Left wants to know the motive – unless ‘Islam’ in the answer

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It seems liberals are all about knowing what caused someone to on a shooting spree – unless the answer may have the word ‘Islam’ in it. Glenn has the painful audio of yet another Obama official painfully trying to explain why they won’t identify ‘radical Islam’ as a threat to America. Watch it in the clip above!

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Why the dance around Radical Islam? You are either part of the group, allied to them, working with them, being blackmailed into compliance by them, or simply do not care. In the case of our radical extremist Congress and POTUS, it is an alliance with the devil himself that has been made for their attempted gain to overthrow the American Constitutiion and Republic.

    Once again, the dancing around the subject shows the depth of corruption and treasonous activities of the administration to the core. When all of it has been exposed to the light of day, many of us in the nation will stand there, aghast, and say ‘how did we let that ever happen?”

    We must never forget.
    We must never let it happen again.
    We must wait to see the trials for the administrations crimes to begin in January 2013.

    • http://twitter.com/GeorgettaDCarra Georgetta D. Carrara

      Glenn has the painful audio of yet another Obama official painfully trying to explain why they won’t identify ‘radical Islam’ as a threat to America. http://MadeOnlineCash.blogspot.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/otakuraf Rafael Torres

    I hate the political correctness of the liberal media. It’s the same political correctness of the MSM that got Lara Logan gang-raped as well as Natasha Smith who was also gang-raped. Both stories are not told that much and are not being covered much due to the mainstream media. Even the stories about them are politically correct; they did no mention a single thing about radical Islam. CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, and others along with the American People are going to pay the price for being politically correct about radical Islam.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, yeah, Rafael!   I hate the PC crap too!   If a Muslim is a radical Islamist, he should

      be called that!  What’s with all the tip-toeing about?  Afraid to hurt someone’s feelings?

      Afraid country X will take umbrage at the words ”radical Islam” and attack America or

      American interests?   Aren’t they already doing that?   If not overtly, then covertly?

      • http://www.facebook.com/otakuraf Rafael Torres

        I’m glad you agree with me. The PC crap is more worse than we imagined. The stories of the gang rapes of Lara Logan last year and Natasha Smith this year, as well as sexual assaults on other female journalists and other women in Egypt are not being told that much and are not getting that much coverage due to the PC machine, liberal spin, and the fear of offending Musliums. Even Egypt is silent on the violence against women  http://www.bikyamasr.com/71187/egypt-media-silent-on-sexual-violence-against-women/ It’s time for the American People to call for protests and boycotts aginst CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and other MSM media outlets and demand that they tell the truths they are covering up on this and the threat of radical Islam!

        • Anonymous

          Well,Rafael, I’m doing my part in boycotting the stations you mentioned.

          At least, somewhat.   I NEVER, EVER watch ANY broadcast news (just

          the local news), and never watch CNN or MSNBC.   Hell, I don’t even

          watch Colbert and Stewart!    However, good luck with getting people  to

          boycott any station completely.   I did that toward NBC when GE was

          the owner, but, have returned in a very limited amount. Especially, since

          they will be covering the Olympics.

          You know, by now, how very selective the media is in covering stories.

          IF they will, in any way or manner, reflect poorly on the Prez or on his

          policies, administration etc., they will keep quiet or give a very quick

          story, and then, forget about it.   How many of them mentioned the ABC

          flub of connecting the Aurora shooter with the Tea Party?   Who knows

          how many of them, perhaps, wondered IF a Tea Party person was in

          some way involved, but had the good sense to keep quiet?

          Since the Prez appears so ”friendly” toward Muslim nations (and was

          very vocal in favor of the Arab Spring), the media is aware that bad or

          inflammatory stories about Egypt (or Muslim Brotherhood, perhaps)

          may reflect poorly on the Prez, so they keep mum, for the most part.

          Truth in media?  Sometimes.  Full coverage?  Hardly.


          • http://www.facebook.com/otakuraf Rafael Torres

            Now that you mentioned the Arab Spring, it’s because of his support and the political correctness that he and his MSM buddies why the rapes of these two journalists that I mentioned in my previous posts happened in the first place! He’s so friendly with the Muslium nations that there will be no justices for these two women and why more women in the Middle East are suffering from sexual violence be they citizens, journalists, and tourists. The rape of Lara Logan of CBS made it to number 200 of 1001 reasons why Obama must be voted out of office.http://www.conservativedailynews.com/2012/06/1001-reasons-to-vote-against-barack-obama-complete-edition/ Here’s the list and share it with others. 

  • Anonymous

    A large part of this is just political correct BS, some of it not wanting to say something that might set off violent incidents similar to those immediately following september 11 like this one in Arizona http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Balbir_Singh_Sodhi
    but there is some accuracy to what the guy in the audio was saying.
    We are not at war with radical Islam.  We are not at war with violent radical Islam, we are at war with one faction of violent radical Islam- al-Qaeda and the people who support al-Qaeda.  Islam is large and diverse with many different factions and factions within those factions, al-Qaeda used to be one of many violent transnationalist Islamist movements in the 90s that formed as a direct result of defeating the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.  Almost all of those groups gave up violence as they realized it wasn’t working, al-Qaeda instead decided to shift focus from the near enemy- Islamic governments that weren’t al-Qaeda, and instead focus on the far enemy that supported those governments (you and me) thinking that if they could get us out of the picture or even get us to take overly aggressive action such that we turn on more Muslims than just al-Qaeda that would weaken the near enemy enough that they could be overthrown and al-Qaeda like trans-nationalist groups would take over.  That’s who we’re fighting.
    Not Hamas, not the Muslim Brotherhood, not Hezbollah.  We may not like them that much and they may not like us but they aren’t enemies yet and realistically they won’t be anytime in the foreseeable future (Hamas focused on Israel and ruling the Gaza strip which has really moderated there views somewhat, the Muslim Brotherhood really isn’t that bad and is only as popular as they are b/c they were the only opposition to Mubarak for decades, and Hezbullah is more of a Lebanese nationalist group now than a puppet of Iran).

    • Anonymous

      All of what you say is tripe. You make a distinction without a difference. If you want to hear, from their own mouths, in a nice comfortable proud interview, what their plans are for the world, check out this link, and take off your blinders.


      • Anonymous

        The point is Islam is as diverse as Christianity, and radical Islam is also diverse. A lot of radicals are merely nationalists who incorporate Islam into their naitonalism (Hamas, Hezbullah, Muslim Brotherhood in certain countries). The ones we worry about are transnationalists which are few, and the violent ones are the ones who will come here and the real concern and they, while enough to worry about and combat, are also very few.

        • Anonymous

          You obviously did not view the link, or you would see how they are taking over Europe, without using violence from their “moderate” followers, (Who they disavow as muslims and will kill as soon as they can). You would hear their plans in their own words to take over, and people like you, who don’t believe any of it, or think any one muslim is different from any other muslim, (an idea they disavow as western idiocy), are paving the way. If you are only worried about combat, you are lost. Please view the link, watch their future of “Belgradastan,” Europe and America, only made possible by the Bachman attackers. Ron Reale realetybytes@yahoo.com

          • Anonymous

            Before we get into too harsh of judgements about Islam lets not forget Christianity has been used to justify slavery, monarchies, and many many wars in the past. And Christianity is about as peaceful as any religion out there (except maybe Buddhism) so you can twist any religion to justify a bad cause.
            As to the link- it mentions in the link that this group is a minority even among the muslims and just b/c they say that if you aren’t with us you aren’t a muslim doesn’t make that true. This is a tactic used by many extreme groups in many religions (Westboro Baptist Church comes to mind) and doesn’t give any legitimacy to what they say. I’m not denying there aren’t people who have taken the ideas of Islam to an extreme but to apply that to the group as a whole is stupid. And if tactics are non-violent and evil then there is nothing to do but disagree with them in the market place of ideas. We need to focus on the real enemy, the ones who attacked and came after us. Anyone who is non-violent is not an enemy to be feared but an opposing idea to debate and disagree with.
            As Khomeini discovered in 1980 it is very difficult to figure out exactly what Sharia is. Sharia is not codified, it is a vague idea up for interpretation which is why there are many different schools of Sharia in Islam. Cutting off hands isn’t even part of sharia, it is part of the archaic talion law and is more cultural to the tribal Wahhabis than anything else.

    • w. Parker

      Congratulations, you win the Alfred E. Newman award of the year

      • Anonymous

        right b/c a nuanced approach to a large problem with potentially horrendous long term consequences if mishandled is stupid

  • J.Milliscone

    I really hope this isn’t implying that the crazy guy was Muslim. That’s just as bad, if not worse, when the ABC nut job said there was a Jim Holmes registered to the tea party

    • Anonymous

      What crazy guy? What are you talking about?

      • new2la

        Brian Ross…He reported that James Holmes might be a Tea Party member because they found a James Holmes on a FB TP site. In other words, it was crony journalism.

        • Anonymous

          Brian Ross is far from crazy, he knows well the power of the initial charge. Can’t unring the bell, as they say. It wasn’t journalism at all, it was worthy of the investigative techniques Inspector Clouseau, I believe you call it “The Shot In The Dark” technique. (apologies to Blake Edwards and Peter Sellars). Thanks for clearing that up. Ron Reale

      • Anonymous

        Ron, is the poster (J.M.) talking about the shooter in Aurora, CO?

  • Anonymous

    Political correctness will be the downfall of western society!
    Sorry Barack but it IS a “War On Terror”, it IS fought by radical Islamists !!!!!
    When I was growing up, I wished I was American. Now, I thank God for unanswered prayers!

    • Anonymous

      johnny, stay safe, friend.  They may ”invade” Canadian politics, as well.

  • sparducks

    This is why we need to fire these idiots. This dude was doing political yoga. c’mon. Our founding fathers would have flogged this guy. It’s not even funny anymore. It’s dangerous. They do this crap while running up the debt, and spending our money on Las Vegas junkets. Who ever gave these bastards permission to saddle my grandkids with debt so they could party down in vegas. Pitchforks and torches friends. I aint pickin up their tab. Worst of all they are hamstringing our military,and inviting our enemies over for dinner. Prepare to defend yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    There is not any such thing as extreemist Islam, there is only Islam which is an extreemist position of people that want all other people killed or being slaves to any Islam believer.  There are not good or bad Muslims only Muslims that belive that all infidels are to be killed or enslaved.  Wake up, read the Quran (Koran)

    • Anonymous

      Floyc, I am ultraconservative, but condemning every person in an entire religion is exactly the justification that radical Islam uses for mass murder. And PLEASE turn on spell checker. No matter how important the message, it gets lost in the miasma when even simple words are misspelled. What you are saying has some merit, but blanket condemnation sidelines the entire argument prior to any actual discussion. Don’t make it easy for liberals to condemn by acting like they do. I also harbor great suspicion when an entire religion can only say they “don’t agree” with radicals, but “can see why they are angry”. In this, Christians are justifiably confused and upset. No sane interpretation of the Khoran could possibly interpret even the most ridiculous statements as being an endorsement of murdering the innocent. Yet, many in the Islamic world do not believe even babies are innocent if they are born to Christians and especially if they are born in the US. This disgusting interpretation is tantamount to pure, unadulterated evil. It is hard to see how this could be what the peoples of the Middle East would choose. But they have and they do. It is exactly what we have seen in the results of the Arab Spring. This is not improvement, and Obama’s invitation into not only the white house, but also into the most secure meeting in the world (the National Security Council) to a man who, immediately upon election stated that he would institute Sharia law and suspend the Camp David accords with the stated purpose of erasing the Jewish faith and blood from the face of the earth. Only in this administration would the bow to the wishes of declared enemies in a concerted effort to blind and hobble our intelligence and law enforcement in a time when we have indisputable evidence that radical Islam is on the rise. This is pure evil and is so indicative of the disdain that Obama holds for America. Why should he care if he has toppled governments friendly to the US and Israel’s security? The more chaos, the easier it is to suspend constitutional rights in the pursuit of “pure” Marxism.

  • Anonymous

    I like Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Mark Levin, but you are all fools if you think there is a difference of Muslims (Moderate or Extreemist), there are Muslims or Infidels (Non Muslims) if the world does not wake up to this fact we are in deep peril.  Not all Christians are good, but all Muslims are bad.

    • Anonymous

      Shaq is bad?
      Muhammad Ali was bad?
      Robert Crane was bad?
      Malcolm X post his trip to Mecca when he came back preaching peace and harmony between races was bad?
      Ambassador Khalilzad is bad?Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan was bad?
      Rasheed Wallace is bad?
      Kareem abul Jabar was bad?
      1.6 billion people are all bad?
      or are you just taking reasonable concerns about terrorist organizations to a bigoted and moronic extreme?

      • Kevin Thompson

        I think what he is trying to say is that they are not real muslims and that the true muslims are the ones that condone the atrocities that are committed in the middle east. It is part of Islam’s roots that they are to spread their religion through war. That isn’t just the result of the religion, that is a part of the religion. You have to be a holy warrior. It is a beduoin tradition from before the time of mohammed that religion is spread through battle. I don’t agree with Floyc, but I don’t think it is bigotry. He views Islam as true Islam. If you were to look at raw islam in its true form (look at all of the pillars of Islam and study it), you would find that it is true that Shaq, Muhammad, and Malcom X probably aren’t real Muslims if they refuse to cut the hand off of someone that steals from them. Christianity is different because we were freed from the law and are to gladly obey the new law of forgiveness.

        • Anonymous

          The five pillars of Islam are harmless and actually pretty admirable for anyone who follows them
          The hand cutting and other stuff is not the direct result of Islam but had been around long before Islam. Sharia law doesn’t even really exist b/c it was never codified so an individual has to interpret what it is from the Qur’an and the Hadith or something else like that depending on the criteria each law school would use. Which then technically makes it not sharia b/c it is no longer God’s law but man’s law which is also evident in that in each form of sharia many local laws and customs are incorporated in it. Some choose, like the Wahabbis, who are the extreme of the extreme,to incorporate the harsh and archaic Talion law into their sharia, many don’t.
          Islam’s violent origins are very similar to Judaism’s past. David, Joshua, and many others were involved in many violent acts, all of them without the intention of converting or freeing the people who weren’t Hebrews.
          In the time of the prophet their battles were largely fought in self-defense and if not they were fought to free other peoples who wanted the Muslims to overthrow their leaders. After Muhammad’s death, God is no longer directly involved in any way shape or form, during the time of the four great Caliphs more conquests occurred but those were largely against tribes that had broken off and after the prophet’s death or against the Byzantine Empire, an empire not all that popular among their arab subjects. After that you reach the Ummayyads who are really only considered Caliphs in name only and no longer carried the authority of the Umma.
          Out of the turmoil surrounding Ali’s contention for power the Kharijites emerged, the forefathers of the violent groups you see today who say if you aren’t one of us you aren’t a Muslim and you should die, as a result they killed Ali- a direct relative of the prophet. These groups hardly have any authority over who is and isn’t a muslim
          It’s like the Westboro Baptist Church, they’re crazy (not violent but mega crazy). They say if you aren’t one of them you aren’t Christian. Just b/c they say it and claim to be experts doesn’t make what they say even remotely true- in fact really they are the ones who most likely aren’t really christians.

    • Anonymous

      I am a Christian here so don’t get me wrong.  However, there is a MAJOR difference between extreme Muslims and moderate Muslims.  Raheel Raza, for example, is a moderate Muslim who has risked her life for DECADES trying to bring people of different religious faiths, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and several others, together.  She has risked her life for DECADES preaching AGAINST extremist Muslims, and she IS a Muslim herself who, for a time, lived in an extreme Islamist state.  Yet, she is a MODERATE Muslim who has fought AGAINST extreme Muslims for DECADES.  There is a difference.  Learn the difference, please.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DF4UUNATEPJLRO3VM6Q7BVQ25E If There is No God

    defintion of oxymoron? moderate muslim

    • Anonymous

      An old friend of mine came from Jordan to the US to attend a university. While in the US, he converted from Islam to Christianity and eventually married a Christian woman, the daughter of an even older friend. Soon afterward, his entire family, who remained Muslim, was slaughtered in Jordan because of HIS conversion.

      So much for the religion of peace. The Koran allows, even encourages, Muslims to lie to non-Muslims to hide their true purposes. These people are infiltrators into our society and are likely to slaughter us and our families at the whim of their imam, the most corrupt of all. They conduct bomb making classes and teach self-slaughter in their mosques in schools just down the street from our homes. When triggered by their imam, they will blow up their bodies adjacent to our homes, schools and churches skattering the pieces of the bodies of our wives and children just as they have done in Spain, Russia, France and elsewhere. They have been bought and paid for by the great Satan, even Lucifer who owns their very souls and even lies to THEM about 72 virgins. It is all a culture of lies and deceit.

      WERE THIS NOT SO, the so-called moderate Muslims would fight against it and expose their imams to “protect” their neighbors. Instead, they HIDE the dark workings in their mosques. Those who might reveal their dark workings are slaughtered by their fathers and brothers. They slaughter their wives and daughters with ABSOLUTELY no recourse. They have no feelings for their own flesh and blood, why should they have feelings for us?

      • Anonymous

        The Arabs internationally seem to be, with few exceptions, a trash society hell bent on slaughtering the rest of humanity.

        If that scientist working alongside you at the university is a Muslim, he is already committed and sworn by Islamic oath to slit your throat at the earliest opportunity or at the behest of his local imam, whichever comes first. The same goes for the taxi-driver in front of you, the waiter placing your order in front of you, that rrag-head standing next to you on the bus or in the elevator, that passenger on your plane, the shop-keeper you frequent, the teacher of your children, etc., etc.

        Am I Islamaphobic? Absolutely!! These vermin vipers are no friend of the human race. THEY ARE DEDICATED AND COMMITTED BY OATH to slaughtering all non-Muslims in the name of their false prophet Muhamed in the name of their false god alala who is the great Satan that claims to be god. There is but one God and it ain’t alala.

    • Anonymous

      How about a Child Molester Prophet…

  • Anonymous

    you can not stop hate, you can only expose IT.

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