Obama passes Carter as ‘worst president ever’ with kidnapping in Egypt

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This morning, Glenn told listeners that more Americans have been kidnapped in Egypt. “So, Barack Obama now has completed the I want to be greater than Jimmy Carter circle,” Glenn said.

TheBlaze.com reports:

The family of a Boston pastor abducted in Egypt is appealing to his captor to release the 61-year-old man, saying he is a diabetic and the family fears for his health.

The son of Rev. Michel Louis told The Associated Press on Saturday that his father was on a church group trip to retrace Jesus’ steps through the Holy Land when he was abducted.

Along with him, a 39-year-old Boston woman named Lisa Alphonse and a tour guide were kidnapped Friday when an Egyptian Bedouin stopped their bus on a road linking Cairo to Mount Sinai.

This is the third time this year that American tourists have been kidnapped in the Sinai Peninsula – a concerning trend that Glenn warned of back with the Arab Spring first began. Glenn warned his TV viewers and radio listeners that as thing heated up in the Middle East Americans would increasingly become targets in the region.

The Egyptian revolution is on course to be an exact replica of what happened in Iran in the 1970’s. Glenn pointed out all of the similarities between the two revolutions. The president coming out and praising the uprising, followed by a radical Islamist dictator – in Iran it was the Ayatollah Khomeini, this time we have Mursi in Egypt. The Secretary of State [Hilary Clinton] was there over the weekend, where she was being heckled. And now, American Christians have been kidnapped in Egypt, so we have a hostage crisis.

“For all of those people who pined for 1979… we’re there,” Pat said. “Congratulations.”

Of course, Glenn couldn’t help but point out, yet again, how wrong his critics were at the start of the uprising in Egypt.

“Bill Krystol, you’re a genius. You are just so hope and changey, and we got it, another hit coming from the ‘Barack Obama collection of classics,’ going way back to 1979, another American hostage crisis.” Glenn said sarcastically in his ‘top-40 radio voice.’

So there you have it, another piece of history repeats itself under President Obama. Perhaps we’ll continue this trend and get a repeat of the Reagan Era? One can only hope.

**Update: TheBlaze.com is now being reported that the two Americans and the Egyptian tour guide have been released.**

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FVONTN7NFYTGM7O4B4QIGRMWAU Ling Ling

    Carter WAS the worst president ever!  Obama isn’t even a president, really.  He wasn’t born here, so how can he be the president??  We are in fact, presidentless.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for making the point so clearly: Teapublicans are traitors. 

      • w. Parker

        Hey, i’m proud of you…i see you made several responses today on the site without once calling someone a bigot or racist!!!  An improvement, but you have a considerable ways to go yet – the length and time to travel to a distant galaxy

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn there is a few major differences in this regard between Carter and Obama:

    Obama aided the Muslim Brotherhood come to power and is dealing with the radical extremists as equals who will impose Sharia law upon their nation. Carter did not directly aid the overthrow of the Shah of Iran by backing the Ayatollah Kohmeini.

    Obama has made no effort to obtain the hostages freedom, while Carter DID make the effort, botched as it was, to try and free the embassy captives.

    Obama has been the worst POTUS since he took the oath of office, and since he began the effort to fundamentally transform the nation into a socialist state under his iron command and grip of absolute tyranny.

    Carter nearly destroyed the nation out of uttermost inability.

  • Anonymous

    He passed Carter a loooooooong time ago.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is the worst excuse for a president, ever.  I am so ashamed he is the president of our great country. He and his wife don’t seem to be proud of the U.S.A. or concerned for the American people.  It is very obvious they care only about their own wellbeing.  

    • http://www.facebook.com/mary.t.delbuono Mary Theresa Del Buono

      and is people say it is because we hate this race or another…this has to be made clear…I remember when everyone told us we were wrong to say there is a reverse prejusted in people…I believe there is … some have been on welfare so long they don’t even know they are hurting us…but we are in such a mess now…spinning wheels…sad…I am so sorry we have turned into this type of place…I cannot convince people they are wrong…I pray everyday…that they will see the right way to go…we have way too many people to foot the bill for medicines…
      I try not to go to the doctor for every ache and pain… I take vitamins…under care of doctor…churches are the place for help…maybe one day they all will get together and make an insurance company for us all to use…insurance is like puttting money in the bank to use when we get sick…at the same time we should buy some insurance for ourselves too…instead of taking trips or  gambling…gamble on ourselves…I have been trying to save…fix my home…did buy a new car…old one was dying…12 years old…we have an older one still…sitting in the drive way when the grandkids come over to go to the beach…or  hubby goes fishing…there are things that don’t cost too much…doing it as a family…fun…so sorry I am going on and on again…
      take care…God Bless…and Bless our nation…

  • Anonymous

    May 19, 2011

    1967 . . .

    Dear President Obama,

    Reading your speech today was to read the words that I always knew you believed, but could never voice prior to the election of 2008; as with most of your long held beliefs, if you were honest with the American people then they would not elect you to collect stray dogs.  I had to watch as people who share my faith vote for you in droves.  It reminded me of something that I can’t mention now for danger of being labeled as something I am not.  Suffice it to say it never ceases to amaze me how otherwise intelligent people can be converted into automatons during vote harvesting time.  But that’s how we ended up with a contest between you and Senator McCain.  I cannot believe that all the J Streets in the world can provide you the cover needed to generate the same support this time around, then again if you are advocating for this now, you must be in far worse political trouble than even I can imagine, I wonder if an LBJ day is not in your future?  “I will not accept nor seek the nomination of my party for the . . .”  Maybe you should practice so you don’t need the teleprompter.

    The present borders of Israel are the result of successfully fending off attacks that neighboring countries saw fit to perpetrate on the newly formed nation of Israel.  Which was formed as a reaction to the greatest mechanized effort to end Judaism from the continent of Europe by Hitler, and his murderous following.  Israel has to maintain it’s current borders to keep future attacks from, on the one hand, occurring, and on the other hand, from being fought on the same land it lives on.  All the while keeping its’ population safe from everything from rifle fire as well a missiles, and suicide bombers.  In order to meet this objective it could not alter its current borders.  Especially in the light of recent events of Egypt falling to what will eventually become another country guided by radical islam, armed now with our tanks and planes.  The notion that such a nation founded out of the ashes of evil from histories worst crime should in any way be made to sacrifice anything is near criminal, and borders on the insane.

    In reading your speech you give yourself every opportunity to be right in the eyes of historians.  Too much in fact.  One wonders what you really care about: what people think about you, or the notion of not being blamed for a world worse off for your stewardship of it?  Why do you believe that muslims will, can, or even want to be reformed from without when in their most hardened political States believe in using nuclear weapons in a first strike capacity, if only they could figure out how.  They are a patient foe, and you think the technological advances of the day will some how woo them from their destiny with murder?  I don’t think so.  I know we are real good at what we do, but evil has the advantage here.  It takes me a second to realize this when looking at our modern, and dare I say it, socially liberal society; and theirs based on the bondage of woman and the commitment to be governed by a system of law best suited to the dust bin of history.  Am I being too judgmental for you?  My apologies.  But you can bet that islam is in no mood to be reformed from without.  Not by a long shot.  Like an angry drunk in a bar all it wants is to do is stay put on it’s perch, unreformed and unrepentant, for what it has done in the name of Allah.  

    World War One was known as the “war to end all wars.”  It was fought with armaments that were the chemical descendants of Alfred Nobel’s work in explosives.  Essentially a pacifist who hated war gave war it’s greatest weapon.  Of which you are, uncharacteristically, the winner of his prize.  As time has worn on we have new and more deadly ways to fight wars.  You and I will likely live to see that horrible day.  Because man has not proven himself able to resist that temptation to harm another for sport or gain.  Whether you are an unarmed housekeeper in the sights of a violent socialist full of himself, or a defenseless child from a pedophile, or a nation that chooses not work, but war, to further it’s national goals.  History is littered with this reality.  A future generation will wonder why we tried to do what we have done only to provoke what we most want to avoid.

    Funny how that happens.  Funny, I’m not laughing, though in 18 months you won’t be either.


    Joe Doakes


  • http://www.facebook.com/mary.t.delbuono Mary Theresa Del Buono

    He is going on warp speed pasted each one of our nice…progressive…socialisti bunch of washington Dc…happy boys and girls…with their head in the sand…sad isn’t it…oh well…hope and change got us there…not the Hope and Change we need…our president is not thinking of us at all…
    so sad…

  • http://www.speakthewordnow.com Karen Rose

    I HAVE SEEN NOTHING ABOUT THIS IN THE NEWS, I bet they wil just forget about these christians…you know, the left doesn’t care about christians

  • Anonymous

    Did they think being a Christian would protect them in that part of the world?  WHAT were they

    thinking?   Did they check with the State Dept. to see if it was safe to travel there?  If they were

    told no, did they not believe it or felt they would be protected by God?  Or??    Hope they get

    out safely and others will learn from this.   It’s sorta like those 3 college kids who were hiking on

    the Iraq/Iran border.   “Oh, nothing is going to happen to us.”   Until it does.

  • Anonymous

    This country doesn’t care about Christians in the middle east. Why should it care about its own Christian citizens?

  • Anonymous

    Obama was very clear before the election about what he was going to do to the United States.  His wife spoke in bold voice about her views.  There were lots of interviews and speeches.  Lots of commentary.  The fact is we were not listening.  I hope we are listening now.

  • new2la

    We just keep on revisiting history! Will we ever learn? The answer is in the Bible folks. Start reading the Gospel of Matthew.

  • Anonymous

    What bullshit!
    Was an Embassy overrun?
    Yes, some Americans traveling abroad were kidnapped.  This is horrible. 
    Why the fuck were these people traveling through areas engrossed in revolutions and war?
    These are isolated incidents that glenn beck is using to push forward his warped agenda.
    I am getting sick of glenn beck victimizing these individuals and families in order to gain monetary profit for himself.
    What a blood sucking asshole!

    • SoThere

      Folks, strtlk is the face of the Vulgar left who spews his ignorant lies just like Obama does.
      Save america, Vote Conservative.

    • Anonymous

      More idiotic rhetoric I see, strtlk.  Obviously, you don’t care about the victims one bit so why don’t you just shut up for once.  You see, unlike you, Beck actually CARES for the victims.  That’s why he actually COVERED the story.

    • Garth Haycock

      Technically, Benghazi was not an embassy, so you can be proud that you are correct in that sense.

  • Anonymous

    He even attacks his own party and past Presidents…wonder how Carter likes that comment.  I hope the rest of the Party who are not socialist progressives wake the Heck up!

  • Anonymous


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