Spoilers: ‘Dark Knight Rises’ plot shares scary similarities with old Glenn Beck monologues

Have you seen the Dark Knight Rises yet? If so, feel free to continue reading. If you’ve missed it – stop reading this right now, bookmark the page, buy yourself a ticket, go see it, be amazed, and then come back and read this.

One last time: This article contains spoilers for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’…do not continue if you haven’t seen the movie….

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Ok, now for those of you who have seen the movie and are big Glenn fans, you may have noticed some scenes that could have been pulled from old ‘Glenn Beck’ shows where he was warning about the dangers of the ‘Occupy’ movement. And while Glenn certainly doesn’t think the screenwriters were ripping off his ideas, they certainly seemed to understand the dangers of a socialist movement that turns violent (which history shows they usually do).

“I went and I watched Batman and I have to tell you, I would like a royalty check, please.  Because if it’s not almost every monologue we’ve done in the last three years.  I mean, these guys have ‑‑ whoever wrote this movie has either really ‑‑ really knows what’s going on in the world and sees the world a similar way, or they have read The Coming Insurrection.  Because everything that I say is coming is happening in this movie except it’s, you know, done with a guy with a mask in a bat outfit,” Glenn said.

For example, in the movie the villain, Bane, targeted the rich and the wealthy of Gotham City with rhetoric similar to that of the Occupy Wall Street movement. He continuously refers to them as corrupt liars who are oppressing normal citizens, and in several pivotal scenes escalated that rhetoric to violence.

Early in the film, Bane and his band of mercenaries target the Gotham Stock Exchange (with portions filmed on Wall Street), and brutally assault a trader on the floor while accusing the finance workers as being the real criminals.

GPD Special Operative: This is a stock exchange. There’s no money for you to steal.

Bane: Then what are you people doing here?

Even Catwoman, who wavers back and forth between hero and villain over the course of the film, delivers lines that could have been lifted from the Occupy talking points. At a fundraiser, she tells Bruce Wayne/Batman: “You think this can last? There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.”

But it’s when the violence really ramps up halfway through the film that a moviegoer could see scenes literally lifted from Glenn’s head. As the movie gets closer to it’s final act, Bane traps the police underground, breaks open the cities prisons, and orders the citizens of Gotham to take control of their city. The rich are dragged out of their homes – the exteriors of which appear to be from affluent New York City neighborhoods – and are killed in the street or taken before kangaroo courts where they have already been found guilty. Bodies are hung in the streets as warnings not to oppose the revolution. The police are called corrupt and the prisons are emptied. The top comes down, the bottom rises up, and everything is turned inside out. The system collapses, and something sinister rises in its place.  It’s as if the Occupy philosophy were violently forced into reality, with the wealthy and influential forced into hiding as Bane and his goons enforce their own version of order.

And there is one man who saw that as a possible violent phase of the “Occupy” movement.

“Capitalists, if you think that you can play footsies with these people, you’re wrong.  They will come for you and drag you into the streets and kill you.  They will do it.  They’re not messing around,” Glenn said back in October. ” If you’re wealthy, they will kill you for what you have.”

“Once you start going for hate ‑‑ and this is what Marxists always do.  They always pit people against each other classes,” he said.

At the time, Glenn compared the rising Occupy movement, and its philosophy of class warfare, with other movements with Marxist influence such as the French Revolution, the Soviet Union, and Mao.

The filmmakers of Dark Knight Rises have even said that the class warfare themes were heavily influenced by A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens’s novel on the French Revolution. And while the ideas started to form before the “Occupy” movement, the impact those themes have today are clearly heightened due to the events of the past year.

Dark Knight screenwriter Jonathan Nolan wrote:

“Chris and David [Goyer] started developing the story in 2008 right after the second film came out,” he says. “Before the recession. Before Occupy Wall Street or any of that. Rather than being influenced by that, I was looking to old good books and good movies. Good literature for inspiration… What I always felt like we needed to do in a third film was, for lack of a better term, go there. All of these films have threatened to turn Gotham inside out and to collapse it on itself. None of them have actually achieved that until this film. ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ was, to me, one of the most harrowing portrait of a relatable, recognizable civilization that completely folded to pieces with the terrors in Paris in France in that period. It’s hard to imagine that things can go that badly wrong.”

Who was it that wanted to turn things inside out? This guy:

Top down. Bottom up. Inside out. That was Van Jones’s strategy.

But Glenn predicts that were the events of ‘Dark Knight Rises’ to actually happen in America, it would be Jones playing the role of Bane.

“But there’s a point where (Bane) gives the Van Jones speech that we’ve talked about a million times. He talks about oppression. And they have taken this land. Bane’s not for America. He’s not for Gotham. He’s saying, ‘They’ve taken this great city and they have ‑‑ and they’ve turned it into a land of oppression, and I’m going to free you. And this is a symbol of the oppression,’ and he points, and behind him is the prison. It’s like Guantanamo basically. It’s all prisons,” Glenn said.

“Van Jones, I’m telling you Van Jones will be the guy that gives the Bane speech. He will. If allowed, he will give the Bane speech in front of a prison, and he’ll open up the gates. And he’ll say, ‘These guys, they were oppressed. Let them be free. You’re free. The city is about to be yours again.’ And he opens them up,” Glenn said.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Based on what I know of the history of the French Revolution, especially those books written in the time or just after “The Terrors” I find it plausible the authors of the film used “A Tale of Two Cities,” as their basis for the uprising and such in their film of the “Dark Knight.”

    Van Jones would love nothing more than to see a socialist revolution commence; with the full bringing of chaos, blood and death to the streets, then he could step in as a peacemaker and secure himself a position for futue high political office.

    Socialist Revolutions often are a tidal wave of mob chaos and action; they are a dynamic force in and of itself after a certain balancing point has been crossed; then all that the real leaders behind the revolution need to do, is ensure they can nudge the mass in the direction they wish it to go.

    What Van Jones is doing is positioning himself to exploit any chaos that erupts under Obama, so he will continue to advance the progressive agenda. He will use the similiar scene, given a chance and a reason, such as Glenn describes before the prison in the movie, for his own advantage if it comes.

    This is the saying of Socialist/Marxist Revolutionaries:

    When the opportunity comes to further the cause, exploit it in full; if the opportunity does not come, then fabricate one and exploit the chaos to follow.

    I give this warning right now for the future; Obama and the progressives (Reid, Pelosi, Hillary, etc) are the current danger, yet in the near future, of eight to twelve years, watch for old Van Jones to come onto the scene.

  • w. Parker

    I take a different approach – i look at hollywood today as the liberal right hand of Marxism.  The liberal side of hollywood, its sex and violence, coincides with the current liberal/socialist movement which began in the early 60’s.  In the early 60’s, a married couple on TV could not be shown to sleep in the same bed and there were no visuals of hacking people to pieces.  The degree of violence was basically left to people’s imagination and not shown.  For a man to lay on top of a woman in bed was completely unheard of and would have caused a riot from clergy and an uprising from citizens.  Almost EVERY TV show (which children have access) and hollywood film has some degree of sex, much of which is perversion, and violence, much of which leaves little to the imagination.  It has corrupted society – plain and simple, and couple that with the many who are on medication, and it is a recipe for disaster

    • Anonymous

      Its not Hollywood writing the stories, its the box office that writes the script. Whatever sells gets made and Republicans love sex and violence. Its called Capitalism. Glen wants to stifle all intellectual freedom and hire lawyers to file frivolous lawsuits, meanwhile Mitt made billions selling porn and ‘hollywood’ at his hotels for 10 bucks a pop. 

      • Anonymous

        Glenn is spelled with two n’s. If you say Mitt made billions off of porn then you must have been buying it. You filthy liberal perv. Get your information straight before you spat out useless lies. You are trying to stifle intellectual freedoms. Get a life you idiot.

      • w. Parker

        Thanks for your response, as it appears you are a classic example of “desensitization” or should i say, a “brainwashed Rag” (all innocence, goodness, religous belief, respect for others, etc was drained from you like ringing out water from a wet rag).  You’ve stood in too many long lines at the box office drooling to see the most perverted and gory flicks you could find.  You couldn’t choose which of the 3 hollywood films were your favorite: (1.Jane ate my ear, 2. John loves Johnny, and 3. Jesus was a communist).  Your marxist drool of a post is nothing more than a Projection from your own dark, twisted, psychotic mind.  Why do you choose to visit a conservative site anyway? or, are you just lost in your medicated state of haze or starved for attention.  Whatever the case, why don’t you crawl or slither your ass out

        • Anonymous

          what he said is true, or at least these parts “Its not Hollywood writing the stories, its the box office that writes the script. Whatever sells gets made”   “Its called Capitalism.” the rest of it was just to agitate you and you were clearly more than willing to take the bait.

          • w. Parker

            Hey, i enjoyed the engagement with him. I even thanked him for his response – It was a “rush”.  Technically you’re right, but it is the leftist in hollywood who are “using” our Capitalistic system for their own selfish benefits/greed. As far as what sells – then take the deranged people off the streets who are too weak to be adversely influenced by sex or violence on the screen. Half of society is on some type medication. Finally, what if people wanted to see xxx, if it would sell, which is a billion dollar a year industry, do we show it at the theatre? Although we are a capitalistic society, can’t we also expect that there be some check and balance on general morality within our system too? I wouldn’t want my son or daughter looking at an open skull anymore than them viewing others making love on screen

          • Anonymous

            PG and G movies exist for a reason.

        • The Wolf –

          Do you know what analingus is? That is where one sexual partner pleasures the other by using their tongue and mouth on the anus and anal region of the other partner. They may flick the tongue around the rim of the sphincter, hence the term “rimming” or “rimjob.” They can flick the tongue in and out of the anus or use their fingers to penetrate the other partner.

          I’m telling you this for three reasons. 1. I think my description of analingus has significantly more substance than your comment. 2. I hope it offends you because you clearly have very strict moral and religious standards and you don’t like to be offended, and I think that will be funny. 3. I think you should try it because you’re clearly uptight and stressed if you go off on somebody on the internet like that.

          Your religion is outdated and your morality is twisted. Conservatives approve of boiling women and children at Amiriyah but condemn a movie that shows it. It’s absurd and it will die with the generation that still clings to it.
          By the way, “can’t we also expect that there be some check and balance on general morality within our system too?” doesn’t sit with conservative ideals, at least not the idea of a free market. You literally sound like a liberal here, except liberal morality favors equality and yours favors some sort of Politically Correct, inoffensive banality where sex and violence are banned by big government.

          • w. Parker

            You sound as if you’re an expert at anuses, probably because your head is presently up your behind.  You obviously have a fetish toward the anus, which i find amusing.  Are you also a homosexual? Actualy, your comments don’t offend me. I enjoy exposing or causing freaks to expose themselves. You are merely a freak coming to the defense of another freak.  You, a heathen who worships the anus tells me my morality is twisted???Lol…Your comment  “It’s absurd and it will die with the generation that still clings to it”.  Is that supposed to be a threat?  You demean conservatives in one sentence and the next speak of conservative ideals – who’s twisted?  Let’s see, i’m a liberal because i think big government should ban sex and violence? What i stand for is this: 1.explicit sex and violence should be banned from public theatres, because it can influence the wrong people in the wrong way, as it has obviously adversly effected you (anal worship), 2. If you want to watch such filth, then rent or order such to watch in the privacy of your home (or, in your case, Den with the other heathen animals) 3. reinact laws that were once in force the first half of the 20th century and clear the streets of violent and deranged people, such as yourself, so that other, sane people’s rights are not in jeopardy because of a few freaks as yourself.  I’m a Christian and it is not outdated as much as your kind would attempt to outdate it.  Christianity is here to stay, get used to it or move to a jungle where other animals live who sniff, touch,lick and worship – an anus, mr wolfie – bow-wow…”liberal morality”, mr wolfie, “morality” is a alien term to a liberal, as you set another example of this 

          • w. Parker

            “Conservatives approve of boiling women and children at Amiriyah”?   The Pentagon targeted Amiriyah because it fit the profile of a military command center; it picked up electronic signals coming from the site, and spy satellites could see a lot of people and vehicles moving in and out of the bunker at Amiriyah…It wasn’t conservatives who boiled these people, it was the fault of a madman, Sadam, who cloaked the bunker making it look as if it were a military command center.  You maniacs over there do these things so you freaks can use it as propaganda against americans.  It happens all the time

      • Anonymous

         this makes little sense

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Marks/1266358046 Paul Marks

        Oh dear – you are unable to understand. Glenn does not really want a cheque – it is a form of language intended to show how some of the themes of the film are things he has been warning about for years.

        As for your claim that Mitt Romney has made “billions” from porn – alas he has not made “billions” from anything (he is not a billionaire – unlike some of Mr Obama’s supporters).

        “Whatever sells gets made” – sadly not true, even back in the 1930s leftists in Hollywood often blocked scripts that were against their socialist beliefs, even when they privately admitted that some of the scripts would have done very well at the box office. That is why this film is unusual.

      • Laura Thompson

              I take my earlier comment back about preaching to the choir. Uh hem…  Capitalism is not sex and violence.  Capitalism is making a profit from goods or services. Can capitalism be used for bad? Indeed it can. In order for a nation to prosper from capitalism, we need a virtuous people, Who other than Hollywood has done more to destroy that virtue?
             Can Government, anarchy, demagoguery, dictators, communism, fascism and all other forms of govt be used for bad? All the time and more so than capitalism.  Our Founders understood the nature of man “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God * and thus designed the nature of our Constitution and the free enterprise system accordingly, with checks and balances. Capitalism was a part of their plan along with ownership and private property. You work hard for an idea, a product you’ve designed, a business that you open and build, take risks that could put you out in the street, and then you do well, you are punished.  Hollywood, on the other hand, speaks double talk, they live the glory and live the wonderful life that capitalism has provided for them but put it down day and night 24/7 as if they are the good guys.  Hah, they make me sick! They need to keep their political mouths shut. With this ignorant populace that cares more about who wins on American Idol that who is running for president, they wield too much influence and they should recognize that power and keep their public opinions to themselves.

        *The Holy Bible 

      • http://www.facebook.com/CookieMonstertheone James T. Cook

        Your the idiot!! Your flat out lying about Romney and we both know it! It is the main stream media that doesn’t reprort all the news they disagree with, not Glenn! Prove your statement or shut your mouth liar!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Republicans love sex and violence, huh?  Than why is it that just about EVERY SINGLE sex and violence scandal is committed by, SURPRISE, a DEMOCRAT?  LOL You really are an idiot.

    • Laura Thompson

       Couldn’t it be said that the mass murderer in Aurora CO was heavily influenced by Hollywood? After all, he was doing this at a movie premier! I think those of us who read these posts are all on the same page!  We are preaching to the choir!

    • http://twitter.com/EBrowningBosley E. Browning Bosley

      I agree with what you are saying but I really don’t think that censorship is the answer.  I think if people want to watch those things then the free-market should decide.  The box office determines what people want to see and it should be allowed to work in determining what is available for us to see and if you don’t watch then don’t see it.  No one is forcing you watch this objectionable material.   

      • w. Parker

        I believe people who visit movie theatres who constitute a very small fraction of sociey, should not be allowed to dictate to the whole of society what is acceptable. Communist, homosexuals, anarchist and athiests all constitute a small percentage of society too, but their influence is disproportionately stronger than other members, the majority, of society.  Not that movies with violence or sex should be censored or witheld from society, they can be shown in the privacy of one’s home. There needs to be some form of check and balance on morality for the good of overall society.  Perhaps each state or locality should decide for themselves as to what’s acceptable.  My “main” concern is that there is a group of society who are not psychologically fit to view this material, and as a means to protect the majority, a check and balance system should be instituted.  The number one goal of the Constitution should be protection of its citizens, and that should also mean protection from unfit people who might do us harm.  Rather than censorship i would much prefer a program to remove mentally incompetent people from the streets, such as sex perverts and pathalogical people who are violent and pose a threat to society.  I still believe that hollywood could “tone down” some sexual and violent scenes, as it is a scientific proven fact that people can become desensitized to these acts.  Except from the 4 groups of people i mentioned, i believe the majority of americans believe we should maintain some degree of morality control.  Involving morality and most other things, what one does in the privacy of ones home or property is their business and should remain that way, but when it involves activity outside of one’s home or property and involves others within society, then, what’s good for the majority should come first. I too believe hollywood is going out of their way, unchecked, to corrupt morality within society with gross sex, violence and unamerican themes. I agree with Libertarian views but if we go unchecked with no laws or checks and blances on morality (in public), our culture and society is doomed

    • http://www.facebook.com/matt.a.marti Matt A Marti

      You do realize that the religion of the founding fathers was not indeed Christian.Sure most people that came over here were in fact Christian but some of out greatest leaders like Benjamin Franklin,Thomas Jefferson and Washington were either outright atheists or merely spiritual people who wanted nothing to do with the corrupt practice of organized religion. You can’t stop what Hollywood puts out anymore than you can try to keep me from saying my mind that’s the whole point of freedom of speech and press. So before you get butt hurt take a look at yourself in the mirror and slap the shit out of yourself for being a moron.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/M7M7JTK3ZHXESONEDLLPAMKBGQ Brian

        Matt… This is a common mistake for someone to use Franklin, Jefferson, and Washington as their example as Founding Fathers whom were atheist or just spiritual. These men had a moral foundation, more so then most of today’s American religious leaders, including Christians themselves. Many of their writings included and reference Lord, and Jesus Christ. Also, you need to take into account the other Founding Fathers, their beliefs, their actions, their references and writings towards or about their relationship and belief in Jesus Christ. 

  • Anonymous

    That Sarah Palin is out killing people again and then blaming it on innocent liberal genius’s with orange died hair.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002988123457 John Golden

      How can you say such terrible things, people died good people. Don’t blame it on an innocent woman, repect the dead by persecuting the killer not an innocent peson.

      • Anonymous

         My comment was just a reminder of what happened in Arizona when Giffords and others were shot by a media sponsored Sarah Palin crazed supporter that eventually when the actual truth came out the shooter was just another bloodthirsty liberal..This shooting will probably be portrayed the same way.

    • Anonymous

      Grow up Berretta

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.winmill Mike Winmill

    The ribbon mic sounds horrible.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barry-Levy/1091577549 Barry Levy

    Type your comment here.

    “Holmes will be the subject of much analysis and discussion for months, perhaps years to come but one thing is certain, and he is a terrorist.  He is full of evil and hatred that no doubt came from his life experiences that lead him to “act out” violently, but it wasn’t an “act.” If one accepts Obama’s thesis then it wasn’t Holmes fault since no one does anything on their own, a conclusion that derives from his now infamous statement, “If you have a business, you didn’t build that, someone else did that.” Therefore, in Obama’s world everyone is responsible, and that reflects his overarching and overreaching collectivist core beliefs. Obama’s thesis may fit socialist/liberal templates, but not of individuality or personal responsibility; and is the antithesis of freedom.”

    The above was written by Col. Bob Pappas, retired USMC.

    But it is interesting, if one can’t have success on his own, then one can’t be doing evil all on one’s own.

    • Anonymous

      Holmes is the latest “Fast & Furious” recipient.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with Barry’s comments.  It’s everyone’s fault but the President himself.  How many times have we heard:  “It’s Bush’s fault, “it’s Wall Street’s fault”, it’s the banks’ fault, it’s the wealthy man’s fault for not paying enough taxes, it’s the tea party’s fault, it’s the republicans’ fault.  How about “It’s your fault, Mr. President” for being the captain of the ship we’re all on for the last 4 years.

    • Anonymous

      Talk about leaps of logic.  Colonel Bob Pappas is evidently a moron.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wayne.miller.167 Wayne Miller

    been listening to beck for years;he has been right on target’Don’t doubt one minute that things in this country aren’t going to get worse.Keep listening to all these politicans;none are for America anymore…NONE!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.monroe.50 Mark Monroe

    Joseph McCarthy was right.  Hollywood is full of communists.  McCarthy was demonized by those he sought to expose just like Glenn Beck.

  • http://www.facebook.com/KeenanClarkRobinson Keenan Robinson

    I’m surprised he left out the death courts

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1318335972 SeaWitch Johnson

    The attitude in the story bothered me when they trashed the nice homes that weren’t theirs. [Give a man a garden, turns into a desert, man earns a desert he turns it into a garden] Those old sayings ring true today…those that want to share the good stuff without earning don’t appear to appreciate it…Im not entitled to anyones goods or finances. Socialism doesn’t work; if all given same amount of money some will still create wealth while others squander it…we are created equal as far as treatment but not as far as gifts. I wish my gifts included being good with money, but my gifts/disciplines are in other things. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EBSV35VGUCZ3KXS32SWJUIC6WU Robert

    So basically a fictional comic book character, A COMIC BOOK character, is now a reliable indicator of future societal trends?

    One would do well to remember two things from the earlier Batman film that featured Heath Ledger as “The Joker”.  That character was an unspeakable psychopath, and the lunatic from the Colorado shooter declared himself as “The Joker”.

    Rather than considering Beck’s dubious declarations about prescience, I prefer to look at the much more ominous influences these films may be having, as shown all too clearly in Colorado.   

    • Anonymous

       Even a comic book character can be mirrored by real life characters, take that old character often used in comic books of the forties “Adolf Hitler”. Does his depiction  lessen his effect on millions of people, only because he appeared in a ‘Comic Book’? Does Chairman Mao’s point of murdering one billion Chinese in the cultural revolution of 1968 be lessened because he was featured in a comic book of the fifties and sixties?
       The effect upon society you are dancing around can be plainly seen by those who have witnessed it before. There is a type of theater called ‘guerrilla theater’. It is called that because of the nature of how it is used. Guerrila theater incorporates the audience into the play, Batman from what it sounds like (since I can’t afford to go see it yet) does exactly that. it brings you the audience into the play, all these comments above are an attestation to that.

       Eventually someone will even re-create MY own Role Playing Game, built upon some book they claim is their source, (theft really, they will use some other source and even incorporate quotes from it to ‘justify’ their position, instead of everything I wrote down years ago.(but what they won’t be able to justify is the code I wrote into all of my game that spells out my real name and social security number, which will be difficult to explain in court – if they wrote it?)

       This whole thing is simular but maybe more sobering since it is based upon dire predictions of real life, not fiction.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Sawyer/519710717 John Sawyer

    Walking out of he movie I was thinking that was a lot like the Occutards.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, while I agree that the stories are timeless, these stories aren’t that old.  The Nolan films are based off of Batman: Year One, The Long Halloween, and Bane: The Man that Broke the Bat.  Avengers was based heavily on Ultimate Avengers.  All of these stories happened in the past 25 years.  Except the new Spider-man, it completely broke away from the comic version of Spider-man.

  • Anonymous

    The eulogy for Bruce Wayne… “It is a far better thing I do than I have ever done… it is a far better rest I go to than i have ever known” is a quote directly from A Tale of Two Cities. Also one of the random civilians is named Barsad in the credits. This movie is filled with ATOTC references 😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/jessica.johnson.92123 Jessica Johnson

    Very interesting that Hollywood have had ‘plots’ that have actually come true. Various movies and/or comics depicted the world trade centers being hit by planes prior to 2001. V for vendetta movie has the underground in London being bombed even though never has been in the original comic books. Hopefully not a prelude to things to come in the London Olympics. Is this Batman movie showing what they want to happen or what will happen?

  • Anonymous

    I like Kieth Ablow, but I began to wonder about a thread theory going on amongst many experts, that this is a psychological/stress/society/or common age for psychosis to appear.  Is this an excuse, though, an empathetic reaction to a perceived ‘oppression’ going on with Holmes, the guy of the Colorado movie theater shooting?

  • Anonymous


    Your staff has fallen into the went and saw use of words. Yes, you went to the movie or you saw the movie but we must assume that if you went you saw or you saw so you went so there is no need for both words. Just a little thing but if the little things aren’t right what happens to the big ones.

    We’ll be watching everything this weekend. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I know this isn’t the main point of the article, but did Glenn say that the French Revolution was inspired by Marx? I think he just meant to imply that the French Revolution was a socialist movement, but that’s still a pretty unfair statement. There is no valid comparison between the French Revolution and the Occupy movement. Actually, the French lower class paid all of the taxes to support the upper class, who paid no taxes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.a.marti Matt A Marti

    Its not TV that has corrupted society its the lack of concern by parents when letting their children watch whatever they want whenever they want. Its like saying McDonalds makes people fat and they should be sued. I mean come one people stop playing the blame game and start taking some fucking responsibility.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UMPG6J7YTRVCTI5IGGWXLTDSCU M. C. L.

    w. parker, you are an idiot. Hollywood is a shining example of capitalism, not Marxism. Everything Hollywood makes today is the result of PROFIT. They wouldn’t make violence and sex if those things didn’t sell. And FYI, if you’re so damn religious, Jesus himself was a Marxist commie who said the rich are obligated to give a portion of their wealth to the poor,.

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