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Tens of thousands of volunteers will come together this Friday in Dallas for Restoring Love’s day of service. As this day approaches, Glenn wanted to share some of the amazing stories of faith, hope and charity he has heard the last few months.

“With all of the bad news that is happening in the world, let me give you a couple of stories,” he told his radio audience.

Billy Harris and his wife live in the Fort Worth/Dallas area in a home that was built during the Depression era, Glenn explained. Bill has to use a cane in order to walk and has had health problems for several years. His wife has some several health concerns herself – cancer, for one, which recently took her foot. As a result she is going to be stuck in a wheelchair for quite some time. She’s currently recovering from the amputation in the hospital.

A few months ago someone reached out to Glenn and told him about the Harris’ situation. Their home is falling into disrepair and in desperate need of a paint job. This is one of the homes where volunteers will be on Friday.

Glenn explained the there are contractors volunteering their time from all across the country to join the day of service this week. When they went to the Harris’ home last weekend and realized just how bad of shape it was in.

“When she comes home, there’s no way that she could even get into the house because she’s in a wheelchair. She’s having her foot removed. The contractors decided she couldn’t come home to a house that’s in this condition” Glenn explained.

The home currently has five steps at the entrance that the husband, who is sick himself, would have to drag her up. The contractors are going to build them a ramp. They’re repairing and replacing all of the windows.

The Harris’ house is just one example of the service projects taking place on Friday. Today, while contractors were power washing one of the homes so it will be ready to get painted on Friday there was a poor couple who lived in one of the homes. They told the contractors they had been praying all week for the people coming to work on the day of service.

The couple wanted to give back somehow and knew they needed to tithe, but they don’t have any money. All they had in their pantry was rice and beans. They took 10% of their rice and beans and they brought it down to a homeless shelter and donated it to those who are less fortunate than they are.

“Blessings are coming.  Miracles are going to happen.  And you will see and feel things.  If you were here for Washington when we went and did Restoring Honor, if you were with us, one of the lucky few to be able to come with us in Jerusalem, I have to tell ya I think that’s going to be child’s play.”