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Mercury Ink’s latest book, The Communist by Paul Kengor, came out today, and the book exposes the man who Barack Obama referred to as his mentor 22 times (!) in his book, Dreams from My Father, Frank Marshall Davis.

“This book is unbelievable,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “It’s off the charts. We learned stuff that we didn’t know. And we’ve spent four years – this is our job. It’s really amazing what you will learn in this book.”

Glenn played audio of Kengor describing the book this morning. Kengor explains that any biographer knows that the first thing you do is look to the mentors – look to the people had a great influence. In Obama’s case, the mentor in question is Frank Marshall Davis, a journalist and member of the Communist Party USA.

Kengor uncovered a tremendous amount in his research – research that shockingly no one in the media ever bothered to report. One of the more noteworthy revelations come from Davis’s own newspaper columns. He was editor-in-chief of a major American Communist publication, and he regularly used words like ‘Change’ and ‘Fundamental Transformation.’ Sound familiar?

This man was so radical his FBI file was nearly 600 pages, and included a copy of his Communist Party card. He was number 47544. But again, no one in the media could find this information?

While you can’t really say exactly what Obama learned from Davis, it is no coincidence that Obama had men like Davis in his life. “It’s not a coincidence I think that is his mentor had been a card carrying member of the Communist party of America,” Kengor said.

For anyone who wants to go deeper and really understand where the President developed his ideology, this book gets to the bottom of it, and makes you wonder how we could possibly elect a President we know nothing about.

“You’re going to feel betrayed,” Glenn said. “Not betrayed by the President, but betrayed by the media. The media has been treasonous. Truly treasonous. I don’t know what the future holds. But at some point you have to look at what the media has done. And ask yourself what did they know and when did they know it. This book proves treason.”

It’s hard to imagine the media was unable to find this information – after all the FBI has the guy’s Communist card on file – but it is all too possible that media simply ignored this information, which is the true tragedy in this situation.

“Frank Marshall Davis is who Obama’s mother sent him back to be with and learn from. This is it. You’ll see him,” Glenn concluded. “This book is not – by the way, it is not about Barack. This is about his mentor. But when you read it you will see this is Barack Obama.”

Kengor will discussing The Communist on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program tonight at 9PM EST, and don’t miss Glenn’s interview with Kengor on tomorrow’s radio program!