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Glenn, Pat and Stu debate the latest sign that Obama is a communist. His campaign unleashed a new font yesterday, and it’s exactly the same font used in communist Cuba propaganda. Is he doing this just to rile up people like Glenn? Or is he really trying to send a message to his most ardent hardcore leftist followers?

“Everything repeats itself, just like fashion repeats itself, art repeats itself, as well, and we are in this period where all of the artists are doing this communist art,” Glenn said of the story.

“What happened, I think, on this typeface thing is most artists are lefties. So, they all get together and they all know what art is coming because it cycles through again and they know that this is the kind of art that is popular right now and so they’re kind of in that mode. If I’m running Obama’s campaign and I’m the head of the art department, I run his campaign and I’m, like, Look. Here is the – here’s the model of what we’re doing. You keep everything that we do in this genre, looking like this. Well, that typeface will be in that genre. They’re not necessarily every time going, Let’s put the communist font on. That decision was made long ago. This is nothing new. I guess it’s all I’m trying to say. This is nothing new. The genre of art and where they’re going has been decided long ago. It was decided the first election, with the Hope poster. It’s the same thing. They’re just – they just keep going,” he added.

Glenn said that while some of his slogans like “Progress” and “Forward” may be more deliberately reflective of a socialist mindset, the art is much more subtle.

Catch the full debate in the clip above from radio.