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The quality of journalism produced by New York Times reporter Charles Blow can largely by described by his last name. Just to give you an idea, his recent work includes a gem about how Mitt Romney is not an actual person, but rather a robot without a heart.


Well, Blow is at it again, this time saying that Americans oppose Obama because of his ‘otherness.’

BLOW: Sununu is basically just tapping into this otherness idea that persists of Barack – about Barack Obama. If you look at the people who say that they are for Romney, they’re actually not for Romney at all. They’re just against Barack Obama.  And a large part of those people are, as Joy was saying, just bitter. They hate the idea of this guy.

Since the whole racism card didn’t work out too well for the left, it looks like they are now using the claim that people just hate the President’s ‘otherness’ – whatever that may be.

This morning on radio Glenn explained his personal opposition to the President has nothing to do with the color of his skin or bitterness, but it does have everything to do with Obama’s blatant disregard for American principles.

“He doesn’t think that America’s exceptional. I do. I don’t think our President has ever sought out – any other president has ever sought out Marxist professors, radical feminists, anti-colonialists ever before,” Glenn said.

Other than Woodrow Wilson, what president has ever referred to the Constitution in the way that Obama has:

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  That generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties, says what the states can’t do to you, says what the federal government can’t do to you, but it doesn’t say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf.

“Most Americans like the way, you know, the Constitution was written,” Glenn responded.

Maybe Americans aren’t big fans of President Obama because of his feelings about individualism and success. Remember the speech from last week when the President slammed business owners:

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  You got a business, that – you didn’t build that… Somebody else made that happen.

Who made that happen then, Mr. President? Was it the government roads and bridges and sewer systems?“I know we have got great sewer systems and I know that we have great roads and I – you know, somebody else invented the telephone, but I think I built my business. I think along with a lot of people who I employ and pay, I think I built my business. That is a big deal,” Glenn asserted.

Maybe Americans are frustrated with the President because they are all too familiar regulations and taxes that do not help their businesses, but hurt them.

“This is crazy,” Glenn said. “Anyone with half a brain knows better. The government doesn’t share the credit for our success because they built the roadways with our tax money. It’s ludicrous.”

“Mr. Blow, I mean you’re blowing chunks. I find it amazing that your name is Blow because it sounds – everything you’re saying sounds like you’re vomiting out things that you have no clue about,” Glenn concluded.

“And Americans don’t see that as otherness. They see that as Marxism. They see that as un-American. That doesn’t come from our racism. It comes from the background of Marxism in this President.”