The Communist reveals the man behind Obama’s beliefs

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Mercury Ink’s latest book, The Communist by Paul Kengor, came out today, and the book exposes the man who Barack Obama referred to as his mentor 22 times (!) in his book, Dreams from My Father, Frank Marshall Davis.

“This book is unbelievable,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “It’s off the charts. We learned stuff that we didn’t know. And we’ve spent four years – this is our job. It’s really amazing what you will learn in this book.”

Glenn played audio of Kengor describing the book this morning. Kengor explains that any biographer knows that the first thing you do is look to the mentors – look to the people had a great influence. In Obama’s case, the mentor in question is Frank Marshall Davis, a journalist and member of the Communist Party USA.

Kengor uncovered a tremendous amount in his research – research that shockingly no one in the media ever bothered to report. One of the more noteworthy revelations come from Davis’s own newspaper columns. He was editor-in-chief of a major American Communist publication, and he regularly used words like ‘Change’ and ‘Fundamental Transformation.’ Sound familiar?

This man was so radical his FBI file was nearly 600 pages, and included a copy of his Communist Party card. He was number 47544. But again, no one in the media could find this information?

While you can’t really say exactly what Obama learned from Davis, it is no coincidence that Obama had men like Davis in his life. “It’s not a coincidence I think that is his mentor had been a card carrying member of the Communist party of America,” Kengor said.

For anyone who wants to go deeper and really understand where the President developed his ideology, this book gets to the bottom of it, and makes you wonder how we could possibly elect a President we know nothing about.

“You’re going to feel betrayed,” Glenn said. “Not betrayed by the President, but betrayed by the media. The media has been treasonous. Truly treasonous. I don’t know what the future holds. But at some point you have to look at what the media has done. And ask yourself what did they know and when did they know it. This book proves treason.”

It’s hard to imagine the media was unable to find this information – after all the FBI has the guy’s Communist card on file – but it is all too possible that media simply ignored this information, which is the true tragedy in this situation.

“Frank Marshall Davis is who Obama’s mother sent him back to be with and learn from. This is it. You’ll see him,” Glenn concluded. “This book is not – by the way, it is not about Barack. This is about his mentor. But when you read it you will see this is Barack Obama.”

Kengor will discussing The Communist on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program tonight at 9PM EST, and don’t miss Glenn’s interview with Kengor on tomorrow’s radio program!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The media is supposedly the watchdog of the nation; calling the warning loud and clear of the dangers to come that threaten the liberties of the Republic as a whole – “The Press” Institutions of American Democracy.

    The ones who made that statement forgot, or never anticipated one thing, that a corrupted and infiltrated media would turn against the American people; and support the ones who seek the complete fundamental transformation and overthrow of the Republic.

    This is more than a betrayal by the media of trust or responsibility; this is a deliberate and willful treason committed against AMERICA and ALL of her people, each and every one of them. In the days to follow Obamas administration, assuming he is defeated in the polls and gotten out of office, there will be a time of reckoning for the treasonous actions of the media for those who went willingly with it.

    • Anonymous

      Here we are watching the destruction of our beloved Republic & unable to do anything to stop it.  This guy has turned Americans against Americans and is pushing harder for more intimidation.  Wondering how we will be able to survive as a Country if this evil guy is re-elected.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I will put this very simple: Mr Obama, the administration, and the progressives of all sides in the Congress have committed treason, sedition, and rebellion in their goal of usurptation of the Constitution and fundamental transformation of our Republic to a socialist dictatorship.

    May God grant us our freedom and the guidance to restore the Republic; and may He have mercy on the traitors souls, for from most of us in America, in the courts, there will be none.

    • landofaahs

      I call them regressives.  I have no respect for socialism or socialists.  They are satanic to the core.  Satanic verses.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        I prefer to call them for what they are: traitors.

        • landofaahs

          Correct. There is just not enough space to write all the words to describe these evil liberal demo rats.

    • Ricardo Davila

      May God grant you some common sense and reason.  You are obviously deeply disturbed.

      • landofaahs

        Disturbed at losing our freedom?  If your property is not off limits to govt. theft, what is?  I’d like an answer.  Frankly common sense is a commodity you seem to lack.  Do you really think you will be safe when they work down the ladder?  Eventually they will get to your rung too.

      • sparducks

        Common sense would dictate that you fire every politician that voted for a bill they never read. And impeach a president who surreptitiously plans to give our allies up to our enemies. Where do you people come from who post such inane blather. I’m sick of berating you all. It’s taking away my soul. I hope to God you will pull your head out of the dark place that you have it firmly stuffed in and reconsider your voting options.  

      • Anonymous

        this snowleopard cat sees, b/c of the plethora of evidence, that our beloved Republic is being dismantled in real time by freedom hating commies and yet he is the one who is considered ‘disturbed’ by yourself? are you aware of what is going on in America at all?  go back to msn and to sleep. This is a forum for American patriots.

  • w. Parker

    CPUSA writer Gerald Horne gave a speech, “Rethinking the History and Future of the Communist Party,” upon the acceptance of the Communist Party USA archives at the Tamiment Library at New York University. He wrote about black CPUSA member Frank Marshall Davis going to Hawaii in 1948 “at the suggestion of his good friend Paul Robeson” and becoming friends with a “Euro-American family” that included a child “who goes by the name of Barack Obama…” Notice the use of the phrase “who goes by the name of Barack Obama.” Why not just “Barack Obama” or “the name of Barack Obama?” Why use the phrase “who goes by the name of?” Was Barack Obama his real name?Why did Horne think Obama would go down in history? It is because, as he implied, the CPUSA had been working in the black community for decades, laying the groundwork for Obama’s candidacy. The CPUSA did this by targeting black intellectuals, entertainers, and politicians, and using a journal known as Freedomways to manipulate and influence them. Freedomways was CPUSA-controlled and Soviet-funded. We have just released a major new report that explains all of this. It begins: “Newly declassified documents from Operation SOLO, an FBI program to infiltrate the Communist Party of the United States, reveal that a journal called Freedomways, which was influential in the black community for decades, was subsidized by the Soviet and Chinese Communist Parties.” It is titled Soviets Funded Black “Freedom” Journal. Here are some of our findings: During the 25 years it served as a propaganda organ for the CPUSA and Soviet front organizations such as the World Peace Council, Freedomways published articles by such figures as:   
    •Derrick Bell, one of Barack Obama’s academic mentors and a Harvard professor;•Martin Luther King, Jr., the slain civil rights leader who turned against the Vietnam War and has been honored with a national memorial in Washington, D.C.;•John Lewis, a Democratic member of Congress from Georgia and critic of the conservative Tea Party movement; and•Jesse Jackson, a former aide to King and Democratic candidate for president who has recently been stirring up racial resentment over the killing of black teenager Trayvon Martin.

  • Pat Maiorino

    I must read this book…wake up America!

  • w. Parker

    The “Liberal Media” has covered-up communist influence since the 50’s.  Now that we are esposing “communist”, let’s expose another “lie” to the american people:  On Labor Day, 1957, a special meeting was attended by Martin Luther King and four others at a strange institution called the Highlander Folk School in Monteagle, Tennessee. The Highlander Folk School was a Communist front, having been founded by Myles Horton (Communist Party organizer for Tennessee) and Don West (Communist Party organizer for North Carolina). The leaders of this meeting with King were the aforementioned Horton and West, along with Abner Berry and James Dumbrowski, all open and acknowledged members of the Communist Party, USA. The agenda of the meeting was a plan to tour the Southern states to initiate demonstrations and riots.From 1955 to 1960, Martin Luther King’s associate, advisor, and personal secretary was one Bayard Rustin. In 1936 Rustin joined the Young Communist League at New York City College. Convicted of draft-dodging, he went to prison for two years in 1944. On January 23, 1953 the “Los Angeles Times” reported his conviction and sentencing to jail for 60 days for lewd vagrancy and homosexual perversion. Rustin attended the 16th Convention of the Communist Party, USA in February, 1957. One month later, he and King founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, or SCLC for short. The president of the SCLC was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The vice-president of the SCLC was the Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth, who was also the president of an identified Communist front known as the Southern Conference Educational Fund, an organization whose field director, a Mr. Carl Braden, was simultaneously a national sponsor of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, of which you may have heard. The program director of the SCLC was the Reverend Andrew Young, in more recent years Jimmy Carter’s ambassador to the UN and mayor of Atlanta. Young, by the way, was trained at the Highlander Folk School, previously mentioned.Soon after returning from a trip to Moscow in 1958, Rustin organized the first of King’s famous marches on Washington. The official organ of the Communist Party, “The Worker,- – openly declared the march to be a Communist project. Although he left King’s employ as secretary in 1961, Rustin was called upon by King to be second in command of the much larger march on Washington which took place on August 28, 1963.Bayard Rustin’s replacement in 1961 as secretary and advisor to King was Jack O’Dell, also known as Hunter Pitts O’Dell. According to official records, in 1962 Jack O’Dell was a member of the National Committee of the Communist Party, USA. He had been listed as a Communist Party member as early as 1956. O’Dell was also given the job of acting executive director for SCLC activities for the entire Southeast, according to the St. Louis “Globe-Democrat – -of October 26, 1962. At that time, there were still some patriots in the press corps, and word of O’Dell’s party membership became known.What did King do? Shortly after the negative news reports, King fired O’Dell with much fanfare. And he then, without the fanfare, “immediately hired him again- – as director of the New York office of the SCLC, as confirmed by the “Richmond News-Leader – -of September 27, 1963. In 1963 a Black man from Monroe, North Carolina named Robert Williams made a trip to Peking, China. Exactly 20 days before King’s 1963 march on Washington, Williams successfully urged Mao Tse-Tung to speak out on behalf of King’s movement. Mr. Williams was also around this time maintaining his primary residence in Cuba, from which he made regular broadcasts to the southern US, three times a week, from high-power AM transmitters in Havana under the title “Radio Free Dixie.” In these broadcasts, he urged violent attacks by Blacks against White Americans. “…we have moved into a new era, which must be an era of revolution…. The whole structure of American life must be changed…. We are engaged in the class struggle.”


    • Anonymous

      Did you get this from the KKK?

      • w. Parker

        No, why, are you responding on behalf of the “CPUSA or New Black Panther Party”?  King’s FBI file has been conveniently sealed until 2027.  I guess you’ll just have to wait until then to see what the FBI says.  In the mean time, can you disprove “one” fact in my post?  I challange you to do so~ Your response is so typical of a half-cocked liberal without one iota of evidence to back up your statement, simply because it didn’t fall within your “political correct” guidelines

        • Anonymous

          MLK wasn’t communist because he was very religious and nonviolent (communist rarely if ever are nonviolent or religious). MLK was striving for equality for blacks who were being oppresed, that doesn’t make him communist. Someone had to make a stand and MLK did, what would you have preferred, that blacks continue living under the brutal oppression of Jim Crow or to stand up for their rights as Americans.
          And by the way the NBPP despise MLK, they fall more in favor of Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, and Stokely Carmichael. 

          • w. Parker

            Your perception is exactly what the media, over time has wanted you to think.  Have you read my post completely?  If you cannot state with certain the facts are not true, does it then portray a person with high character?  There is much much more i’ve not included, such as some affiliations of Frank Marshall Davis’s accomplices. There exist a strong parallel between obama’s background and King’s  Consider for a moment King’s associations…You say “MLK wasn’t communist because he was very religious and nonviolent (communist rarely if ever are nonviolent or religious).” Look at obama, doesn’t he portray the same?

  • w. Parker

    A top communist defector is warning of an unprecedented “alliance” between the Democratic Party and the Communist Party, reflected in the CPUSA’s endorsement of Barack Obama for president in 2008 and the party’s continued support for Democratic Party policies. But is this warning going to be too hot to handle for the media? And the Republicans?
    Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking official ever to have defected from the former Soviet bloc, says in an article for PJMedia that any doubt that the Democratic and the Communist parties had secretly joined forces was erased in 2009, “when Van Jones, part of a left fringe of declared communists, became the White House’s green jobs czar.”
    Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa.
    Obama aide Valerie Jarrett had disclosed at a left-wing bloggers convention that “we,” apparently referring to herself and President Obama, had hired Jones for the job. However, Jones was fired when an outcry developed over his communist background, and the media quickly dropped any probes into Jones’ White House contacts.
    Pacepa, who served as a top aide in the Romanian communist regime, tells Accuracy in Media, “The Democratic Party has become dangerously infected with the Marxism virus. I recognize the symptoms because I once lived through them, and I believe it is my obligation as an American citizen to help the conservative movement to prevent any further spread of Marxism in my adopted country.”
    He adds that he is personally convinced that Obama is a Marxist.
    His 1987 book, Red Horizons, exposed the nature of the Romanian Nicolae Ceausescu regime as well as “communist influence operations” directed against the U.S. and other Western nations. The contents of his book were broadcast into Romania on Radio Free Europe and credited with inspiring the counterrevolution that brought down the regime and the execution of Ceausescu.
    Although he has written over the years for such publications as The Wall Street Journal, the American Spectator and National Review, his column in PJMedia represents the first time he has warned publicly that international Marxism has assumed a major influence over the Democratic Party. His second column for PJMedia examines appeasement policies by various Democratic administrations.
    The issue of communist influence in the Democratic Party has already been on display this year, as blogger Jeremy Segal filmed Democratic Rep. Danny K. Davis, an old ally of Barack Obama in the socialist New Party, accepting an award in Chicago from the CPUSA. I brought this to the attention of Steve Chapman, a “conservative” columnist for the Chicago Tribune, who had attacked Rep. Allen West as crazy for discussing communist infiltration of the Democratic Party. I provided Segal’s video of the awards ceremony to him directly and yet Chapman remains silent.
    Columnist Wes Vernon commented, “Since Chicago is the neighborhood of Chapman’s newspaper, one would think he could easily access (right under his nose) the goings-on of a local congressman’s award possibly just a stroll down the street from the Tribune Building.”
    Instead, Chapman has now written a column for the conservative website Townhall mocking conservatives who resist the encroachment of Islamic law, also known as Sharia, in the U.S. legal system. Chapman’s column ran under the headline, “The Bogus Threat from Shariah Law.”
    When alleged “conservatives” like Chapman refuse to take the problems of communism and radical Islam seriously, you know the liberal media will resist covering these matters. And that is why Ion Mihai Pacepa’s warning, based on decades of experience in analyzing communist influence operations and infiltration of the West, will be deliberately ignored.
    Some conservatives are so desperate for any coverage critical of Obama that they jumped on his gaffe that the private sector is “doing fine,” as if this will enlighten the American people about the real agenda of the President. Mitt Romney’s campaign was quick to produce a TV ad based on the gaffe, generating some media attention, but don’t count on the Republicans to exploit the comments of Ion Mihai Pacepa. The cries of “McCarthyism” would fill the air. All of this means that the GOP presidential campaign will avoid addressing his key charge that the U.S. has a Marxist president and that he is pursuing a socialist agenda.
    The Republicans, some of whom were also behind John McCain’s lackluster 2008 campaign, recoil even when they are handed a campaign issue on a silver platter — such as Obama’s lying about his past association with and membership in the Marxist-led New Party in Chicago. They want to stay above the fray, even as the Obama campaign demonizes the word “capitalist” and insists nonsensically that creating government jobs is the proper way to help the private economy.
    But Pacepa speaks out, saying that, in addition to the White House hiring Van Jones, he saw the Marxist agenda at work in the agenda of the White House and the Democrat-controlled Congress during Obama’s first two years, when they “began dutifully following in Marx’s footsteps by redistributing our country’s wealth and putting under government control a part of its health care, banking system, and automobile industry.” His observation is this regard is not unique, but Pacepa goes further, citing evidence of how planks in the Communist Manifesto parallel the Obama legislative agenda. Yet, Romney doesn’t want to call Obama a socialist because of what the liberal media will say about the charge.
    “Marxism is a malignant tumor on the body of any country,” Pacepa writes, highlighting the stakes involved in the presidential campaign. “This is another thing I learned during my years at the top of Marxist Romania. Marxism, like any cancer, works silently — you can feel it only after it has spread throughout the whole body, and then it is usually too late.”
    Internationally, the warning signs also get ignored. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which includes Russia and China, just completed a major conference in Beijing and issued a statement denouncing plans for a U.S. missile defense and proposed military action against the regimes in Damascus and Tehran. Obama seems prepared to accommodate our adversaries on all fronts, although he has told the Russians that he can’t go all-out on their behalf until after he is re-elected.
    The final statement from the SCO conference honors the United Nations Charter “as well as the basic norms governing international relations” — remarks that could have come from Obama’s State Department or Obama himself.
    The SCO campaign to block Western attempts to undermine the Iranian and Syrian regimes represents what the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin calls a “world geopolitical swing,” as the United States fades in influence under Obama. Yet, the media talk about an Obama “gaffe” and conservatives wonder if Romney can reduce the gender gap.
    The issues are big and stark, and Pacepa knows it. He cites evidence for his charges about an alliance between the Democratic Party and the Communist Party USA in the statements of Joelle Fishman, a political operative in the CPUSA based in Connecticut. This writer interviewed Fishman, who runs the CPUSA Political Action Commission, at last year’s Take Back the American Dream Conference in Washington D.C., featuring Van Jones.


  • sparducks

    Truly there is no difference between Barack Obama and Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein. All of them were voted into office and once there they used thuggery to sieze more power from the people. If allowed Barack Obama will take as much power as he can, Then people like Bill Clinton, Harry Ried and Nancy Pelosi better run for their lives. This guy is not just a politican, he is a robber and a thug. History will prove this out. Please vote him out.

  • Sandra Wicks

    i don’t feel that frank marshall davis was only a mentor to obama but his biological father.  obama’s family were very closely entwined with davis in hawaii.  have checked the birth records prior to 1961? 

  • capa760

    Another Web Search:  Global Elite Picked Obama Long Before Voters   (Tom Fife)like 18-20yrs
    Good News Today……….
    Also know that today we received word that the LOST Treaty, 1 of 14  Obama gave to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, would put the United Nations incharge of USA territorial waters, WAS DEFEATED BY THE SENATE REPUBLICANS.  How many Senate Democrats are recorded as voting the treaty Down?  How many Senators need to change their party status, we know that their are 76 registered Socialists registered in  government places.
    7/27/12 is the vote on   Obama’s treaty to  turn control over to the United Nations to CONTROL the GUNS in the USA.  Contact your Senators to vote it down, too.

  • Anonymous

    More bullshit lies twisted with red scare propaganda.
    What will glenn beck do after the President wins again in 2012?
    I can only assume he will continue to milk his ignorant audience by finding other innocent Americans to personally assault.

    • SoThere

      Folks, this is the face of the left on display. Some of them are in our Government.

      Save America, vote Conservative.

  • Gary Allan

    any comments from the Obama supporters?

  • Draxx

    George Orwell’s book “1984” talks about and refers to “Big Brother”, well I think that Obummer has a twisted way of looking at concepts in the book (many which were mere fantasy and unattainable at the time, but are not so far fetched today).  But the Problem Is… Obummer does not want to be our Big Brother, instead I believe he wants to be Our “Big Daddy”.  Someone who can tell you what you can do and what you cannot do, someone to make rules and regulations for Our Supposedly Own Good (as if the majority of us can’t think like adults too).  He wants to be the person to let us go hang out with friends under supervision, he also wants to be the person to tell we are grounded and cannot go out.  He wants to be the person to buy the prom dress, and say that your prom was only a success because if he didn’t provide that prom dress you would have just made a fool of yourself (because you do not even know how to dress yourself properly). He wants to say you only made it through high school because of his mentoring and guidance.  He wants to provide college for you, but not to necessarily make you a success, but so that you owe him (or are dictated what degree you can go for).  Wow with dads like that who needs enemies…

  • Anonymous

    You forgot to mention that Frank Davis was also a pornographer, writer of smut books and quite possibly took nude pictures of Obama’s mother.  Someone really needs to dig deeper into those nude pictures and evaluate them with some facial recognition software.

  • Mike Harvey

    Frank is his real father. Compare photos of Obama Sr and Davis to Obama.

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