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This morning, Glenn told listeners that more Americans have been kidnapped in Egypt. “So, Barack Obama now has completed the I want to be greater than Jimmy Carter circle,” Glenn said. reports:

The family of a Boston pastor abducted in Egypt is appealing to his captor to release the 61-year-old man, saying he is a diabetic and the family fears for his health.

The son of Rev. Michel Louis told The Associated Press on Saturday that his father was on a church group trip to retrace Jesus’ steps through the Holy Land when he was abducted.

Along with him, a 39-year-old Boston woman named Lisa Alphonse and a tour guide were kidnapped Friday when an Egyptian Bedouin stopped their bus on a road linking Cairo to Mount Sinai.

This is the third time this year that American tourists have been kidnapped in the Sinai Peninsula – a concerning trend that Glenn warned of back with the Arab Spring first began. Glenn warned his TV viewers and radio listeners that as thing heated up in the Middle East Americans would increasingly become targets in the region.

The Egyptian revolution is on course to be an exact replica of what happened in Iran in the 1970’s. Glenn pointed out all of the similarities between the two revolutions. The president coming out and praising the uprising, followed by a radical Islamist dictator – in Iran it was the Ayatollah Khomeini, this time we have Mursi in Egypt. The Secretary of State [Hilary Clinton] was there over the weekend, where she was being heckled. And now, American Christians have been kidnapped in Egypt, so we have a hostage crisis.

“For all of those people who pined for 1979… we’re there,” Pat said. “Congratulations.”

Of course, Glenn couldn’t help but point out, yet again, how wrong his critics were at the start of the uprising in Egypt.

“Bill Krystol, you’re a genius. You are just so hope and changey, and we got it, another hit coming from the ‘Barack Obama collection of classics,’ going way back to 1979, another American hostage crisis.” Glenn said sarcastically in his ‘top-40 radio voice.’

So there you have it, another piece of history repeats itself under President Obama. Perhaps we’ll continue this trend and get a repeat of the Reagan Era? One can only hope.

**Update: is now being reported that the two Americans and the Egyptian tour guide have been released.**