Glenn’s latest studio decoration will make Al Gore cry

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Glenn unveiled the latest set piece in the Dallas studio today and it’s quite a show stopper. Standing over 10 feet tall, this imposing and majestic piece makes quite a statement – but best of all, it will make people like Al Gore cry. America, feast your eyes on Glenn Beck’s real life polar bear!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    On the white field of ice and snow, the home of the whale fishies that blow, a lone figure stands upon the edge of the sea, his gaze looking out at the seals that gracefully bob to and fro in the waves, flippers clapping rapidly, cries of delight bringing a smile to his face…

    (Seal #1: “Do you think Al Gore realizes he is the bait for the bears today?”
    (Seal #2: “Does it matter? I just want the bears to stay away from us…”

    • Draxx

      That global warming bs, I wonder how many times they say for fear mongering, “This is the worst it’s been in the History of the World!!!” (and that goes for many subjects too)…

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Quite a bit I imagine, considering the constant blitz in the media and in so many other forums. You are quite right on the “This is the worst…” part, probably at one time or another, almost everything has been denounced as evil in the world, bad for the world, etc.

        I can only speculate on this part mind you, yet it seems as if the global warming thiefs and liars have deluded themselves into actually believing they are right.

        • Staci W. Woodson

          You are quite right on the “This is the worst…” part, probably at one time or another, almost everything has been denounced as evil in the world,

      • Judy Mahaffey

        Since 1870 we have been suffering from global warming and here are the pictures.
        These are Amazingly beautiful “black-whites”. Take in both the beauty and genius in composition.The American West as you’ve never seen it before: Amazing 19th century pictures show the landscape as it was chartered for the

    • ginger

      Thanks for the picture….best laugh of the day.!!!!

  • Draxx

    They talk about expansion but never mention the taking of ancient trees in the Tiberian Forest, which provides more oxygen to the planet than the Amazon Forest.  Not to mention it takes hundreds to thousands of years for trees to grow there because it’s so cold…

  • Meshellie

    Now you just need to mount a 100 watt light bulb in it’s mouth LOL

  • Anonymous

     Are all these set pieces what my yearly membership is being spent on?  For what purpose is Glenn buying all these things? 

    • Anonymous

      Are you really that cynical and jaded as to believe Mr. Beck would misuse our membership funds in that manner?  Then why are you subscribing to GBTV?  The money paid by subscibers has gone for equipment, to pay his employees, and so forth, and also to be able to turn his network into a 24/7 news outlet, which, thanks to his many subscribers, he is now able to do ahead of schedule, at no additional cost to us.  He already explained this in an earlier broadcast.  This is why, come fall, GBTV will become The Blaze Network.  As for all the props and such on set, they are from Glenn’s private collections, or he has purchased them out of his own pocket.  The purpose of the polar bear was to show what a majestic, an highly adaptible animal it is (as must we be), but also to to flaunt the idiocy of the left’s ideology, especially Al Gore and all the money he’s leeched off the American public with his parasitic “gobal warming” hoax.

    • Tim Chriestenson

      Who cares why he’s buying them?  Once you’ve paid your membership cost, the money is no longer yours.  It now belongs to Glenn and his company to spend as they see fit.  If you feel you are not getting a good value for your money, simply cancel your membership.  It’s called “free enterprise”.

    • Anonymous

      Can you even imagine how much Glenn has spent of his personal fortune on all the Restoring events.  We didn’t pay to get into the 8/28 Restoring Honor event on on the National Mall.  Someone paid for the porta pots, security, garbage bags, sound systems etc.  Who?  He has sacrificed personal time, money and safety and has asked for very lttle in return.  He deserves our respect and trust because he has consistently told the truth.

    • Mary Theresa Del Buono

      Do you ask what your cable does with your money?  He is saving for the future…his mini-disney-museum-saving for the people who live 100years from now…a giant time capsule for us all to be remembered as we should be…that is what he is doing…keeping stuff … that has meaning too…
      just putting my 2 cents in…which someday no one will know why or what I was saying that for…woops it is already happening…
      enjoy the man’s happiness and love and faith…

    • Anonymous

      To make liberals cry.  What else?  I’m ALL for that, lol.  Besides, if I had the money, I’d buy 1 too.  It’d be cool to have a polar bear set piece in my own home, lol.

  • Anonymous

    Bear grrrrrr what do polar bears eat?????   baby seals and not the navy ones lol

  • surrealdreamer

    I dont understand how talking about restoring love and a polar bear making someone cry go together?  Everyday I read this newsletter and it seems that nothing in it goes with restoring love…..Starting to make me feel kind of weird that I respect Glenn’s opinions when he is kind of displaying himself as a typical ass.

  • Anonymous

    Dam!  Just saw a documentary today about the earth’s magnetic field is moving due to the earth’s core being made of molten rock. (Huh??) Now I have to find some thing I can do without in order to stop that dam field from moving! This has got to be my dirty old SUV at it again. I have a brilliant flash. Rather than sending expensive airplanes and bombs over to countries that mean to harm us, let’s just send our SUV’s, old a/c’s, and for sure those guns that keep jumping out of boxes to kill us and let them do their mayhem over there!…..Hmmm… Yeah, that’ll do it!!!   HAW!  And the liberals say Rednecks are stupid!!!

    • Anonymous

       And while where at it we could send all our liberals to help them out.  You know as a sign of good will. 

  • Anonymous

    They should of put more stuffing in it.That white bear looks like it starved to death.

  • Russell Seitz

    Congratulations are in order if this here is that thar bar Glenn shot when he was only three.

    Otherwise he should  be dispatched to the North Slope with an Arkansas toothpick and orders not to return peltless.

  • Anonymous

    I saw one enclosed in glass in the Anchorage airport in 1966.

  • Elaine Keenan

    Cry Al Cry

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