. Ambassador Michael Orrin will be speaking. He’s the Israeli ambassador. Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann will be speaking and Wednesday we go see the senators and members of the House of Representatives from 9:00 in the morning to 6:00 p.m. to tell them why we support Israel and especially what it is we want them to do at this point in time.

GLENN: Tickets, by the way, are still available. I’m assuming there are some tickets still available?

HAGEE: Absolutely. All you have to do to attend is register to go and if you want to register to go, you go online to CUFI for Christians United For Israel, or you can call 1-877-706-2834 and if all of that fails, you can register in the lobby at the convention center in Washington DC.

GLENN: Okay.

HAGEE: And we’re on.

GLENN: Okay. Here’s the thing. I just want you to know and then I want to change subjects and talk to you about a couple of other things. I want the listeners to know I have joined three organizations in my life. One, my church; two, the National Rifle Association; and, three, CUFI. I am a joiner. I am not one of those guys. I don’t believe, necessarily, in organizations and I’m more libertarian than that. These three organizations I truly believe in. If you want to be with a group of people that really, truly make a difference and get Israel and what’s coming here in America, it’s CUFI.

Okay. So, John, let’s – let me switch gears here and just kind of – let’s talk a little bit about – what do you think is happening in the next year with – with Israel and with the Middle East? We have – we’ve had the guys who are Muslim Brotherhood and are talking now about a caliphate established in Jerusalem and President Obama has invited this guy who’s now the new President of Egypt, invited him to the White House. We’ve had another terrorist organization invited and given a Visa so he could come and talk to our President. We’re on the wrong side, John. What’s coming?

HAGEE: What we have seen happen in the past few months is actually a rebirth of the Persian empire and Egypt failed for one reason is that the President of the United States walked away from Mubarak and I said as soon as that happened that the Muslim Brotherhood would take over because they are the most organized group in the Middle East and, sure enough, that prophecy came true. What we are now seeing is that Israel is visibly being surrounded by people who have intentions of destroying Israel. That would be Egypt. That would be Syria. That would be Iran. That would be Hamas. That would be Hezbollah.

GLENN: It would be Russia.

HAGEE: Russia, Hezbollah are funded, trained, and equipped by Iran. It’s not a matter of if there’s going to be a war in Iran. It’s only a matter of when and when it comes, it’s going to be a whopper.

GLENN: Okay. Let me switch to politics real quick because I’ve got to let you go, but the election, a lot of people – I hear this from the left media and from the, I think, ignorant media of knowing who we really are as a people, is Romney’s Mormonism going to play a role in this election?

HAGEE: Very little. The American people are very, very disturbed about the socialistic trends of the Obama administration and this administration is socialistic. People need to say that and people need to know that and for people who failed political science, it means big government that takes over your life in every day. The blatant disregard for law and order has people concerned about this election that have not been concerned for decades.

GLENN: I had a guy call me a little while ago, said there’s no difference between Mitt Romney’s big government and Barack Obama’s big government. I countered to him that we don’t survive another administration run by Barack Obama.

HAGEE: That – freedom and democracy will not survive four more years of Barack Obama. What we are seeing in the 90-state birth where they’re starting to even legislate what you can drink, how many ounces you can have, your kid goes to school and there’s a – some kind of Federal regulator there that says, no, your child can’t have the lunch you brought from home which consisted of a healthy meal, they have to have this lunch, and on and on and on and on it goes, the regulation becomes so extreme, they’re going to be 16000 – I had a Congresswoman tell me this – 16000 new IRS agents put on duty or hired.


HAGEE: To manage the Obamacare because it’s a tax.

GLENN: Well, there’s the – there’s the ad that Romney should be running. He is creating jobs, they’re just all to the IRS. Pastor Hagee, I appreciate it. I want you to go to – if you’re anywhere – if you can go to this event next week, please go to It’s 50 bucks a seat. Just register. If you can’t –if you can’t make it, please donate to these guys. This is the best Christian standing with Israel and the Jews organization, I think, that is out there. It is – it’s not one – it’s not anything the press tells you it is. It is none of that. It is about the truth and it is about love and this man I so respect. If you find it in your heart to support him and his cause, please do. CUFI, and go there now. John, we’ll talk to you – are you coming in for Restoring Love?

HAGEE: Absolutely. I’m going to be there in Dallas next week, next – no. Week –

GLENN: Two weeks, two weeks from –

HAGEE: No. The 27th and 28th. I’ll see you then. God bless.

GLENN: My best to your wife. Bye-bye.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    While I may be of different theological bent than Hagee, from what I do know and have read up on the man, he advocates with conviction and w/o fear in matters that are right, just and true. We will not survive as an nation if Obama has a second term in office, the POTUS will crush the Republic and impose by force of arms his Marxists nightmare.

    • Anonymous

      Hagee is a despicable human being. A true hero for GBTV, no doubt.–0

      • Anonymous

        No! John Hagee is A man of integrity and Honor. Something you seem to lack. Disagree with his beliefs all you want. Stop being A child, and grow up.

        • Nancy B. Mauldin

          We must stand on the side of Israel they are Gods chosen people.

          • Anonymous

            Absolutely, that is why we have been blessed and were at one time a super power, we just didn’t get there by ourselves.  God has blessed us so we can stand with Israel and be her shield when World War III breaks out.  God help us!!!  Because we have taken God out of everything and you can see our blessings disappear.  If you can’t see that everyone is blind!!!  But since you are a Christian you know what I am saying.

          • Bruce Seidensticker

            amen brother,,bruce

          • sara holy land

            Thank you !

          • vin

            LOL….yea, an all powerful, all loving creator or God would designate one specific race or religion as being “chosen” above the rest …wow….unreal how brainwashed you people are.  Look how many likes this got….I’m sorry, but some of you are absolutely clueless and simply cannot think for yourself.  If there is a God, he has no favorites, he didn’t create some better than the rest, thats just cruel….think about it.

          • Anonymous

            Nancy, God makes the rules here.  He has chosen a special people and they are Israel.  That history is written down in the Bible.  God is sovereign and he gets to decide all things.  He has grafted the gentiles onto the vine.  The gentiles are all others who are not Jews so that the gospel truth can be accepted by all people in the world.   It is truth whether YOU believe it or not.  God wanted the Jews to share the gospel in the world and to know that Jesus was the Messiah.  Some of the Jews today do believe that Jesus is the Messiah or Christ.  That faith in Jesus whether you are a Jew or a Gentile (Christian) is powerful and gives us life.  God is our maker, our creator.  He created you just the way you are and He knew you in your mother’s womb before you were every born.  Truth comes from God.  We don’t make it up the way we think it should be.  The rule book was written thousands of years ago.  God not only gives us rules, but the way we live by the rules is to accept His son Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  Then God changes our hearts and we become new persons and we don’t live according to the law, because God helps us with a new heart of understanding.  God is a loving God and compassionate.  But, he is also a judge.  He hates sin.  He will judge people who do not pay attention to Him and His truth.  He has made a remedy for our sin in Jesus Christ who died for our sins.  Sin leads to death.  Jesus Christ at the cross gave us a gift of eternal life.   You either accept it or not.  If you do receive that gift, you have eternal life.  Jesus said, I have come that they may have life and have it in abundance.  John 10:10  Eternal life begins now for you Nancy, if you accept the truth.  God writes the truth.  Everything else is a lie.  There is only absolute truth and it is found written in The Bible for you to know and understand.  Don’t be ignorant of what God says.  Read His word first and then claim what you believe.  

      • Anonymous

        His heretical teachings will bring nothing but disaster to this country. It’s a plague.

        • Anonymous

          Heretical teachings! Islam does not follow the one true God. Islam was founded after Judism. Islam is the true plaque and justice will prevail in the end. 

          • Anonymous

            Who said anything about Islam? I’m talking about heretical Christian teachings like that of Christian zionism. Islam is a totally different subject. I’m not favoring them by any means.

          • Anonymous

            So I can assume you support Israel, but not Christians?

          • Anonymous

            And just so you know, rabbinical judaism is nowhere near the judaism of Moses. Not even close.

          • Anonymous

            That I do know. True Judaism will never be like it was when Moses received the law. Jesus going to the cross changed that.

          • Anonymous

            Of course I support Christians. But Israel has from its inception put Christians in danger. They were just as harsh with Palestinian Christians as they were with muslims.

            As far as Hagee goes, he’s not much of a Christian. Anyone who says we have to support the state of israel or face God’s wrath is a fake and a heretic.

          • Anonymous

            He who blesses Israel will be blessed and he who curses Israel will be cursed. We must stand on the side of Israel they are Gods chosen people. Christians have been grafted in with them so we must support them. Most of Israel today is filled with different people of all walks of life. Yes Christians who support and stand with Israel will suffer even at the hands of those whom they support. It is a proven fact that nations that do not stand with Israel  and not kept their word God has judged them as he will others. He will keep Israel it is their land it was promised to them by him. John Hagee is a fine man and Christian.

          • Anonymous

            Christians are Israel. There is no grafting in. You either become a Christian or not. We are the continuation of Israel. No Christian believed that grafting in stuff prior to the 19th century. To think that a group of rabbinical jews  that seize land and call it Israel are the super special “chosen” people is rubbish.

            Look up dispensationalism. That’s what started this whole chosen people BS. I belong to the second largest Christian denomination on earth. And my Church teaches that zionism is false.

          • carol morgan

            IKNOW IT IS RUDE TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS…BUT YOU NEED TO READ YOUR SCRIPTURES! anyone have the exact verses that deal with this, PLEASE POST THEM!

          • Anonymous

            What are you referring to Carol? The state of Israel?

            If that’s the case, you need to read the OT through Christian eyes. Christians are Israel .

            NO CHRISTIAN DENOMINATION BELIEVED THEY NEEDED TO SUPPORT ISRAEL PRIOR TO THE 19th CENTURY. Don’t try and use misinterpreted scripture. You have no authority to interpret it outside of the Church.

          • Anonymous

            Sheik, you are a COMPLETE idiot.  Here is your TOTALLY ignorant claim, word for word.  “NO CHRISTIAN DENOMINATION BELIEVED THEY NEEDED TO SUPPORT ISRAEL PRIOR TO THE 19th CENTURY.”  Have you heard of the CHRISTIAN CRUSADERS about 1,000 years ago?  They STRICTLY believed that Israel MUST be supported and they were members of the LARGEST CHRISTIAN denomination of the time.  They fought the Crusades SPECIFICALLY to support Israel, lol.  Christians are NOT Israel, not according to either the Old or New Testaments.  The ONLY one who has misinterpreted scripture here is YOU.  You have NO authority to interpret scripture at all since it is quite clear from your TOTALLY ignorant comments that you don’t even know what scripture says.

      • Anonymous

        any body who despises israel is not a christian and has no love in them! christians and Jews must unite against the forces of evil…which happens to be in our administration! hussein-obama is the leader of the evil muslim brotherhood to destroy israel and america is his agenda! Proof! Hussein-osama oops Obama administration bible he grew up on is Rules-For-Radicals which is dedicated to Lucifer…..that is how hussein-obama was raise by Lucifers men!
        hagee is to be praised and you need to wake up and grow up if you don’t see that!Husssein-Obama has an evil agenda…and the Truth has no agenda! If Hussein-Obama gets another term it will be America’s Last Election and We Will Have a Dictatorship for the New World Order One World Order that will lead to the beginning of the end of the world!! for Know Truth Know God; No Truth No God! Speak Up Vote Republican and Get Back To God For HE WIll Be The Only One To Save US!!

        • Anonymous

          What?  Christians are Israel.

          • Anonymous

            Uhm, no.  ISRAEL is Israel and Israel is made up mostly of JEWS.

          • vin

             LOL….Israel is a bunch of defectors from Poland, Russia, and Ukraine who had an Idea.  The people occupying Palestine are certainly not the real Jews that your thinking of.  God has no favorite creations, and if he did, he wouldn’t be a loving God….think about it. 

          • Anonymous

            WRONG. The people occupying ISRAEL ARE in FACT the real Jews. It’s in their bloodline for crying out loud. God even says Himself several times throughout the ENTIRETY of the Bible that the JEWS are His CHOSEN people. I don’t know what your definition of chosen is, but it means the Jews are His FAVORITE people.

          • SoThere

            Vinny the Jew hater’s new sock puppet.

          • Anonymous

            I think vin is a dead giveaway, lol.

      • Anonymous

        How can you honestly say that?  Have you met him?  He is a true Christian and we need more men that will stand on their beliefs and teach us as well!!!  Sorry you feel that way.  I see a flag were you in the military?  We were formed as a nation under God and unfortunately, that is being removed.  I will be praying for you.  I know where I am going do YOU???

    • Vickie DHaene

       I believe God would then intervene.  As in John Hagee’s movie Jerusalem Countdown I will wait in anticipation of The Rapture.

  • Anonymous

    I’m fine with someone showing moral support for the state of Israel. But Hagee and the theological error of Christian zionism are a cancer on this country.

    • Anonymous

      There is no error in his teachings. I am not saying I agree with everything he says. I like to say when you eat hay you spit out the sticks. The belief in Jesus as the son of God is the only way to salvation which he does preach is correct. This country was founded on those beliefs and if they are removed this country will not stand.

      • Anonymous

        Do you believe that this country will fall if we don’t support Israel? Do you believe that God will punish us if we don’t?

        Here’s something to think about. Even the devil believes in Jesus. Don’t oversimplify it.

        • Anonymous

          Yes I do believe that this country will fail if we the United States of America does not support Israel. We are either for them or against them there is no middle ground here.
          I am well aware the devil believes in Jesus. Jesus took the keys of death and hell from him so he knows he is a defeated foe and his time is short.

        • Anonymous

          Well, considering that that is what God Himself has stated SEVERAL TIMES throughout the Bible, ONLY a COMPLETE and UTTER moron would NOT believe it because God actually says what he means and actually means what he says.

  • John Wright

    Obama and his fellow socialist travelers have no power except that which God gives them.

    America has prospered
    from God but have committed two sins. We have forsaken God, the fountain
    of living water and
    we have dug for ourselves cisterns that can hold no water. Our virtueless decisions have changed
    our historical glory for that which has no chance of success. Don’t pray for this wicked and adulterous nation and expect miracles. Preach and witness like Hagee and Beck. God will take care of His own. Fasten your seat belts!   

  • Cindy Ayers Shrader

     Thanks so much Glenn for letting us hear that! Hagee is probably my favorite preacher ever. Bush was my favorite prez. and YOU are my favorite radio=Tv-News guy of the age. Sure you won’t run for prez Glenn???  Thanks again.

  • Anonymous

    Pastor Hagee will be remembered as a “rock” of a man. Unlike his modern day contemporaries who are falling over each other as they swim in the quicksand of trying to be relevant, all the while unknowingly racing towards irrelevancy.

    • Anonymous

      He’ll be remembered as a heretical preacher.

  • Harold Mcwithey


  • Caitlin Nicholas of Restoring Love is restoring respect for ourselves and others. Check out my latest piece

  • Jim Stover

    John Hagee seems to be a good man and preacher of the “Word” and stands for Israel which is a good thing and every Christian should have almost a natural inclination to support God’s chosen people…HOWEVER all who preach the Gospel of Christ are doing the Orthodox Jews wrong by clasping hands and linking up with them in about every way except preaching the New Testament Covenant to them.  Many of them don’t know that they have to forsake the Old Testament Laws and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior or else they will go to hell for eternity just like anyone else who doesn’t accept Christ as Lord.  (Book of Romans) This is not antisemitism, this is wanting the ultimate good for them just like you would for your mom or dad or brother or sister etc.  Then too, Glenn Beck seems to be a good man but has anyone been watching John Ankerburg’s show exposing Mormon beliefs and how they teach that God has a wife and the Jesus of the Bible is not the Jesus they teach and everyone can work their way up to be God?  The great great grandaughter of Brigham Young (sp) and two others have left that organization after having been with them most of their lives because of that false doctrine and accepted the Biblical Jesus.  The things that are good during this life needs to be in line with Biblical teaching to make it into God’s eternal kingdom.  John Hagee, PREACH THE WORD to the Jews just as you would to the sinners in your congregation.  Glenn Beck turn away from that cultic religion and go full speed with the Biblical Christ.  This is the sound of the trumpet, react appropriately.  In Christ.

  • Debra Gallehawk

    love John Hagee ! Hes a Prophetic man of GOD !

  • Debra Gallehawk

    God said i His WORD I will Bless them tht Bless Israel
    and curse them that CURSE HER !
    Isreal IS the Apple o GodsEye and Israelwill always belong tothe JEWSnot palestine
    peroid !

    • Anonymous

      You’re delusional.

      • Anonymous

        Delusional for stating DOCUMENTED HISTORICAL TRUTH?  What Debra stated is EXACTLY what is stated Biblically.

        • Anonymous

          BS. The jews of today have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE JEWS OF MOSES TIME. If you are a Christian, you must believe that the Christian Church is the rightful continuation of Israel. This was believed by EVERY denomination prior to the 19th century. If you don’t, you are a heretic and NOT a Christian.

          • Anonymous

            WRONG. The Jews of today have EVERYTHING to do with the Jews of Moses’ time. The Jews of today ARE the Jews of Moses’ time. And NO, the belief that the Christian Church is the rightful continuation of Israel has NOT been the belief of Christians prior to the 19th century at all. The Crusading Christians 1,000 years ago didn’t believe that. That is why they fought to SAVE Israel from Muslims for crying out loud. The ONLY heretics here are people like you who want to perpetuate outright LIES about Israel.

  • Caitlin Nicholas

    In today’s society no one is willing to talk about modesty, or the sexualism that’s taken over our society. Check out my latest article on just that!

  • Anonymous

    I always listen to John Hagee on Sundays after I get home from church and have stretched out on the sofa.  He is WONDERFUL!!!  Glenn, you should also listen to Raul Reese and Greg Laurie, they are both almost as good.  John is somewhat older than the other two men, but they can hold their own.  They were both sinners and repented and changed their lives – they will give you their own testament.  I also listen to them in the mornings on 100.7 The Word in Dallas.   John Hagee is very must outspoken and tells the truth ONLY!!!  If you get a chance tune in and you will receive a great blessing.

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you try attending a real Church and stop listening to money grubbing heretical preachers.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless both of you for shining a light on the darkness that’s coming…My Dad was born in Russia and lived through the war and escaped  a concentration camp in his underwear in the dead of winter taking garbage outside the gates and running for his life while feeling bullets buzzing by him…only God saved him … when we arrived from Germany where he worked slave labor on a German farm after being captured again with no papers..we were later placed in a displaced persons camp..we arrived in USA in 1951 and he preached the word of God to everyone he met and turned them to God…He always said the communists will first try to take God out of the country and second to enslave the population (frood stamps, welfare) and take all of our rights away…John Hagee and you Glenn are the light!

  • sara holy land

    God Bless you !

  • abstinger

    John Hagee claims that his prediction about Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood is a prophecy.  Don’t think so. Hagee thinks a little more highly of himself than he ought.

    • Anonymous

      Considering Hagee is actually RIGHT about Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood, though, doesn’t that destroy your assumption.

      • Zooropa Fly

        He predicted that a Country of 90% Muslims would end up being ruled by the Country’s Muslim Party. 
        What a Visionary.

        He’s clearly gagging for a war in the Region. The only thing such people worship is blood & $’s.

        • Anonymous

          LOL Seriously? Considering he was part of a very select few who predicted that seeing as literally EVERY SINGLE person in the MSM with very few exceptions was actually NOT predicting that, he actually IS a visionary. The ONLY people who want war in the region are the Muslims.

  • abstinger

    Hagee thinks his prediction about Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood is a prophecy. Well, now, when was Hagee appointed a prophet? He has an inflated opinion of his self importance.

    • Anonymous

      He’s a fake.

  • vin

    Sheik, there are some very sick people here…..they’re so lost its almost impossible to talk any sense to them.  GB’s crew is a cult, and John Haggee is a lunatic.  

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know why people can’t see how Hagee has raked in millions off of the word of God. They also blindly follow these televangelists heretical preachings and think that the state of Israel is actually somehow related to mosaic judaism. Anyone who knows a shred of history can see that Christians never believed that garbage until recent times.

      People like Hagee are a danger to society and a plague on humanity.

  • vin

     God’s “chosen” people??  LOL!!!….yea, an all powerful, all loving creator or God would designate
    one specific race or religion as being “chosen” above the rest of his creations who he created EQUAL.
    …wow….unreal how brainwashed you people are. 

    Look how many likes
    this got….I’m sorry, but some of you are absolutely clueless and
    simply cannot think for yourself.  If there is a God, he has no
    favorites, he didn’t create some better than the rest, thats just
    cruel and unethical….think about it.  Please please just use your brains. 

    • Anonymous

      Well, considering it was God Himself who has said it countless times through His own Word, you are clearly are massive idiot, lol. But as you say, “Please just use your brains.”

  • Anonymous

     Good for Glenn to have someone on his show that knows the word of God (The Holy Bible) as well as John Hagee..He should have him on more often,and maybe even invite Hal Lindsey on to talk about world news. This would really inflame the haters of God and lovers of themselves..

  • Nuanced_Nancy

    Jesus said, “forget the law; love one another and give.”

    Us: “But people had a heart and tried to give before and it became a political nightmare in Russia.I don’t want to risk it. I don’t want to give. I want to support a free-market capitalism that goes beyond anything Smith imagined, even if it means creating slavery in our penal institutions. I want to be free, not virtuous.”

    Jesus: “Did I not tell you that you would be free in me? I commanded you to love and trust me. Just because a human once gave, and did it not out of me but out of self, and it failed does not mean humans should stop trying to give. Always, the poor should be in your thoughts and actions. Always be the voice for the orphan the fatherless… for all of mankind.”

    Man: “Nope. I do not want to look stupid.”

    Jesus: “Then you are not my disciple for you would risk everything for your pride but nothing for my commands.”

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