Glenn weighs in on the commie art used by the Obama campaign

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Glenn, Pat and Stu debate the latest sign that Obama is a communist. His campaign unleashed a new font yesterday, and it’s exactly the same font used in communist Cuba propaganda. Is he doing this just to rile up people like Glenn? Or is he really trying to send a message to his most ardent hardcore leftist followers?

“Everything repeats itself, just like fashion repeats itself, art repeats itself, as well, and we are in this period where all of the artists are doing this communist art,” Glenn said of the story.

“What happened, I think, on this typeface thing is most artists are lefties. So, they all get together and they all know what art is coming because it cycles through again and they know that this is the kind of art that is popular right now and so they’re kind of in that mode. If I’m running Obama’s campaign and I’m the head of the art department, I run his campaign and I’m, like, Look. Here is the – here’s the model of what we’re doing. You keep everything that we do in this genre, looking like this. Well, that typeface will be in that genre. They’re not necessarily every time going, Let’s put the communist font on. That decision was made long ago. This is nothing new. I guess it’s all I’m trying to say. This is nothing new. The genre of art and where they’re going has been decided long ago. It was decided the first election, with the Hope poster. It’s the same thing. They’re just – they just keep going,” he added.

Glenn said that while some of his slogans like “Progress” and “Forward” may be more deliberately reflective of a socialist mindset, the art is much more subtle.

Catch the full debate in the clip above from radio.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This is among the most subtle and devious of tactics; a gradual conditioning of the way we see things, until they become ‘accepted’ as a portion of the background. Obama and his cronies blatantly carry forth with the Progressive and Marxist agenda, while a second theme is worked on by the artwork – capture the culture, capture the ideas and ideology, capture the dreams and hopes, and thus capture the peoples hearts.

    After that the door is open to all manner of evil intentions; such as happened in Germany before and during the Second World War; the madness of Pol Pot, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, and so many others, and now we face it with Obama-madness.

    Understand clearly this war is about the ultimate of ideas and ideology: freedom v serfdom.

    Choose today which one you will stand with.
    As for me and my house, we stand for the Lord and for freedom.

    • Nancy B. Mauldin

      Obama has had some of the best graphics and artwork of any campaign I can remember.This was a most disappointing claim Mr. Beck.

      • Anonymous

        Does this mean you will vote for this abominable subhuman based on his taste for artwork and graphics?  Exactly how will these qualifications make him a better president?  Anyone who votes for that riffraff has got to be insane or nearly so.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t think thats what Nancy is say.  I think the visual marketing of the Obama companion was very graphically very good and very well executed.

          And I’m pretty sure because of me saying that Sparducks will once again called me a commie.

          • Steven

            Nope…I will.  You commie!

        • Anonymous

          CJM,  don’t bother engaging a spammer in conversation.  She took or

          ”borrowed” her comment from another’s post.  Most of the recent ones

          who have posted spam here borrow, hit, and run.   Flag all spammers.

          • Jon Rosario Venuto

            Nancy B also 
            ”borrowed” the pic.  She is actually a large, sweaty man.   Remember:  On the internet all men are men, all women are men, all children are the F.B.I. . . .

            and yes I did borrow that phrase. =P

          • Anonymous

            OK, Jon, I may be a bit slow, so you will have to define

            what you mean by: ”did borrow that phrase.”

            Are you talking about the phrase beginning: ”On the

            internet—”        Or are you really Nancy?   : )

            (Your picture doesn’t show a large, sweaty man!  Quite

            the contrary.)

          • Jon Rosario Venuto

            bjv-  I was referring to the  ”On the
            internet—” phrase. So I borrowed a comment while complaining about borrowed comments. 
            No! I am not Nancy. . .
            Was that a backhanded complement there?
            I am not a small dry gal. . .

      • Bob

        OMG WAKE UP

      • Anonymous

        I totally agree with you, I think art history will agree in years to come.

        • Lioness

          Just a little note, Nancy B. just uses words from other posts for her own propaganda. You kinda sound silly commenting to your own comment:)

      • Laura

        Mental Midget

  • Anonymous

    There are French Car companies?  Really…..

    Renault, Peugeot and Citröen you haven’t heard of them

    • Anonymous

       They’re known, but not necessarily fondly remembered.

  • Anonymous

    This is honestly a bit of a stretch, Those styles reflect the time period they were created in, all Propoganda poster of that era had a similar theme and look. As a designer, you always looking for reference and idea in history, fashion and pop culture.  Shepard Fairey roots is with 80s-90s skateboarder and iconography of that era. I think he is a great artist.  

    The Communist Font.  Its real name is Revolution Gothic.Why must we destroy words? like Progress and forward, are they now dirty words.“Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb.” – Winston Churchill.I will say as a designer, Obama has had some of the best graphics and artwork of any campaign I can remember.This was a most disappointing claim Mr. Beck

    • Anonymous

      Who gives a rat’s behind if obammy has good graphics and art–he is still a commie, a rat, a traitor, a treasonist, a seditionist, a felon, an anti-American who wants to destroy our Nation.  Far as I’m concerned, he has poor taste in art and doesn’t understand the intricacies of what constitutes great artwork.

      • Anonymous

        We’ll Art is subjective and a person thing.  I get it.  You’re right who gives a rats ass.  That was sort of my point, I felt it was a stretch for Glenn make this argument, its these types things that make him sound  a little crazy and lose any progress he makes in his argument. At least with me.  I just realized I use the word progress.. Oops 😉 not in the progressive sense obviously

  • Anonymous

    How about these:

    Very illuminating…

  • Anonymous

    Here are some anti- communist poster from the one from the 50’s and the other I can’t find the date.  There all so similar.

    the 50’s one info:
    French anti-communist group, Paix et Liberté, created this poster, which openly mocks Stalin’s advocacy of peaceful values. Stalin is depicted as a peace protestor with sinister motives, holding a “Peace” sign in one hand and a bommy-knocker in the other.

    The undated one info:
    This poster shows a Soviet-backed, machete-armed aggressor trying to exert influence in the Philippines

    One from great britain the 1960s
    This British poster was displayed in government and military offices throughout the country. Although it carries no explicit anti-communist message, we can safely assume, given that it was published in 1960, that it warns against the presence of Soviet spies

    • sparducks

      Dude I knew you were a commie. Why don’t you come out of the commie closet?

      • Anonymous

        How am I a Commie?  I’m an artist and designer so I happened to talk about something in my field.  I design produce and graphic everyday do all types of people and I look everywhere for inspiration.  I see the relation, I do.  I just don’t believe its as submerse to intended as Glenn is saying.

        Just because I ask, questions or question his holiness Glenn Beck, get real.

        I suggest you search this site and look at some of the question and comment Beck said about Romney, does that make him a communist…

        Freedom of speech, right.  I’m excising mine and I’m respecting other.

        Quit with the McCarty witch hunt.  Last time, Not a democrat, didn’t vote for Obama. deal with it.

        • sparducks

          You are a hard core Obama supporter. Obama is a hard core communist. You started commenting on GB to ruffle feathers. So now that youv’e done that don’t start cryin because a cranky old republican is callin you out. Now reply to the question I asked you about Medvedev. Or did you not look it up yet? The reason you didn’t here about it is because you get your news from NPR. Your snide comment about his holiness Glenn Beck gives you away. No your not a Democrat. Your’e a commie. I’m onto you, deal with it.

          • Anonymous

            oh sparducks, I’m developing a strange fondness to you… I did searched for it, all of the video was just the clip with no context.  I mean I know what the meeting was about, it was a real odd comment granted, i would like to see the whole thing and all i found was that sound bite…. if you have the link please please send it.  My snide comment (I would call it sarcastic) was due to fact that you call me a commie every time I question anything, and especially Glenn beck question…  If it makes you feel better to call me a Commie, fine.  If you actually listen you would realize that I’m an undecided voter, who’s political views and beliefs don’t fit in either box, but mindful and open minded enough to look everywhere for answer to my question, to see where I fit politically.

          • sparducks

            You are commenting on GB to ruffle feathers. You are not an undecided voter. You’ve already stated that you don’t want Romney to win. And it is apparent that you do not like Beck. It’s not hard to figure out. Why are you here? if you were just a casual observer and a guy just sitting on the fence you would see a GB video, turn your nose up at it and move on. But no. you are here commenting on multiple videos (mindless tripe) negetively and why? You don’t like Beck. I’m not going to try tpersuade you to vote for Mitt.T is impossible. You are just not fooling any one. At least no one with a brain,

          • Anonymous

            Actually I believe I in a post a response to Glenn VP post. Stating that if he picked Condi Rice as his running mate, It would probably be enough to sway me.

            Do I like everything Glenn Beck says no, I not crazy about his evangelical political side. I do admire his interest in History, and thats actually what go me onto this site was learning more about the history of America, again I don’t think everything he says is totally accurate, but its a start and I do my research and learn more and more about America. Isn’t that what he says “do your own research”.

            I have asked provocative questions, absolutely, isn’t that my right? If this site was just self gratifying and Mr Beck didn’t want it, the comments would be policed and moderated. If you don’t ask questions, how would anyone learn, change their mind, see things from a different perspective.

            I recently had an interesting discussion with a member on here about Obamacare and RomneyCare and he explained it from an angle I never thought of before.

            What I’m trying to do, is get past all this political labeling, spin and BS and get to what is important and the things I care about.

          • sparducks

            Hogwash. I’ve posed the most important question you could answer and you won’t answer. What should be done about a president telling a potential enemy to wait for the election so that he could be more flexible to placate said enemy in a crucial and very serious matter? I’ll tell you what he was talking about.It was about defensive missile deployments in Poland, Turkey and Romania. The weren’t talking about the importing of vodka or caviar. Okay? That is not what Putin wants from Obama. He doesn’t want missiles pointed at him from the neighbors yard.Obama was reffering to the missiles, okay? Now that I told you what it is about, comment.

          • Anonymous

            OK fine, I know this is a setup though. However I did say I ask questions on here, so it fair to get one form you and to answer it

            The comment you are referring to was from the summit in Seoul march 2012. open mic caught this transcript.

            Obama :”On all these issues, but particularly missile defence, this, this can be solved – but it’s important for him to give me space.”

            Medvedev “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you.”

            Obama : “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

            Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

            Is Russia still and enemy of the US? That said I don’t trust Putin, he faked and rigged an election and his James Bond Baddie style approach to everything is deeply troubling, do we really want to go back to the cold war day. I hope not.

            So I read a number of different article on this topic, and this is my opinion. I think Obama is buying more time with that comment. It’s an election year so of course no politician in office wants to do anything that might be political fodder for his rival. As a side this is what makes me angry about our political system, it wastes a year of getting anything done because of the election. Nothing get done or solved because neither side wants to jeopodise and election bid. So its either some he’ll deal with IF he gets re-elected or Putin is going to be pushing hard on Romney and he is going to have to sort it out, hopefully Condi will be his running mate and he can send her to sort it out…

            IF he is saying after his re-election I can give Putin what he want, then of course that would be fundamentally damaging to our defense and place in the world political arena and the america people will have a right for answers.

            So I say its political posturing on Putlin part, and a cop-out political easy answer for Obama, It doesn’t really promise anything that he can be held to, HOPEFULLY!

            Aren’t we are still under Mutual assured destruction anyways, its a manly pissing contest…

            In case you didn’t read the other 50 times I said it. I’m not a democrat, I didn’t vote for Obama and I’m still undecided if I’ll vote for Romney…

          • sparducks

            Not a set up. I don’t work that way. It’s unpresidential to tell Dimitri to let vlad know I’ll be more flexible after the elections. Thinkthink about it. Why not just stand your ground, even if it were just about vodka. now that he got caught he should explain himself before congress. Russia invaded georgia during our last presidential elections. So yes they are a threat. They are not our friends. Doubt they ever will be. And furthermore PM Medvedev saying I’ll tell vlad. Obviously he is Vlad’s water boy. So your okay with Obama sitting on this so he can get re-elected? I think it shows that Obama is out of his league. He will not take steps to protect our friends if Russia were to move into europe. Oh and btw recently one of russia’s generals threatened the missile deployments with destructive force. Bad juju. We must have a leader with a backbone. We must have a radical turn around in our economy. We cannot continue this downward slide. Drastically reducing taxes and especially corporate taxes is the ticket imho. America has freedom and the rest of the world wants that. stability comes with freedom and the rule of law. imho russia by relecting putin yet again is showing that it is really just a dictatorship, or a mafia state. It’s not important who Romney’s running mate is. Romney if elected will be the pres. If the US were a ship than a Romney win changes the rudders course even if only slightly. Then the american people can put the power back in the congress(the people)Where it belongs. And hopefully back to the states.

          • Anonymous

            Sparducks, thank you for this.  Everything you just said make sense to me except the Romney part.  I agree America is in trouble, hell the world is in trouble.  I don’t think Romney has a backbone, he changes his mind way to easily, not that people can’t change their minds, but he has changed his mind on core foundation issues.  Is that not worrying to you, it is me.  As for putting the power back in congress, I hope that it really does mean the people and not “the people”.  I feel Washington and politician are so far removed from the people.  I know my alternatives are Ron Paul or abstention.  Your asking me to choose the lesser of 2 evils, yuck

          • sparducks

            I am a very good judge of people.The first time I saw BHO I knew he was a con man. Michelle Obama is a decent person I think she just has a chip on her shoulder. But BHO is a thug in the making. I think his personality is developing. I think the longer He stays in this job the more his dark side is going to flourish. He has dark people around him. They spin fantastic webs of deceit. Every thing is politically driven. There is no standing firm on principles. Men change their minds and it’s sometimes good and sometimes bad. Your big gripe with Mitt is that he changes his mind. I argue that the men around him persuade him which makes him flexible. Not a rigid ideologue, shoving his beliefs down the throats of the people (of Massechusetts). His demeanor says he is confident and yet aproachable and willing to work with everyone. Not so BHO. He is a con man posing as an ideologue. the longer he stays pres. the more ha will develop into a tyrant. and that posisition comes with some pretty dangerous toys to play with.BHO is also a coward. He has never had his true grit tested as John McCain had. McCain was not my guy but I wish he had won. Now their is a guy who could have written an autobiography, not BHO. BHO’s autobiography was meant only to innoculate his campaign from scrutiny over his drug use and other nasty things he had done. He is a bad guy and needs to be removed from office. He is doing horrible damage to America and I am confident that Romney will turnit around quickly. If BO gets re-elected than our Only hope is congress. Which is kind of a good thing becuase they could nueter a president. And that would be fantastic to have the country governed again by he people.

    • Anonymous

      What’s a bommy-knocker?  Never heard of it–and I ain’t young either!

      • Anonymous

        I had to look that up too.  Its Slang for the Medieval weapon called a Flail.

        The flail is a medieval weapon made of one (or more) weights attached to a handle with a hinge or chain. There is some disagreement over the names for this weapon; the terms “morning star,” and even “mace” are variously applied, though these are used to describe other weapons, which are very different in usage from a weapon with a hinge or chain, commonly used in Europe from the 13th century to the 15th century. In construction, the “morning star” and flail have similar, if not identical, spiked heads. Thus, “morning star” is an acceptable name for this weapon, especially as the name “flail” is also used to describe a style of whip used for punishment; flagellation. It is also vulgarly referred to as a bommyknocker or bombyknocker.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Unless there is an extraordinary tidal wave of write-in votes, bressler, Ron Paul will not be our President, which is sad, but true.  This is because the RNC/GOP hates Paul and his totally American ideologies.  We are apparently stuck with Romney because the media has instructed the RNC/GOP to make him their nominee at the convention; the media is afraid of a more powerful person so if obammy loses, the media won’t feel so threatened about THEIR position in politics.  The RNC/GOP should have listened to the American voters and backed Cain, Bachman, Paul, West, and Palin–unfortunately, they didn’t.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      If you vote for Ron Paul it is just giving a vote to Obama…don’t do it.

  • Anonymous

    The only progress I will believe in is seeing the royal obammys’ marched out of the White House in handcuffs and leg irons; send gramma and the girls to a shelter for deportation with the rest of hte obammy clan that is freeloading on the American public.  Confiscate all bank accounts and anything of value that the obammys’ are tied to so it can be used to repay the American public for illegally billing the taxpayer for those exotic vacations.  After the obammy’s have served their time in prison, deport them to Indonesia–his last know legal address.

  • Anonymous

    There will come a law that is illegal to be white. If someone is caught harboring a white person they and all their family members will suffer the same fate as if they were all white. Eventually all the white people, and those that also act ‘white’ will have been put to death for their people’s history of wars and disbelief in the one true God.
     Then a little while later it will be illegal to be anything but either an atheist or a Muslim.
     and a little while after that it will be illegal to be of the brown races, since they are ‘almost white’.
     And at the same time it will become illegal to be anything else but Wahhabi.
      Eventually someone’s survival instinct will kick in and this cycle of ultimate racial suicide will become obvious, and be averted.
     I sincerely hope someone comes to their senses before we turn the country into the biggest mafia-culture on the planet, simply to survive the coming self-destruction.
     A comet hitting the Earth or a reversal of the poles would be a nicer way to go, in comparison.

  • Anonymous

     If you think I’m off topic, not really, I’m just thinking a short decade into the future under Chairman Obama.

  • Anonymous

    New slogan for B.O. campaign: Betting on America.   Betting on America for what?  To reelect

    him?  What are the odds?   Betting on America to become what?  Another socialist style gov’t?

    Betting on America to do what?   Prosper or go down the tubes?          And if this new slogan

    doesn’t seem to have much appeal, how long before a new one is hauled out?

  • sparducks

    How about “HOPELESSNESS” or “hey buddy can you spare some CHANGE?”

  • Maxine Funk

    Mr Romney better get on the ball! I’m old and will be very lucky not to live to the really bad stuff, so you young’n best get busy and help to get the “commies” out of Washington.

  • sparducks

    Why is it so popular for the youth of this country to think its okay to take other peoples property and give it to some one else? Why cant you kids stand on your own two feet? Obama is nothing more than a conman and a robber. He is probably a sociopath. His assent to power was calculated. His assciations ar dubious and those associations are what brought him to the senate through his chicago political assention. This man and men like him are nothing more than jungle beasts trying to make it to the top of the food chain. Bill Clinton is one too. These are not good men. They are thieves, and they leave us with an incredible mess to clean up. I hate to even look at this artwork. Reminds me of the days as a child when they would prepare us in school for a nuclear attack. And when the democrats had so weakened our military we falsely thought the USSR was superior to us. Giving up ground at SALT because of the weakling Jimmy Carter. Glenn is right, this propoganda artwork is insidious. I almost wish we still had the soviets to deal with at least we could see the threat clearly. This threat is from inside. Inside the minds of voters.

  • Anonymous

    With all due respect to Glenn, I don’t agree that artists are lefties by some sort of natural law. I think it is closer to the truth to say that laftists who have taken over Hollywood, such as Carl and Rob Rainer, only hire left-leaning artists. Artists who have conservative views are gotten rid of under some false pretext, until it looks like everyone working in Hollywood, is left-leaning. Ben Shapiro discussed this thoroughly in his book Primetime Propaganda.

    • Anonymous

      Nope. Pretty much it is that way: artists and academics are naturally left leaning. Deal with it, and more importantly, learn from it: the most sensible and intelligent people in the country are lefty… hmmmmmm. why would that be? I know, they are possessed by demons. That must be it!!

      • sparducks

        Are you serious? Your’e not smart enough to pour piss out of a boot. You don’t know where your food comes from or where your shite goes.

  • Anonymous

    The reason why all those propaganda posters of the twenties and thirties, done by Communists and Nazis look the same is because both forms of Socialism rejected modern art as “decadent” trash. Hitler hated modern art and replaced it with a more realistic painting style that showed idealized scenes of German working men and women and, Stalin also rejected abstract experimentation in art, and also demanded realistic and poster-like depictions of the Soviet workers, that could be easily understood by the people. It is one of the common denominators of these two forms of Socialism that they both used similar artistic styles. These styles were not offered by artists, they were prescribed by these brutish regimes.

  • Anonymous

    Let me get this straight. If Glenn and Fox News hire “image” constructers to expose their political agendas, they are artists. But everyone who disagrees with Glenn and does the same thing is a propagandist… riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. It must be nice to be able to invent your own reality where everything is the fantasy you want it to be, isn’t it Glenn?

  • Anonymous

    Glenn proves with this clip that he is simply an idiot. Should be clear as day. If you don’t see it, all hope is lost for you.

  • Anonymous

    So Glenn now is against: Teachers, Artists… what’s next?! 

  • Anonymous

    Once again in the well traveled path of

    He is lying about the President in order to demonize, dehumanize and wipe him out.

    • SoThere

      The only liars are Obama and this idiot strtlk. Pay close attention to idiots like strtlk, he’s the face of the left and many are in Government.

      Save America, Vote Conservative.

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