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Restoring Love promises to be an incredible event. 305 organizations in the Dallas area alone have signed up for the day of service. People are traveling from around the globe to stand up and stand together. It will truly be a phenomenal experience for all those involved.

With the events just one week away, Code Pink and the Westboro Baptist Church have decided to target the events. Apparently helping the homeless, bringing people together, and serving others is now controversial. While it is probably safe to say that the media will ignore Restoring Love, they might be tempted to cover the protesting.

“Here’s what’s going to happen. [The media] won’t cover it,” Glenn said. “They will cover maybe this: Code Pink is protesting. We found out yesterday that Code Pink has decided to target Restoring Love. What is it, Code Pink, that you don’t like? The feeding of the homeless? The rebuilding of churches? The reading, the talking, the spending time, the cleaning of wheelchairs at nursing homes? The helping to clean up inner city parks? Is that what you don’t like? What is it that you don’t like about service?”

“Westboro Baptist Church, what is it you’re protesting,” he continued. “Love? People coming together of all denominations? People coming together of all different walks of life, all different colors? What is it that you don’t like? What is it that you feel is so necessary to protest? People looking for a better way, people looking for the light?”

Restoring Love is the final event in the Restoring trilogy – and if you were in any way a part of Restoring Honor in 2010 or Restoring Courage last year, you know just how powerful these events can be.

“Code Pink is coming and also the Westboro Baptist Church. They have decided that they are going to protest. What? Protest what? Serving people? Loving people? Raising food for people that are hungry? Trying to bring people together of all different faiths? Talk about peace and love and harmony and how great America can be? If we just are good ourselves, we as a nation collectively will be great? Really,” Glenn asked. “You’re going to protest that? Bring it on. Go ahead, bring it on.”

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