Ted Nugent flips out over calls for more gun control, misinformation

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Glenn spoke with fervent 2nd Amendment supporter Ted Nugent on radio today because Ted is fired up about all the misinformation being spewed on the media about current laws, assault rifles and more. What are they getting wrong? And what does Ted think is the answer?

Full Transcript below:

GLENN:  Let me go to Ted Nugent.  Jeez.  Another angry gun‑toting white guy. 


PAT:  Mmm‑hmmm. 


GLENN:  Ted? 


NUGENT:  Greetings, Glenn, from the greatest rhythm and blues rock‑and‑roll tour in the history of noise. 


GLENN:  Where are you today? 


NUGENT:  I’m in the swamps of Jackson, Michigan, cleansing my soul prior to heading for Wisconsin to continue the rock‑and‑roll celebration. 


GLENN:  Okay.  Now, do you have to cleanse your soul after Wisconsin? 


NUGENT:  I do it daily anyhow, whether I need it or not. 


GLENN:  Okay.  Just, I didn’t know.  Some people just cleanse their soul on, you know, Saturdays or Sundays. 


NUGENT:  I wash my hair on Saturday. 


GLENN:  Okay.  Good.  Ted, you have been ‑‑ and I’m sorry that I haven’t had a chance to return any of your phone calls this week.  It’s been nuts because of the thing that we’re doing this weekend, but you ‑‑ I believe you are close to a brain aneurysm on this story coming out of Aurora, Colorado. 


NUGENT:  Well, yes.  Number one, I can’t go further without saying that the Nugent family and everybody I know, I mean literally everybody says prayers for the victims and their families in the face of such a tragedy, but now we need to go on to the vile intentional misrepresentation of what did happen.  And I think as soon as you can, Glenn, you need to talk to your friend Bill O’Reilly because I’ve never heard such nonsense in all my life and I think it epitomizes the ignorance out there when Bill O’Reilly states as a fact that anybody can go buy a bazooka and a machine gun without the government knowing it unless, of course, you’re in the crips and the bloods.  My God in heaven, since 1934 machine guns ‑‑ by the way, bazookas are not available this week and they never have been. 


GLENN:  Really? 


NUGENT:  But to buy a machine gun, you have to go through such a vetting, such a federal BATF and local law enforcement, national law enforcement review, background check, fill out all kinds of documents and buy a $200 transfer tax certificate per purchase if they allow it.  So this kind of information is just looney.  And let me state as if fact that I know for a fact that most of the damage done by this devil in Aurora was done with the number one pheasant shotgun in the world, a Remington 870.  His AR‑15 Smith & Wesson rifle is now the most popular sporting rifle in America.  It is the number one competition, number one in self‑defense, it’s the number one sporting rifle for big game and small game.  And if they keep calling it an assault weapon, I may have that aneurysm. 


GLENN:  You know why they call it that?  Because of the way it looks.  That’s it.  Because of ‑‑ I was out shooting, what, two weeks ago and that’s exactly ‑‑ that’s the gun we were using.  And we were target practice.  I mean, that is the gun we would use.  If I was going hunting, that would be the gun that I would use. 


NUGENT:  Oh, and most sporters do but let me ‑‑ you talk about the way it looks.  Dianne Feinstein and her ‑‑ by the way, Dianne Feinstein who’s just literally going berserk on the misinformation about the weapons and the ammunition.  This is the woman who had a concealed weapons permit but denied California citizens the right to have a concealed weapons permit.  She demonized the concept of concealed weapon permit when she had one, Glenn, and she sat in a room with a friend of mine who will remain unnamed, unidentified, a Democrat congressman from one of my favorite states and she took out a copy of shotgun news.  This is a publication that, you know, lists the different types of firearms available, legal firearms, and she got out a Sharpie and circled the ones she wanted banned in the original assault weapon ban and she circled ones that were black with folding stocks when, in fact, the exact same weapon, exact same rate of fire, exact same caliber, everything was the same but it was made out of wood.  She didn’t want to ban those.  This is lunacy.  And remember, Glenn, this monster in Aurora took 20 minutes to do his evil.  In 20 minutes you don’t need an assault weapon, you don’t need a machine gun, which he didn’t have either of, but you could do more damage with a single shot or a bolt action because he had 20 minutes. 


GLENN:  You know, here’s the thing.  If ‑‑ and nobody I hear is talking about this except people like us:  If you had more people carrying a weapon.  If people had a gun in their back and they were ‑‑ and they were licensed to carry it, that guy wouldn’t have gotten off more than four shots. 


NUGENT:  And I’m sure you’ve covered it because there was a shooting like that in a church in Aurora this year earlier. 


GLENN:  Yep. 


NUGENT:  That was stopped because the guy had a gun.  And I know the hysteria about teargas and it was dark in the theater.  Glenn, I am not making this up.  Last week my wife Shemane and I were filming a segment for our Spirit of the Wild show and we were shooting at watermelons surrounded by human silhouette targets just as kind of a competition and from 20 feet and from 20 yards and we were shooting from every imaginable angle, undercover, from sitting, from squatting, from prone position, from behind cover and from in the open, and we never hit an innocent and we never missed the watermelon.  And I’m just a guitar player.  If a guitar player can neutralize a watermelon from 20 feet ‑‑ and this is with live fire, by the way. 


GLENN:  Do you ‑‑


NUGENT:  We would shoot while the other would take the target shots.  So there was that tension of live fire.  And this was done in a scenario ‑‑ and I understand it wasn’t real bullets coming at us and it wasn’t people screaming, running around. 


GLENN:  Please. 


NUGENT:  But dear God in heaven, doing nothing is not an option.  Training, having a firearm to neutralize an evil gun maniac is a way to go, and we train for that.  And I wish is I would have been in the theater that day. 


GLENN:  So do I.  So do I.


NUGENT:  Glenn, I don’t mean to monopolize here, but heroism, warrior action was performed that day by men who dove in the line of fire to save their loved ones.  They were a warrior but they were unarmed warriors. 


GLENN:  Look.  Ted, this is the same story over and over and over again, and you know as well as I do one of the safest countries in the world is Switzerland.  Because you’re required to have an automatic weapon. 


NUGENT:  A real machine gun. 


GLENN:  Right.  You’re required to have it.  Why?  Because they know.  The best way to defend ‑‑ why do you think Switzerland is never overrun?  Because they’re all defended ‑‑ every home is defended by the people in the home.  And let’s look at Chicago.  Play the audio from Chicago, will you, Pat?  Listen to this audio from Chicago.  And nobody’s talking about this.  Here’s a city that’s got gun control out the wazoo. 


NUGENT:  It’s a gun‑free zone. 


GLENN:  Yeah.  Listen to the audio here. 


VOICE:  Six people are shot within 15 minutes on the city’s south side.  One teenager is dead.


REPORTER:  Nancy Lou is at area two police headquarters.  She has details.


REPORTER:  The city’s homicide rate is up by about 39% so far this year.  Faith leaders called for a stop to the gun violence, and one pastor said bluntly, “We are tired of doing funerals.”  Community activist Andrew Holmes is also urging local radio stations to stop playing gangsta rap music which he believes has only encouraged all this shooting and killing. 


GLENN:  Of course it has.  I mean, Ted, you know, does music affect people? 


NUGENT:  God knows it affects me, but in a beautifully positive way. 


GLENN:  Right. 


NUGENT:  And it does affect people negatively.  If you talk about crime and you celebrate crime and you glorify, you know, evil and criminal activity, yeah.  And it’s been going on for years now. 


GLENN:  And nobody’s talking about that.  Nobody on the ‑‑ nobody in the news.  They’re talking about gun control, gun control, gun control.  I’m not talking about music control.  I’m not talking about movie control.  I’m saying, can you recognize that that plays a role?  Nobody ‑‑ you should be licensed.  You should be licensed to make a movie.  You should be licensed to make music.  How ridiculous is that? 


NUGENT:  It’s all ridiculous.  Well, bottom line is Chicago is a gun‑free zone but Rahm Emanuel like Mayor Daley uses tax dollars from citizens who they force into unarmed helplessness to pay for their armed security detail.  This is unbelievable. 


GLENN:  Okay. 


NUGENT:  And more people should join the NRA. 


GLENN:  Okay. 


NUGENT:  More people should do their homework about real firearms and real legality of firearms and ammunition.  Everything reported about this shooter and his so‑called armor‑piercing ammo.  And remember, Glenn, they wanted to ban hollow points because it does too much damage.  Well, hollow points won’t go through the walls because they’re ‑‑ because they disrupt in the target.  There’s so much inform ‑‑ misinformation out there that I pray to God you’ll talk to Bill O’Reilly because his ‑‑


GLENN:  I’m on his show tomorrow night. 


NUGENT:  He’s screaming that people can go to the local florist and buy a bazooka. 


STU:  (Laughing.)


GLENN:  Okay, Ted, let me change subjects real quick.  I would like you ‑‑ and just shoot me an e‑mail on this.  I want you to go to TheBlaze.com and I want you to read the story on the East River monster.  This is, there’s three pictures of this thing.  Have you guys seen this on The Blaze yet?  There are three pictures of this animal that has washed up on shore from the East River and I ‑‑ and nobody knows what animal this is.  I don’t ‑‑ and you know animals.  Maybe you’ll know.  It is the freakiest looking animal I’ve ever seen.  You see that, Stu? 


STU:  I’m going there now, though. 


GLENN:  It’s a freak ‑‑


NUGENT:  I will freak it out because I love freakish animals, especially with garlic and butter. 


GLENN:  No, you don’t want to eat this one.  If you have any idea, maybe it’s a dog?  But it’s ‑‑ it doesn’t look like a dog.  I mean, it has fingers. 


STU:  They had one of these that came out recently, though, and it was proven to be a fake, right?  I mean, I don’t believe it.  The Montauk monster.  That’s what it was.  And that one wasn’t real. 


GLENN:  Well ‑‑


STU:  Right? 


GLENN:  I don’t know.  I don’t ‑‑ this looks pretty ‑‑ I mean, this is freaky looking. 


STU:  That is really, really ‑‑


GLENN:  Very spooky. 


NUGENT:  If you want to save strange animals, be sure you open a hunting season on them and then we will manage them for maximum productivity. 


GLENN:  Ted, thanks very much.  I’ll talk to you soon, my friend. 


NUGENT:  Ytah, God speed, Glenn.  Carry on, my friend. 


GLENN:  Have a good rest of the tour.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Every time a matter such as the Colorado massacre happens, the anti gun foes of our civil rights and the second amendment come crawling out from under the stonework. They either fail to understand, or care not, that we have the second amendment in place as the final safeguard against the possibility of our government becoming a tyranny or dictatorship.

    These opponents of the second amendment have forgotten the lessons and history of the past, and most of us nearly have lost it (the second amendment) out of apathy or such; now we see and know the assault on the Constitution, and we will make the stand as one.

    • landofaahs

      Just make sure it’s the poitician who comes after my gun, not agent, but them personally.  That crap will cease yesterday without fail.  These pols are yellow cowards that need an attitude adjustment very badly.

      • Anonymous

        If you could cure evil with legislation, there would be no evil today. If you could cure nescience with legislation, there would be no attorneys in our Congress. If you could cure stupidity with legislation, we’d have a different President.

        • landofaahs

          True enough

        • Anonymous

          Add this publius.  If we could cure the ignorance (lack of knowledge) of the American people concerning our history based on our religious foundations, then  we wouldn’t need a lot of government of any kind.

        • Greg Williams

          I have liked many of the comments here today, but this one, so far is the best.

      • sparducks

        Oz,GUN CONTROL IS GOOD. They key is to squeeze the trigger not pull or jerk it.

        • landofaahs

          If you’re close enough,jerks don’t matter. lol Besides,shotguns offer a wider berth.

    • landofaahs

      Come get it all by yourself you “Bloomin idiot”.

    • http://twitter.com/HrtoftheSouth HrtbeatofAmerica

      It just dawned on me.. were any BLACKS killed at the movie? the ACLU would be all over it for that.

    • sparducks

      If the people of colorado were aloud to cling to their guns and religion, Someone coulda put a bullet in his head while shouting haleluyah.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dano.jahnke Dano Jahnke

      “history”..as in the 30’s..appeasement,,Stain/Hitler pack>resulted in the attack of

      Poland which resulted in WWII…Germany’s economy was a disaster, “guns confiscated, the new “Leader” of the people would Resurrect the grandeur of the
      German Empire..the people followed, blindly, with the “Hope of Change”..neverquestioning, being led by the great “organizer”..Goeble>>  the great propagandist”tell the lie often enough, it becomes true”..appeal to the youth,,control their knowledgeof “history” ( or lack of..)…People, my friends, the “script has already been written,,(long ago) only ” New” players,,,same ending,,only to be played out again..>>..”IF” there’s anybody left………;)) ..God Bless us all,,

  • Anonymous

    The rabid anti-gunners like Bloomberg and Emmanuel as well as the impostor in the White House figuratively dance in the blood of the victims, as it gives them what they believe is an argument for “common sense” gun control.  The Second Amendment is, after recent Supreme Court decisions, an impediment to their plan– the disarmament of the sheeple of the U.S. so government can “take care of them”.  Every despot in modern history has used this as a precursor to totalitarianship, be it Mao, Stalin, Chavez, etc.  Care to guess how many millions of people have died under their merciful leadership?  I would direct you to the website of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership; their race has a bit of history with this sort of thing.  Those who beat their swords into plowshares will be slaves for those who do not.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Craig-Clemens/735400883 Craig Clemens

      One of the first things Hitler did after he took power in the early 30’s was to disarm the public.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t you find this tragedy staged for the purpose of more gun control; just days before
      Hillary goes to the UN for the small arms fiasco? It seems to me,that is the case and if so,who triggered this maniac to respond the way he did?
      This seems like a complete setup and the orange haired maniac doesn’t realize what he did.Where did he get all of this elaborate protection? Someone knows, but whom?

  • Anonymous

    Congressman  Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) took O’reilly to school last night as much as he could with the arrogant one’s constant interrupting. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives already does get notified of heavy gun and large ammunition purchases. If O’Reilly would shut up once in awhile he might actually learn something.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/KDGATPD3REP5ZMKAQQG55PQI7I Brenda

      O’Reilly doesn’t know how or when to shut up.

    • SargintRock


    • Anonymous

      Bill usually is a pretty middle of the road type of guy, but there are some things that he just completely misses the point on. In places where guns are absolutely forbidden, crime rates bump up, not down. Why? Because criminals know that there is no opposition for them. Specifically, armed robbery and other gun crimes go up under gun bans for the exact same reason. If you were a criminal, would you not laugh at the stupidity of the public for allowing this to happen? Society is not safer for having these bans. In my church, there are probably 50 people with firearms at every service. Some of us carry two! Society, as the economy unwinds, is devolving. Last summer I had to pull my gun three times in a 5 day period. It started with some freak who thought he could grab my daughter, throw her in the car and drive away.  He didn’t know that I was watching the whole thing from about 30 ft away. I made it around the car just as he was reaching for her. I had my gun out and the laser pointed right between his eyes in under 1 second. The guy was twice my size and had nothing to fear from me, except a gun. Now, in liberal logic, if I were more gentle, compassionate and caring about society, this situation would never have happened. I wrote about it in the opinion page of our local newspaper, warning people about the man and encouraging law abiding citizens to get a gun permit. I received death threats, venom spewing letters and confrontations in the streets for this. Remember, these are the TOLERANT people. My reply in the opinion page was that I WAS being more tolerant, kind and compassionate…he chose to run (serpentine style). Had I not been in such a good mood, he would have been laying dead in the parking lot while danced the truffle shuffle on his lifeless body. He nearly made another mistake, though. If the moron had actually thrown my daughter in the car grabbed the keys and tried to take off, he would have found out what several million volts at high amperage would feel like with two darts fired into his throat at point blank range while being razed by the largest legal taser gun on earth. She is not a woman to be messed with. She makes me so proud!! I can’t wait until she can get a CCW permit. She is begging for a Smith and Wesson camouflage pink .44. It just brings tear to my eyes…my little girl is all “growed up”! 

      • Anonymous

        slkgej, loved the part about your ”little girl is all ‘growed up’ .”  You’re a good

        Daddy, sir!      I don’t think B. O’Reilly knows much about guns except what he

        may have seen on TV or the movies.  May never have handled one, so doesn’t

        know differences in them.  Reports about the shootings may have him (and

        others) thinking of an assault rifle.  Whereas, explained by Nugent, it is a gun

        used for hunting!   Now, that’s news I didn’t know before.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6AFLZGRNOSH3FN7J4RU34XOSZM john

          an ar-15 for hunting huh? what type of hunting?

          • http://www.facebook.com/devon.gardner.98 Devon Gardner

             the .223/5.56 caliber is used mostly for predator and varmint control whereas the .308/7.62 is wildly used for deer and elk. But these are the common calibers used that can be used in any sports firearm as well. The shape of the Firearm body, wood stock vs ar platform, doesnt affect the type of hunting one can do. Its the Bullet that does the damage and limits your hunting options

          • Anonymous

            Thanks, Devon. Sounds like we had much the same upbringing. It sounds like you were raised right!

          • Anonymous

            Actually, John, the AR-15 is just a name that makes the gun seem like an assault rifle. The manufacturer also mounts stuff that makes it look like the M4 used by the military. It comes in two calibers, .223 and .308. I used the .223 caliber to hunt coyotes when I was a boy and the .308 caliber for big game hunting, although my favorite rifles for knockdown power were the 30.06 and 7mm. Don’t get sucked into thinking that there is no reason for anyone to own these. They are nowhere near as powerful as what can be used. The moment we get into trying to determine what someone “needs” for a specific purpose or think that there should be some vetting process for determining what people really “need” we forget that if the government had their way, they would simply abolish the constitution. A government that knows that any attempt to move against the citizens would result in not only loss of their jobs, but also, death, is a government that knows its’ place. Government inevitably tries to draw all power unto itself, so allowing them any leeway on this most important right is a serious mistake. The government loves it when someone says something like, “I just don’t see why anyone needs to have a machine gun” or “why do you need a high capacity magazine?” or “what are you so afraid of that you think you need to use a gun to protect yourself” or “that’s why we have the police”. These are ridiculous statements in light of the fact that the second amendment allows no wiggle room at all, unlike many of the other civil rights we enjoy. It states, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” Period. There are no exceptions granted here. And arguing that we couldn’t have known the intent of the framers is disingenuous because we have the Federalist Papers. These are the papers that explain to the individual colonies what the framers were thinking and why. 

          • Anonymous

             What do you do with the first two clauses of that sentence, particularly the words “well-regulated” and “militia?”

          • sparducks

            Educate yourself. That is how well educated men spoke in those days. Its called a preamble. It sets up a condition and the second part satisfies it. Okay? A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
            Real simple a moron could understand it.

          • Anonymous

             thank you, ducks, but I wasn’t looking for a partial sentence diagram. Is the entire gun-owning citizenry part of a defacto militia? Is the word militia synonymous with citizenry? And what does “well-regulated” refer to? The militia? Who does the regulating and what kind of regulating do they do?

          • sparducks

            Question #1. yes #2. yes #3. Not constipated #4.Yes #5 Me and my friends, we arm everyone. It’s fabulous how you can take one sentence and try to make it so complicated just so you and your a-hole friends can usher in communism. They meant that a freeman has the fn right to arms and to defend his own life. Look it up you lazy b#####d. They wrote about it at length. And while you at it why don’t you just go jump off a cliff you and a bunch of your lemming friends.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AYRB3SZCGXIDSTMXIKG5L2SE3A Memphis Viking

            “Well regulated”, as written in the Second Amendment by the Framers, means trained.  It doesn’t mean regulated as we understand it, as by the government.  I can’t remember where I read that, but it was the opinion of some Ph.D. expert on the English language as it was spoken in the 1700’s.

          • Anonymous

            HayMkrt..ducks?! I’ve been called a lot of things, but I’m trying to figure out if that’s an insult or an acknowledgment of athletic prowess on the ice. Yes, if you read the reasoning of the framers, the “militia” has reference to the need for an armed populace to withstand governmental tyranny. Because of this, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”, is to guard against governmental usurpation of individual rights and codifies it as an individual right GUARANTEED by government, not GRANTED by government. In St George Tucker’s book, Blackstone’s Commentary on the Laws of England, 1803, he addresses the interpretation of the second amendment’s wording.  He states, 

            “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, and this without any qualification as to their condition or degree, as is the case in the British government.”

            Later on in the appendix to the commentaries he explains this wording a bit more. 

            “This may be considered as the true palladium of liberty… The right of self-defense is the first law of nature; in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest limits possible. Whenever standing armies are kept up, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.”

            Militia at this time was defined as any standing army. This is what the phrase was referring to. It is the standing army that needs to be well regulated, not the people. Because the right of self defense is one of our inalienable rights, granted by God and nature, that right has to be acknowledged by government under the constitution. It is not the place of government to decide who does or does not need a weapon and certainly, government is absolutely prohibited from enacting laws suspending those rights, no matter how exigent the circumstances.

            Even habeus corpus can be suspended under martial law, but the framers knew that a government in possession of a standing army amongst an unarmed populace is a law unto itself, disdainful of those who would stand in opposition to the limitation of its powers. The founding fathers gave not a shred of wiggle room on this one, but on numerous occasions, the government has attempted to suspend the second amendment by claiming that the amendment states that only the armed forces are allowed to possess and utilize armaments in whatever lawful capacity they choose, including self defense and as a guard against the government using the standing army as a means of suspending such a basic right. Marxist/socialist/fascist dictators such as Obama fervently want to change the minds of the US population by utilizing a crisis to justify suspension of an inalienable right. 

          • Greg Williams

            Sparducks, you pretty good on the interpretation, but you Quoted the 2nd Amendment in correctly.  The phrase is “…the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.”  There is NO comma in that phrase.  That is why it is so clear, that all these gun control laws, “for the common good” are truly unconstitutional, even though the 9-in-black said they weren’t.  It’s a simple phrase, and the liberal left is doing there best to get it changed.  Don’t help them.  Commas do alter meaning.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, they are used for hunting. Not all people live in urban, city areas. The people that raise your food live in rural areas. Cows when giving birth are vunerable to attacks by packs of coyotes or wild dogs. Having seen a 1000lb cow half eaten while calving, I tend to carry an AR-15 to shoot coyotes around my area. AR-15 rifles are legal to hunt deer with the right bullet type (weight of bullet minimum). Also, here is some news most of you all don’t know, AR’s come in several calibres. The standard most common calibre is .223/5.56mm, but you can get all the way up to a .50 calibre upper on an AR. So you could hunt bear, elk or moose with an AR.  Folks, learn about what you’re arguing against, lest you sound stupid. There is a thing called the internet that is full of information for free, all you have to invest is your time.  I might even suggest that you take a trip to a gun range and try shooting a pistol or even an AR, so that way you would have first hand experience and could form an opinion about this with all correct facts and not just spoon feed emotions. And heck,who knows, you might even enjoy shooting.

          • Anonymous

            How about deer, moose, elk, wild boar, bear, where I am caribou as well. It’s called stopping power. You hit it you want it to go down. Do us all a favor wise up and learn the truth about firearms. I also use an evil looking 308 and a former actual assault rifle a 1924 MK4 British Lee Enfield  303 and an old sniper rifle an Argentinian 7.65 Mauser.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/KATDNAS4VMBZ4S6TDV33FJ6QTA Foxfire


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WK7X4FPBHJ4VUG5CTOOB3DDU54 Alexander

      O’Reilly is such an idiot. It doesn’t surprise me to hear that he’s going around claiming you can buy bazookas legally. After a while of watching his show I just had to stop. As you note, he is so bloody arrogant and he will constantly interrupt his guests. I generally will only tune in for his Stossel segment to watch him be put in his place by facts and logic. I know recently (I think it was last week’s segment) Stossel actually called him a blowhard on his show. It was great!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6AFLZGRNOSH3FN7J4RU34XOSZM john

        yea alexander, i heard that crap about the bazookas. he dug that one out of his ass. i also dig stossel. he makes sense, which is a rarity in these times. especially in the media.

    • http://twitter.com/Snuffy_Joe Joe Snuffy

      I watched that interview where O’Riley tried to “bully” Rep Chaffetz.  I generally agree with Bill and his opinions but in this particular case, Bill was WRONG. 

      AK-47s and AR-15s are definitely NOT heavy weapons. An AR15 is .22 caliber. Yes, it has a lot of power behind it but anyone who is familiar with this weapon knows that it loses a lot of that power at a distance. 

      The shooting in Colorado was definitely  tragedy. Nobody disputes that. What the gun ban lobby doesn’t want you to understand that it was the SHOOTER who had the problem and caused this situation. NOT he tools used.

      He could have gone into that theater and started hitting people in the head with a baseball bat. Would it be appropriate to ban baseball bats?  NO! 

      Does this tragedy mean that 100 Million legitimate and law abiding gun owners are to be held responsibl and must pay the price for this one sick individual’s crimes?  Is this “fair” application of punishment? Definitely NOT.

      Don’t kill the messenger. Punish the SHOOTER and not the law abiding citizens who were not involved in committing the crime.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6AFLZGRNOSH3FN7J4RU34XOSZM john

        but, do those assault rifle owners need 100 round drum magazines? come on!

        • Anonymous

          yes they do just in case the Government comes to sieze their weapons it will be a fight to the finish. John, I think you really need to sit down and do some reading my friend and get educated on firearms before you get so critical of size of magizines and what is hunted with this type of firearm. Best of luck to you in your quest to wake up!

        • sparducks

           Yeah John and so do you. Stop being such a wus. Go get an AR15 and put a few hundred rounds down range, and after your hooked and want to be friends with all of us then post your opinion. Pick up a gun and have some fun and arm yourself for your families sake and your neighbors.

        • Anonymous

          Uhm, yes.  Why the heck would they NOT need them, lol?

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SPCHNITKWVWN6O6ZRW3K6XGT6Q Richard

          John, the 100 round magazine that was used in this shooting event jammed after a few rounds were fired.  This was stated once early by the media then conveniently left out in later reports.  The report of a 100 round magazine has been used by the media for sensationalism but it wouldn’t work if they rported what actually happened.  These magazines do not work well in all guns and are not easy to use.       

      • http://www.facebook.com/jan.reddick.5 Jan Reddick

        I agree, Joe.  Heavy weapons?  I don’t think so.  I have an AR-15, and I’m an arthritic 58-year-old woman.  It’s is not an assault rifle.  It’s a great all-round general purpose rifle.  Easy for a wimpy old lady to handle for self-defense or anything else.  
        I know this off-subject, but I think from the minute someone commits a crime like this, they should become a non-entity.  The media should not be allowed to utter his name.  No interviews with family members or fellow high-school students, neighbors.  He should legally cease to exist, known only by a prisoner number.

      • sparducks

         And had the people in the theatre been carrying heat they could have taken the bastard out. It would be great to read that headline one day: “Crazed Gunman Riddled With Bullets as Victims Fire Back.”

    • Anonymous

      Yes,  Jason Chaffetz did a great job last night in defending the truth..Bill was overbearing on this subject and needs to give his mouth a rest, until his guest can make their points.   The whole situation is so rediculous that by taking away millions of peoples guns who use them for self-defense, hunting, recreational and competitive target shooting, and keep them locked up and abide by the laws of the land, that it will miracuously stop insane criminals and terrorists from getting weapons, or for that matter save lives.  Quite the contrary, more lives will be threatened if the public is disarmed……We have a really radical and misinformed President with sinister ulterior motives.  Once again the Nuge is right on with his common sense.

  • Anonymous

    Mr Beck,

    I looked at the picture. Your East River monster is a raccoon. I guess being immersed in water, all it’s fur fell off.

  • Anonymous

    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms . . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes . . . Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” –Thomas Jefferson, quoting Cesare Beccaria in On Crimes and Punishment (1764).

    Hey, if it was a good enough reason for Thomas Jefferson, it works for me!

    Blaming “guns” for the atrocity committed by James Holmes is analogous to blaming Ford Motor Company for the atrocities committed by Bonnie and Clyde, or Boeing Aircraft for the atrocities committed by Muslim extreamists on 9/11.

  • Anonymous

    Taking any type of gun away from American citizens is not going to
    stop mass killings.
    If someone wants to kill a lot of people they don’t need guns and
    they will find whatever means they can to do mass killings.
    Look how the man in the theater rigged his apartment.  That could
    have killed a lot of people.
    The liberals should stop their ideas about gun control.

  • Draxx

    It’s just another way for them to take more control over people, and/or criminalize them for “Contraband” of one sort or another… and it is very hard to fight Tyranny Without Weapons!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

       Ted,  You’re 100% correct

  • Anonymous

    The monster could be a chupacabra……….

  • Anonymous

    so since muslims blow innocent women and children up   when do we start outlawing them  and do we get to start outlawing billy clubs  you know   the kind the black panthers carry around to make sure you vote the right way   and im pretty sure c4 is illeagle but yet terrorist seem to be able to get it any time they want  i think ill just keep my glock  thank you  

    • Anonymous

       Right on, love your post, and I’ll keep mine too!!

      And yeah what do we think the terrorists are doing as we speak with 9 border stations closed now, just walk right in with your weapons of choice!!

      I’ve got the God given right and I’m keeping mine too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-Lindsey/1620266592 Steve Lindsey

    Uhhh… Bill is a Pinhead for that comment. Typical knee-jerk reaction from those that “THINK” they know all there is to know. O’Reilly should know better but of course he has to pander to the left once in awhile or they won’t invite him on the View and such… Bet he has already got 4-5 invites for this weekend already.

    • sparducks

       You are spot on with that observation.

  • Anonymous

    And this is why I do NOT watch O’Reilly any more for months now….
    he’s not fooling too many people anymore! Anyone still paying for cable TV to watch him is
    wasting their money, send that money to the vets hospital….they are the ones that we should care about.

    Love you Ted Nugent…..

  • William Reilly

    Ted Nugent is always right on when it comes to gun control. Places that have gun control seem to have the highest gun related crimes than areas that allow law abiding citizens to carry and own guns. On a larger scale and never mentioned in history class, during WWII, when Hitler hit the cross roads about invading Russia or America, he chose Russia. Why, because Russia was a gun control country where as America was not. Hitler knew the dangers of America vs, Russia. But, Hitler was a bad historian, he made the same mistake as France years earlier, his army froze to death during Russia’s harsh winters. When it comes to gun control, if the US can get all illegal drugs off the streets, then I would support gun control. But, I know, we as a country can never get all the illegal drugs off the streets, just as we would never be able to get all the illegal guns out of the illegal gun dealers hands as well as passing the guns off to criminals.

    • Anonymous

      So obviously the solution the the “never getting all the illegal drugs off the street” is what this adminstration wants to do . . . LEGALIZE them!!!  The Left is absolutely confident that they can eliminate our national debt by legalizing and TAXING the illegal drugs . . . the scourge of our society!

      Why would we enforce a new gun control law when we don’t enforce our borders, illegal immigration, DOMA, and a whole host of other laws the POTHUS has ORDERED his administration to disregard . . . . . WHY???  BECAUSE they want control, and the only way for him to get re-elected is to trash our legal system and give bunches of smaller groups the favors of their lives!  This isn’t about controlling guns . . . . it IS about controlling US!!!!!  I am wondering what those “special” people will do if the POTHUS gets re-elected BECAUSE of them, and then he decides it is time to in fact enforce the very laws he ORDERED to be non-consequencial AGAINST them!!!

      Time will tell . . . . how many years did the German population suffer and died before Hitler was “eliminated”?

  • Anonymous

    Ted Nugent has always been a TRUE American you gotta just love the fact that he tells it like it is no matter who or what it is…Thank you Ted for always speaking up!

  • Anonymous

    Ted is absolutely right and Bill O’Reilly has once again proven that he is an idiot. I was out shooting at targets with my brother in law and my nephew two weeks ago. I had my 5 shot bolt action 30.06 and they both had shotguns. Aside from the pump action gun jamming because of a poorly resized reload, we had a great time until an approaching thunderstorm forced us to head home. I put 25 rounds through that rifle in 30 minutes and that was with a bolt action and only 5 rounds at a time. My nephew with a break open double barrel fired 30 rounds in about the same amount of time and destroyed 5 cardboard boxes, reducing them to shreds. It isn’t the mechanical device that causes the destruction, it is the person controlling it. If this freak had driven his car at high speed through the crowd when they were waiting outside the theater he might have been able to kill far more people. Would the fools like O’Reilly be calling for a ban on “assault cars”? As Ted pointed out, there is no difference between the mechanism of a semi-auto hunting rifle and one that is dressed up in plastic to imitate a military rifle. Mattel Toy Company used to make the stocks and forends for the M-16 under contract with Colt. The toy parts on a military look-alike semi-auto make no difference in how it functions. The real purpose for all of these gun bans is to eventually ban civilian ownership of all guns. I used to work at a Southern California fast food restaurant and our supplies were hauled to us from a warehouse in central Los Angeles. The truck driver was African American and lived in Compton. He told me that he could get me a Tarus pistol on the street for $500 and an MP-5 for $1500. Both stolen from the army in Guatemala and smuggled into California by the drug lords in Mexico. As you know, the MP-5 is a fully automatic British made military firearm and totally illegal to own without the machine gun permit that Ted described. And these were for sale on the street in Compton, California! Where was Diane Feinstein?

    • Anonymous

      Feinstein and other gun ban leftists wouldn’t dare set foot in Compton, or any other dangerous ghetto area. And I guarantee you when and if the government starts trying to confiscate guns from citizens, they won’t bother with those areas either. It’s the law-abiding patriotic middle-class they want to disarm.

  • Anonymous

     YES…I definitely think it was staged by …….

    You can go back in history and it’s all there in black and white from whistleblowwers and alike it’s been that way for decades..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XT7VFEL7LT5GGTPXCOOLFUCV64 james

    I have said it for years…Bill O,Reily is a big government progressive pretending to be a Libertatian or some such…a phoney P.O.S.

  • Anonymous

    Stopped watching O’Reilly years ago, narcissist blowhard.

    • Anonymous

      Glad Cavuto is on at the same time.
      BOR is annoying. He really thinks he’s smarter then anyone.
      He’s just more arrogant and rude..

  • Anonymous

    Fun free zones are designated killing fields. Don’t go there.

    As for the critter – that is what global warming does to baby polar bears. Everybody knows that…except maybe Bill O’Reilly

  • Anonymous

    I have always admired O’Reily but he has spent too much time in the rarafied air of N.Y.
    alas You cannot fix Stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Licensed to carry? Really? So much for ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’ Glenn. I thought you were all about restoring the Constitution. A license or permit is indicative of a system of permissory intent. There is nothing in the definition of ‘Infringed’ that even remotely alludes to permission.

    • Anonymous

      The way they distinguish for concealed carry is that you’re not OPENLY “bearing arms”… Which is a crock, but that’s how the government argues for concealed carry permits. Interestingly enough, it’s easier to wear a sidearm openly in a holster, and it’s LEGAL in practically every state. Yeah, it’s going to freak people out, and they WILL call the cops on you, and the cops WILL come and hassle you…but the cops can’t arrest you for carrying a gun openly in a holster. Just watch for the signs that say “NO FIREARMS PERMITTED” on private businesses.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/KQ3V4RNFKGWFDVKBZGFHKPWBK4 Phil

        I prefer to carry concealed, it assures that the general public does not freak out when they see someone armed.  It’s laughable but understandable that people are nervous when they see someone armed, the default is ‘must be a criminal’.  This is totally untrue.  With me, what they don’t know wont hurt them one bit as I have no desire or intention to use my firearms in criminal activity.  Yes, if you open carry you will likely have to explain yourself to nervous nelly citizens or law enforcement.

  • Anonymous

    Amen Texas. My Creator gave me the right to defend my self and family but with the present atmosphere in progressive land nothing would suprise me.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JY2LTNQ6TNDM4R2UEVKWR6NMCM terry k

    As of 2 nights ago I no longer watch O’reilly. Many of my friends have given up on him too. The person he was talking to about gun control was belittled and cut off every time he spoke. And he knew little about the subject he was carrying on about. I have seen this in the past but now it is to the point all you hear is O’reilly spewing his comments and interupting people. Time for him to move on and let someone with a passion for true American ideals to take his place. I don’t believe his heart is in it any more. 

    • sparducks

       I’d like to take over the show. If anyone starts to spin I’ll sock ’em in the eye.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Ted, but the NRA is a self-serving organization concerned only with self preservation.  Don’t forget the DISCLOSE sellout.  Try GOA or some other organization that loves freedom more than money and is willing to lay it all on the line.

  • Anonymous

    Bill O’Reilly- It is illegal for a citizen to own a fully automatic weapon, a bazooka or a mortar without a heavy load of proof and certification from the Feds.  Period.   It is possible, through after market parts, to retro fit a semi-auto to full but one would have to have some knowledge of gun smithing.  One can never walk into a gun show and buy one.  These shows are heavily covered by local & federal law enforcement.  A black market may exist, just as it does for heroin & cocaine but this bozo in Colorado was not likely to have a connection to that element.  In any case, a purchase through a black market would not be reported to FBI or ATF.
    Another point you fail on is “assault” rifles being banned.   An assault rifle is a descriptive term relating to a collapsible stock, pistol grip and flash suppressor on a .223 rifle.    I own a .223 rifle that is stock, without those “assault” features and I used it for hunting.  It is perfectly legal and would have caused just as much sorrow as this guys “assault” rifle.  As my shotgun would have. 
    Finally, you were throwing out the number of 60,000 rounds Tuesday night.  I think you may have let your adrenalin get out of control.  The number reported everywhere is 6000 rounds.  
    You never listened to the Congressman from Utah and fell back on your behavior that causes my wife to leave the room when you start one of your rants.   You talk over your guests.    Bill, find a firearms expert to come on and explain what an assault rifle is.  Let him talk without you assaulting him.   You can do better.
    AMColorado Springs, Co

  • Anonymous

    Wow!  There’s even a lot of misleading information in these comments!  Joe Snuffy correctly says an AR15 is a .22 caliber weapon, but that makes people think of a .22 caliber bullet which is much smaller and less powerful than the .223 round the AR15 fires.  Also, the AR15 was initially designed as a military weapon, although designed to fire a larger caliber bullet.  It’s easy to see how O’Reilly, a well-meaning but obviously poorly informed New Yorker, would make mistakes in this discussion, but then his profession is supposed to be anchored in accuracy, not guesswork.  Nugent is King.

    • Anonymous

      Actually a 223 is a civillian sporting round the military uses 5.56x45mm the AR15 is not a military rifle the M16 and it’s variants are as they are selective fire…. both full-auto and semi-auto….. the AR15 is semi-auto only…. and designed for civillian and police use. this series weapon was designed for said cartridge you are thinking of the AR10 which was a selective fire military rifle in 7.62x51mm . you did mention accuracy?

    • Anonymous

      KABAR2 you are correct, you sound like you know a lot about firearms, I don’t.  However, the misinformation continues!  The AR15 was initially designed as a military weapon but evolved into the M16 as you described it, a selective fire weapon.  There is so much muddy communication about these fairly technical issues that Bill O’Reilly didn’t stand a chance at getting it right before he started bloviating about weaponry and its availability.  In the old days, a top journalist would have waited until his research was complete and verified.  Today we rely on fellow bloggers such as yourself to get clarity. Thanks for the lesson!

    • Anonymous

      I am sure O’Reilly has armed bodyguards! 

    • Anonymous

      What they forgot to mention is more people were murdered with knifes last year than assault weapons and rifles combined… So i guess they should come to the conclusion to ban knifes…. but it really makes it hard to cut your steak with a spork!!!

  • Anonymous

    Great interview!  Whether you like Uncle Ted or not, he has done more to uphold our Second Amendment rights than most people ever will. 

    Keep these good interviews coming Glenn!

  • Anonymous

    Argument for Article
    II of the US Constitution.

    Step outside to scan the horizon and the Earth
    looks flat. The observer must broaden their perspective to see the truth that it is
    spherical. Such is the US Constitution and article II. We must witness the
    actions of mankind’s past leaders and their societies that the people regularly
    reasoned by shallow means and gave up their freedoms to be granted fairness and
    security by their leaders. It was then that society experienced oppression,
    tyranny and then chaos. We need not re-invent the wheel of human governance, as
    the US Constitution is the culmination of  1000’s of years of wisdom on
    how a people choose to be governed. The primary responsibility (of the federal government) being to preserve
    the rights, liberties and free will of the individual, from which a great society
    will be its effect.
    Free markets are born from this justice of matrix as we are allowed to pursue happiness; to engage in activities of commerce that beholden the individual to society while society is beholden to preserving the rights of the individual. This is the unifying system of a peaceful and prosperous society. 
    If self preservation is an innate common denominator of
    all humans (sans the insane) then the politicians we lend our power to should
    know that the base reaction to abuse of power, should civil discourse fail,
    will be that people have the right to preserve their rights by
    like force. For this basis of reasoning alone our kinetic weapons are our last line of defense against government that is not beholden to its prime directive; protecting the rights and liberties of the individual.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5ZBDVSAA7POFWIXPESVHLVVTU4 James

    I believe in guns and the 2 ammendment……….any questions?

  • Jim Elbert

    Hunting and sporting rifle platforms have generally followed the main-line military service rifle by about 20-25 years.  The Springfield 1903 was the rifle/design of choice for 75 years.  Now, we have Eugene Stoner’s perfectly designed “A-R” platform, introduced in Vietnam.  It is the best semi-automatic (and unfortunately recognizable) design ever devised.  The fact that the first guns had platsic/polymer stocks and were painted black had liberals from New York to San Francisco experiencing severe bouts of urinary incontinence at the mere sight of the rifle.  They’ve been apoplectic ever since…and have been trying to kill it as well.  Feinstein is wrapped around the magazine (she calls them “clips” for God sake) capacity, and the fact that the gun is black.  Maybe wussy pink would be better?  International orange?  What unmitigated gall of these liberals to tell us, the masses of the great unwashed, that we do not have the RIGHT to defend ourselves, our loved ones or even friends among us…when they or their body guards are armed to the teeth (wonder why they should feel the need…?).  Enforce the laws on the books and eliminate “gun free zones”.  There, problem solved.

  • Anonymous

      Great interview with the NUGE-MAN.  God Bless him. He knows more of the SECOND AMEND. Then most Gov. officials. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/dale.white.165 Dale White

    Gun control is always  popular political topic after a tragedy like this. Lets not talk about the sick person  who legally obtained the firearms, or planted bombs in his apartment.  Lets not bring up any details about how he came to be dressed up inside  a theater wth his weapons, but let us confuse the story by bringing up the 6000 rounds of ammunition and 4 weapons. How much did he use, how much was with him? That is what is relavent.  Ok so you can order ammunition by mail order and generally at any sporting goods store purchase it if you have a valid Id. 

    I’m sure if you look at shopping records you will fnd many people who buy in bulk, to my knowledge that is not a crime.

    What youreally need to know is in the perptrators head, and that is why, and what triggered it.

    Maybe this is the state of health care in America!  The cure is you can’t depend on the police so you ma need to defend yourself. As sad as that is the story seems to playout peordically in public places.

    I’m sure no one that was at the theater believed that there was any danger of this ever happeing. Most of the theaters Igo to they check the doors to mke sure they are closed and locked.  Haven’t hard much aout that on the news.

    My heart felt feelings go outto the families of the victims of this shooting, certianly they have a right to know the truth. If this person did this for attention the media is certainly giving him coverage.

  • Anonymous

    Nugent is what we would refer to as an idiot’s idiot!!!

    A real live “last man standing” scenario. Until you have actually experienced a life threatening situation it is very difficult to predict one’s reactions.

    We just had a federal agent in broad daylight struggling with a perp in New York.  Two off duty cops approached, put a gun up to his ribs and shot and killed the federal agent. 

    Now consider 500 armed and untrained civilians in a dark theater and a individual dressed like a member of a swat team opens up.  Best guess is those that didn’t shoot themselves pulling out their guns might have joined the perp in shooting into the audience.  Who would shoot somebody dressed like a cop? 

    • Greg Williams

      me.  I shoot anyone who points guns at me.  I had that argument as a deputy sheriff, in a combat shooting scenario.  For this very reason, anyone can buy clothes and badges and look like a cop.  But a trained cop should know better than to point his gun at anyone other than someone he is willing to shoot.   And, KleBrun, there are more of us “tried veterans” around then you would imagine. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ted-Thomas/100000473633534 Ted Thomas

    Glenn is right & so is Nugent. And the one thing that the majority of the left refuses to address, is this. This man was wanting to commit mass murder & even if he didn’t have access to the guns he used, he would’ve used the bombs that he had in his car & his apartment was booby trapped to blow that entire building. So sick & tired of folks blaming movies, games, guns for violence. We see more violence in Europe in 1 year than we do in 5. No one seems to address that. And certainly no one seems to address the issue of the fact that Canada has a gun ban & they had experienced a mass shooting rampage at a mall in Toronto not too long ago.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/STWMNK6CY5KGKN5AIVPJP3D3VM G.

    Banning or outlawing guns will not put an end to mass murders. Look @ History. There have been numerous mass murders around the world since the beginning of time. Some committed with firearms, some without. It does not matter if your country has a gun ban in place, people like this will always find a will or a way to pull off the crime. It gets back to the old saying, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I’ll just start carrying mine when I go the movies. Ted Nugent is right and a darn good rocker also!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4EOMFT5WFONYEAP5ZEM2U6E3EM frank

    Oriely  staff  brainwashes Oriely  maybe not maybe he is dilexic

  • http://twitter.com/NGGibson Nic Gibson

    I disagree about what they were saying about AR-15’s. They definitely are assault weapons, and are not the normal sporter gun for hunting. They are very popular for target work, and great guns, and I think they should be legal- but they were modeled after the M-16, and are designed to be an assault weapon- and the most effected one ever made. I don’t think we should apologize for wanting to keep such weapons legal. We won’t win the argument that the AR-15 isn’t an assault weapon.
    But I do think that the category ‘assault weapon’ is a bad and arbitrary category created by people that don’t know much about guns.

    • Greg Williams

      Regardless, what they look like, they are NOT assault weapons.  That is the whole argument behind that stupid ban.  They are banned on LOOKS.  And we will win the argument as long as we don’t chicken-out and give up.  Truth will prevail.

      You noticed, the people in Colorado didn’t scream for more gun-control.  They went out and BOUGHT the guns.

  • Anonymous

    I think O’reilly is loosing it! For a normally in-control, well-spoken guy, he sounded more like Nancy Pelosi!  A bazooka Bill? Really? I’m glad Glenn tried to straighten him out, but as usual, Bill tried to shut Glenn down.  The Nuge is absolutely right about the phrase “Assault Weapon.” What is that?! Are there assault baseball bats or assault golf clubs or assault knives? No one I know buys a rifle to commit assault, so why the ridiculous modifier? I think the person who uses “Assault Weapon” is describing his/her own state of mind rather that describing the weapon.

    Keep on keeping on Glenn and Ted, we need you now more than ever.

    BTW, I am an NRA Life Member and I Vote!

  • chris cassidy

    Where is the poster Beck talked about on his talk show with the girl with the two six shooters?

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.stanko2 Steve Stanko

    I think the government shoud give everyone a gun for self-protection.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SPCHNITKWVWN6O6ZRW3K6XGT6Q Richard

    Glen, your comment on Switzerland is not exactly correct.  All Swiss males, unless there is a legitimate reason, are required to be in the military and the reserves for a specific numbr of years.  Starting with their reserve time, they are required to keep the rifle that they were issued when they were on active duty in their home until their death.  In many cases three generations live in the same home which means there could be a mixture of bolt action, semi auto and full auto weapons in the same home.  All weapons have the required ammunition with them. You correctly state that in Switzerland the use of weapons in crime is one of the lowest in the world.  But where you were wrong is that not all homes have weapons, only those homes that had a member in the military.  All of these people have been fully trained in the use and effect of shooting.       

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