Bill O’Reilly want to know what this whole ‘Beckstock’ thing in Texas is all about

Glenn appeared on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ last night to discuss the Restoring Love event happening his weekend in Dallas, TX. While O’Reilly joking thought it sounded like some kind of “hippie deal”, Glenn said that was far from the case. He promised it would be a weekend celebrating freedom, service, and personal responsibility.

“Now, the overarching theme here is that you want a kinder, gentler, America, right?” O’Reilly asked. “You want the folks to take the place of the government, helping their fellow citizens.”

“I just want us to be consistent, Bill,” Glenn said. “If we want small government, that means someone else has to do it, and that means us, and it is our responsibility.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn I will summarize this in two statements:

    Keep up the work exactly as God wants and wills you to do; as we all should do.
    Bill O’Reilly is out of his league in this matter of comprehending the Restore events.

    • Anonymous

      People have their God-given talents.  O’Reilly has his calling and Beck has his.  Have faith and trust in the Lord.

      • sparducks

        I appreciate your goodness, but Oreilly is a clown. and a blowhard. On again off again he does the country no good.

    • Anonymous

      O’reilly, you are very successful!!! Get over the jealousy thing bud. You can’t always have the attention! Using cheap shots like calling Glenn a conspirator when Glenn utilizes facts and has been right with alost 100% of his predictions is a little ludicrous. On last night’s show you made the remark that Restoring Love sounds like some hippy thing. What was that all about? You couldn’t see the 1 million meals or the 35,000 people helping the indegent, the helpless and the needy? Instead you mock, really?

      • Anonymous

        And O’Reilly claims to be a catholic? He must belong to the leftist catholics if he can’t see for what it is, rather than being a cheapshot. There is nothing funny or hippylike about the ‘Restore’ gathering. 

  • Anonymous

    Restoring Charity.

    The Government is not, nor should ever be thought of as a replacement for Charity.  The Government has no soul to save — it cannot know anything of Charity.

    • sparducks

      That is well put and profound tony.

  • landofaahs

    O’Reilly is clueless, just like his talk about gun control.  What an ill informed bafoon.  Just like obama wanting more background checks.  My question is this, “Why does a background check need to be done on me when I just want a firearm and obama has the codes to nuclear weapons and we don’t know shit about him”?  Tell me where I’m wrong.  Liberals are not only insane, they are stuck on stupid too.

    • Mark

      He’s just trying to get serious because Debbie Norville took the job he really wanted to keep.

  • Deb Cee

    Don’t forget who is responsible for no spin !  Bill does what he does best…playing devil’s advocate he brings to the audience good tv

    • Anonymous

      I see your point, but it doesn’t excuse O’reilly from mocking Glenn. Glenn has enough enemies, Oreilly could have given him a strong and helpful push. I seriously don’t get it, maybe it a jealousy thing? I have met people who are very successful and somehow feel threatened by others success, as though it somehow detracts from their success. It makes no sense, but I have witnessed it

      • Muriel McGee Rice

         I thought O’Reilly was just poling fun, good natured, as friends. He is good at the devil’s advocate thing, and I think Glenn loves that, keeps him on his toes.

        • Anonymous

          You might be right, I just have seen O’reilly do this on more than one occassion.

      • Irina Krasnyuk

        I see your point, but Mr. O’Reilly point has more star bucks.

      • Anonymous

        There’s a big difference between Glenn and O’Reilly. O’Reilly is a people pleaser or bootlicker; Glenn is a true christian doing a very couragous thing. That’s why he’s not at Fox and O’reilly remains.

  • Anonymous

    O’Reilly is a ‘pinhead’! His love for obama is obvious; beside he is the biggest hypocrite in my book. I stopped watching him and Fox, since Glenn left. They have turned too left for my taste.
    I get the news from the internet; hopefully obambi doesn’t black us out.

  • Anonymous

    i used to not miss bill o’reilly show.  i went from Texas to his first bolder fresher tour. i came home and told that I was i was so disappointed in my pilgrimage to my “hero”. he has become very much of a spin person, arrogance, attitude, personified.  since then and coinciding with Glenn, leaving cable, bill seems to poke fun of Beck and Texas. I truly don’t understand it.  My hero worship has flip flopped. i attended “restoring liberty” on thurs night and was riveted. the passions were palpable. civilization and truth reigned and yes, i was there for the future generations that shall not know what i have known in my 67 years.  
    bill, please listen and give respect. don’t give ammunition to OTHERS who also don’t perhaps understand.  give it a chance.  Please, with all due respect, get off your ego trip and don’t minimize the patriots that i saw, in person.  i am not necessarily a tea party person. i am more libertarian or conservative than republican.  but i cannot allow, without speaking up, you to get away, with ridiculing at such a remarkable time in history, something you don’t know of what you are speaking.  You, actually, said that so slander is not an issue.  
    Please bill, believe me, i am not touting anything that is not something i saw and learned, thurs night, evolving from your tour last year at this time.  
    Your way of helping us see the “no spin” is no longer working.  we see what you don’t want to see.  Your interruptive, your thin skin to anyone who wants to speak, not in agreement, with you.  

    truly i want to believe in you again. as you  say, “seems like a nice guy but we gotta’ go, now”

    • Anonymous

      Wonderful, you really said what I felt, but was unable to communicate as well as you. Thanks

  • Greg Williams

    Oreilly jokes a lot with Beck on his program, asking questions that seem controversial, but I think, are actually prearranged.  It gives Beck the chance to “explain” what he’s doing.  However, on the other hand, I noticed Oreilly’s bend towards certain “social” programs, or laws that tend to “infringe on our rights”, in the name of “common good”.   I think sometimes, his “Harvard” education begins to interfere with is brain.  It could be, Oreilly’s becoming senile in his “old age”.  :)   Beck is right, and Oreilly probably agrees with him, that it is “we” as in individuals – you and I, that should be charitable.  Oreilly’s charity cannot be questioned, he gives.  But not the government.

    Glenn was right in the statement that the bible does not teach “social justice”.  That’s a “Government” thing.  It teaches INDIVIDUAL charity.   The commandment is NOT, Government Love your Citizen.   We are to be discening in our charity, and only as individuals can we know who is in “real” need.  The government, can only set some arbitrary threshold.  BUT, you and I, we don’t have that requirement.  We are able to discern the difference between those in need, and those that are just lazy.

    There will always be poor, but they are not suppose to be the same people, decade after decade.  That is what government creates.  In Arkansas, on Hwy 71, in mid to southern part, an individual has had a sign out in front of his property that reads  “I am a democrat, because I am too poor to be a republican”.  Now I have seen this sign for almost two decades (at least it seems as long as I have been married and coming this way) as I traveled back and forth on this highway.  I have always wanted to ask this individual, “how’s that been working out for you?”.   But I know, people who are doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, well, they wouldn’t get it.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck I don’t know why you even bother talking to O’Reilly anymore.  He’s a pompous ass and that last outburst he had about AK47s being “heavy weapons”, 5.56mm ammo being “heavy duty” and that you can buy machine guns and bazookas at the store – he’s also an uninformed idiot.

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