Photo Essay: The faces of Restoring Love

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Glenn has said that history is being made in Dallas with Restoring Love. Thousands of average, everyday Americans who refuse to let their country slip into darkness have stood up and fought for a return to the values and principles that made America great. Here are just a few of the countless patriots who will be recorded in the history books as the people who restored America:

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  • Anonymous

    Beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes.Thank you Glenn for bringing all these wonderful people together. Amazing pictures Mr Lange.

  • Annette Burns

    Thank you Glenn for waking us up to the truth!!  :)

  • Anonymous

    I am here in Dallas, it is truly historic, I have met so many wonderful and amazing people who I am so proud to call my fellow Americans….just a few more hours until restoring love……….May God Bless this event and the United States of America once more…

  • Anonymous

    I had the honor of meeting George in line today, and he is as kind a man as you could meet. I love these images (one of them especially :-). I recognize faces from people we have met and mingled with. Once again. Beck has provided a place to be beautiful and Lange has captured it, creating a witness for all to share.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Wish I could have been there.

    • Anonymous of the greatest things I’ve ever witnessed…I’m still somewhat lost for words that describe what we saw and felt what happened over this last 3 days…hope was the first that came to mind.

      • new2la

        Do you think there’s a chance to win in Nov.?    I said to my husband that if what occurred in Dallas is any indication of the turn out,  we as a nation may be saved….that and the Chick-fil-a solidarity.

        • Anonymous

          All I have to say is we better. I don’t think this country can stand the weight of 4 more years of B HO.

  • Anonymous

    Nice ideas on the shirts and it is what our country really needs…to restore Love!!rinos need courage to stand for conservatives to save our country!!!dinos need to undestand their leaders are progressive commies…who has always hated America!! Everytning Barry-HUSSEIN-Obama has done proves He is an AntiAmerican-IslamistTerroorist and All His AdviCzars..
    They All Have Got To Go!!! Wake-Up,America!! before the puppetmaster lord sidious Soross
    has his way he has strived for since his days of working for the Nazi’s denying his Jewish heritage

  • Pilgrimgirl

    HI Mr. Lange,
     My husband and I were first in line at the bookstore with black t-shirts with a butterfly type logo and below it said “Restoring Love- July 28,2012. This was a few hours before the stadium opened for the event on the 28th. Someone from Mercury One took our picture. I don’t know if it was you. We’d love to see a copy of it, if you can help.

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