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On Tuesday’s episode of The Glenn Beck Program on GBTV, Glenn was joined by some of his fellow Restoring Love performers in the Dallas studios. While most of his shows may focus on the news of the day, he decided to give his audience a preview of what they could expect at Saturday’s big event.

Perhaps the biggest shock of the group of musicians came in the performance of “Battle Hymn of the Republic” by folk artist Kalai. Kalai has “a neo-acoustic medley styling with a modern edge” and is probably one of the best undiscovered artists out there. He has performed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, “Extra”, TV guide’s “Mvids” and MTV. You can purchase his music here and help spread this amazing sound and message across the country.

But Kalai’s unique folk/rock show wasn’t the only jaw dropping performance. Glenn was joined by several other artists who impressed the audience both in studio and at home.

Clyde Bawden was on set performing a piece of music that will be heard at Restoring Love. Glenn and Clyde have grown close over the past few months, and Clyde will play a key role during Glenn’s keynote speech at the Restoring Love event. After a night of speaking with Glenn about America and American history, Clyde went to work composing a symphony about America, how it has changed over time, and how the relationship between country and individuals.

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Alex Boye also joined Glenn. Fans probably recognize him from Restoring Courage and from Glenn’s Christmas special. Glenn didn’t know it when they first met, but Boye had actually been the soloist on a Mormon Tabernacle Choir track that Glenn listened to over and over again in preparation for Restoring Honor and Restoring Courage. Boye joins Glenn on the last leg of the journey at Restoring Love.

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Finally, Kim Harley will be joining Glenn at Restoring Love. Harley is the praise and worship leader and choir director at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, NY under the leadership of Pastor AR Bernard. She has shared the stage with Melba Moore, Natalie Cole, Gary Anglin, Richard Smallwood, Israel Houghton, Darwin Hobbs, BeBe Winans, Alvin Slaughter, Charles Billingsley, Dino Karstonakis and Pauletta Washington.

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  • Anonymous

    I love Alex Boye. That man can sing.

  • Heather Roberts

    I’ve been listening to this for months and I really like what they have put together.

  • Heather Roberts

    I really enjoyed the show the other day. Fantastic talent!

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