Is being wealthy a problem? It might be for Obama…

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Is it wrong to be wealthy? Is it bad to be a success? Most would say it’s the American Dream – but to hear Barack Obama talk about success you would think it’s the American Nightmare. Glenn played the latest, mind blowing audio from the President on radio this morning. Was he shocked? Or did he see this as the natural result of a communist, anti-American influence in the life of Barack Obama?

Obama said:

And, you know, there are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans that agree with me because they want to give something back. They know they didn’t – if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, Well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something. There are a whole bunch of hard-working people out there. If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allows you to thrive. Someone invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.

“Barack Obama just can’t help himself. It’s too engrained in his psyche. It has been drilled into his head his whole life, first by his mother and then through his mother, his birth father, his grandparents, his communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis, his college professors and, finally, no doubt, no doubt, by people like Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi,” Glenn said. “They cemented that into his mind.”

“He wants to say that being wealthy is a problem, but he has to say it’s not. He has to say that those who have wealth earned it fair and square and there’s nothing wrong with that and that’s what America is all about. He wants to say – no. Not true. He’s forced to say what Americans believe because he has an election to win.”

“Once in awhile he’ll squeeze some of those words out of his mouth, but he doesn’t believe it. It’s so much a part of him, it’s so much a part of his belief structure that every once in awhile, even though the election looms ahead, he still lets Americans in on his true idealogy. He can’t stand the wealthy, unless the wealthy is selected by him, unless the wealthy thinks like him. This isn’t something new. This is Theodore Roosevelt, ‘I begrudge no man a fortune, as long as it’s well earned and well spent.’ That’s the Theodore Roosevelt. This is a progressive thing. He lets people in once in awhile on his true idealogy. He can’t stand the wealthy. They don’t deserve it. They didn’t earn it.

“Is there an unfairness fairy that sprinkles dust on those who succeed with wealthy dust? Is it, like, oh, wealthy dust? Oh, yes. I’ve got a little wealth fairy that comes by once a time and again and sprinkles a little dust on me.” Glenn joked.

While Glenn didn’t understand the bizzarre attempt to rationalize higher taxes in order to redistribute the wealthy, he did say that “I’m glad I know where it ends, in November.”

“Are you listening this time, America? Are you going to make sure your friends on the fence who are maybe still clinging to hope and change hear it this time, America? His animosity toward success is painfully obvious,” he added.

“Keep talking, Barack. You obviously clearly cannot help yourself and stop yourself from telling the truth.”

  • landofaahs

    How dumb can you be to be a democrat and believe that crap when you have been bought by Soros etal.  obamas hatred for free America is obvious.  But it will all collapse as obama and his friends want.  To him America has too much wealth and the stupid liberal poor think he just means the wealthy in America. 

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Exactly, that is why he has carried out the plan of his and Soros for the reduction of the United States. Obama is anti-colonialism, and thus sees the US as the last great mass of evil (colonial style) that plundered the wealth of the world for our own purposes, and still supposedly doing so in his insanity, that needs to be stopped and brought down.

      That is the ideal of Obamas madness, and one strongly encouaged by Soros in him; that only so much wealth is availible, and to spread it around, the US has to be lowered so others may rise.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Being wealthy for Obama is not a problem so long as you are him or one selected by him to become wealthy via political cronie capitalism. Any other means than that, then yes Obama has a massive problem with the people who are either successful or striving to achieve such a level of success.

    In the same means he keeps trying to pound the concept of the American Dream of such a level of success into the ground; telling people that it is an illuion and always has been. Sadly there are those who now believe it in full.

    Mind you, in my own life, I have started three small businesses, and due to various reasons had to give them up, one due to my own cluelessness and inability to handle it. I have also founded and for a time run my own church in the countryside and passed it onto another when the time for me to depart for another branch in my calling arrived.

    I have never been ‘rich’ as Bill Gates and probably will never be, yet it is in the doing and pursuing the dream, as I am now attempting to get another business going within the limits allowed by my disability (lung damage and severe nerve damage plus others).

    Obama is insane, a communist, and narcissist to the core.

    Anyone voting for him has to be desperate, insane, an narcissist or blind and deaf.

    • Anonymous

      Or dependent on ”Uncle Sugar” (Huckebee’s word) for handouts.  They will continue

      voting for the Dems., snow.  They seem to like to be in their position of getting money

      for nothing.  I’m speaking of those who are able bodied and could work, but choose not

      to do so.   Of course, finding a job they would accept is another matter.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this more or less the mindset of the original Marxist, Karl Marx himself?  Total wealth envy.  Isn’t this what happens in communist regimes, that only the top tiers of government and the people that help them are “allowed” to be wealthy?

  • Anonymous

    I’m beginning to think that the congress needs to do some serious soul searching and consider calling Obama to the carpet.  The democrats better do the same, because if Obama is reelected, they better be prepared to go it alone.

  • Anonymous

    Being wealthy means one has the opportunity to be a philanthropist (being truly charitable) — that’s an opportunity that a government bent on controlling the masses cannot let exist.  The government is to be the source and summit of all perceived good.  That a greater power outside the government can exist is not permissible.

    The plan:

    Punish and demonize the wealthy.  Occupy their property.  Tax back the wealth stolen from hard-working “true” Americans.  Exterminate the evil wealthy — a final solution for “the wealthy problem”.

    It’s been done before.

  • sparducks

    Anyone who voted for this circus clown is a complete fool. Anyone who votes for him twice is a traitorous criminal. Just hearing this guy talk is like working next to someone with a rotten tooth. Every time they talk its like smelling a busted sewer pipe. That’s Obama, a busted sewer pipe. America needs to pull the rotten tooth.

  • Anonymous

    lol..i find it funny, but truly sad, that he can say this kind of stuff and he won’t get less than 40% of the vote if not higher.

    • Anonymous

      I agree… what is wrong with people that they cannot see through any of this.  I have some very intelligent friends who think Obama is the best President ever!  How does this happen?  The Kool-Aid must be really good, is all I can figure!

      • Anonymous

        A.D., there are plenty of folks around who will ALWAYS vote for the ‘D’ because

        that’s what their family did, that’s what their friends do, and they believe the old

        story that: the Dems are for the poor and the Reps are for the rich.

  • w. Parker

    Does this fool ever work?  How many days out of a year does he spend in the oval office?  Egypt about to explode, civil war in Syria, part of the worlds oil supply in danger, a war looming with Iran, enemployment getting worse, droughts affecting our food supply, etc, and this Chicago crook/communist is doing/has been doing everything but leading our country (vacations, golf/basketball, and campaigning around the country since his first day in office).  Now he’s reading directly from the communist handbood trying to convince us we need and owe big government for all success in the private sector.  He’s transparent alright – as transparent as Stalin, Marx, Castro, Mao were communist.  You need not be a Rocket Scientist to see through the BS, only half a brain with an IQ above 50.  Hillory handles all foreign affairs.  Czars handles every other part of government, what does he do? – – campaigns while spreading “lies” while he further divides our country – that’s it.  An arrogant, incompetent communist twerp.  Sorry for the lengthy response but i needed to vent. I’m amazed that the polls don’t show that Romney has 90% opposed to 10% for obozo.

    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Your “lengthy” response was well written and spot on. Nero supposedly played the fiddle while Rome burned, maybe the President is taking violin lessons for the upcoming grand finale.

    • Soulphoenix

      Pres. Obama is so TALENTED, though. To wit:

      1) He knows how to smile and wave

      2) He can get on to and off of Air Force One with minimal clumsiness

      3) He can point his finger while both a) reading from a teleprompter
      and b) showing us his “angry eyes”

      4) He can hang with celebrities and play basketball with NBA stars

      5) He can take credit for serendipity while deflecting blame for
      “bad karma”

      6) He can create a cult following and keep the strings tight

      7) He can convince people he’s “all black” when in fact he’s
      “half white”

      8) He can do decent karaoke and created a unique style of dancing

      9) He can spend the vast majority of his time in office
      preening/campaigning (when he’s not taking cool, expensive vacations)

      10) He can wield the famously ruthless brass knuckles of Chicago
      politics while feigning ignorance of his shady associations

      11) He can reward his most fervent acolytes with posh government jobs
      for which they have no qualifications

      12) He can avoid holding people accountable for poor performance or
      gross ineptitude

      13) He can attend a State dinner without throwing up on anybody

      14) He can upbraid the wealthy while speaking at $40,000/plate
      fundraisers and drinking $500 glasses of wine

      15) He can bury truth deep so as to “protect our fragile


      What more could we want?

      • w. Parker

        Plain and simple – another president

  • Anonymous

    Your guest Dinesh said it all. You should just have a clip of his best one liner and play it when the need arises. 
    What you are saying here about that invisible helper is also priceless. It is not the road you walk – it’s how you walk it. 

  • Anonymous

     Under communism everyone is not equal.  There are those who are ‘more equal’ than others!

  • Anonymous

    When he campaigned in 08, he told everyone what he was going to do and nobody listened. Joe the Plumber (remember him) was told he was going to share the wealth. Do you believe him now? The wealthy pay more than their fair share, but he wants more, more, more so he can spend more and it will serve no purpose. He can’t run on his record because he does’nt have one.

  • Anonymous

    So, compared to people in the movie industry who earn a huge load of money for appearing in a

    film, that’s OK with the Prez.  (Because they raise money for him?  Yep.)  But, it isn’t OK through

    an individual’s initiative and hard work that has caused his business to grow and flourish?

    And, does B.O. feel guilty to have more money than he ever thought he would have?   Does he

    feel guilty or ENTITLED to be in the position he’s in as head of state?   Has he given a nod to

    the people who helped him rise to the top?   Names, please.  ALL the names.

  • Anonymous

    phud4thot (a blog)

  • Anonymous

    Posted on July 17, 2012 at 5:09am

    ‘cept they KNOW they didn’t build their success…the gobment did it…
    when do you think we need to tell them that WE are the GOBMENT? That
    every dime the GOBMENT has to build those bridges and roads comes from
    our work??? As in… 47% of the people don’t pay any taxes…that leaves
    53% OF US WHO DO, but of that 53% only 10% pay 60%of all the taxes and
    the 90% pay the rest ….don‘t try to figure it out ’cept this: THE
    SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS, those of us who busted our humps for years,
    pulled 18 hour days, took pay last, created jobs and income for our
    clients etc. and created exports etc. WE did this. Sure we had help.
    GOD. But if you’re saying (now follow this carefully Mr. President)
    Like Stepping in a bucket and pulling ourselves up with the handle (like
    Churchill said…you may not know that since you sent the Bust of
    Churchill (my hero) back to England….
    SO GET OFF YOUR “YOU PEOPLE didn’t build anything.”
    TIME FOR some distribution, alright…how about distributing the WORK and
    TAX BURDEN ??? Put that in your chom (whatever) pipe and smoke it!!!

  • Anonymous


    This man thinks we are rich just because we are American.  Had the persons who put him in office (ANY office) vetted him, they would have read his autobiography ad even found his brother who lives in the “hut” in Africa, to see that the distorted perspective in Obama’s mind is that all working Americans are rich.  My analogy is that the  historical criminal Robin Hood who has been glamorized to make a thief look sexy and acceptable;  so Obama as “Robin Hood” is taking from the “rich” who are actually poor and middle class hard working blue collar people who follow the rules and do their taxes every year, and he takes those taxes and for one example, spends millions on ads to “sell” the idea that we can stop working and get food stamps because Americans will pay for that food.  i wonder what the ratio is for the actual food which is given to an actual needy AMERICAN (not illegal immigrant in food getting food stamps is to the cost of the advertising.  if you ask me, those food stamps ads are just ads to get Obama elected.  So Robin Obama is giving to the ‘Hood.

    He is now going to get the people on welfare out to vote.  And the recently – made-legal immigrants.

    He is promoting ads which make Romney seem like he is made of different stuff than ordinary Americans because he has money.  Did they see the opening exercises of the 2002 Olympics, to see how beautiful it was and how smoothly it went for those participants and the people involved?  Romney did a beautiful job with that.  That was quality work, and more quality work can be expected of him as President.

    I am sick and tired of hearing quips about how Romney made money in his working life.  That man knew how to make the American Dream.  Yes it took America to do it in, it was no accident that he was born in america, Sorry Mr. Obama, if you are saying that people can’t be rich because they work hard only because they are in America, well….hello buddy, tha is the American Dream.  that is the evidence that the American way of life before Obama came was working.  people could go out and make money.

    My own father made the American Dream happen for him.  When he was a young man he stood in bread lines.  his mother was so poor he had to be handed around to various family members and her children had to be split up in order to stay a family.  ‘but my father managed to become successful by hard work.  He was the valedictorian of his High school.  He was not of an ethnic origin although 1/4 Norwegian that meant nothing to the committees who looked at his grades and chose him to be valedictorian.  then he worked hard in college and became the valedictorian of hi college which was harder for him because by that time he had a family and i was a child at that time, we were so poor I could not live with my family either and was passed across states like my father to be raised by family members so my father could worka and go to school.

    Valedictorian of his college gave him a full scholarship to USC but my parents had to spend that scholarship money because they did not have medical insurance and there was a terrible illness in the family and so my father finished USC in night school.  His grades were top in his class and he was the editor of the law review and graduated order of coif but because he had to go to night school he could not claim the valedictorian position even though his grades beat the person who went to day school that year.

    I was raised very poor.  My family never went on welfare but we did have help from extended family and an enormous help from the LDS church.  In junior high and high school i made my own clothes which continued throughout my life.

    I left home at 18, making nearly 5 times minimum wage because I worked hard and found my own job and i did not want to be dependent on my parents.  My father was still struggling in his law practice.

    After 7 years, when legally I could apply for scholarships proving my parents did not support me I applied for scholarships and gained a full ride scholarship to a university and even though I was still poor then I gained my own education.  My success in my business was not due to any work but my own, and the example of my parents and the immigrants who came here before the founding fathers who wrote the constitution and gave us this land which makes it possible to work hard and excel.

    Excellence here, that is the key.  Romney strove for and succeeded in gaining in excellence in his life.  Obama is advertising on tv for people to give up and get food stamps and has overturned the welfare reform that let people get back on their feet after being on welfare so they could get off those welfare roles and earn their money and pay for their own health  insurance.

    I am sick and tired of Obama and his striving to keep excellence out of our vocabulary.  To re=-write history and make youth feel hopeless.  I remember being taught the tenets of communism.  This is what it is, pure and simple.  Our country vilified and fought the communists and insidiously they have taken over and if we can’t teach the young others to understand what is happening we will vote him in again.


  • Anonymous

    The only problem I am starting to have with Glenn is that he is shying away from the subjects that get people fired up.  Glenn is a coward according to his own words.  I was just on the Huffington post (a Liberal site) and i commented about someone who called Abortion and the Death Penalty the same thing. I told him he was wrong and they are completely different.  Someone then commented to me and said that one is the killing of someone who could be inocent (i.e. death row inmates that are proven to be murderers) and the other is the killing of a mass of cells that is more like a gestating parasite that can’t live outside the womb (i.e a baby).  This pissed me off to no end and i commented firing right back bysaying that maybe their mother should have aborted them.  Since the huffington post is a liberal site they regulate what can and can’t be said so my conservative view (on many other times i’ve commented not just this) can be refused to be posted letting these liberal scum get their way.  Where is Glenn on Abortion, and against the huffington post about regulating freedom of speech?? He’s still stuck on what BO says.  Glenn, Obama will not win in November, you’ve said this yourself, now stop complaining about him and start helping the fight against the Liberal scum of this country. 

    • new2la

      Glenn has commented many times about the Huff. Everyone has known they are left leaning…for years! Those that feel a fetus is a bunch of cells available for termination will one day see the error or their thinking. In the meantime, changing minds starts with one person at a time. These are Godless people who don’t know better.

  • new2la

    Now that it’s out in the open, how many people will turn away from the disaster that is Obuma? Are there that many uneducated people out there that don’t know the true meaning of the word Communism? Do they not know the consequences or outcomes? Do they realize that once it takes hold, it may take generations to abolish?

  • Susan Lemon

    please,America, tell your friends, do not re elect this man, he is dangerous

  • Anonymous

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