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Would you like to be a part of the change Glenn will be bringing to “Restoring Love” this week? In the next five minutes, you can help us change the World, by becoming part of the largest simultaneous message of faith ever delivered on social media! Please read on to learn how…

Over the past two years, Glenn has traveled the world promoting messages of faith, freedom, honor and love. This Saturday, he’s brings the global movement for good to Dallas, Texas with Restoring Love. This series of events concludes with an epic show LIVE from Dallas Cowboys Stadium, featuring a host of musical performances and an empowering speech by Glenn himself.

While Restoring Love is going to be a GREAT show, it’s more than just a one-day event. Restoring Love launches the next step in this global movement – it’s going to take action. Earlier this summer, Glenn gave you four things that you could do to play a role: Commit, Activate, Live it, and Create.

In order to do these we have to be able to get our message out without using the mainstream media. But how do you spread a message and spark a movement without help for the media? Easy. Twitter!

To get the word out about Restoring Love, and encourage others to join the movement, we’re delivering a message by Thunderclap. Thunderclap is a new tool for Facebook and Twitter that provides groups of people who all support a cause the ability to tweet and post a message on Facebook simultaneously in order to reach a potentially massive audience. (Learn more here.)

We need your help in order to help spread this message. Here’s how it works:

1. Go HERE and click “Join this Thunderclap.”
2. After joining, you will be prompted to share the Thunderclap campaign on Twitter and/or Facebook.
3. At 11am ET on Saturday, July 28th, together with thousands of others across Facebook and Twitter, you will automatically send out this message:

“#RestoringLove is the next step in the movement of peace and freedom. Be a part of history and help restore America.

It’s important to know that we’ve worked very carefully with Thunderclap to protect your privacy. None of the information from your social media accounts will be redistributed or sold.

We need 500 people to join the Restoring Love Thunderclap by Saturday at 7:00am in order to share the message of Restoring Love with the masses.

Please join today and help Glenn get the message of Restoring Love to even more Americans.

Spreading the message of Restoring Love doesn’t end there. Make sure search for the #RestoringLove on Twitter to get all the latest news on the ground, behind the scenes photos and exclusive Restoring Love footage from us. Plus, using #RestoringLove will allow you to engage with people attending and watching Restoring Love, and share the messages from the speakers, the music, and other inspiring events you see while at or watching Restoring Love.

New to Twitter? Learn the basics HERE.

  • WhySoAngryGovernmentDouchebags

    restore democracy first after the coup, no one loves tyranny

    • Anonymous

      Please! no Democracy !  Back to the Republic and power to each state & limited federal Government

      • FedsMadeSarahPalinClick4Proof

        shut up

        • Anonymous

           I don’t think my friend above need to shut anything. The United States is and always have been a democratic Republic.

          Look to Egypt find what democracy aka mob rule get you. A democracy is always doom to fail.

          Read some history then our constitution and educate yourself.

          • Click4MediaBlackoutExposed

            Everyone knows about electoral college big brother, what they don’t know is how desperate you’ve become to divert attention from the White House now that the truth has leaked out about the coup, cover up, and police state

  • Fox Haven Farm

    trying hard to join the thunderclap but keep getting error messages.  Some kind of computer/internet/FB glitch or planned by someone?

    • Eloise Barraza

      This series of events concludes with an epic show LIVE from Dallas Cowboys Stadium,

    • Anonymous

      Maybe too many are trying all at once. 

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