FREE Download: Refuting dumb arguments about guns

In light of all the reactionary (though hardly original) arguments being made in favor of more gun control we decided to post this chapter from Glenn’s book ARGUING WITH IDIOTS as a free download. Written in conjunction with Alan Gura, the attorney who won the landmark Heller case (the D.C. gun ban) in front of the Supreme Court, this chapter refutes pretty much every dumb argument you’ve heard lately about guns.

  • Willamette Valley Hops

    Thank you Glenn!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Thank you for the download; have sent the web address for this page to my friends. Also to tweek the chains of the local Communist party USA dingbats I have to deal with, I sent the link to them as well, with a message of “2nd amendment explained. Read the chapter, it takes guts to read the chapter.”

    The howling from them should be very enjoyable.

  • Anonymous

    Nice use of a tragedy to plug and sell a few more copies of your book.  Yes, Yes I know thats free market enterprise. c’mon though really! shame on you

    • sparducks

      Filthy maggots like yourself always try to make some sort of moral attack on those they disagree with. And in a case like this it makes you even more of a repulsive insect. You just couldn’t wait to jump on this band wagon. I can see it now ; you sitting there at your computer panting frantically(oohah hahhhhah ooohah hahaaaa) all day waiting for beck to post something just like this so you can jump all over it to make yourself look clever. You are so fn transparent even though you think your fooling someone. I think this is a rather appropriate time for beck to plug a book like this. The argument needs to be made before Americans make a huge mistake and give up their rights for security. The second amendment is the bulwark of our liberties. It is the bane of tyrants in hiding, like this current tyrant in office. Now kindly reconsider your stupid opinion and arm yourself for your own sake and those around you or go get coited.

      • Anonymous

        I’m a proud card carrying member of the NRA, I don’t own a gun anymore, personal reasons, I support the 2nd Amendment and would fight to protect it.  I just think this post is grossy inappropriate.  I believe Mr Beck said in his response to the shooting, lets see who politicizes it first, and then he jumps on the band wagon.

        Profittering from tragedy is wrong and immoral and Mr Beck should know better. 

        • Anonymous

          “PERCEPTION” is the single variable which precludes RATIONAL thought” – I’m guessing it wasn’t ‘profit motivated,’ rather to INFORM folks who either have the book and skipped over the chapter, or didn’t know the information it contains and is actually valid – such as myself – Was interesting to ‘learn’ WHY cops cannot be sued for NOT ‘protecting.’ – The ‘people’ are NOT PART of the (Corp’s 1871/74)Constitutional  ‘interest…’ according to the SCOTUS – WHY? Perhaps if one were to spend more time knowing who “YOU” ‘are’ (legal fiction when you ACT in that capacity which ‘they’ falsely PRESUME you are…) you’d be a better ‘armed’ non-gun-toting NRA card-carrying member? The best DEFENSE is a good offense – or forewarned is forearmed – deductive rational reasoning – Knowledge is Power — Many non-media ‘glorified’ Wonka Chocolate Factory owners out there simply by being knowledgeable that YOU ‘are’ Charlie, and hold the ‘golden ticket…’ using it ‘when needed’ for ‘protection against unlawful (as opposed to illegal)  ‘trespass.’ English and reading comprehension are ‘funny’ things… 😉 It ain’t politics –and it ain’t about $;  it’s sharing principle.

        • Anonymous

          Well, being that it was free, & actually pertains to the subject at hand, it seems you are stretching to call it jumping on the band wagon. I downloaded it and never was prompted or invited to purchase the book.

        • sparducks

          Poppycock. Glenn has an audience and a fan base. His product is to talk about current events, okay? Current events. It would be dereliction of duty if he didn’t comment on this. If just a few of those folks were armed that vermin may not have been so successful in his satanic rampage. But you liberals would have everyone unarmed.
            Now you say your’e a card carrying NRA member with no guns. Makes no sense. Unless you were convicted of a felony. If your claims are true you might want to reconsider how you post coments on a conservative blog site. Otherwise you will be considered a commie. which you probably are. We’ve all seen your kind for years. As far as your last statement that kind of sums it all up. That’s the key that exposes you for who you are. As if Beck is gonna make a bundle on this one post. This is the second day of this post with only 15 comments. Yeah dude they’re just flocking here in droves to buy his book cause of this one post. I doubt they’ll be able to print enough books to keep up with the demand. Commie.

          • Anonymous

            “Now you say your’e a card carrying NRA member with no guns. Makes no sense. Unless you were convicted of a felony.”  

            Actually I have Parkinsons Disease so its not really practical or safe for me to own a gun anymore.

            ” If your claims are true you might want to reconsider how you post coments on a conservative blog site. Otherwise you will be considered a commie.”

            I have to use the right words to post here? How is that American.

    • Grendel007

      Is that any different than gun control advocates using every gun death as a political point? I think not

      • Anonymous

        No, but does that make it ok or different.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • landofaahs

      What is really disgusting is the liberals who use events like this to advance an agenda of taking more rights away from citizens.  Liberals are the enemy of freedom in every concern. Their object is to dominate and controle citizens through a tyrannical federal govt.  The liberals or progressives deserve to be treated with utter disdain by the good citizens who actually believe in everyone having both rights and RESPONSIBILITIES.  Go pound sand you midget minded little libtard.

  • sparducks

    As tragic as it is this massacre pales in comparison to the death toll in UNARMED Europe during the early part of the 20th century. Why is this point never made when these pundits pontificate from on high about why I shouldn’t be armed? Is it that the human mind cannot wrap itself around the enormity of mass murder that took place there and in Asia. A man has the right to defend his life and that of his neighbor. If the American citizens were disarmed today to make everyone feel safer because of this event and other events like it and the government became hostile to citizens and started rounding up and hauling off those they deemed dangerous, would America really be safer? In history those kind of events resulted in the mass murders of millions. Even during the back and forth power struggles in the Baltics resulted in mass murder street vengeance and vendettas. It happened everywhere. Except the US. Good fences make good neighbors. Especially if that fence is has an armed man behind it.

    • Eloise Barraza

      Yes I know thats free market enterprise. c’mon though really! shame on you.

      • Anonymous

        No Eloise. Shame on you for stealing my post.  write your own responses.

    • Angela Willis Poole

      Awesome comment.  Can I post it on my Facebook page?  

      • sparducks


  • landofaahs

    When politicians don’t need armed guards for protection, then maybe I’ll listen to the nonsense of gun control.  Until then, I will continue to believe that erasers do not cause written mistakes, that forks do not cause obesity and that guns do not cause crime, but that liberals do cause problems.

  • Sharmane

    I lay these kinds of horrific incidents right at the door of liberals and their fanatical gun banning agenda.   We will always have wackos around us intent on doing evil.  We have made it much easier for them to carry out their deranged plans by creating vast areas of “gun free zones.”   these zones actually are crime spree zones.  If there had been some other people that were armed in the theater there may have been a different outcome, with less destruction.  The same can be said for gun free schools, parks, stores.  They just create opportunities for the perps.   I often wonder how four planes were taken down on 9/11 by men wielding box cutters.  Yet, I know the answer is they were emboldened knowing those on the planes would be neutered and defenseless.  The cities that have the most stringent gun control laws have the most violent crime, yet those in charge of those cities have armed guards at our expense and they want the rest of us to remain victims.  It is a crime what we have allowed these people to do to our country and they need to be ejected from office. Remember, governments historically have disarmed their citizens before committing mass murder on their own citizens – Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and the rest of the rotten thugs.

  • Anonymous

    I read the chapter, its said exactly what I thought it would say, nothing new.  Yes, guns are part of our American story.  It’s in our constitution.  Its is and should be a protected right for all american.  Here is a question that Glenn didn’t answer in his book.  

    To bear Arms.  its is a widely open term as to what is and isn’t concerned Arms or armament into today weaponry .  Why are some arms banned, and no one campaigns to lift them.  Why can’t I own grenades, land mines, missiles, armory piercing rounds, explosive rounds, missiles or chemical weapons.Shouldn’t they all be legal?BTW this isn’t an argument, its a question.

    • sparducks

      Dude you just exposed yourself. You are not a NRA member. You are a freaking commie and a liar.

      • Anonymous

        Its amazes me that if YOU Sparducks are a true American conservative or constitutionalist that you would berate me for asking questions because they aren’t in the correct “conservative” lingo and call me a communist.

        • sparducks

          Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. As a man thinketh so is he. If you are an nra member you won’t have any questions about what guns you should be able to own. All guns and as many as you wan’t. Now if you have parkinsons you can still own guns. You don’t have to shoot them but you could own them and if SHTF I could come over get you and your guns and protect both of us. I’d rather you with parkinsons at least get a couple of shots off at an assailant before he got you. Most cowards run when they hear the report of a firearm. But if you really care  about america you will never come off on the side of the feds when it comes to the second ammendment. Let the states figure out whats legal and what isnt.
          Now I suspect this is going in one eyeball and out the other, but if perhaps you have on your thinking cap look at all of the nations that have embraced a big central government it always ends in the rounding up of innocent people and the wholesale murder of minorities and dissidents. And don’t think to say western europe is a socialist success. The USA is the reason tyrants havent emerged there. If we fall France is toast maybe Germany for sure Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. And the baltics. And what about the pacific rim? This is avery dangerous world right now. An armed America is essential for world freedom. I challenge anyone to say that it isn’t.

          • Anonymous

            Mr. Sparducks.  you are so focused and angry that you failing to see that i’m not arguing against anything that you are saying.  I’m just asking the question, not on the side of the feds, but as a question to like minded folks on this site.

            A buddy of mine said that “explosives” aren’t covered in the 2nd amendment, therefore can be made illegal to the public.  I disagreed that i believe how and when it was written that it means any Arms, as in the same as the military.  Tractor and a shotgun isn’t going to stop an apache helicopter.

            Thats my question does it and should it mean the right to own and all weapons however and whatever they are and do.  If not, does adding any exception from this undermine the history and value of the 2nd Amendment.

            Its a tough question I know and one that me and my buddy talk about all the time.

          • sparducks

            Look pal. your original post was to poke your finger in becks eye. It’s hard now to tell if your sincere. If your gonna deride the host of the show, you gonna get splattered. So don’t go cryin’ foul. Now as far as what weapons we should be  aloud to have, I say yeah up to an apache helicopter.At least. The queston relly isn’t what eopons we should be able to possess. It is the fact that we have the right to arms. to self defence against tyrants. Its so horrible to watch old films of europeans shooting thir neighbors in the back of the head, and kicking them into a ditch. Go on youtube and watch KATYN and rport back here. Bazookas are not off the table.And the state, like say Texas, should be able to regulate that. Now there is no way for you to verify your position because you kinda lost credibility with your first and subseqent posts.

    • Greg Williams

      The 2nd Amendment clearly states “A well regulated militia, being
      necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep
      and bear arms shall not be infringed.”   That last phrase… “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, is pretty clear.  Any law restricting our right to keep and bear arms is a violation of this.   So all laws against open carry, concealed carry (we shouldn’t need permits), and what we can own, are laws that “infringe” on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.  Arms is a term used to identify any weapon.  So even laws against knives infringe on this RIGHT.  What we have allowed to happen is, we let 9 people in black robes, not do their duty.  We gave them life-time appointments and they took oaths to uphold our constitution, yet we let them bring their “personal” opinions and political bias into the decision process, totally subverting one of the checks and balances of our republic.

  • R JP

    The American firearms industry has been experiencing steady growth for the past several years.  Factories are back ordered and new hires are the order of the day.   Will any politican take credit for this?  hmmmm

    but that’s just me, hollering from the choir loft…

  • Greg Williams

    OMG!!!,  I just noticed that the 2nd Amendment Quote in the book is WRONG!!!  The 2nd Amendment as ratified by the States only has TWO commas in it.  The quote is:
    “A well regulated militia, being
    necessary to the security of a free state,
    the right of the people to keep
    and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

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