Lisa Paige reports from “Day of Service”

Sweat Drenched Congressman Builds A Better Future, Literally:

Lisa Paige At Dallas International Street Church:

Restoring Love ‘Day of Service’ volunteers at Goodwill Dallas:

Photos from Lisa Paige’s visit to volunteer sites across the Dallas area:

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Having done seven years of volunteer service at a local food bank I know how much even a handful of extra people can make a major difference. We grew from three people helping out an average of 3500 a year to thirty volunteers helping 22500 (last year I volunteered).

    So when someone asks “How can one person help make a difference,” you can always tell them the motto we adopted “Ask me how we fed 22500 people last year.”

    Best wishes to the volunteers.

  • Anonymous

    This is great! Show pictures and videos from all over Texas…I want to see them all.

  • Shell

    There are so very many wonderful people who will volunteer around these United States, and a vast number of them are dedicated CHRISTIANS who honor all religions, races and creeds.  In our little village we have a huge group who call themselves “Fixing it for Christ”. They organize each years and help indigent persons locally with projects in and around their homes from re-plumbing, re-wiring, cleaning, painting, roofing, mowing, etc., additionally women from the churches organized an extended group to sew “pillowcase dresses” and shorts for children in many parts of the world. Just last year alone we sent over 400 dress and almost that many little pairs of shorts. Aside we supported a myriad of charities, so I know, first hand, Americans are a giving, loving, caring nation of people, and those I am most familiar with are CHRISTIANS, who don’t make political waves, castigate, criticize, or hate, therefore if you want to know what makes us “tick” come on over and help us help you.

    • Irina Krasnyuk

      Natural resources to benefit from mankind. Absolutely, healthy parmesan pain.

  • waterboy waterboy

    this is great  i hope this spreads all over the world.
    pictures are great to show more

  • Anonymous

    If Obama was Pinocchio , there would not be one single tree left on the entire planet earth , not even a bush ! Then we would really have man made global warming !

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