Dana Loesch, Ted Cruz, C.L. Bryant, Rand Paul, and others bring a message of freedom and personal responsibility to Dallas, TX

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On Tuesday July 26th, thousands of conservatives and libertarians from across the country gathered in Dallas, TX for the FreePAC event. Guest speakers included Dana Loesch, Richard Mourdock, Ted Cruz, Matt Kibbe, Dick Armey, and Glenn Beck. While the speakers discussed a wide range of issues, one theme that dominated the evening was the idea that the establishment was not listening to the people, and it was time for the people to do something about it.

The mainstream media drew the ire of several speakers, most notably radio host and frequent GBTV contributor Dana Loesch, who spent her time giving traditional news media a beating.

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Dana was followed on stage by US Senate candidate and Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz:

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But perhaps one of the most fiery speakers was The Rev. C.L. Bryant:

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Not be outdone, Rand Paul came out to talk about the efforts to bring conservative principles back to Washington D.C.:

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  • Anonymous

    Hilarious that Dana would choose The Cults “She Sells Sanctuary” to walk on stage.  Who is your researcher?  You might want to fire them.  Do you have the Cults latest album Dana?  If you did you would realize it talks about the power of the occupy movement.

    from an interview March 2012

    Have you been around for the Occupy things? I get a sense throughout several parts of the new album that there is a brand of insurgence you’re espousing that has awful lot to do with the movement. Weapon is ripe with the joy of anarchism.

    Well, I didn’t just arrive at my conclusions or observations because of what was going on with the Occupy movement. Some of the content of the songs can be reflected in the symbols of Occupy. There are aspects of the culture that now have a place, have congregated themselves in the Occupy moment. There is, though, that criticism that Occupy has no real agenda. But part of their response is that everything is their agenda. It’s not just about railing against capitalism. People are stepping forward and sharing their despondence. People are waking up. That’s what Weapon reflects. I grew up in a family of workers. I lived in factory towns like Glasgow. I have seen a world of people pushed aside before the notion of profit margins. Using that as a backdrop, some of our new songs like “Life>Death” and “This Night In The City Forever” make even more sense. Then again, the latter was written the evening that Obama won the election and we were all out there feeling the energy of the city, the anticipation of the possible. I remember people running down the street. So animated, so completely mental, such connection. So many possibilities. We wanted that night to never stop.

    I get that a song like “Night In The City” can speak to the power of Occupy as well as the power of Obama. Would you agree then that parts of the album face the possibility of the party having ended?

    Every great party ends, and what do you have left? Introspection. There’s spirituality, too, at work: “If I pray, I’ll get the girl.” “If I pray, my bank account will rise.” “If I pray, everything will be OK.” That’s fine to think about, but the hard work begins after the victory celebrations.

    • Anonymous

      I’m impressed that you know so much about the music and so sad about you knowing nothing of what she talked about.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you.  I just don’t like her fake “punk” rock look, coming out to the cult, and wearing a blondie t-shirt.  Deborah Harry (AKA Blondie) is a huge defender of a womans right to choose.

        Saying one thing while dressed in Hypocracy……

    • Anonymous

      Ahhh here come the Trolls… You’re pissing in your pants now aren’t you?  Worst president in US History.. your Messiah.. Obummer.  How was your Kiss in at Chick-Fil-A?

  • http://twitter.com/AmandaMBetts Amanda M. Betts

    and Paul came out to talk about the efforts to bring conservative principles back to Washington D.C. http://SkilledExplorer.blogspot.com

    • Anonymous

      Please take your spam elsewhere!

  • Anonymous

    I attended Free Pac and it was amazing….an honor to have been part of this. I am a proud American and was thrilled to be in such great company !

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