“The Communist” author Paul Kengor discusses Obama’s mentor Frank Marshall Davis

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On today’s radio show, Glenn spent a lot of time focused on one man: Frank Marshall Davis, Barack Obama’s Communist mentor. The source of many of the facts addressed this morning come from research conducted by Dr. Paul Kengor, author of the new book “The Communist”. What were some of the most stunning revelations? Find out in Glenn’s must watch interview in the clips above and below!

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  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    No matter how recognized of an author and researcher he is, the leftists, the administration, and the Obamamites will unleash Hades from one end of the spectrum to the other after him. The mainstream leftist media will be used in a witch hunt and inquisition to fabricate, distort and to hound him to either complying with the admin, or be discredited and possibly hounded via the IRS and DOJ.

    Once more the truth of Obama and the mentor he is mirroring in his insane communist ideology comes out; and once again, the truth is completely ignored by the mainstream propagandist ministry of Mr Obama.

    • landofaahs

      The dictators of history who were taken down by the populace and tried, found guilty and executed all had that strange look of bewilderment on their face as if they just could not figure why it was all happening.  It’s because of a lifetime of self-delusion.

      • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        One common mistake dictators and would be dictators make throughout history is that they forget in the usage of fear and intimidation to control their subjects, you can only push them so far with it, until they lose all fear, as there is nothing left for them to lose, even death becomes a prefered means of escape to their existence.

        At that time, the dictator has lost control and soon loses power, and then their lives. For once you have nothing to lose, a person is capable of doing anything they feel is needed.

        This is similiar to the events in Tunisia with the merchant that was taxed out of his career and business by the dictator of the time; in choosing to immolate himself in public, he demonstrated that the time of his death was to be of his own choosing, and thus in one final moment of protest, he sparked off the cascade of the Arab Spring – and Obama has helped the radicals on the road to power.

        • landofaahs

          If they only knew how much hatred for the federal govt. was out there they would craaaaaap their pants. A building collapses because the foundation has been compromised for years and decades, not because a small wind blows.

  • Anonymous

    In researching Frank Marshall Davis and discovering what a sexual pervert that he was one can’t help but wonder if Obama was one off his conquests.  He sure displays signs of a sexual abused child.

  • landofaahs

    Where is obama’s mother’s passport?  By the way, let’s see his also.

  • landofaahs

    It’s strange that communists always want to live like capitalists as they force the people to live like communists.  I could not look in the mirror without shame if I were  a democrat or someone who ever voted for obama.  Wow you people must feel low. 

  • w. Parker

    I am so pleased Glenn you are finally hitting the nail on the head exposing communism within our government.  As, obozo is only the tip of the ice berg.  With only a tid-bit of research, one can see that communism and a socialist agenda over the past 50 years has blossomed from a few bees and a hive into a swarming colony of dangerous hornets within the democratic party.  To point out the obvious, one is stifled under the dark cloud of “policital correctness” – facts are shot down and replaced with liberal “opinion”.  Communism within and out of government is the largest cover-up/conspiracy in history and liberal media (most media) is their army/foot soldiers.  Liberal opinion is accomplished through a slow process of brainwashing/deception which trickles down into unions, schools even into religious activity

    • jen

      fox news and conservatives are also commies.  don’t think you are somehow suddenly better the other half of the population bec bush stepped out and another man stepped in.

      glenn beck is a commie – he speaks out of both of sides of his mouth in order to gain followers.  a cons judge sealed in obamacare – hence cons are a commie that support obama fully.

      • w. Parker

        Then, everyone is a commie, you, me, Romney, Obama, Billy Graham, The Pope, right?  I guess we have all been so brainwashed we’re living in a surrealistic world where everything is imagined – right? 

        • jen

          no brainwashing to know that a conservative judge sealed in obamacare, who was appointed by bush.  that means republicans and democrats worked together to bring obamacare, hence both sides are for it.  after all, romney did the same in ma.  within his region of authority, romney did the same thing as obama did with his region of authority – the us. 

          romneycare is burying ma in healthcare costs and delays, etc…just as obamacare will. 

  • w. Parker

    In the military my job was to process investigations on personnel requiring security clearances.  ALL personnel have had some type of ivestigation to insure his worthiness.  One’s requiring a Secret or Top Secret Clearance required either a Limited or Extended FBI background investigation.  Regarding the Extended Background Check, Agents are required to pysically visit home towns, review school records, speak to neighbors, employers, etc. etc.  My point is:  as president, who on a daily basis is associated with highly classified info., has to be subject to an extreme background check – i would think.  What type of info does the FBI have on obozo??? Did his citizenship, communist ties, college life, Chicago background, etc draw a “red flag”?  Or, was info overlooked (which i find hard to believe) or suppressed from pressure above

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/AGIKMKTYT3A4VKPMWWTGSWUBEE David Ben yishai

      I proudly state that I honorably served as a member of the US Navy.  I had a secret clearance, as my job required secret information.  Though I have nothing to hide in my background, no drugs, no drinking, no trouble with the law, I am NOT so sure that your statements are 100% accurate, as I know other shipmates whose backgrounds were not always stellar/clean, but nonetheless were granted secret clearance [technically, even higher than my own- obviously, all clearances are based on a need to know, and not a carte blanche, basis].
      Secondly, the president is an elected official, and the commander in chief.  Are they going to deny the commander in chief top secret clearance?  In light of this, i think that your argument makes no sense.

      • http://twitter.com/LeslieVazquez20 Leslie Vazquez

        The mainstream leftist media will be used in a witch hunt and inquisition to fabricate, distort and to hound him to either complying with the admin, http://AlluringWay.blogspot.com

      • w. Parker

        Can you read – and comprehend while chewing gum all at once?  This was my position for 4 years idiot.  I’ll try to make this clear so even a third grader can understand. “OBVIOUSLY” depending on the sensitive nature of your work, might or might not require a security cearance.  One’s that do, that is, one’s requiring a Secret or above clearance requires an FBI Background check.  “EXTENDED” Background Checks or SSBI investigations for a Top Secret Clearance requires that FBI send out agents – physically, to investigate – period.  I’ve been discharged longer than 10 years and i believe the DOD are now the one’s performing the investigations with cooperation with the FBI. Perhaps you didn’t know your “friends” as well as you thought.  So what, if the position of President is an elected one – so what, he is in receipt of Top Secret info on a daily basis. There are many “civilian” positons within the military that due to their position, might require a clearance, thus an investigation is done to allow this.  So, wouldn’t it stand to reason, (that’s reason by a “reasonable” man), that the President should also undergo even a more stringent investigation than a common soldier?  My question to you is how did you pass the entrance exam to become a member of the military? (No, you may have had nothing to hide, only your ignorance)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000013054779 Joseph McLinden

    …and America, without any serious vetting, put this Communist into the White House.  Way to go America.  Soon, you will wake up to a knock at your door…and at that moment you will think…how did it get like this?   

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UQDOPTBRYXFJSLJNFG5T6STYAM Rob

    Breaking News……
    Just as Ford built cars for the roads that did not exist, computers were invented for the internet that was waiting to be used just as we use it today.  

    Yup, we do not make our own success.  We only take what others have built for us and live off of it.  

  • Anonymous

    many of the first “neoconservatives” were disaffected liberals, some were even members of the communist party at one point in their past. Smart people wrestle with big intellectual questions.  And if you were a black intellectual in the twentieth-century US,
    especially an ivy leaguer, you read, possibly palled around with, were influenced
    by, etc., radical ideas. How could you not be?

    Remember, at one time supply-side economics was a radical idea. Now it governs conservative economic philosophy.

    Point is, this book is a waste of your money. It is meant to be another brick in the wall of the “Obama is a communist” argument. But do any of you need persuading?

  • Anonymous

    Acorn has changed its tactics.  Acorn is now working with people to tell them how to get social security disability benefits whether they honestly need them or not.  They are calling people randomly and encouraging them to file.  It is a conspiracy to defraud the government of disability benefits all encouraged by acorn and the obama admin.  Which means if you accept their help you had better vote for Obama or it could be taken away and you could be found guilty of fraud.

  • Noasark

    And what of those hippie college professors in the US who agree with old Frank? Not to mention lefty judges who seem to hate the idea of self government?  I say let the vetting begin!    

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