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Glenn broadcast the radio show from Cowboys Stadium this morning, as volunteers from across the country gathered outside of the stadium for a huge day of volunteer service! Glenn’s friend and photographer George Lange was there to capture the stories unfold, and he was so moved by the dedication and the service he asked Glenn to put him on the radio show to describe the experience.

George described, “It felt like that moment at 8/28 when we peeked out and saw the size of the crowd and just, everyone burst into tears. It was the same feeling this morning. It was just, you know, bus after bus after bus and everyone finding their assignment and going off, and hundreds of people going to these ‑‑ going to 300 locations around Dallas. And it’s just, you know, it’s a lot of families. It’s a lot of kids. It’s a lot of grandparents.”

“I just keep thinking that everything that you talk about is happening right here, right now, live. And it’s just incredible to experience,” he added.

“George is my most liberal friend. In fact, he’s damn near a Communist,” Glenn said. “But he is one of the biggest hearted men I know. He’s one of the most honest men I know. He’s been my photographer for years because he actually turned down a photo session with Bush because he despised him so much that he said, ‘I can’t ‑‑ I couldn’t do him justice, and it’s wrong for me to take a picture of somebody if I can’t really do them justice.’ And immediately I knew that was the guy that I wanted to have by my side. He’s such a man of honor and integrity.”

“George, you were one of the guys when I was doing Restoring Honor and you said to me, ‘Glenn, I haven’t heard you use the word love as I read the speech to you.’ And I said, that’s because we speak different languages, George. I’m saying love different ways, here, here and here. It’s you hippies that have to have the word ‘love’ and ‘peace.’ And George has taught me an awful lot, and language does matter when you’re trying to reach across to people.”

Lange said there were close to 400 people at the one event he went to at Mission Arlington.

“There are 400 people, maybe more, that are going to go into this mission and work, Glenn, different jobs. And it’s just this feeling, you know, you kind of dream that there’s a community of people helping, helping other people and it is just happening here all over the city under the umbrella of Restoring Love. And it’s very powerful.”