Fitting: NYT ‘Journalist’ Charles Blow issues report that totally blows

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The quality of journalism produced by New York Times reporter Charles Blow can largely by described by his last name. Just to give you an idea, his recent work includes a gem about how Mitt Romney is not an actual person, but rather a robot without a heart.


Well, Blow is at it again, this time saying that Americans oppose Obama because of his ‘otherness.’

BLOW: Sununu is basically just tapping into this otherness idea that persists of Barack – about Barack Obama. If you look at the people who say that they are for Romney, they’re actually not for Romney at all. They’re just against Barack Obama.  And a large part of those people are, as Joy was saying, just bitter. They hate the idea of this guy.

Since the whole racism card didn’t work out too well for the left, it looks like they are now using the claim that people just hate the President’s ‘otherness’ – whatever that may be.

This morning on radio Glenn explained his personal opposition to the President has nothing to do with the color of his skin or bitterness, but it does have everything to do with Obama’s blatant disregard for American principles.

“He doesn’t think that America’s exceptional. I do. I don’t think our President has ever sought out – any other president has ever sought out Marxist professors, radical feminists, anti-colonialists ever before,” Glenn said.

Other than Woodrow Wilson, what president has ever referred to the Constitution in the way that Obama has:

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  That generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties, says what the states can’t do to you, says what the federal government can’t do to you, but it doesn’t say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf.

“Most Americans like the way, you know, the Constitution was written,” Glenn responded.

Maybe Americans aren’t big fans of President Obama because of his feelings about individualism and success. Remember the speech from last week when the President slammed business owners:

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  You got a business, that – you didn’t build that… Somebody else made that happen.

Who made that happen then, Mr. President? Was it the government roads and bridges and sewer systems?“I know we have got great sewer systems and I know that we have great roads and I – you know, somebody else invented the telephone, but I think I built my business. I think along with a lot of people who I employ and pay, I think I built my business. That is a big deal,” Glenn asserted.

Maybe Americans are frustrated with the President because they are all too familiar regulations and taxes that do not help their businesses, but hurt them.

“This is crazy,” Glenn said. “Anyone with half a brain knows better. The government doesn’t share the credit for our success because they built the roadways with our tax money. It’s ludicrous.”

“Mr. Blow, I mean you’re blowing chunks. I find it amazing that your name is Blow because it sounds – everything you’re saying sounds like you’re vomiting out things that you have no clue about,” Glenn concluded.

“And Americans don’t see that as otherness. They see that as Marxism. They see that as un-American. That doesn’t come from our racism. It comes from the background of Marxism in this President.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Charles Blow is full of hot air to the limits possible; he is trying the standard tactic of ‘they hate the President for his race” play; and trying to get people to claim ‘they do not want Romney, and will vote for him due to their hatered of Obama the man.”

    Reality check – it is not the man who is hated, it is the deeds he is doing in the devastation of the nation, the transformation into a socialist progressive state, and his narcissistic, god complex driven insanity that endangers everyone which are the focus.

    Wake up Mr Blow, and see the real world beyond your leftist blinders; people in America are trying to save the nation.

    • Vivian Swett

      all Americans he’s pobably in there cuttin’ up lines and doin’ blow maybe rollin a joint who the hell knows with this guy.

  • Ajean72

    Snowleopard, very well said!

  • Anonymous

    Never vote for a man based on color, race, or religion.
    Listen with your eyes closed to what they say and
    think about the America that you want to live in.
    If you are a Christian, refer to the ten commandments
    Are you stealing from your neighbor who works hard
    while you are capable to work but refuse to do so and
    live off of the government dole?  Many working men and
    women make less than some people on welfare and
    have to pay taxes to support too many government
    handouts.  Are you coveting your neighbors goods?
    When the government gives you something for nothing,
    it is the working people who have their money taken
    from them to support you.  Is this what God wanted?
    I don’t think so!

  • new2la

    What a total sack of excrement is this Blow!     This person in DC isn’t fit for the office of the Presidency because he stands against everything this country was founded on.     It’s really that simple. 

    Obama = nothing good
                    everything bad
                    total failure as a commander of the armed forces
                    a scam
                    against individual excellence

    Someone fire this Blow fella……he’s a liar and a thief of the truth.

  • sparducks

    My otherness is the nagging idea that Obama is sitting in the same office that Ronald Reagan sat in, And instead of using that office to promote freedom and greatness for all Americans he’s pobably in there cuttin’ up lines and doin’ blow maybe rollin a joint who the hell knows with this guy. He’s so cavalier about his associations with nefarious characters like Ayers and Jeremiah Wright and of course his self admitted drug usage. I hope he has considered that some day his girls are gonna read his pre-mature auto biography and when he finds them with a needle stickin out of their eye they can say “what’s the problem dad? you did it.” That’s my otherness asshole Blow.

  • the crazy betty

    he sounds like mr. blow job. nice prissy lisp.

  • Anonymous

    Mitt Romney is an empty suit!
    I thought the article was a well researched and legitimate news piece.
    glenn beck hated the article because it was based on fact and didn’t mention his!
    These two concepts…
    1.  Using facts
    2.  Not mentioning little glenn are sinful in his arrogant mind!!!

    • SoThere

      Folks, please take note of strtlks vulgar posts and his sickness.  they let him out of the sanitarium a bit too soon.  Pity the little fool.  He is the vulgar face of the Liberal Progressives in this country.
      Save America. Vote Conservative.

    • NotSoFancyPants

      Whether you like him or not, Romney isn’t an empty suit. Do you even know what that means? And the article wasn’t well researched ~ it was a partisan hit piece put together by an intolerant lefty pseudo-journalist.  So of course you liked it.  No matter how ludicrous, ridiculous or void of facts or reason, if it slams the right, lefties are all on board. It’s really mental. Libs are mental defectives. And you’re at the head of line there, buddy.

    • Anonymous

      Stop strk! Its embarrassing! See what I mean folks? Just another narcissist!

    • Anonymous

      Interesting.  I don’t see how an article can be considered well researched and legitimate when EVERY actual fact on the planet proves that absolutely NO actual research was done for the article and flat out PROVES it to be illegitimate.  Just more of your delusions, strtlk.

  • Jan Schultz

    Is there one person in this country who says government is responsible for Henry Ford’s success? Yes there is and his name is Bob Beckel. He said as much on The Five yesterday. 

    • Anonymous

      Bob Beckel is the perfect example of the progressive who will do anything to defend progressive thought. Facts mean nothing to Beckel. Bob, even comes up with his own facts that the five never look into so they can dispute his emotional vomiting. I believe every progressive is a narcissist as was Hitler, Stahlin Mao and other notorious communist leaders. Watch Bob Closely and you will see a man who is a narcissist. Only his thoughts could possibly be right. He is above it all, and creates his own reality.

  • d.estra

    Charles Blow bends to his knees at his Messiah as do Obama’s other progressive sheep to blow him.  

  • Porphyry

    Well, it’s true that Romney supporters include a high proportion of latecomers who still aren’t big fans–but, yes, we support him because of this opponent’s works & words. As GB says, 

    “They see that as un-American. That doesn’t come from our racism. It comes from the background of Marxism in this President.”

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