Code Pink, Westboro Baptist protesting Restoring Love

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Restoring Love promises to be an incredible event. 305 organizations in the Dallas area alone have signed up for the day of service. People are traveling from around the globe to stand up and stand together. It will truly be a phenomenal experience for all those involved.

With the events just one week away, Code Pink and the Westboro Baptist Church have decided to target the events. Apparently helping the homeless, bringing people together, and serving others is now controversial. While it is probably safe to say that the media will ignore Restoring Love, they might be tempted to cover the protesting.

“Here’s what’s going to happen. [The media] won’t cover it,” Glenn said. “They will cover maybe this: Code Pink is protesting. We found out yesterday that Code Pink has decided to target Restoring Love. What is it, Code Pink, that you don’t like? The feeding of the homeless? The rebuilding of churches? The reading, the talking, the spending time, the cleaning of wheelchairs at nursing homes? The helping to clean up inner city parks? Is that what you don’t like? What is it that you don’t like about service?”

“Westboro Baptist Church, what is it you’re protesting,” he continued. “Love? People coming together of all denominations? People coming together of all different walks of life, all different colors? What is it that you don’t like? What is it that you feel is so necessary to protest? People looking for a better way, people looking for the light?”

Restoring Love is the final event in the Restoring trilogy – and if you were in any way a part of Restoring Honor in 2010 or Restoring Courage last year, you know just how powerful these events can be.

“Code Pink is coming and also the Westboro Baptist Church. They have decided that they are going to protest. What? Protest what? Serving people? Loving people? Raising food for people that are hungry? Trying to bring people together of all different faiths? Talk about peace and love and harmony and how great America can be? If we just are good ourselves, we as a nation collectively will be great? Really,” Glenn asked. “You’re going to protest that? Bring it on. Go ahead, bring it on.”

More on this story can be found on The Blaze.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    As for Code Pink, they are probably protesting the Restoring Love for publicity and if anything does happen, for the sake of easy appearances on the evening news.

    Westboro Baptist Church is easy enough; just gereral insanity and hatered they have for the nation in their hidebound, tunnel blind outlook on the world. Hate, pettiness, scorn and anger are all they seem to understand now; for they fail to see in the judgment they proclaim to the world and specifically the nation is based on a perception of social justice.

    The claim of theirs – that God is slaying our soldiers for the crimes of the entire nation, and allegedly sending them to the devils realm for other peoples sins, IS SOCIAL JUSTICE of ‘all make it or no one does” by the individual punished for all the other peoples sins.

    Salvation is of the individual and between themselves and God in the end.

    May they open their eyes before the time all of us will stand in judgement, for good or bad, before the throne of God Himself.

    • landofaahs

      There is an interesting story with westboro group if someone wants to dig deep enough.

  • Anonymous

    Those groups would be nothing if not for the help of the government…  😉

  • nutt

    …I bet that out of everybody who claims to represent him, God has the *least* patience with the Westboro Mob. Seems like the only thing they don’t hate is ‘attention’.

    • Michelle Bustaman

      May they open their eyes before the time all of us will stand in judgement, for good or bad, before the throne of God Himself.

      • Anonymous

        Which god do you pray too?

  • Anonymous

    Code Pink is an anti-war group and they are going to protest a volunteering, service, and restoring love event? I wonder if they have ever heard of irony or stupidity?

    Speaking of Code Pink, our troops are still being sent into combat and dying now almost 4 years into Obama’s presidency, I have not seen any Code Pink rallies lately. Where is Cindy Sheehan?

    • Anonymous

      I think Code Pinks cover is anti-war group, I believe they are an Anti-America group bent on crushing America and replacing our system with communism. I believe the word they use is the same as George Sorros which is an open society. For anyone who is attacked by progressives you quickly realize that when they name something they mean the opposite. For example, Open Society means Dictatorship; Social Justice means Justice or No One except the dictators, Pro American means Anti American and so forth.

  • Virginia Simon

    The government has taken away our privilege to pray, say the Pledge of Allegience. They have taken God and his love out of the schools. How can our children know what is holsom and true when the government is so corrupt and foul. I believe if the above were once again restored our children would not grow up with so much hate inside. Look at the movies, the video games, etc.. What do you think is going on in a person’s mind when he sees shootings, murder and rape right in front of them. Where are their morals? What happened to innocence and virture? We live in a country that is out of control and we accept it. Protest all you want Westboro Baptist Church. Just where does God fall in your beliefs? Or has His words become foggy in your minds?

    • B D

      Your superstitious beliefs don’t belong in our public schools. That’s why they’re not allowed to be forced on others. Why can’t you understand that?

      • Anonymous

        There is nothing superstitious about God or His son, Jesus, who died for you.  The only problem here is your lack of faith to believe.

        • jay

          Definition of faith: believing in something without evidence. Consequently that is also the definition of gullibility.

  • Eric Hutchison

    Those are a couple of SICK organizations.

  • Anonymous

    You are right Glenn, NOONE  in America but you can save America, you are just so grand. Shall we stat building statues of you now?

    • Debbie Allison Schreiber

       dotj .. you have the players mixed up … try doing that with the marxist … the commie and chief … the one who takes credit for all good things… and blames bad things on everyone else.  you may not like Mr. Beck … but he is doing more good in this country than any politician or blowhard …like yourself.  We will be in Dallas … doing the Lord’s work … taking care of those that need help … ohh .. what will you being doing to help to human condition … other that spilling evil and hateful slogans ..come out an help … then you can be a constructive human being .. concerned with their fellow man ..

    • Anonymous

      You didn’t listen to the video did you, spoken like a true progressive narcissist. Glenn gave all the credit to Americans who did the work. He gave no credit to himelf. Can you be any more obtuse.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn you truly are a blessing to our nation. Thank you for bring all folks together from all denominations to do the work of our Lord and Savior. You seem to be able to help refocus our efforts and see the good in all people, faiths and denominations; if we can simply be pointed in the right direction. There are sooooooooooooooo many good people out there that do good because they know it is right. These folks love you for helping to direct the work and help those in need. When code pink or others rear their ugly heads they can be likened to Judas when Christ said that who ever breaks bread and dips his bread with mine is the one who betrayed me. Those who are posers are pretending to do good, they are hiding what they really represent, but they come out and show themselves when events are being organized to give people strength and hope. They are protesting you in order to stop you from bringing those that are good and wholesome back together again in faith. They realize they are so close to completely destroying America, and now they can see that they will have to face the legions of Americans who follow our Savior, if they once again can pull together for the common good.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, here’s the answer to the “why would they do that?”:

    “When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.” Proverbs 21:15 ESV.

    That’s pretty powerful!  To do good brings terror to evildoers…

  • Anonymous

    They tried to intimidate us at DC with  ” the Panthers are going to show up”
    and nothing happened except a small group of four walked in single line through
    our crowd. The Americans involved are part of America, the foreigners are invaders
    looking for fun at our expense. God is watching these instigators and they will
    pay for the crimes of treason they have and will commit. They are waiting for
    someone else to throw the first punch so they can claim the victim image and
    Americans won’t let them. They are not the oppressed they are in self full filling
    destruction. Wake up and enjoy your life, stop teaching hate to generations.  I would be at Dallas if I had the money,
    unafraid and open hearted.

  • Lioness

    This country is under attack by old crusty socialists who want nothing more than to prove that people are incapable of helping each other with out the aid of the federal government. Show them we are capable of taking care of our selves, show them that socialism is dead. Code Pink? I never liked that color very much. Restore some love already!

  • Anonymous

    Hardly surprised that the WBC and Code Pink would protest. Code Pink are a bunch of rotten, commie pinkos and WBC only know how to hate. To them God is not Love, but Hate. And He Hates America.

  • Soulphoenix

    Any word on if the Cylons are protesting, too? Humans helping other humans has to drive them berzerk.

  • Anonymous

    They are protesting the messenger, not the message. In other words, they are not protesting the Bible, but the devil quoting from it.

    • sparducks

      blah. blah.

    • Anonymous

      You would be the only aeolist defending Westboro baptist church… big suprise, you are a sorry example of a human being!!!

      Even your friends at huffington called it Pathetic, disgusting, deplorable, heinous…

  • Jim Profit

    I’ve got friends in both Westboro Baptist Church and Code Pink. Though even I have never been so bold as to try and put them in the same room. That’ll definitely be an interesting event to attend.

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