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Tania Beck’s favorite talk show host is about to get his own show on GBTV…and it’s not “The Glenn Beck Program”. Sirius/XM host and “Real News” contributor Andrew Wilkow will be joining GBTV (soon to be known as TheBlaze) as part of the expanding primetime lineup. Wilkow spoke to Glenn about what fans could expect from him on radio this morning. Check out the interview in the clip above and get all the details HERE.

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    Sounds promising; just make sure Glenn that he maintains the high standards of integrity and truth, to show the facts and let the chips fall where they may. If he turns from them, fire his tail to the furthest ends of the cosmos.

    • http://twitter.com/RosalindWGarret Rosalind W. Garrett

      Mr. Wilkow, nor do I have any type of financial interest in his show.
      I just enjoy the hell out of his broadcasts. http://AlluringWay.blogspot.com

  • Anonymous

    I like Wilkow on XM.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I never heard his show. He seemed to have a very difficult time discribing his show or answering a simple question. I hope he is not like that on his show? I do think it is promising that he will fact check everything and supply his audience with all citations. I also like that he will make these citations available to his audience. Sounds like Wilkow was getting a lesson on the bottom line.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ron-Cook/1054999004 Ron Cook

      I don’t get to listen to Andrew’s show nearly as often as I’d like as he’s on while I’m working. The rebroadcast of his Friday(?) show on Saturday and maybe Sunday I do try to catch.
      You might find interesting the newsletter he mentioned: “The Content”.
      It’s a compilation of all the articles and stories, and their sources, he uses for each broadcast.
      Anyone can sign up for it at his website: http://www.wilkowmajority.com/
      It’s provided to the individual requesting it at no cost to that individual.
      I do not work for Mr. Wilkow, nor do I have any type of financial interest in his show.
      I just enjoy the hell out of his broadcasts.

    • Anonymous

      I have
      listened to Wilkow for many months on Sirius/XM radio. Of two things I am
      absolutely certain: 


      1. No
      one articulates the benefits of liberty, free markets, and individual
      responsibility more clearly and passionately than Andrew Wilkow. When he’s on a
      roll I feel rejuvenated and recommitted to my core values. He truly has a gift.


      Andrew Wilkow is an egomaniac. This in itself isn’t unusual for a radio talk
      show host. Unfortunately, in Wilkow’s case his inability to stop talking about
      himself in painstaking detail does him far more damage than his liberal


      describing his clothing, his taste in music, the interior of his Jeep, to his
      all too frequent trips down memory lane as he endlessly chronicles his
      childhood, his college years, his early work experience, his career
      path…enough already! Dude, this is not why we listen to you. We already know
      how good you are. However, when YOU keep making the case for how good, unique,
      and genuine you are, you make your fans cringe!


      If you
      doubt my analysis, re-listen to his interview with Glen Beck. Glen gave Wilkow
      the floor but wound up mocking Wilkow because of his inability to directly
      answer a question. Wilkow was so fixated on Wilkow; he used Glen’s questions as
      opportunities to dredge up some of his past career experiences. 


      just going to say it. All too often, Wilkow sounds like he’s channeling the Ted
      Baxter character from the old Mary Tyler Moore Show. When Ted Baxter (a vain TV
      news anchor who loved the sound of his own voice) was asked a question about
      himself, he’d frequently launch into the following recitation: “It all
      started at a small hundred watt radio station in the mid-west…bla, bla, bla.”


      At this
      point the TV program would FADE TO BLACK. If only Wilkow’s fans were similarly
      spared. At such times, we are forced to make a decision. Either continue to
      tolerate Wilkow’s self-indulgent autobiographical rants or simply turn the dial
      to another station. Personally, I have been choosing the later with greater


      a nutshell, Wilkow’s addiction (to himself), not his lack of talent, will
      ultimately prevent him from becoming one of the very best conservative

      • Anonymous

        Wilkow is flat out the most articulate host of any radio talk show.
        He provides logical, reasoned, & well-thought out, arguments for liberty & freedom and against the socialism and communism.

  • Anonymous

    Wow three minutes into this conversation and I had to shut it down, this guy like the sound of his voice to much

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=821083995 Ryan Kester

    Andrew Wilkow is the best host on XM radio period. No one has the ability to convey the conservative message the way he does. I love Glenn Beck, but sometimes he wastes a lot of time talking about irrelevant things on his radio program that might be funny, but not really all that important to talk about. Every minute of Andrew Wilkow’s radio program is worth listening to because no one else on XM know the constitution the way he does and can swat any argument from any annoying, illiterate liberal caller like a fly! I am really stoked that he is now on GB TV, which is now the home of my two favorite political commentators!

  • Anonymous

    Obviously not a good listener.

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