WATCH: Glenn interviews “The Communist” author Paul Kengor on GBTV

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Get all the details on this unbelievable expose of Barack Obama’s communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis here!

  • Anonymous

    You should advertise Kengor’s book The Communist in swing states. Maybe it would swing things against Obama.

    • landofaahs

      Communists like to live like capitalists themselves, while forcing the masses to live like communists.  It’s very sick.

      • Dan Szymczak

        Yes, back in the day the people who lived like capitalist in the U.S.S.R. were called the “Nomenklatura”.  Literally the named. The first among equals komrade!  HuH!?  It comprised 6% of the population, mostly government beaurocrats.  The beaurocrats here are mostly lefties as research shows.   Obama is trying to create an economy that creates two classes, rich and poor by eliminated the middle class.  Then the Bolshevik revolution of 2012.  

  • landofaahs

    Another idiot who no doubt thinks business people don’t build their business on their own.  The Federal govt. is an impediment to business with the exception of the MILITARY.  The military keeps us free from our enemies. And let’s not forget the inventor’s of all those wonderful guns.

  • Sharmane

    I put this book on my “wish list” for my husband to get me.   If we (meaning true, America-loving, Constitution believing patriots) do not come out in droves to vote out this president and to rid DC of all his czars and other country killing appointees we are doomed.  Even if you aren’t a bit Mitt Romney fan, we need to get on board and pull out all the stops to see that Obama is sent packing.  Keep up the good work Mr. Beck as you are truly doing a great service to our country.

  • Jujubmuse

    Yeah, we are so non-Christian because we keep the Congress out of the Church.  *rolls eyes* Talk about manipulative!

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