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There was a story on this morning that caught Glenn’s attention. A woman caught a 21lb lobster near Cape Cod. The lobster is a close second to the even bigger one that was caught off the coast of Maine earlier this year, and was almost as long as the torso of the woman who caught it.

While telling listeners about the story, Glenn pointed out that Stu (who is a vegetarian) had a weird philosophy that people now won’t eat the lobster because it’s old or special or something.

“Once we assign it a personality we stop eating it. I don’t understand that philosophy. You either eat these animals or you don’t.” Stu said.

Glenn didn’t seem to have a problem imagining eating the lobster, asking, “Can you imagine dipping it in the butter? You could put your whole head in the butter trough.”

“Lobster is nothing more than a butter delivery system anyway,” Stu pointed out.

There were no disagreements from Glenn or Pat there, but this did lead them down a path of discussing how creepy eating lobster is. “First of all, the people that found lobsters and decided to eat them had to be wildly starving,” he said.

We aren’t sure if Glenn, Pat and Stu were just hungry this morning or needed a break from talking politics, but make sure to watch the hilarious clip above to find out how a conversation about lobsters lead to a passionate discussion on Charlotte’s Web – where Glenn made the claim that Charlotte (yes, the spider) could have taken over the world, and caused Stu to put out a call for a sequel to the book: Charlotte’s Web Kingdom of The Spiders.