Ted Cruz responds to outlandish attack ads

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There’s a lower than low attack ad running against Tea Party favored candidate Ted Cruz in Texas this week that accuses Cruz of committing crimes against children. Cruz joined radio today to talk about just how ridiculous this attack ad is – could it be the worst of all time?

Transcript of the interview is below:

GLENN: All right. Who here is from Texas? Okay. Just stop raising your hands. It’s radio. Stop raising your hands. One more question. One more time. Who ‑‑ don’t raise your hand. Who’s from Texas? By applause. Okay. Good. Now, who ‑‑ guy in the back’s like, “Yeahhhhhh! Nebraska sucks!” Who here is voting for David Dewhurst? Oh, my gosh.

PAT: Is that a shutout?

GLENN: Oh, my gosh. Seriously who’s voting for David Dewhurst? Not a single person? Who’s voting for Ted Cruz?

CROWD: (Cheers and applause)

GLENN: That’s incredible. Ted, at least with this ‑‑ Ted, are you there?

CRUZ: I am.

GLENN: At least with this crowd you’ve just won by 100%.

CRUZ: Well, God bless you, Glenn, and God bless everyone from Texas who’s there with you and standing with you.

GLENN: So I understand, so I can translate: What he just said, everybody from the other 49 states or 56 states, whichever you choose, suck.

CRUZ: (Laughing.)

GLENN: Ted, the election is coming up next week. I’m seeing stuff from Dewhurst, which, we had this debate coming onto the show this morning where Dewhurst is running some spot where you defended some corporation over children and I don’t know what happened to those children, they died, they were, I don’t know, put into a sausage machine. I don’t know what happened to them, but you’re an evil, evil man. And I saw this ad and we were talking about it and I said, don’t worry about this because I think the American people are so tired of this bullcrap, they’re onto it. The people who are really motivated to go to the polls are not listening to any of this stuff that you’re a racist, that you’re a baby‑killer. Whatever, whatever it is, they’re not listening to it anymore. They’re grounded in the facts. Tell me the facts of what happened when you were killing children.

STU: (Laughing.)

CRUZ: Well, you know, I agree with you that I think Texans are tired of all of the mud and all of the character attacks from David Dewhurst. This particular ad features a grieving mother whose son took his own life, and I’ll tell you as a dad of two little girls, my heart breaks for her. I mean, she experienced every parent’s worst nightmare. But I think it is contemptible of the Dewhurst campaign to try to exploit her grief and use it to try to attack me in this race. He is trying to tie me to a judicial corruption scandal in Pennsylvania where I’m ‑‑

GLENN: Say it again. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What happened in this? What is this about?

CRUZ: Well, there was a terrible scandal in Pennsylvania where two corrupt judges were taking bribes and wrongfully sending juveniles to juvenile detention centers and her son was apparently one of those. The problem with the attack is that I had nothing to do with that corruption scandal. I had no involvement in the criminal proceedings whatsoever. I represented an individual who is a real estate developer who built the facilities, and I represented him in a civil appeal of a breach of contract case against an insurance company. And based on that, Dewhurst is trying to blame the entire judicial corruption scandal on me and apparently blame this child’s death on me, which is just, I mean, it’s shameless.

PAT: Where did you start kidnapping and beating children, though? When did that begin? Where in the story is that?

GLENN: When did it end?

PAT: I mean, this is amazing, the cash above kids scandal or whatever he’s got on the websites?

GLENN: Hold it just a second.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: So you represented someone who built the detention center.

PAT: And that’s it.

GLENN: And it was completely unrelated to the scandal and everything else?

CRUZ: He had no involvement with the bribery and the corruption.

GLENN: He was just a builder that built the ‑‑

CRUZ: What they are using is he did plead guilty to tax fraud and so they used the fact ‑‑ and look, I didn’t represent him in that criminal proceeding, either. I represented him in a civil action against an insurance company.

PAT: Jeez. Wow.

GLENN: You know, this story led us today to Dewhurst is such an ‑‑ on this case, I don’t know the man and I don’t want to besmirch his, you know, his character outside of this case because I don’t know him. But what a dirtbag move this is.

PAT: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

GLENN: This is, you know ‑‑

PAT: Well, this and the Chinese thing are both specious, ridiculous charges.

GLENN: I am besmirching him on this, even though I don’t really know what that word means. Because this is, this is people coming after John Adams. When John Adams was representing the British.

CRUZ: Yeah.

GLENN: And here he is representing the British. Of course he’s representing the British. We believe in the foundational principles of our government. That you have a right to representation. And you don’t ‑‑ you don’t want to defend Al Capone, but you have to defend Al Capone because that’s the way it works. I don’t want to defend the blind sheikh but the blind sheikh deserves representation. Legal representation, ethical representation, not lies, not distortions but legal and ethical representation. You have to have that if we’re going to have a citizen ‑‑ if we’re going to have a free citizenry. You have to have it.

CRUZ: There’s no doubt about it. And at the end of the day what Dewhurst is employing is the same strategy that Barack Obama employs. It is trying to distract from the issues with nasty personal character attacks that have nothing to do with the grave fiscal and economic challenges our nation’s facing. We’re going broke. And he has spent over $10 million of his vast personal fortune flooding the airwaves with nasty personal character attacks, calling me a traitor, calling me a corrupt. I mean, using every personal vitriol and character attack he can use. And you know what, Glenn? We have not once responded in kind and we’re not going to. We’re keeping the focus on the issues, on his record and my record. Because the challenges facing this country are too serious and people are fed up with politics as usual, the mud‑slinging and lies and games of distraction. We need to stand up and stop the spending and get back to our Constitution.

GLENN: I will tell you this, Ted.

CROWD: (Applause.)

GLENN: You know, I support your ‑‑ I support your campaign. I support you and I urge people to look into the two candidates and not listen to the ads but look into both of them and make your own decision. I’ve made my decision. But the minute, the minute you get to Washington and the minute you start going awry, I just want to promise you one thing: I’ll be your worst nightmare.

CRUZ: I believe you, Glenn, and that isn’t going to happen. And play this back at me. I am asking you, hold me accountable. So you’ve got this audio clip to play back at me, and I’m going to predict that it is going to gather cobwebs in the closet.

STU: Nice.

GLENN: I hope so, too, Ted but realize I will dust the cobwebs off.

CRUZ: I know fully well. And listen, that’s the power of what’s going on. What you’re doing and what millions of Americans are doing is standing up and speaking the truth. As you know, the truth has an incredible power over lies.

GLENN: Yeah. Ted Cruz, best of luck and we’ll see you tonight at Free PAC at American Airlines center here in Dallas, Texas.

CRUZ: I very much look forward to it. TedCruz.org is the website. Early voting is this week and election day is next Tuesday, July 31st. Please, please, please, conservatives, come out and vote. If conservatives show up to vote in this runoff, we will win and Texas will lead the fight to turn this country around.

GLENN: And let me tell you this ‑‑ thank you, Ted. Let me tell you this: Conservatives all over the country, they are counting on ‑‑ because I’ve talked to the elites here in Texas. They’ve absolutely ‑‑ I’ve had these guys look me in the eyes and say, “You know Ted Cruz isn’t going to win.” And I’ve said, let the people decide that. I don’t really know. But I think you’re wrong on that but who knows what the people will do. “Oh, he’s not going to win. He’s just not going to win. It’s just not going to work. Dewhurst is the guy. He is the party favorite.” And let me tell you something. They’re so arrogant in that belief that if people turn out and in election goes to Ted Cruz, it will send a bone‑chilling fear down their spine all the way to their feet. This is a huge victory for the Tea Party if indeed it happens. Huge, huge. It will send a powerful message.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So far, I like what I hear in Mr Cruz, and he does need to be held to account in an instant if he starts to become a political cronie of the DC guard and DC elitists. If he manages to keep his integrity and morals intact, then I do see him becoming, with others, a force for change to the better that cannot be stopped.

    But understand Mr Cruz, we, in additon to Glenn, will be watching.

    As for his opponent, the name calling, fabrications and distortions are par for the course with the left and many progressives. People need to check out each candidate for themselves and make up their own minds in the matters of concern; for this upcoming election, we can send a true thunderbolt to the politcal elitists of DC that will make 2010 pale in comparison.

    • landofaahs

      Buy more guns and ammo.   Best therapy you can buy.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UTEPJ6LJKHRWSYSFZWCPODCBGQ mudslide

         why not – Owebama is the best gun and ammo salesman America has seen in 200+ years!

        • Anonymous

           But he only exports…

        • landofaahs

          Bloomberg is giving him a run for his money though. Frankly Bloomberg is starting to cause an anti-jewish backlash with country folk. I hear it at coffee shops all the time. It’s sad but otherwise good people start associating one jew with the other and pretty soon sh-t hits the fan. There seems to be a liberal strain that just has to continue poking others in the eye with a stick until they have had enough then all hell breaks loose.

  • Work2SnowSki

    It used to be, you could call the person out for a duel for such lies. Then you could still be justified, even in my youth, in punching out someone that tried to smear you like that, but now, in the Obama era, any lie is cool if it smears your opponent and sticks in the mind of the voters. Hope we can turn the country around to the point we don’t have to stand around anymore and take this abuse and start putting people like Dewhurst in a Tent City style jail after a good Az Kicking..

    • Anonymous

      Interesting, coming from someone that makes smear tatics in their antics over loud mouths who do just what you state the current president did during the election… Guess that means you should be punched in the face… 😉 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, those elites you spoke to were not at the Texas Republican Convention in June where Cruz was the clear favorite of the delegates.  The old line Republican Elites may still control a huge amount of money, but they no longer control the Party machinery, at least not in Texas.

  • Anonymous

    Really nasty, mean-spirited Dewhurst ads and the ads run *constantly*.  Hard to believe that both are running on the Republican ticket.

  • Anonymous

    We The People Are Tired Of The Left’s Games!! That Is All They do Lie and Play Games To Get Their Way!Well, What Do You Expect When The Left’s Bible Is RulesForRadicals Dedicated To Lucifer…The Father Of Lies!! and we are stuck with the liar-in-chief! and if reelected no more elections and we have dictator-in-chief like his best friend Hugo Chavez! 

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Cruz has all the right ideas going in, and hopefully, he understands that the majority of the people want out of this never-ending, ever failing social nightmare we face now. The sleaze and lies of liberals roll off their tongues with impunity, knowing full well that not only will they never be called out by the mainstream media. Instead, they know that they can count on the extreme leftist bent of the media to buffer any fallout. This is shameful, deceitful behavior on the part of Mr. Cruz’s opponent. I believe, though, that it will ultimately result in a big loss for Mr. Dewhurst at the polls. The left is never going to stop because there is literally nothing they would not do to win, because they end always justifies the means. This is the same mentality that is used by dictators the world over. They always state that they do these things so that there will be peace. Unfortunately, what they really mean is that it will end when their side has stomped the constitution into the ground and inculcated the government into every aspect of our lives from conception to death.

  • Anonymous



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    Ciavarella and Michael Conahan conceal the source of $2.8 million
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