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  • landofaahs

    What Romney should say. ” Yes we CAPITALISTS come into failing companies and try to restructure them and get them to be more efficient.  But sometimes Federal rules and regulations, not to mention onerous federal taxes are just way too much for anyone to save.  I mean, really folks, I could save the Olympics but I can’t work miracles like a Greek God like obama’.
    By the way, how many people are losing their homes due to crushing property taxes?  Is it just bad when people lose their home to a mortgage, or does it also include over taxing govt.?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    On November 6th, there shall be a hue and a cry raised across the land that no one on earth shall not fail to hear and understand. Upon this date, those who hate the United States, the Republic and the Constitution shall understand with fear and terror in their souls the people have taken the nation back, and chosen freedom for themselves and their children.

    They have declared, to the generations that are yet to come, “Yesterday, we declared there would be no more retreat, no more surrender. Today, we have smashed the forces of darkness that sought to enslave us all; and tommorow, we again shall be the beackon of light, the beakon of freedom for all the world to see in its blazing glory of truth.”

    Nov 6th we take the nation back.
    January, 2013, we swear in a new President.
    January, 2013, we hold the traitors and rebels of Obama and administration accountable for their crimes against the Republic.

    • Leslie Vazquez

      Once the cold war ended, the threat of communism ended, at least to the American people.

      • David Drummond


    • Draxx

      snowleopard, I flashed back to your earlier comment, “What happens on Nov. 7th when Obummer Loses?”…

      He is going to be a poor sport/loser, and someone else is going to pay for it (my feelings anyway).

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        I have to agree with you, the most likely outcomes as I see it:

        Prefered – he accepts defeat and gives up peacefully, no damage scored on the nation. Not likely to happen I know.

        Probable – lame duck session lunacy in which he executes scorched earth to destroy as much of the economy via regulations, UN treaties, and so forth to all but ensure the collapse of the system.

        Probable – goes for broke, nullifies elections and declares martial law or his dictatorship; this would keep in style with his narcissistic traits and god complex.

        Possible (remote) – he suffers complete collapse and resigns from office due to mental/physical reasons.

  • Walter Moser

    Glenn B. does too much cocaine.

  • Anonymous

    “we will feed it(communism) to them little by little until one day, Americans will wake up and realize that communism is already there.”  Communist party leader, late 60’s.

    It’s been happening for decades now.  The best thing the SSR could have ever done to spread communism was COLLAPSE.  Once the cold war ended, the threat of communism ended, at least to the American people.  In reality the cold war never ended, they outsmarted us, their winning, we haven’t been a capitalist nation for some time now..

  • David Brehan

    “Someone will betray the motherland and have a mysterious chainsaw accindent…”  I can’t stop laughing!!

  • Robinfirst name

    SNL Could Not, I say Could Not have done a better job! We need The Right Change this November. Give Obama the Birthday Present he deserves. Retirement.

  • Lioness

    Here’s a creepy read from a poster on the AlterNet
    This is not someone being sarcastic, this is just plain ass creepy.

    “Here’s what I did with my kids, my grandkids and any of the friends that were around. From the moment they were capable of understanding right from wrong I began, brainwashing them I guess you could say, in why repugs were wrong. I didn’t make it a hate thing. I explained to them the things the repugs do to people. I thoroughly educated them in all aspects of political doctrine and economic systems so they would know why Socialism was best. By the time my oldest grandchild was about 10 she could hold up a political argument in her own words.”

    “It’s even possible to do it with immediately mentioning repugs or dems. Just mention things that are done to people and ask them if they think that’s nice. You plant these ideas in their head. I told my kids and grandkids lots of sad stories about people treated badly that made them cry sometimes too. They grew up to be Socialists.”

    “They’re all very happy today.”

    Sure they are happy. Happy to live off the hard work, inventions (medical and technological) created by the free market. Just plain creepy. Hey conservatives, check out the AlterNet. We need to reach some people before this nut does.

  • Draxx

    I think I heard my comrades helicopter fly over my house for the 10th time this week, I am sure glad they have cameras on board to record my activity to keep me safe… (at least it’s not a drone yet).

    (I don’t believe in having “comrades” per se, I don’t need a Big Brother to watch over me.)

  • NickDeringer

    Great book, but it will have a minimal impact on the election. The Left has done a great job of laundering Communism and making it acceptable.

    The problem with America is the problem with the individual. If you fix the individual you fix the whole country. This makes the problem tangible to the average American. You talk about Communists and Progressive and ideologies, but they are meaningless to the guy who’s just trying to earn a living, raise his kids, and pay his mortgage. The 9-12 Project was the best solution to the mess we are in. People need to understand what makes us an exceptional country. They need to understand and live the principles and values of Americanism. America is the only country whose government is founded on the notion that the people’s rights come from an eternal, unchanging creator. We are the ONLY country to believe this.

    Do you hold to the values and principles that founded America?
    Can you effectively communicate those values and principles to others?

    When we can answer “Yes” to both of these questions, we will be on the road the next American Century.

  • Anonymous

    More red scare bullshit from glenn beck!
    I am baffled on how this pathetic bullshit continues to convince his followers (cult members) into believing his bigoted rhetoric.


    • SoThere

      Glenn does more for this country to bring people together than any politician ever has.
      Glenn sacrifices everyday, people like strtlk have threatened his life every day. 
      Please read strtlks post carefully,this is the face of a Vulgar Liberal Progressive.  Some of them are actually in our Government.

      Save America, Vote Conservative.

    • Anonymous

      My God strtlk, do you not have anything better to do besides sit on this website and try to stir up trouble? Why don’t you go get some air, go take a run, do something charitable. Please your not amusing anyone or annoying anyone to achieve your goal. Really go do something worthwhile, it won’t kill you, I promise.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, I have made more than one comment…
        But thanks for making an incorrect and unsubstantiated point!!!

        • SoThere

          Folks, strtlk is the vulgar face of the Liberal Progressives.  These are the people supporting those in power in Government.
          Save America, vote Conservative.

        • David Drummond

          Who said you only made one comment? There’s no way I would have assumed that, anyhow. As saith the wise old sage, a bellyful of bad chili produces more than one fart.  

    • Doran A Jones

      The “bullshit” is that it’s not glenn beck whose reponsible for the content.  Almost all of what he said was a paraphased or quoted from Obama-ites or the US communist party.  That is scary.  Strtlk, you are an ostritch.

    • SoThere

      Folks, strtlk is the vulgar face of the Liberal Progressives.  These are the people supporting those in power in Government.
      Save America, vote Conservative.

  • Diane Bollom McKay We love you Glen : ))  Your awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Why isn’t glenn beck bragging, boasting about his on air love fest with bachman?


    Could it be that glenn and michelle have been exposed?!

    Quick factua update….

    michelle bachman is a racist piece of shit!!!

    glenn beck is a racist fuck!!!

    michelle  bachman is a bigot!!!

    glenn beck is a proven bigot!!!

    Who agrees?

    Senator McCain…a courageous and half way ethical Conservative/Republican leader.

    Now, glenn feels he has the right to attack a disabled American Veteran and devoted Public Servant?

    Why aren’t any of glenn’s “friends” defending him?

    Because they the truth!!!

    This fuck is going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SoThere

      Folks, strtlk is the vulgar face of the Liberal Progressives.  These are the people supporting those in power in Government.

      Save America, vote Conservative.

    • Guest

      The sickness of strtlk knows no bounds.  Read it for yourselves.

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