Inspiring story of a blind man who travelled 700 miles along for Restoring Love

The Blaze posted an amazing story of a man who travelled by himself over 700 miles to Dallas, TX in order to attend Restoring Love. Glenn shared his amazing story on radio today, as well as why it personally touched Glenn so much.

“These are patriots from all over the country that have come here. There’s this great story and I don’t remember his name. Is there ‑‑ I know this sounds a little like Amazing Grace, but is there a blind man among you? Where is he? I can’t ‑‑ and I’m the one that can’t see you,” Glenn said during his appearance.

He eventually located Tom Bozikis in the audience.

“It’s not I guess that unusual, but it is, at least it feels like it, and came down here and is willing to take a stand. And when you see somebody and you’re tired, because I’ve been working hard all day, I’ve been doing this all day, and you see a guy who has conquered something that I personally fear, blindness, and conquered it and is like, ‘Yeah, so what’s your problem? Why aren’t you doing something? Why aren’t you taking a stand?’ It is ‑‑ it’s refreshing and it is empowering and I thank you for being here, sir. Thank you,” Glenn said.

Glenn was diagnosed with macular dystrophy a little over a year ago, which is why he connected with the story.

The Blaze reported on his story:

The Blaze caught up with Bozikis at a Constitutional training event in Dallas, put together by the American Academy for Constitutional Education to coincide with “Restoring Love,” where he explained how the trip has already enriched his life.

“I came alone, and I figured I’d probably find some folks here that I could befriend, and that’s happened,” he told The Blaze. “It’s just been very good.”

Gripping his walking stick and furring his brow, Bozikis passionately talked about the importance of restoring the principals that America was founded upon and being a source of goodness in a country that has seemingly lost its way.

He said he was drawn to “Restoring Love” because he thinks that’s exactly what the country needs right now — more love. Additionally, the blind Indiana resident admirably wants to be of service and take part in some of the charitable projects going in the Dallas area throughout the week leading up the Beck’s finale at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, never once mentioning his disability as an obstacle.

“We’ve been given more time and hopefully with that time we are going to be able to start the process to restore America to its greatness,” he added.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glad to hear this story; it adds more and more to the gathering for Restoring Love.

    Here is something concerning the American Republic as attributed to Abraham Lincoln…

    “The American people stamped upon their Republic, a standard maxim for free society, which should be familiar to all and revered by all; constantly looked to, constantly labored for, and never perfectly attained, constantly approximated, and thereby constantly spreading and deepening in influence unto generations to come.”

    The standard he spoke of?

    Freedom, Responsibility and Stewardship of the God given liberties we have been entrusted with.

    Obama seeks to have a ‘perfect’ nation under his communist utopian madness; claiming that the government, under guidance of a enlightened elitist leadership, can obtain the perfection sought by all.

    Uttermost madness.

    Even Lincoln, as with the founders in writing the Constitution, understood a Republic cannot achieve a ‘perfect’ union. Yet with each generation, we can keep the nation free, deal with the wrongs that are present then for us to face and overcome, and keep striving to remain free.

  • MJaneO

    GOD’S Blessing on this man–Love to Glenn too!
    I can’t be there THIS time because of my granddaughters wedding–not enough time to get back to OHIO…I will be watching on GBTV—wish I was there, already.
    Stay safe–prayers to all.

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