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  • Charlie

    And where do we get one of these T-shirts?  I desperately wish we could afford to join you there but we’ll have to settle for watching on the iPad. Not the same…

  • Anonymous
  • JamieH

    I agree Charlie.. .love to join, but being a single mom on a limited income…alas..sigh… I get snippets where and when I can

  • Karen Old-Pope

    Thats the sign for Victory Mr. Beck! The hippies stole it and made it into the Peace Sign!

  • Karen Old-Pope

    Thats the sign for Victory Mr. Beck! The hippies stole it and made it into the Peace Sign!

  • Laurel Ann Rector

    Just bought tickets!!! No idea how we will get there!!! Praying hard for money the VA owes my husband and then will be all set, waiting 1 1/2 years now. Didn’t think we could go cause he was in motor cycle accident in Oct got blood clot, and then patela operation, now can finally walk with out brace after 9 months. And soon he will have his shoulder done, he has a great DR.  All his relatives live near Longview Texas and he hasn’t been there in a long time.  God has blessed our family so much this year!!! I know we will work it out. Any buses going from CT with room? I’m so excited!!! Is it cheaper to drive or fly? I love Glenn and all the great work he does.

  • Lillie Ozment

    I can’t afford this right now. We do have medical issues that takes all our money , along with he house bills and car bills. But we do TITHE and that goes to GOD, Not for our pleasures. I do want to say I miss your honesty and the information was so great and so deep and that’s to many ands .I love you Glen and wish you even more success. Lillie Ozment

  • Kinga Niski

    I love your show Glenn … You are THE only one who is saying things the way they are … Great work !!! God bless you !!!

    • Vivian Swett

      The hippies stole it and made it into the Peace Sign!

    • Steve P Makinson

      God has blessed Pastor Arnold Murry. God has allowed him to tell things the way they are… for more years then Glenn. God bless both of them !!!!!!!

  • Ron Conn

    garth brooks look alike.  wow. 

  • Tommie McCranie Hoechst

    just keep on keepin on-you are the sanity in the nuthouse-so keep shakin the tree and bringin more nuts to thier senses-blessings to all of you–stay safe-keep speaking

  • William John Neberieza

    Ahh. We need thieves for US. citizens. Get the Russian Blatnois back for another cool theft of 2 Billion in cash from the IRS. Gotta love it…

  • Kathryn Carmen-Nelson

    Before it was the peace sign it was the victory sign.

  • Mary June Ward

     Glen and also  to your wife and family,My son and I schedule everything around your programs. He went out and bought a Roku. Even when I was out of Town I couldn’t get
    home fast enough ‘ We watched everything from Israel, we felt we were right there and what a wonderful ,wonderful thing you’ve done and since then were praying for all the Jewish people and for all of Israel. Thanks to you for all the good work you’ve done.We pray for your good work ,It’s honest. We need you !!! 
    Don’t ever give up. Love & Prayers from Mary June Ward and James P’ Ward Jr.

  • jefferson smith

    Hey Glenn, some of us poor folks that followed you into the roku age are really missing fox news. Do you think you can come up with a gbtv replacement that would fill the void. I don’t mean just an hour. Until I turned Directv off, I watched fox from morning to night. I’m really missing the news dude. Please help us out here.

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