Glenn rips Mediaite’s weak Chic-fil-A slam

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There is a growing viewpoint in our society that is becoming more and more prevalent every day. Many on the left and in the media have been equating standing for something to being a ‘hate monger’ or ‘oppressive.’

This morning on radio, Glenn commented on an article on Mediate that serves as a perfect representation. The article slammed Mike Huckabee for organizing ‘Chic-fil-A Appreciation Day’ in defense of Dan Cathy, founder of the fast-food chain. In a recent interview, Cathy explained stated the following comments:

“We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that…We know that it might not be popular with everyone, but thank the Lord, we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles.”

Cathy has since come under heavy fire from activists on the left and the media of being “anti-gay marriage,” however, his comments never even addressed the issue of gay marriage. He merely stated what it is he and his family stood for.

Glenn described Mediaite’s article as “just plain awful.”

Here’s the nasty, sarcastic start:

“Here in America, a nation founded on the principles of fairness and equality, there is a terrible injustice going on. In our country, a country where we thought people were free, a group is being horribly oppressed. That group, of course, is fast food chicken chain Chick-fil-A. Their God-given right to oppress gay people has been totally ruined by the decision of some people to say totally mean things about them. Fortunately, Mike Huckabee is here to save the day and defend Chick-fil-A’s right to be anti-gay!”

“Why can’t people just be for something without hating something?” Glenn asked. “I don’t buy corn flakes because I like frosted flakes. That doesn’t make me anti-corn flakes. That means I am pro-frosted flakes.”

“When did we become a society where if you are for something you have to hate?” Glenn added.

Glenn pointed out that Cathy’s comments were a statement for traditional marriage, there wasn’t a slam on gay marriage there – the media is creating one.

Now, not only is the media taking our opinions out of context, they’re slamming those who support those who come under attack.

Glenn pointed out that “freedom of speech is freedom of speech.” Just because Americans disagree with each other from time to time doesn’t mean we have to boycott each other. Mike Huckabee and Glenn don’t agree on every issue. As Glenn pointed out, they disagree vehemently on a few issues, but they still show each other respect. They don’t try and put each other out of business.

“Mike and I, even though we disagree with each other, we still treat each other with respect. He’s still a decent human being. He’s doing his show, and doing it the way he thinks it should be done,” Glenn said. “Good for him. I celebrate for the fact that somebody that doesn’t my opinion on everything has his own show.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Divide and conquer, that is the standard tactic of the leftists, progressives and their propaganda machinery of the media. They have become so entrenched in their own biases, prejudices and hate based ideology that all has to be seen and understood in their myopic, tunnel blind, hide bound, straight jacket mentality.

    Consider the view Obama and many of his extremist cronies have of the economy; that there is only so much stuff to go around in regards to wealth – hence one has to decrease for others to ‘get their fair share.’

    Now look at the Mediaite’s matter in which if you stand for something you have to hate somethign else in turn. THAT is how they see all things, a closed pie, in which to advance or stand on one part, a counter balance of bias and hate has to exist on another.

    I call their viewpoint as thus:

    Totally INSANE.

  • Huss Family

    Truth is hate to those who hate the truth. The Gaystapo anchors the scale when it comes to being quintessentially hateful, hypocritical, bullies, and butt ugly.

  • mudslide

    Keep in mind – only liberals and those that walk lockstep with them have the right to Freedom of Speech, or, rights in general…..if one has one’s own opinion and it’s different, then one is wrong, and liberals will go out of their way to prove it!

  • Margaret Price

    Using the logic of the Left, by being pro-gay marriage, Mediaite is Heterophobic. Why do you hate straight people, Mediaite?

    Two can play at that game. They need to have it thrown right back at them.

  • Anonymous

    I love Chic-fil-A.  Everytme I go back to NC I have to eat there at least twice.  It is a wonderful place to have an nice meal and the grandkids love it.  I just don’t see why the left has to twist everything a conservative person says.  God Bless the Cathy’s.

  • Anonymous

    If anyone has every eaten a Chic-fil-A sandwich, then they wouldn’t care about the political correctness of politics. As far as I know, Chick-fil-A is currently only on the NYU campus in their student center in the NYC area. Might be one on Long Island..not sure. They are all over the Southeast. And they are wonderful! Forget the politics and controversy. Eat More Chicken!

    • Anonymous

      My initial reaction when I first heard about this stupidity was to go online to see if there were any Chik-fil-A nearby. I didn’t think so, since I’d never even seen any ads on TV, but hey, you never know… Unfortunately, the information you give above is essentially correct. The only other locations shown as being “near” Brooklyn are located in a section Jersey rather difficult to get to without a car. Moreover, the NYU campus site isn’t open regular hours – you have to call to get the day’s schedule – and, knowing the political, sociological, and philosphic leanings of NYC colleges and universities (when I say “red” I don’t mean as in “Red State” but rather as in “red state of mind” at the very least!), I really don’t think Chik-fil-A will continue to have a peaceful existence there. I’ll do my best to get to the student center before the “running out of town on a rail” occurs, but may have to wait until vacationing in more… amenable areas of the country before I can actively show my support of free speech.

      NYC. Where anything and everything is allowable – as long as it’s leftward-bound. (I’m surprised they allow cars to make right turns. Don’t they know that could encourage wrong-thinking???)

      • Anonymous

        Try taking the subway, then train to the mall in Paramus! Seems I heard they were building one on Long Island, but I don’t know where. Believe me, you’ll want to order more than one! It’s worth the trip.

        I think they have realized that it defies the First Amendment. Let the Chicago Socialists have their movement towards limiting free speech. Boston has retracted their initial ban. Common sense I think will prevail…except in Chicago. And we all know why.

  • Chuck Fowler

    More liberal double standard. Home Depot, Starbucks, Target, etc., are applauded for using their corporate images to support the gay agenda, but Chick-fil-A is supposed to be condemned for using its corporate image to support Christianity?  

    Over 80% of people in this country say they are Christians but gays represent less than 1% of our population. If the all gays boycott Chick-fil-A and all the Christians boycott the corporate sponsors of gay marriage and the gay agenda, who do you think would be hurt the most? Get a grip! 

    • Anonymous

      Chuck WTF is a “gay agenda” do you mean equal rights for gay people ? is that a agenda ?

      • Richard Firth

         Gays and equal rights?   WTF are YOU talking about?   Gays want more than equal rights,they want to be a citizen class all by themselves, with privileges and rights above and beyond normal people.  And I say normal because gays are anything but.   To prove my point, how about your trying to fix a plumbing problem with two male fittings.    Tell me that’s gonna work.  Normal is a man and a woman, abnormal is two men or two women.  I didn’t make the definition, the definitions have been there all along.   Hope that answers your ignorance-laced question, garage door 99. 

        • Anonymous

          No all they want is equal rights. If a employer provides healthcare and pension benefits to the wife / husband of there employee not do do so for a same sex partner is both discrimination. As far as same sex marriage if 2 people ant to go to city hall and sign a contract to become partners who cares it’s there business. Finally if a same sex married couple were to move next door or across the street or even the apartment next door to you is it going to change your life in any way or might they be good citizens and neighbors. If you believe people are born gay should they have less rights to straight people ? 

          • nancy

            ”   Go ; to your , ‘ closet ” .

          • Anonymous

            Sorry I am not gay but i support them

          • Darryl

             There will come a day…

          • Anonymous

            The problem is that Gays only think about their rights. No one else’s rights matter. For instance, I remember gay activist attacking the Boy Scouts of America and demanding that the Boy Scouts of America hire a Gay Leader. In our schools, Gay Activists demand that they teach alternative lifestyles, even show videos of explicit sex. Gay activists then demand that they should be able to be married and then have children. In San Francisco their is a gay parade where I have witnessed two gays with kilts on, that decided to make love in public. Okay, so at what point do you respect those that are religious and have a different viewpoint? Is forcing the Boy Scouts of America,which is a Christian organization, to hire gay leaders respectful of Christian beliefs? Is it respectful for gays t convince United Way to not give funds tothe Boyscouts?  Is it respectful of Christian beliefs to force the hiring of a gay priest? Is it respectful of Christian beliefs to force them to accept gay marriage, when marriage is considered a higher law of GOD? When you look at Christians, it seems they are the ones who are trying to be understanding and trying to make sure gays are treated respectfully in life. However, gay activists are attempting to destroy religion and remove it from all public areas.I get the distinct feeling that gays would like Christains to be mocked and go into hiding? I remember when gays said all they wanted is to be treated with respect, now its live my lifestyle or else.

          • Anonymous

            How about 
            “Morality is doing what is right no matter what you are told.
             Religion is doing what you are told no matter what is Right”

          • Anonymous

            Well, news flash, garak idiot.  Gays ALREADY HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS.  What they are asking for are right ABOVE AND BEYOND that of straight people.

        • Anonymous

           hard to blame people for a genetic accent.
          the real solution to the problem is to get government out of marriage completely.  government offers civil unions to anybody (even siblings if one is divorced and moves in with the other so it can make legal issues and finances better) and what is called marriage or not is for the churchs to decide.
          legislating morality is never a good thing

          • Anonymous

            My wife is a physician.  She shares Journal articles with me.  I can tell you that all of the studies claiming genetic links to homosexuality do not pass muster.  The studies typical lack control groups and point to mere correlation of small hand selected samples.  They have not passed honest peer review and normally get torn to pieces by the professionals.  However, the media, which does have an agenda, pick up on the initial paper and ignores the peer reviews.

            The most correlation every shown is no greater that a genetic propensity towards alcoholism, which by the way, I have.  My father died of cirrhosis.  Yet, by choice I remain alcohol free.  By choice any gay can be gay or be straight.  I watched my best friend in high school be literally recruited into the gay lifestyle when he went to college.  I know from discussions we had in school, he was no more genetically gay than I am.  It is a choice!

          • Anonymous

            I have two elder gay neighbors, that have been together for decades, their hardcore religious, conservative, tea party Beck fan.  Nice nice people even though we disagree on politics.  To say that it’s a choice is BS.

            It is 100% natural, it occurs in all species of animals, all of “gods creatures”.  Its natures population control.  If it occurs in nature. Then its natural.

          • Anonymous

            I had a friend in high school who did the exact same thing. Just because it is genetic doesn’t mean some people don’t choose to be gay as well. And choosing what and who turns you on involves a lot less choice than whether or not to drink (good for you for not drinking).

          • Anonymous

            GPetie, I can add to that.  At a college convo I had at school, a formerly gay person came to tell his own story about how early in his life he chose the gay lifestyle but made the choice to turn it around later in his life.  It was a truly inspirational story that flat out proves that for some at least that it actually is a choice.  However, I will not claim his story is true for all cases.  Everyone’s different after all.  But his story did flat out prove that there’s much more to it than just genetics.  We are certainly NOT defined by our genes anyway because what our genetics decide for us at birth can actually be changed throughout our life.  Our eye color changes.  Our hair color changes.  Our body type changes.  And these are all initially decided by our genes.  What we are truly defined by are the choices we make in our lives.

          • Anonymous

            And glendabeck, to claim it to be 100% natural proves you to be a TOTAL idiot.  To claim it to be 100% natural is TOTAL BS.  Who cares if it happens in nature?  You ever look into WHY it actually happens in nature?  9 times out of 10, I GUARANTEE you it happens in nature because of the TOTAL lack of members of the opposite sex, which actually makes it understandable.  I mean, if there isn’t anyone of the opposite sex to mate with, who do you think animals will gravitate toward?  News flash, it will be someone of the SAME sex.  Basic common sense really if you actually use your brain.

        • Anonymous

          If it happens in nature its normal.  Yes you can’t make a baby, its called natures answer to population control.

          Marriage is a religious thing anyway, if you don’t like it change to a different religion.  Not up to Government to force laws on religion, just as religion should stay out of Government dealing.

          No true Constitutionalist American should have a problem with civil unions.  Remember life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

          I think Mr Beck agrees with civil unions, if memory serves he quoted Jefferson “If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket, what difference is it to me?”

          • Anonymous

            People are different from every other species in nature. People have the ability to make concious decisions and not just operate on instinct. Alot of species eat their young, is that something else you would like to say is normal? Is cannibolism the next movement on the horizon?

          • Anonymous

            Actually there are tribe in the Amazon that still practice cannibalism, its part of their culture and heritage. Its barbaric and gross by western standard.

            What I meant to say was if it happens in Nature its natural, normal is something culturally we decide.. Yes we as humans evolve and develop, (in something at least).

            If you look at it from a biological sense it makes complete sense its Mother natures population control, some people don’t have the mechanics to have children, some people simple can’t have children, some people don’t want children.

          • w. Parker

            Within the “gay community”, the murder rate is high, The murder rate is 15 times higher among homosexuals than heterosexuals.  And even in “gay enclaves” like Provincetown, (People’s Republic of Massachusetts) where there is no societal disapproval at all the rates for depression and suicide soar.  Since homosexuals have greater numbers of partners and breakups, compared with heterosexuals, and since longterm gay male relationships are rarely monagamous,it is hardly suprising that suicide attempts are proportionally greater. Drug abuse, etc. are much higher than normal.
            In 1973, homosexuality was removed from the list of mental disorders, not due to science, but “political pressure”. Also, what is the pathology incidence of children being raised by gay couples? I’m sure much higher than “normal” m/f parents…It’s just one more perversion out of many the government is forcing onto society

          • Anonymous

            Nonsense. I know serveral Gay family that are a normal and healthy if not more so than my straight friends. Where did you even find such made up facts…

            It’s just one more perversion out of many the government is forcing onto society, my point exactly government should keep its nose out, its up to the individual

          • w. Parker

            To glendabeck
            You say you know “several” gay families who are normal.  Well, excuuuusse me!  Big Deal!  there are millions you don’t know.  As far as my “facts”, they are just that, “facts” check it out yourself

          • Anonymous

            Somehow this comments got out of order..  anyway.

            “You say you know “several” gay families who are normal.  Well, excuuuusse me!  Big Deal!  there are millions you don’t know.”

            Thank you. Exactly!!  Millions thats a lot of people for it not to be a natural occurrence in nature.  

            Facts are just facts, then so are mine…..  thats a great argument.

          • Anonymous

            glendabeck, if it makes up LESS THAN 5% of the United States population, it CANNOT be considered normal according to the very definition of normal.  And yes, according to OFFICIAL estimates, gays make up less than 5% of the US population.

          • w. Parker

            Sometimes in nature animals and birds intentionally neglect or kill their off-sping.  In nature many animals smell the other upon greeting Is it then normal for a human to do this?  You’re no conservative or a religous person and to you, homosexuality exists because it’s nature’s wish. A twisted liberal who would be at home in a Zoo with the other “animals”

          • Anonymous

            “Sometimes in nature animals and birds intentionally neglect or kill their off-sping. Is it then normal for a human to do this? ”
            Humans unfortunately do do this, do you not read the newspapers? Of course its not normal, in our culture we have laws to protect children and make this illegal, is it part of Nature, unfortunately yes, genetics, mental health etc happen and cause this.

            So I have to be a Religious conservative to read Beck and comment on this site?

          • Anonymous

            Talk about idiocy.  If only you TRULY understood the context of why certain animals become gay in nature anyway.  Ever thought that maybe, just maybe, it’s because they live in an environment comprised of none or not enough members of the opposite gender.  I guarantee you that 9 times out of 10 that the reason animals become gay in nature is because of the lack of animals of the opposite sex.  So quit being a TOTAL idiot, and actually look into the actual situation before coming to the PROVEN false assumption that it actually happens in nature.

          • Anonymous

            have you ever read any athropological or zoological studies? You basically saying that lets say a badger chooses to hook up with another badger of the same sex its because its horny? like in jail. So we are like animals, interesting. So then if its “unnatural” act why does it occur in so many species? How does your theory relate to humans, there are plently of the opposite sex around. Homosexuality has been around since man. Its natural its part of nature. We as humans have determined what is cultural unacceptable, there is a difference. How does it affect you if someone whats to be with someone of the same sex?

          • Anonymous

            Wrong. It is NOT natural. FAR from it. It occurs in an estimated LESS THAN 5% of the population. That means that it is NOT natural in the slightest.

            Also, read what I wrote, ignoramus. I wrote that you should actually LOOK INTO WHY ANIMALS IN NATURE ACTUALLY BECOME GAY. 9 times out of 10, I GUARANTEE you that it is because there are little to NO members of the opposite sex. When there are few to NO members of the opposite sex in a given animal population, which sex do you think the animal will actually gravitate to? It’s basic common sense that the animal will gravitate to ITS OWN SEX due to the VERY OBVIOUS fact that that is the MOST DOMINANT sex.

            By the way, it does NOT really occur in so many species as you ignorantly claim. As I said, you need to look at the ACTUAL reasons why it happens at all. I’ve actually seen gay birds and gay dogs. You know what I noticed in my own observations? That they were gay because dogs and birds of the opposite sex simply WERE NOT WITH THEM. THEY WERE PUT IN WITH MEMBERS OF THE SAME SEX EACH TIME. What do you think will happen when that is done? What do you think will happen when you introduce an animal into a population consisting of ONLY ONE SEX? Use your brain for once and quit being an ignoramus.

          • Guest

            Wrong. It is NOT natural. They currently make up LESS THAN 5% of the population at current estimates. This means that it is NOT natural in the slightest.

            Besides, actually READ what I wrote, please. I said that you actually need to look into WHY it actually happens in nature to begin with. 9 times out of 10, I GUARANTEE you it is because there are few to NO animals of the opposite sex. What do you think is going to happen in an animal population consisting of JUST ONE sex? Of course, it’s because the animal is horny. Has a dog never humped your leg in your life or something? Animals actually DO have a sex drive, you know. If they can’t mate with someone of the opposite sex due to lack of that sex in the population, they will, of course, try to mate with members of their own sex.

            Look, I’ve seen gay birds and gay dogs personally. You know what I’ve observed with my own eyes? That they were gay because they were put in the same yard and cage with members of their own sex. Why I have 2 gay birds now. Guess why they are gay. It’s because they were NEVER ONCE introduced to the opposite sex. Common sense would tell you what would generally happen in such a situation, and I GUARANTEE you that 9 times out of 10 that THAT is the reason it occurs in nature at all.

          • Anonymous

            I did read what you wrote, you clearly didn’t read what I wrote either. I understand the point you are trying to make, your have 2 birds locked up together and now there prison buddies. That urge, that sex drive is a NATURAL thing, we all have it. There for it happens in nature its a NATURAL act. Thats my point. That 5% make sense for natures population control, then you figure the % that can’t have children which I think is around 7% and the % that don’t want children no idea lets say 2-3%. Homosexuality occurs in just about every species on earth. Its ours culture that has made it taboo. If you look through history ancient time and their art and writing, Homosexuality appears form europe to china, the middle east everywhere was in some cultures it was not taboo. So with all this I say its a natural occurrence and part of mother natures plan, Its just us as a cultural that have made it into this hot button topic.

            What do I care what two consenting adults do, none of my business, its a free country they should be able to enjoy life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

      • HELEN

        To make the rest of us like their lifestyle and to shut up abt our moral reservations abt their lifestyle.

        • Anonymous

          Nobody is making you “like’ there lifestyle only respect it as they do yours

          • Anonymous

             No gays “respect” our Christianity!

          • Anonymous

            STOP!! Read what you are saying, for heaven’s sake. You are telling everyone they must live your liestyle. You will fight them in every way if they don’t.

      • Christopher Allen

        They want to oppress religions and not let people believe what they want. No one’s oppressing them as gay people. You want oppression? Try being gay in Saudi Arabia.

        • Anonymous

          You can believe what you want but keep that view in your home and church don’t come to city hall and make your view law for all. I am Catholic I believe the Catholic church is wrong on abortion, contraception, gay marriage, woman priest, priest marrying, and will fight them to change and every chance 

          • Anonymous

             Well, if you have a problem with all that, I’d say you are simply NOT Catholic!  Idiot!

          • Anonymous

             I can understand a contrary view on contraception that doesn’t allow a conception and women priest, but how can you claim to be Catholic and oppose their view on abortion (murder), gay marriage (blatantly opposed by God in the Bible), and priest marrying?  Priest chose the lifestyle did fully knowing they would not be able to marry and have a family, who are you to fight for a change that most priest don’t want?  Unless you are a priest, I don’t think it is your fight to join.

          • Anonymous

            You are not a catholic then. You can call yourself a vegetarian and still eat burgers. But by definition you are not a vegetarian.

          • Anonymous

            “Morality is doing what is right no matter what you are told.
             Religion is doing what you are told no matter what is Right”

          • Anonymous

            You made my point, you have no respect for anyone, but yourself. You want to force everyoe to live the law of garack99. You have no respect for religion or the bible or for GOD. You can’t read the scriptures and then tell GOD he is wrong. Instead you look within and find ways you can change for the better. Living as a follower of Christ was not suppose to be easy. You must control doing what ever pleases you and work at trying to become a better person You, unfortunately, dispise those who want to make themselves better. You despise those who believe in a higher order. Your not a Catholic because you believe, your an activist who wants to bring down a persons belief and hope in a world better than the carnal desires of men. You see yourself as an open minded person, when you have the same progressive ideals that can be traced even farther back than the Romans. Remember, Romans lived in an open society and taxed their constituients into oblivion. The immorality, the corruption, and their narcissistc attitudes ultimately brought them down. A culture, hardly educated, destroyed them. Thik Obama and his regime, he is taking us forad off a cliif Just so you realize, I know that Obama’s FORWAR means forward past capitalism to communism. What is hilarious, is when we reach this point, history reminds us that Gays better get out of town because those who once loved them to get their vote will now put them to death. Think Sharia Law!! Chritians are the only thing standing between Gays having liberty and an establishment that will put Gays to death.

          • joey babe

            Please refer to yourself as a non-catholic or an ex-catholic. If you don’t agree with the dogma stop fooling yourself and “get out of the kitchen.”  “Cafeteria -style catholics ” are not practicing. catholics.

          • Anonymous

            I disagree with lots of stuff America does and will oppose it at every turn does that make me a bad American or a Good One ?

      • nancy

        99 ‘ ; You don’t know the ; ” agenda ” ?   Well ; this is it ‘ ; ” queers ” ; should be , kept in the closet ” ; as always .

        • Anonymous

          So should Homophobic Bigots 

      • joey babe

        You have all the rights, as does every law-abiding citizens. It is  your intolerence towards heterosexual people that is whiney and offensive. Just do your thing,  sit down and stop pushing.  Your agenda is showing. .

      • w. Parker

        Homosexuality was removed from the APA’s list of psychological disorders in 1973.  Even sympathizers with the APA’s decision admit that politics, rather than science, was the chief reason for removal.
        Gay gene proponent Simon LeVay concedes, “Gay activism was clearly the force that propelled the APA to declassify homosexuality.”
        In total, only approximately 20 percent of the organization actually said yes to removal, meaning that as much as 80 percent of the APA in 1973 might have opposed removal.
        Furthermore, the decision did not fully eradicate psychology’s condemnation of this now acceptable act, as “ego-dystonic homosexuality” remained on the books until the 1980s. Yet, as Dr. David S. Holmes noted, “because of changes in social norms and strong political pressures … homosexuality was not listed as a disorder.”
        In other words, not science, but politics, was the chief factor.

      • Anonymous

        Uhm, gay people ALREADY HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS.  They are NOT asking for equal rights and privileges.  They are asking for SPECIAL rights and privileges that straight people do NOT get.  That, my dimwitted idiotic friend, is the gay agenda. 

    • joey babe

      Right on, chuck.  excuse me but it’s lunch time ….going to Chick Fil  A.  …. Love those waffle cut fries.  Mmmm  good!

    • Boyahdoggie

       WELL SAID and I THANK GOD for Chick and OTHER companies that have the GUTS to stand up and not say WRONG is not right.

      GOD took out Sodom and Gomorrah and  AMERICA with IT’S SIN can be DESTROYED just like they were. 
      GODS WORDS… the homosexuals are an abomination and a SIN !!  God has NO GRAY AREAS in HIS WORD…marriage is between and MAN and a WOMAN period.

      I AM SICK of the few TELLING the MANY what WE will do or become or lay down to!!
      Every person that is OUR REP/senator….should be VOTED OUT if MARRIAGE is changed and abortion paid for.

      Between abortion and homosexuals THAT IS ENOUGH for a JUST and Holy GOD to remove his hand of safety and blessings FROM this ONCE GREAT NATION.
      Destruction will be from the HAND OF GOD….this is HIS earth HIS to remove or to bless and I can’t see why HE took OUT one place because of these SINS and IS LEAVING US in America alone ???  GOD destroyed the nations that killed their babies and destroyed the two cities because of the gays. 
      Jesus said…”Just like In the days of NOAH before the end came… every one was eating and drinking and going on with life and their great EVIL”…. and GOD had had enough HE spoke to Noah and….8 people were saved from the flood. 
      CAN anyone tell me WHY our GOD ALMIGHTY should look the other way or bless us for ONE MORE MOMENT of time…when the depravity and corruption of the belief in GOD has been removed and the ideas of MAN have been installed….saying their DEMANDS have REPLACED GOD and HOW DARE we speak ILL of there perverse life style.
       Try and remove God all you want or live in your sin….BUT GOD is still GOD and one DAY each will stand before HIM!  Deny HIM and sin at your own peril !

      These sad sinful gays can STOP what they are doing and come to God through Jesus and HE will forgive and lift them up…that is the ONLY RIGHTS they have. 
      THE same as mine….. 

  • GmaRoses

    this is still a FREE country and good for chic fil a for standing by their principles.  too much political correctness and telling people what they can and cannot do is getting out of hand.  don’t eat there if it offends you, no body is telling you to.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t be on both sides here. If you are pro marriage, then it is true that you oppose homosexuality. If you are homosexual, then you won’t be a supporter of traditional marriage. Tolerate each other? We don’t do that in America anymore. Little o has divided this country to the point of fracture, which is just what he wants. All this Chick-Fil-A stuff is an attack on Christians. For one, it has made me go to Chick-Fil-A for dinner instead of another place, just to support them. If all Christians and heterosexuals supported Chick-Fil-A, then they will have a booming business. It is up to us, folks. Find the closest one and go often. Tell them each time you go that you support their view. It will build their business.

  • Anonymous

    You can oppose gay marriage but not be anti-gay.

    • Laf

      And why, exactly, is it so bad to be anti-‘gay’? And why do homosexuals hide behind the word ‘gay’ anyway? Creepy and weird, that bunch.

  • John Voorhees

    Also the liberals are going after the supporters of Chic-Fil-A. On Facebook, they have gone to name calling and a continuous line of slander to everyone whom shows support. For someone whom says they are open minded, they are showing just how narrow minded they really are. Pray for them.

  • Sandy Caruso

    Homosexuals are always getting their panties in a wad about something. I say, consider the source and move on. My family and I don’t and won’t support those businesses that won’t support Christianity. Chick-fil-A owner should be congratulated for HIS backbone and his willingness to stand up for traditional Christian values such as marriage between a man and a woman. We also applaud the owner for ‘keeping the Sabbath Day Holy’ and being closed on Sunday.

  • Bull

    I’m going to eat all my meals at Chick-fil-A tomorrow…At least I know that all stores will be clean and empty of homosexuals…makes me want to eat there everyday!

  • Anonymous

    well looks like we can add something else to the melee…illitrates… we have a society now that is so dumb due to the Gov  re-writing the text books, that we cannot hear, or listen to what is ACTUALLY being said, everyone has to have their own take on it without even knowing what they are talking when we were small children and standing in a row the teacher would say one word * whispered * into an ear and that word would continue down the row to the end and would be completely different than what it started out being..words can be so screwed up and twisted into any meaning that someone wants to make of it.. therefore misrepresations incur.. all things become so milligned  that no one knows what they are acually trying to get across…these owners merely close on Sundays ..PERIOD… there is no other other explaination needed.. PERIOD.. this is the owners CHOICE  PERIOD…NO  remarks in the world did this get so blown out of perportion ?  has nothing to do with same sex marriages ? nothing to do with gays ?  who has jumped on the band wagon about that ? and why?  sure ruin a persons personal business due to  IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY.  come on people we are better than this… Is common sense really DEAD ?

  • Anonymous

    It seems that those who espouse tolerance the most and the loudest, are the ones who are the most intolerant. It all boils down to personal choices. If you like Chick-Fil-A and chicken, you eat there. If you do not, you eat at Burger King or MacDonalds.  The Chick-Fil-A advertising campaign shows cows that request that you eat more chicken. I think that is catchy, don’t you? The whole premise is personal choice,

    What we don’t realize is that as a person we are allowed personal choices. Not everyone likes the same things, so we choose to be different from those who choose to be different from us. In our free enterprise system, businesses are built on those choices. If a person, like Mr. Cathy, starts a business based on his Christian principles and you don’t want eat there, then go somewhere else. But don’t attack him or his company for having an opinion that is different from yours. It’s not like there is only one chicken place in the world. If you disagree with his philosophy, you have that right. But he has his rights too.

    If you choose the “alternate lifestyle” and support gay marriage, that’s your decision. But don’t try to force your choices on those of us who don’t. I personally applaud Mike Huckabee for stepping up and publicly supporting Mr. Cathy and my family will be one of those supporting Chick-Fil-A on August 1. We have eaten there often and find the food more than good and have applauded Mr. Cathy for his Christian beliefs and his company’s stand on closing on Sundays so their employees have the freedom to worship with their families on that day if they CHOOSE to. Nowhere that I have found does he dictate to his employees what they should believe or that they must use the day to worship God. If you choose not to, that is okay with me.

    This principle is just a fact of life whether you like it or not. You don’t have to be Christian to allow someone to have an opinion differnt from your own. This would be a very different world if we recognize this and kept our noses out of everybody else’s business. That is true tolerance.

  • Anonymous

    Their food sucks aways.  Just another bad fast food chain, producing chemically enhanced heart attack makers, and making Americans sick, fat and sad, and all for $$$$$

    Support who you like, worship who you like and eat what you like.  But don’t you dare ruin the Muppets for me.  

    • w. Parker

      You are on a rampage defending gays, sure you’re not gay yourself?  Why not disclose your real interest/intentions on the subject.  Where does the gay issue stop with you liberals – –  will you be defending one’s who want a union with a doll, goat, cow, chimp?  Where is the perversion going to end.  When can children go to school to learn without the “gay issue” being brought up and pushed onto them.  When can a couple walk a public street with their children without having gays who show their behinds and other organs in public? Have you ever seen a gay pride parade?  Do you think that “anything” is fair game in society?  You liberals are experts at twisting the Constitution to suit your anti american/anti religous agenda’s.  We are “one nation under God” not Lucifer 

      • Anonymous

        I shouldn’t need to defended them. I’m not gay, but why does that even matter. I said marriage is a religious term, government should not get involved. If a religion doesn’t approve or recognise it, then find a religion or branch of religion that does. I believe that right is protected for everyone. I believe Civil Union are correct and protected under the constitution.

        “will you be defending one’s who want a union with a doll, goat, cow, chimp?” NO, Interspecies relationship are unnatural. and as for an inanimate object, you really need an answer.

        Where do you live that its legal for a man to walk around with his gentleman sausage out? Public nudity is illegal where I live and its a blue state.
        Granted those Gay pride parade can be alittle raunchy. So can walking downtown on a saturday night gay or straight.

        “Do you think that “anything” is fair game in society?” I think most things with in reason are open to debate. Some will obviously be shorter than others.

        “You Liberals” who me, how dare you!

        We are “one nation under God” but which god that is, is up to the individual.

        I believe my stance on Gay Marriage is exactly the same as Mr Glenn Becks. Marriage is up to the religions, civil unions should be legal for gay couples.

        As for Chik-fil-a. Its gross and nasty food, wouldn’t eat there whatever his beliefs are.

  • Anonymous

    First 2 paragraphs. Agree 100%

    3rd paragraph.  
    “If you choose the “alternate lifestyle” and support gay marriage, that’s your decision. But don’t try to force your choices on those of us who don’t. ” 
    It’s a two way street on that, choices shouldn’t be forced on anyone.

    “Mike Huckabee for stepping up and publicly supporting Mr. Cathy”  I have a problem with any Politician that gets involved in these religious debates, its not for politician to promote religion or morality.

    “We have eaten there often and find the food more than good”  of course it tastes good its full of flavored enhanced crap.

    4th paragraph
    “This principle is just a fact of life whether you like it or not. You don’t have to be Christian to allow someone to have an opinion differnt from your own. This would be a very different world if we recognize this and kept our noses out of everybody else’s business. That is true tolerance.”

    Makes sort of sense, but its a little hypocritical in this context.

    Keep the politician out of the religion.  Thats what Priest, vicars, pastors, rabbis, Clerik, shamens are for.  

    • Anonymous

      You know, it’s interesting you said “I have a problem with any politician that gets involved in these religious debates, it’s not for politician to promote religion or morality”, what that heck has Obummer done for the past 4 years? He and his cronies have no business in religious debates or for that matter making “Special” laws for the homos. The problem is also factual…. homos are not tolerant of the Christian’s beliefs and are so full of hate that they try to ruin their life because they don’t believe in their lifestyle.  I do not condone your choice of lifestyle but don’t condemn you either.  Why can’t your ILK do the same? The problem is, when someone states facts about the hateful actions of the gays, they get beligerant and start the name calling.  I am not a bigot just because I don’t agree with ssm, it’s my right to feel that way as it’s your right to feel he way you do.  Stop being so hateful and stop forcing it on those who choose the lifestyle opposite yours. If you want to live in peace, learn to tolerate other opinions.

      • Anonymous

        Believe me I’m not saying Obama is any better. I’m talking any and all politicians. Its interesting that there is this them and us. Straight or Gay its all the same, sure you can’t have babies, but a lifestyle of wanting to protect your spouse financally and get have the same options that straight couple have. I have no problem. Your church won’t marry you, then why would you want to follow that religion, look to a religion that doesn’t judge you.

        Marriage is a religious term, thats for churches to decide, if your religion supports its more power to you if it doesn’t, move on. Government shouldn’t get involved in religious debate.

        “If you want to live in peace, learn to tolerate other opinions.” WE SHOULD ALL DO THAT!

    • Laf

      It’s shamAns, not shamens. 


      Look, you need a little more backing for your ‘arguments’ than just asserting them. That’s circular reasoning. 

      Can you give a more substantive reason why politicians should, as you put it, stay out of religion or morality? And please don’t cite separation of church and state – that’s known to anyone who’s Constitutionally literate to be a false construct.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the spell check, clearly the computer one didn’t catch it.

        This is my view of “separation of church and state”. Americas Freedoms like the right to worship what ever you wish, was a huge step forward for its time and should be protected at all costs. In other countries culture or national identity and religion is same. America doesn’t have that, our national identity is being American, no matter where you are from.

        separation of church and state I believe was wisely addressed by our founding fathers to protect faiths from government and government from faiths. Otherwise if we would need to have a Church of America, and a figure head for that church etc etc etc. Which is what America wanted to get away from with England.

        Sure politicians have the right to worship what ever they wish, and they may use that faith in there decision making. Here is my problem an elected official is a representative of the people that elected him, People might not believe with him political, but he is suppose to represent the interests of the people that gave him this power. So for any politician to get involved in theological debates is wrong, leave that to theologists and religious leaders. POliticans should be focusing on the important things right now.

        • Laf

          America doesn’t have ‘freedom of worship’. we have freedom of religion. Nice try there. It’s the same joke that Obama tried. It’s old, going back to Hobbes in the 17th century.

          As for separation of church and state, can you cite the Founding Father (singular) who? The context clarifies why they did it. BTW, states in America had official religions. Read the 1st Amendment: CONGRESS shall make no law…  Combined with the 10th amendment, this means that states can clearly set religious requirements for office or have a state religion. 

          Let’s unwrap that ‘an elected official represents the interests…’

          Today, there seems to be a notion that once in office, a politician is obligated to represent EVERYONE in their district. Not true. You worded it correctly: they represent those who elected them. Obama doesn’t represent me. He represents the minority of radicals who turned out in greater numbers. If someone runs on a Christian family values platform, by your statement, there should be no problem with his bringing Christianity or morals into the discussion. After all,it’s reasonable to infer that’s what his constituents wanted, right?

          • Anonymous

            Thomas Jefferson said it “I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.”

            Amendment I
            Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

            Amendment X
            The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

            “this means that states can clearly set religious requirements for office or have a state religion.”
            Where do you see or interpret that?????

            What about the Treaty of Tripoli
            john adams
            As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen; and, as the said States never entered into any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties, that no pretext arising from religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

          • Laf

            John Adams didn’t write the Treaty of Tripoli, that was Joel Barlow, a diplomat.

            Let me connect the dots for you, re: Amendment I and X:

            1. Congress shall make no law….

            It doesn’t say ‘the several states shall make no law…’. This is a specific restriction on Congress. 

            2. ‘The powers…nor prohibited to it by the States, are reserved to the States respectively…’ The power to establish state religions was not prohibited to the states by the Constitution (see above, #1), so it is reserved to the states. 

            This is not a mere academic exercise. Many Constitutions of the states require a belief in God for office. A 1961 Supreme Court decision used the 1st Amendment (very confusedly, see #1) and 14th (tool of statists in America) to override this. A Supreme Court Decision does not an issue Constitutional make. Otherwise, Roberts’s decision should stand, right? 

            You found the Founder I was looking for, Tom Jefferson. Did you know he attended church services in the House of Representatives? That term ‘seperation…’ was from a letter to the Danbury Baptists, assuring them they’d not be persecuted by a state religion like they had in Europe. That’s it. 

          • Anonymous

            I read them over and over again I don’t see how it the 10th amendment means that a state can form a religion.

            Let say your right, which then took me over to read my states constitutions.

            which states
            Section 3. Freedom of religion. — Whereas Almighty God hath created the mind free; and all attempts to influence it by temporal punishments or burdens, or by civil incapacitations, tend to beget habits of hypocrisy and meanness; and whereas a principal object of our venerable ancestors, in their migration to this country and their settlement of this state, was, as they expressed it, to hold forth a lively experiment that a flourishing civil state may stand and be best maintained with full liberty in religious concernments; we, therefore, declare that no person shall be compelled to frequent or to support any religious worship, place, or ministry whatever, except in fulfillment of such person’s voluntary contract; nor enforced, restrained, molested, or burdened in body or goods; nor disqualified from holding any office; nor otherwise suffer on account of such person’s religious belief; and that every person shall be free to worship God according to the dictates of such person’s conscience, and to profess and by argument to maintain such person’s opinion in matters of religion; and that the same shall in no wise diminish, enlarge, or affect the civil capacity of any person.

            Which says the reiterates the same thing…. freedom of religion

  • Laf

    ‘…not a slam on gay marriage there.’

    SO WHAT if it was? Cathy has the right to slam something if he sees its a perversion. So are we going to quit slamming pedophilia because we don’t want to be accused of hate? Forget that. 

  • Jeffrey

    I don’t get it this whole marriage thing. First it is supposed to be separate from church and state, so why do you have to purchase a marriage license from the state. Second from the bible it say’s it is an abomination to being gay but your born in sin. So I guess you can’t be born gay but born in sin. What does that really mean born in sin. I believe in Jesus Christ he died for all mans sins including the ones who are born in sin. like the ones who wrote the damn book, who are born in sin. Jesus Christ is my KING, he died for all politics and religions including the one that was written around him not through him. Just simply there is still so much misunderstanding. 

    • Laf

      ‘What does that really mean born in sin.’

      It’s simple; it means you’re born with the ability and tendency to sin. Which sin you will engage in in life is a matter of choice.

    • Laf

      And which ‘damn book’ are you referring to? The bible? Pretty dumb to (a) refer to the Bible that way, and (b) to insinuate that somehow the Bible is flawed, having been, in your words, written by sinful men. (B) is really dumb of you because you then claim that Jesus is your king. Where do you get knowledge of Him? Oh, that’s right, the Book you cursed and insinuated is flawed. A very confused message, this.

  • Anonymous

    The lovely Mayor Menino of Boston just came out last week and said that he will not allow Chick-fil-A in Boston because of the owner’s stance on gay marriage.  This is completely unbelievable!  Has he gone to every business owner in Boston and inquired about their views on gay marriage? 

    We are a still in America right?  Who is Mumbles Menino to tell me that I can’t have the option of going to that restaurant because he doesn’t like the owner’s opinion on something?  It amazes me that the residents of Boston continuously votes this guy in.

  • Anonymous

    Why aren’t people allowed to have an opinion in this country. Has it been determined by the Liberal/Socialist movement in this country that anyone that does not agree with gay marriage must be verbaly brutalized. Why are the Liberals so full of hate? There is no reason to persecute gay people but there is also no reason for any person or any business to be required to endorse the gay movement or agenda.

  • Lioness

    Wow, I’m disappointed in some of my fellow conservatives (and I use that term loosely). The comment made by Cathy was clearly misinterpreted and blown out of proportion, but the ignorance spewed by some on this site is really unconscionable. I hope that some of you are plants attempting to make conservatives look bad, because good Christians and/or loving people of any faith would never spew the foul garbage I’ve read in some of these posts. It seems where ever there is a topic involving the gay/ lesbian community such intolerance and ignorance surfaces and we end up sounding like a bunch of backwoods hicks. As far as I’m concerned, all those who believe in limited government and voting the darn socialists out of office are on my side no matter what their persuasion.

    • Corran Horn

      I am with you friend. I wonder what it is with this subject and people on both sides devolving into apes. I might disagree with gay marriage but they are people still that love, feel pain and have a soul like the rest of us. I also feel the government has no right to tell anyone who they can or can’t marry no matter how I feel about it Churches have the right to choose if they want to accept or not and the government should just butt out of all things marriage and civil unions and let people do be who are different. I wonder do any of these guys know that there are gay conservatives out there and I also wonder if the same people who are bashing guys know that controlling marriage is a big government ideal. How have you been by the way it been some time since we last talked.

      • Lioness

        Hey, don’t take offense to this, but although I think I know who I’m talking to, your name change makes me a little uncertain. I’m assuming you are referring to my dad, he is still putting up a good fight and doing well. I read your recent posts and I’m glad you came back. If you want a challenge check out the Alternet. I really think there are people there that could be influenced, although it’s a tough crowd:)

        • Corran Horn

          It sounds like you do know me. I been taking a break and still plan on doing so I just missed talking to a few people here and wanted to see how things where with people I see as friends. I had to take a break after I turned to this type of blogging you see on this page. I could not stand how uncivil I was to others here and well that is why I been gone a few months. I think I will stay away until after the elections but I will talk you and a few other once in a while. I been there at AlterNet and I think tough crowd is an understatement that is why I had to change my name they were following me. I am so glad that your father is doing well praise God my Grand Father died 3 years ago from the same thing I know he in a better place but I still miss him.

          • Lioness

            Yep, I remember you now, don’t be a stranger:)

          • Corran Horn

            Yes ma’am!

  • Laf


    what do you define as ‘ignorance spewed’? What is a backwoods hick? Isn’t that a hateful term and doesn’t it show intolerance to a certain culture? And since you don’t care about the persuasion of those who want to vote the darn socialists (sic) out, can conservative people married to their sheep or conservative pedophiles be on your side? 

    • Laf

      Sorry, this was supposed to be a reply to Lioness.

    • Lioness

      I think you’re missing the point here. To be specific, all of those who said hurtful things towards gays, are the comments I’m insulted by. Usually hick is not something any one identifies with, but if you do, well, sorry.

  • Marie

    Is there a reason why this video isn’t loading?  Why keep this stupid page up if videos are taken down after two weeks?

  • Marie

     If you want to watch the original video, go here:

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