WATCH: Go inside the Beck household as Glenn prepares for Restoring Love

Glenn has spent months getting ready for Restoring Love, and everything is starting to come together. Over the weekend, Glenn had several of the writers, performers, and organizers for the event over to his house to rehearse and finalize the show. In the video above, you can hear exclusive behind the scenes audio of the meeting and see photos of the rehearsal – all of which took place at Glenn’s house in Dallas! It’s a rare glimpse at Glenn’s life outside of the office as he prepares for his biggest show of the year!

Don’t miss Restoring Love this Saturday, July 28th! Get all the details on how to watch HERE!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Good luck and God’s blessings on your endevour.

  • Anonymous

    wish I could be there!

  • Donna Thrasher

    Thanks for sharing a little of your life. God bless you in Restoring Love. I am praying that it moves and blesses those that are there.

  • Kathleen Moran

    May God shine His LOVE on you and all you touch.  We so wish we could be with you but my husband is not well.  Let Freedom be the call to unite in LOVE. Jim & Kathy

  • Mister C

    Glen keep fighting the good fight and may God continue to bless you and your family. Thank you for being a voice for the people that are willing to listen to common sense and not judge. I believe ths may be our last chance to get it right. There has to be a serious revival in this country and we must have an ear to hear what the spirit is saying. It is simply by the grace of God that we live and are living at this particular time. Again thank you sir and God bless.  

  • virginia

    Jesus wins !

  • Vickie DHaene

    God’s speed to all that have worked tirelessly on this project.   May you be blessed with His Grace.

  • Anonymous

    I fell very lucky. The wife and I leave Wednesday for the event, and we will be going to Free-pac on Thursday too. It’s going to be great. Those who can’t attend we will hold you in our hearts…

  • Anonymous

    Blessings to all involved.  I’ll be watching on GBTV!  Wave to me, please!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wish I could be there but I will be watching.  Thanks for all that you are doing and God Bless You and all your staff for giving us truth and love.

    • Brenda Anderson

       Ditto from me!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t be there but for sure in spirit. God Blessings on each and everyone

  • Anonymous

    Hope the music doesn’t drown out Glenn’s or others speeches as many of us older attendees are hard of hearing – background music is offensive if too loud. 

  • Anonymous

    Good luck, Glenn and company.  God listens to his people.  God will help us if we ask Him.   I will be praying for the success of your event.

  • Sue Pauley

    Wish we could be there,but just could not make it this time. Was there in DC and loved it. Live close to Wilmington.Ohio, so we hope your truck load of goods help those in need. I know that God has picked you Special to help lead us to a better world and a better America. Just remember to get the Vote out in Nov. We are making sure all our friends and family are register to vote. We have offered any one a ride to the voter registration who needs it. I remember my Mom took me to Downtown Cincinnati when I turned 21 to the election board so I could register.That was when you had to be 21 to Vote. I have NOT missed once. 
    Your Faithful Followers,
    Dan and Sue Pauley

  • Sue Pauley

    Good Luck in Dallas. We will be watching on our Roku. Wish we could come, just not able this time. We did make it to DC in 2010 and loved every minute. We know you will do the same this year. God Bless everyone there.
    Dan and Sue Pauley

  • Anonymous

    wish I could be there, but have to work and no money…but I will be watching on GBTV..God bless you all…………..

  • Anonymous

    This must’ve been on Saturday night, right? We were stopped overnight in Longview, TX, on our way to Arlington and saw THE most spectacular sunset! It was coupled with angry skies from the approaching storm front, but the beauty was incredible! Only God can paint a sky like that and it really makes you wonder how heaven could possibly be any more wondrous than that, but we’re promised it will be…. Many are praying for you Glenn, as well as your family and entire company. You were put here for just such a time as this…..we all were! Be blessed this week and we’re looking forward to attending everything concerning “Restoring Love”!

  • Susan Russell Parker

    I am a GBTV subscriber, can I watch somehow.  I have 2 tickets to Restoring Love, but can’t make it…unemployment since Jan. with my husband has really made us scrimp and get by.  I am home with my disabled daughter, and looking for part time work, anything. 

    I would be more than happy to give the 2 tickets to someone who can enjoy them…my oldest DD bought them, cuz she knows I love watching Glenn and all his wisdom and awesome guests. 

    Being a GBTV subscriber, can I watch the event, or do I need to subscribe to something extra to watch it?

    Please let me know.


    • Anonymous

      Full GBTV schedule post on the website and daily email updates.
      Should be able to see most of the events
      Thank you Glenn

  • Jane Franklin

    God bless you and your family.  Thank you for trying to remind us all that God made everything.
    I pray you are successful in your endeavors.  I pray that you inspire Christians to come together and vote for a FREE United States of America.

  • Brenda Anderson

    I will be watching and praying with you all!

  • Laurie McEwen

    Thanks Glenn for once again sharing ALL of your life with us.
    I’m counting the hours until I arrive in Dallas for all of the events.
    God Bless you and your family.

  • Michaelp

    My new Norman Vincent Peel. Love ya Glenn.

  • new2la

    Glenn, I have to say I feel like part of the Beck family by you sharing your home. Don’t do again! It’ a dangerous world we live in and the evil doers only need very little info to strike. Be aware my friend..stay safe and…
    God Bless.

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