PHOTOS: What is happening at Cowboys Stadium?

Restoring Love will be broadcast on July 28th exclusively on GBTV! Details HERE

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  • Anonymous

    Sea of old white people and their kids -_-

  • Aleister Crowley

     So your a racist that has gerontophobia and hate children too? Nice to hear from you. Any other constructive comments sir?

  • Amanda M. Betts

     Nice to hear from

  • Anonymous

    They are all created by God in His image so that they may come to know and love the Lord.

  • Anonymous

    Really?  That’s your complaint?!  At least they’re there doing something to help the community….

  • lynda roth

    Here in FL, I am finding discrimmiation in work places against white older women-especially if you are against the anti-American and anti-Christ O’Bama.  He is the destruction of this beautiful country and it saddens me that he sways so many with his aroguant lies

  • rekindle America

     It not just white elders women for sure .

  • Anonymous

    Get your spam off here; this site is for patriots, not for spammers!