WATCH: Alveda King describes the role of music in a revolution

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  • Anonymous

    I knew the music was on the way. The music found you, didn’t it?

  • Steve Bugnacki

    Can’t hear Alveda!!! Her mike is too low or something?

  • Stephan Bruno

    Alveda the sellout. Her Uncle would have been so proud. 

    • shellymic

      Actually, you are partially correct. MLK, Jr. would have been proud of her.  As far as her being a “sellout,” you know not of what you speak. If you did, you’d be embarrassed by your needless attempt to smear an honorable, courageous, and loving woman.

    • Anonymous

       Her Uncle MLK would be very proud of Alveeda… is exactly what he march for…and she carry’s on his work….Alveeda King is a beautiful person………..who believes in Love Honor and Courage…………you on the other hand are a racist bigot !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

     Everything that is produced by Glenn Beck company and gbtv audio is way to low. Yall need make that a priority to fix.

    It is very frustrating when we are unable actually hear your programs.