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On GBTVt Monday night, Glenn declared that “the President doesn’t matter”. Why? He is wasting America’s time and standing in the way of their success. He is telling America what he really believes: from government all blessings flow.

Glenn, however, had a very different idea and he went back to history to explain how it has been innovation, not government, that has pushed America forward.


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  • Draxx

    Obummer is wrong, Zero People stayed and worked for me on those 17 hour work days, I have helped a few Corporations Make Millions and Millions of Dollars with Machinery and Gadgets I have Built on My Own.  Sure I used my employers money, but I did All the Thinking and Usually All of the Prototyping on My Own.  People helped Sometimes, but usually My Out of the Box Thinking Does Not Make Sense to People Until They See the Machine Run on It’s Own (but by then I already did all the hard work of making it…).  Other times I had to go back and Re-Do the Same Work they were assigned because it was not what was needed or out of spec’s.  A Few Times I actually had Decent Help that Did a Great Job, and Helped make things a Success (but that was after I had done the Design Work and Critical Thinking).  And I did most of this Without a College Education, and Taught Myself (many teachers tell you what you can’t do, and start making boundaries and limit creative thinking; by teaching myself I don’t know the Normal Boundaries and Occassionally Surpass what was limited before.  Sometimes, I do things in an experiment and get Plain Lucky with pushing the limits, Sometimes I Fail too…).

    The Best Gift My Mother Ever Gave Me, Was the Freedom to Think Creatively Without Limitations…

    • sparducks

       You were probably under contract too with the people you worked for. A contract you could have signed or not. Correct?

      • Draxx

        I have been swindled by Big Corporations and learned my lesson on how to handle business properly.  At first they provided everything but my thinking, and kept everything and gave practically “Nothing”.  But, I learned my lessons and I have Contracts for Intellectual Property and Royalties based on Percentages or Partnerships in Businesses that I help get started.

        Right Now, I am in a Partnership with a millionaire and he provides the funding and I provide the Knowledge/Skill to make things happen (a 50/50 LLC).  This way I benefit as much as the person putting the money in, but I do 100% of the Work in Prototyping (and have a small staff to assist in maintaining or upgrading his other existing partnerships/businesses).  I focus on New Products Introduction and Improvements to machinery/automation, they do the Manual/Semi-Technical Labor.  Many Hours and Hard Work but I am getting a Fair Share Now…

        • sparducks

          I love stories like that. It makes my heart soar like an eagle. Cheers.

          • Draxx

            sparducks, I forgot to mention one critical factor of my life, I have ADD (I tune out the world and focus too deeply on a singular thought/activity.) I have known this since about 8 or 9 and never told anyone, because of how I seen my Peers being treated with bs psychological activities and/or drugs to change them. I knew I did not want the same for myself… At the age of 42 I was finally clinically diagnosed with ADD from a psychologist at my Pain Management Clinic I was attending (when I told them I knew for most of my life they said that in my case I probably did the right thing), they also sent me to another doctor who diagnosed me with a few ailments/injuries and the most outstanding one is FibroMyalgia causing my pain.

            At work I used my ADD to tune out the bs in the workplace and set to getting things done in my own way, I learned that ADD can be used as a tool for success if you understand your problem well enough to use it properly…

          • sparducks

            I’m laughing mao right now. that’s me only difference the office politics are too much and I am a big guy so if I get mad at someone they are ready to call the cops when all I wanna do is talk. I have never been able to chanel it quite like you but I’m gonna start. I’m currently making a big carreer change and I plan on taking some classes or getting some help on how to not scare people whwn I’m meerly being passionate. I think I may have a hearing problem too.

        • Jim Profit

           >Multi-millionare robs you of your ideas and makes more millions off of you… “well I learned my lesson.”
          >Poor guy from a bad neighborhood takes your wallet “STAND MY GROUND! SHOOT TO KILL!”

          You republicans will never learn, and the rest of us and the earth itself are dying cause of you. Thanks so much.

          • Draxx

            You don’t even have a clue what you are talking about… I make Wind, Water, and Solar self sufficiency tools, Water and Air Purification Systems.  Wow you Self-Righteous Piss-ant! I am making things that will help communities that have lost everything from bad storms.  I am making things that give kids in third world countries Fresh Noncontaminated Water, Why should I apologize for keeping people from getting Ameobic Dysentary and Having Electric Heat and Power to Cook Food?

            What are YOU Doing to make this world a better place?  Get off your damn couch and stop complaining and Do Something That Makes A Difference!  It’s not my fault you have Lack of Conviction and Creativity to make a place for yourself in this world.  Go ask Obummer for some of his mooch money for lazy losers that can do nothing but complain like You…

  • sparducks

    Glenn your reading my mind. I wish I could charge you money for that.

  • Draxx

    Sparducks, I don’t sleep very much ever since I can remember about 5 yrs old, but my Mom bought me an Encyclopedia Brittanica Set back in 1975 when I was eight.  I was allowed to stay up with a nightlight on and read quietly… at first I read things with pictures and that seemed interesting, next time I went through the set I looked for things with pictures that I didn’t have that big of an interest in the first time. The third and last time I read the set and I read “Everything” that I passed the previous times.  Now I am a Plethera of Usually Useless Knowledge, but occassionally I put two and two together and make something happen… That was a wonderful gift (I understand it now, but back then I thought it was a useless gift, and us kids thought we knew better.).  Thank-You Mom!

    • sparducks

      We’re from the same era. I won an almanac from a newspaper contest “ask johnny something or other” I dont remember the name. But  it was a 1976 almanac. Useless information for drones, but I read every bit of it while my brothers surfed. I became an electrician and then a carpenter. I worked on a lot of major motion pictures in the last 20 years. Blowing up sets is great fun.

  • Val Shinkle

    Hi Glen… I just sent the links to this show to both Bill Gates and Mark Zukerberg…I thought they should know what nice compliments you made about their contributions to ‘changing’ the world with creativity of the young businessman with a new idea….making them great role models for others….Chuckle, they made need some Tums,  when they open that engraved invite for that next pick-pocketing political fundraiser..Hmmmm? It’s all about the ‘Love’. right?

  • thalightguy

    The Framers thought the Presidency was so important that they made it a requirement for the President to be a natural born citizen.

    The 14th Amendment did not change the definition of a ‘natural born citizen’.

  • Charles Mana

    Well Barry Soetoto Bolshevik Obama, you said from your pussy lips that individuals never establish anything on their own. There is a history that you should read and it is about James j. Hill a Canadian who came to the United States and became an American Citizen had nine yearS of formal schooling but had to quit when his father died in 1852. From then on Hill worked several jobs and from each job learned what he needed to build the only railroad that didn’t go bankrupt in the Panic of 1893 or now called a depression. All other railroads went bankrupt because they were heavily involved with the Federal Government through subsidies, and various perks and Pork offerings and thus with that the other railroads in the United States were constantly plagued by Federal Government interference through so called oversight and rules which hampered these government sponsored railroads thus causing them to be very less efficient than the Great Northern railroad established by James J. Hill. The great Northern did not go bankrupt during the depression of 1893 but actually grew and took advantage of the crooked politicians in the government like you are Barack Obama, though your crookedness springs from the fact that you are an illegal alien and a Zionist/Bolshevik/Communist whose only purpose for your being in the United States the country that you hate the most is to destroy the United States because are a TRAITOR AND A RACIST PIG AND YOU WILL END UP IN FEDERAL PRISON WHERE YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN TWO YEARS AGO. YOU STUPID SHILL, DON’T YOU KNOW THAT THEY ARE USING YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR HATRED OF AMERICA AND YOUR RACISM AGAINST THE CAUCASIAN/ARYAN WHITE MAN? IF YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE SO LOVABLE, THEN YOU ARE A TREMENDOUS PRUDE AND A SELF INDULGENT ASS WHOLE.

  • landofaahs

    People thrive not because of govt, but despite it.  We have too many lazy entitlement folk that need a loving slap of tough love and a little boost to take responsibility for themselves.  It’s coming though, one way or the other and sooner rather than later.  Gnashing of the teeth.

  • Anonymous

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