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After his show Monday night, Glenn and a few of his loyal staff members drove to the outskirts of Dallas to a recording studio where they joined some of Restoring Love’s very special guests: composer Cylde Bowden and the orchestra that will be performing during the keynote speech! It was the first time that many had heard Glenn’s speech performed as it will be on Saturday – underscored with some incredible orchestral music. While we can’t divulge too much about what was said in the speech, it was clear from the beginning that the event on Saturday would be something far different than anything Glenn and his team had ever done before. While past events featured traditional speeches, Restoring Love will be something much bigger and much more powerful.

For those who have followed Glenn for years, either as fans or as coworkers, it’s undeniable that this speech will represent the next step not just for Glenn – but forGBTV (soon to be known as TheBlaze) and for his loyal audience. It is shaping up to be an unbelievably inspirational, uplifting, and fun (yes, we said fun) event.

Stay tuned for more photos, videos, and behind the scenes action all week!

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