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On radio this morning, Pat was getting heated over Obama’s refusal to accept responsibility for anything while at the same time claiming that Romney didn’t want to accept responsibility for his career at Bain. The lies were driving him crazy to the point he was literally off in the corner screaming. In order to calm him down, Glenn asked to change topics. Stu quickly chimed in with a new story: Tim Pawlenty appears to be the frontrunner for the GOP race.

And then Glenn started screaming. And screaming. And then he walked away from the table and screamed some more (story continues after photo).

“What is it? You don’t want to moderates on the ticket, two former liberals on the GOP ticket?” Pat said.

“Don’t start with me with you moderates. So, what you want is a ticket, what you want is a ticket with both a Massachusetts conservative and a Minnesota conservative?” Glenn asked.

“Romney, Romney, you know, maybe you have polling. Maybe you have divine inspiration. I don’t know. But let me tell you the inspiration from Glenn: Lose. You will lose,” Glenn said.

Stu suggested that he was a safe choice as he wouldn’t have any major gaffes and can be really great with the press, but Glenn pointed out that Paul Ryan would accomplish the same goals while also appealing to the Tea Party.

“But they’re reacting, I think, inaccurately to the Sarah Palin thing and they’re saying, well, Palin became the whole story. This needs to be about Obama. If you make it about your VP pick, then you’re not going to be able to focus on Obama. And you know that happens. I’m not saying I agree with it,” Stu said.

Glenn said that Pawlenty, who flip flopped on global warming, claimed that he had to say certain things in order to get elected in Minnesota. However, Glenn wants Romney to pick someone who has stood for their principles and “has a spine.”

” I’ll take Bill the chiropractor,” Glenn joked.