Glenn’s FULL keynote speech from the Restoring Love event

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With all the problems in the world…
And with politicians giving all those speeches…
Doesn’t it feel good to do the work?
Just stop whining……
And roll up your sleeves!
One million meals have just left the stadium.
We’re feeding the hungry in 11 cities.
There are churches…
That can worship again when it rains…
Because we –
YOU – put a roof up.
The elderly…
The lonely…
Those who are afraid…
We said to them.
Be not afraid!
For we are with you.
And we will be your shelter.
Shelter from the storm.
Those who came with your parents.
I want you to get used to ….
Seeing them in action.
And tell your parents this:
“Mom, Dad…
I liked doing this.
I liked YOU doing this.
And I don’t want this…
To be a one-day thing.”
Hold each other to that promise.
Because this is your inheritance.
This whole event is about you.
We did this for you.
It’s about what you watch on TV….
…it’s about your music, movies and school.
It’s about your America …
The America we are building for you.
Right now.
We talked tonight about America’s history…
The pilgrims… George Washington…
…Abraham Lincoln… Martin Luther King….
And these men… they are part of history.
And you may be thinking…
…that’s history! I hate history!
All those guys are DEAD!
But that’s not true.
History is always alive.
History breathes. It doesn’t belong behind glass.
It belongs to you.
History is where we learn…
…who we really are.
Everything we have…
Everything we enjoy…
Was done….
By someone else….
Before we were born.
The America we have today …
… is what someone else created for us.
We inherited America…
…this America …
…from our parents and grandparents.
What we have…
They built.
We can’t be blamed for what they did wrong.
And we can’t take credit for what they did right.
We didn’t fight their wars.
We didn’t march with them.
We didn’t build the schools.
That was done for us.
And we will do that for our children.
That’s how an inheritance works.
You can’t control what you get from your parents…
But you can shape what you leave behind.
If you get an inheritance…
You can improve on it.
Or you can spend it…
The story of America …
…is filled with great families.
The Rockefellers. The Carnegies. The Vanderbilts.
Some have grown in prosperity.
Some have spent it all.
In Newport, the mansions sit high on cliffs.
But the families that built them…
Can’t afford to live there anymore.
They inherited something great…
…but they lost it all.
All they have is their famous names.

If this can happen to a great family…
…It can happen to a great country.
We must not become America in name only.
We must always strive to be a great country.
We don’t have to spend our inheritance.
We can build on it.
Invest it. Improve it.
Make it bigger and better.
That’s your choice. It’s our choice.
Our inheritance is America.
And we have to decide…
…Are we going to spend it all?
…Or will we make the dream bigger?
Tonight: I charge each of you with a mission.
No matter your age.
No matter how you got here…
Or how far you traveled.
A mission.
To act.
To commit.
To shape the future.
To do one pure thing:
Make America better than it is today.
Build a bigger inheritance…
Do what we’re supposed to do…
For our children.
Every generation of America faces this challenge.
Every generation.
Some succeed.
And some fail.
Those who have failed
Failed because…
They waited for someone else to act.
They found out much too late that
When you wait for someone to help you…
…That someone will show up….
…And sometimes…
…They may give you a push.
But far too often they will push you around,
There is a difference between getting pushed…
…and getting pushed around.
Two results
Two choices
For two types of people
There ARE two kinds of Americans.
Not Democrats and Republicans.
Not God-fearing and God-doubting.
Bigger than those differences.
Much bigger.
I think there are two kinds of Americans.
Those who like to be pushed.
And those who push themselves.
Those who see our problems and refuse to see our blessings.
And those who see our problems as our blessings…

Tonight: I ask you:
Which are you?
Where do you stand?
With those who like to be pushed?
Or those who push themselves?
Each of us likes to think…
We won’t get pushed around.
But history tells us that’s not the truth.
We know that sometimes…
It’s easy to do nothing.
Not long ago, America was divided by race –
One white, with rights…
And one black, without rights.
Some said: “This is the way it has to be…
“We just have to live with it…”

That’s what a lot of people believed…
…thought… and said.
Whites believed. And some blacks did, too.
There was….
… another way of looking at things.
A small number of men and women…
…They saw injustice.
And they knew it wouldn’t last.

They said: “America is a great nation,
“and it is capable of justice.
“America has the tools to be great…
“And one day, America will be great…
“We will tear down Jim Crow.
They didn’t say we might overcome.
They said: “We shall overcome.”
Martin Luther King said it was his DREAM.
But it was not his dream.
It was the American destiny.

He did not wait for the arc of history to bend towards justice…
He and millions like him pushed…
They pushed and they pushed uphill.
They pushed and they were pushed back by water cannons.
They pushed and they were pushed back by billy clubs and tear gas.
They pushed and they were pushed back on the bridge at Selma.
They pushed and they were pushed off the bus in Montgomery.
They pushed and they were pushed into jail.
They pushed and some gave their lives…
But they never stopped pushing.
And in the end…
They bent history towards justice.
That was their inheritance to us.
They are the American story.
Each gave their whole life to America.
And what they built…
Has lasted for 236 years.
They did not see a completed America in their days.
And it’s never finished.
They saw a void…
…and filled it.
Where’s that card?
Worth $2.8 million!

You’re not holding an asset.
You’re holding a man’s life!
You’re holding a man’s legacy!
The man on that card.
Is Honus Wagner.
He was a great player.
But his card’s value…
Comes from a different greatness.
We remember him not just because…
He was a great hitter.
We remember him
…because he stood for something.
It couldn’t have been easy.
Back in his day…
Everyone smoked or chewed tobacco.
But he wouldn’t smoke.
And they put…
…an ad for cigarettes…
…on his card.
Right next to his name.
His name!
Honus Wagner was a Christian man.
He didn’t smoke. He didn’t chew.
So he was faced with a choice.
He stood up.
He didn’t want his name…
Next to something he opposed.
He refused to bend.
He refused to comply.
And so while there were others…
Other players…
Other great baseball players…
Honus Wagner’s card is the one…
Everyone wants.
Honus Wagner is the name we remember…
Honus Wagner is the card with the most value.
This card is telling us something.
Something that Honus didn’t know at the time.
This card is screaming
Pleading to be heard
“Do the right thing!
It is the only way….
…. to create lasting worth and great value.”
You see…
History isn’t about a bunch of dead guys…
Staring at us sternly…
From the textbooks.
And the paintings.
History’s great figures
Are talking to us still…
If we just listen.
History isn’t in museums.
It’s here.
We are creating it right now.
With every single choice.
Will we do the easy thing or
Will we stand….
…and create something of lasting value?
It is an easy choice
But it is not an easy commitment.
Commitment is where it starts.
The Puritans had it easy.
All they had to do was make it through the winter.
George Washington?
All he had to do was beat the British.
Abraham Lincoln?
All he had to do was keep the Union.
Martin Luther King?
All he had to do was get Americans to listen to the words of the Declaration of Independence…
…That all men are created equal.
…And endowed by their Creator…
…With freedom.
What’s our challenge?
We don’t have to build a nation.
We don’t have to conquer racism.

We don’t have emptiness in our stomachs.
What we have is a void…
…A void in our hearts.

An emptiness in our culture.
We have forgotten…
What we’re building.
And so others step in and tell us what to build.
Where to build it.
How to build it.
When to build it.
America —
We have lost our way.
You have heard me talk about this.
If you want to raise money …
… with a bake sale,
The government will stop you.
“Junk food!”
“Transfats!” They’ll say.
No bake sales!
If you want to give food to soup kitchens…
Don’t try to give them doughnuts… or salty snacks.
You’ll be turned away. “Unhealthy”… “Not nutritious.”
And they’ll say: “Don’t worry, we got this one.”
“We’ll take care of these people. So you don’t have to.”
But because of you,
The first of many trucks are headed out…
Right now…
To our cities…
Our American cities…
To send a clear message…
This is who we are.
This is what we were taught.
When we see someone hungry…
…we will give them food.
When we see somebody hurting…
…we will give them help.
We are Americans.
We are builders.
We are helpers.
And if there’s one thing …
…our government must NOT do…
…it’s this:
Don’t stop us.
Don’t stop us from helping.
Don’t stop us from feeding.
We. Will. Serve.

We are not a selfish people.
We are selfless.
You are the living proof of this.
You are living proof that Americans are good.
Americans are still people of action.
Americans want freedom.
Americans want justice.
We want love.
And here’s the thing:
There are millions of you.
Millions just like you.
Millions ready to act.
Ready to take up the struggle.
To commit
To activate,
To live it …
To create….
… to restore love to America.
We will not let go.
We will not give up.
We’re not going to put our cars in neutral.
We’re not going to coast down the hill.
We’re going to do it the hard way.
We’re going to put our shoulders down.
We’re going to get behind the car.
And we’re going to push America up the hill.

Know this:
We’re never going to get to the top
But neither did they,
They did not give up.
And neither will we.
Because we are Americans.
And we will, in the end…
Have more than our great name.
We will have a great country again.
And a great legacy for our children!
We will not give up.
We will not give up our inheritance.
We will not give up the right to feed the hungry…
…the right to care for the sick…
…the right to run a bake sale!
We will not give someone else…
…the work of our hearts…
…the work that we must do.
We will do it…
…because we ARE already doing it.
I will not let go.
I will not sit down.
I will not comply.
I will not comply.
Because I know…
I know this:
America is not done.
And if you are watching this broadcast…
In a distant foreign land…
And looking for American weakness.
Looking for surrender.
Look at this crowd!
And know that we are putting you on notice.
Witness the Third Great Awakening!
Your time has passed,
And our time has just begun!

Let this be the beginning
Commit and declare it for all to hear.
For those who count us out
Are counting on
ONE weekend of action…
…ONE weekend of speeches…

ONE weekend. ONE day.

Let this be the first of many…
It’s not over.
We have not yet begun to restore ourselves
And reclaim our country
The Puritans didn’t leave Plymouth after a day.
George Washington didn’t pack up ….
… at Valley Forge after one cold night.
He got down on one knee…
He called on the blessings of heaven.
He had firm reliance on the protection…
Of divine Providence.
God is with us.
God is our sovereign.
And with Him…
Our battle is already won.
Washington, Lincoln. King.
Even in death, they live…
And speak to us.
And so let us live fully…
Not just mark the days.
As Washington said,
“deeds not words”
And for Lincoln,
The mission of the living…
Was written by those who came before.

“The world will little note,
nor long remember…
What we said here.
But rather what we dedicate…
To do here.”
History is a guide …
…not a guarantee.
It is for us the living ….
…to be dedicated …
to the unfinished work…
which they …
…who came before us
….have thus far so nobly advanced
It is for us …
To be dedicated …
To the great task before us—
that from these honored dead
we take increased devotion
To that cause
For which they gave…
The last full measure of devotion—
that we here highly resolve
that these dead
Shall not have died in vain—

that this nation, under God,
shall have a new birth of freedom—
and that government of the people,
by the people,
for the people,
shall not perish from the earth.”
That is our charge,
That is our duty,
That is our blessing,
With malice toward none
And charity toward all
Let us tonight restore Love…
…for love
will hold us together.
…will make us a shelter from the storm.
I will be my brother’s keeper.
The world will know once again…
That they are not alone.
The Americans again have arrived.
With honor
And love.

  • Debbie C

    An Awesome speech!!! Take a stand America. We are on the road to victory!!!

    • causa pulchritudinis

      LOL Debbie.  You are on the road to nowhere following Beck. 

      • Anonymous

         What is wonderfully beautiful here, is that we can continue to do what is right and good, we can continue to love and respect each other, and refuse to be disrespectful, even when others are disrespectful to us. We are Americans, the best of what America is about. So to those who live their lives to poke fun, or be disrespectful, we invite you to ENJOY your free speech. We invite you to ENJOY your opportunity to make fun of others. We will be who we are, the good that is in our hearts, we invite you to watch as we ENJOY making the difference that America needs.

      • Rosemary Castanza

        anything but  liberal evil agenda cousa, if Beck is miseading souls then by God wil lhe answer,not you .

        • Rosemary Castanza

          and Gods chilren have discernent,some ! to call Mr. Beck out when we feel something is wrong.NO more lies,by anyone will the American people put up with.So butt off M. pulchritudinis,who and what do YOU follow? 

  • Anonymous

    Victory! in the name of Jesus, Amen!

    We love you Beck

    • causa pulchritudinis

      I thought Jesus last name was Christ, Jesus Christ?  When did he take the name Victory?  I must of missed that delusion. 

      • Anonymous

        That should be “must have”, not “must of”.  I can tell you were educated in public schools.

      • Anonymous

         Jesus was the CHRIST. His last name was not Christ. He did not take the name Victory, he gained VICTORY with HIS sacrifice and with HIS love. There is no greater victory than loving others, even when they despise you. There is no greater victory than to honor those who hate and abuse you. There is no greater victory than to be willing to lay down your live so others may live.  Sacrifice is HONOR. Sacrifice is Courage. Sacrifice is Love. If Love is delusion, let me live fully deluded!!

        • Anonymous

          Since there is no greater victory than honoring those who despise you, perchance you could honor me with a BJ?

  • Anonymous

    Very inspiring speech Mr. Beck! God Bless you, your family and your crew for taking such a great stand for the survival of the American dream. Ty and praise our Lord Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

  • Anonymous

    This is by far the most inspiring Event i have ever seen……………ALL of it the speeches the music the people who gathered for this event………….miracles are coming….America will be GREAT once again because this Event shows exactly what America is all about………….God Bless you Glenn Beck and God Bless America !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Latoya D. Carnegie

      who attended and shared their love for their brothers and sisters and their Savior. You have inspired America to be great again, and not just in name only.

      • causa pulchritudinis

        Is Beck the Savior?  LOL. Wow that would really turn people off about religion if Beck was a Savior instead of a modern day  snake oil salesman.

    • causa pulchritudinis

      Did the Miracle
      Fly-Over Geese make their appearance at this event?
      Are you serious, really great music and
      inspiring speeches at this event? 
      LOL.  And what about all the money
      Beck raked in from gullible people like himself.

      The True Miracle
      is Beck getting so many suckers to give him $10 a piece for his lunacy.  There is a sucker born every minute that will
      give a snake oil salesman like Beck their money.  LOL.

      • Rosemary Castanza


      • Anonymous

        Better than any speech our unqualified, illegal, phony, lying, racist, bigot, half breed, bi-sexual, foreign national, Muslim POTUS has ever made or will ever make with NO teleprompter! So Glenn got $10 per head that is a lot less than BHO will take from you.There was truth in Glenn not in BHO!.

    • Anonymous

      This event only had something to do with what a pathetic slice of America is about, not the entire country. 

  • Anonymous

    May all Americans unite through the Love of Our Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you Glenn, and all those Americans who attended and shared their love for their brothers and sisters and their Savior. You have inspired America to be great again, and not just in name only.

  • Nancy Niceta

    Thank you Glenn – You Are A Great Man – I say that everyday. You have truly and deeply touched my life. God Bless you, your family and staff and everyone involved in helping America find her way back home.

    • causa pulchritudinis

      What makes Beck a “Great Man.”  Is it he can sucker people into giving him millions of dollars to enrich himself and his family?
      Did Beck serve in the Military or Government. Nope.  When Beck was of military service age he was a terrible alcoholic and a drug user.
      So can you define what makes him a “Great Man?” 
      I bet you can’t!

      • Anonymous

         What makes Glenn Beck a great man is the same thing that makes any man or woman great. What makes people great is not their perfection, or lack of mistakes, it is their growth from being self-consumed, whining pieces of parsley to maturing into people who live to breathe life into values, standards, and endeavors greater than “self”.
        What makes a person great is that they are not afraid to be truthful and honest about their past failures, and that they allow those past failures to make MORE of them, not less.
        What makes a person great is that they live for a purpose greater than themselves, that they inspire others to be more, do more and give more, AND that they genuinely care about other human beings and put effort toward making the world a better place for all.
        Want to know if you are living a great life? Ask yourself, “Why am I here?”,
        “Am I using my gifts and talents for the benefits of others, as well as myself?”, “What positive difference am I making today?”,
        “What legacy of goodness will I leave when I am gone?”,
        “Am I building people up with my efforts, my words, my actions?”,

        OR am I spending what limited time I have on this planet to tear other people down, disrespect them, make fun of them, call them names, bully them, harass them?

        What is great is easy to distinguish from what is NOT great. What is great is obvious. What is NOT great is obvious. 
        What weak and helpless are you defending? What children are you inspiring with your greatness. What hungry are you feeding? What elderly are you blessing? What church or home are you rebuilding? What kind words are you using to lift the hearts of others? What sacrifice are you making that blesses and benefits the lives of others?
        Answer those questions and you will know the definition of greatness, and you will begin to understand why people believe that Beck fits the definition of a “Great Man.” This country is crying out for greatness. I hope many great men and women CONTINUE TO JOIN WITH BECK to keep our country GREAT.

      • Rosemary Castanza

        smeone Not like you!

  • Tracy Werner-Strnad

    Amazing beyond words Glenn! 

  • Anonymous

    I feel so proud to be an American.  All the more so after listening to this inspiring speech.  I could feel the presence of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. as they too are witnessing the third great awakening!  We are just beginning and will take America back!

    • causa pulchritudinis

      I don’t think you were feeling the presence of George Washingto, Abe and Martin Luther King Jr but you were feeling the effects of being intoxicated with alcohol or your medication.
      It doesn’t take much for you to be taken in by a con artist like Beck. 
      Imagine if you meet a true hero like a military Medal of Honor winner or even just a military person serving their country at this moment.  But no you are more inspired by a crazy conspiracy theory nut like Beck who as done nothing for his country except take money from suckers to enrish himself. I bet Beck is so glad to have a nutty follower like you following him.  LOL.


        I pity you my friend and will pray for your enlightenment.

    • David Shedlock

      There can be no Great Awakening without Jesus.. I don’t see any mention of Him here. But I do see lots of Glenn Beck saying “I”, “me”, “us” and “we”. Amn-made religion will never replace the gospel of Christ.

  • Anonymous

    MY son and I was at your studio watching you broadcast your show and you said that you had agreat speech to giive.Well Glenn that was an understatement like no other.I looked around Cowboy Stadium and there was not too many dry eyes including my wifes.This is a speech that will be remembered for a long long time.MY wife is a manager of Babe’s which has given me an opportunity to meet you in person you are truly a first class guy.THAN YOU !!!

    • causa pulchritudinis

      That is great you are paying Beck for his boardcast of this nutty event.  LOL.
      Thank God someone is giving him money to keep his con going.  Good job in wasting your money giving it to Beck and what a great lesson you are teaching your son.  Showing your son how to waste you money on snake oil salesman is a valuable lession for your son in the future so he too can throw his money away!  Great Job, Dad! 

    • Anonymous

       GREAT job Dad. You are a shinning example of what a parent should be. As parents, we must allow our children to learn to be involved in events and opportunities that make a difference in the lives of others. If we fail to teach our children to give, to live with appreciation and hope, and to sacrifice for beliefs greater than themselves, we risk raising the kind of child who goes online hiding behind a fake name, spending his gifts and talents for something as small as tearing down, and making fun of others who are attempting to make a positive difference. Keep up the good work, I believe that you are definitely on the right track with your son.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn for carrying the burden to make this a reality. And to all those who worked so hard.  It touched me in a way that the Lord has had me in tears for 24 hours after it has ended (and that is not the norm for me). You are very much appreciated….more than words can say. God Bless you Glenn, and yours. You’re loved and in my prayers.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn for allowing God to work through you. You are such a blessing to so many of us. I cannot express how beautiful the event was or how wonderful your speech was. I will never forget it.

  • Anonymous

    My dearest Lord,  What else could possibly be said so profoundly in this OUR time, in this OUR history.  Thank you GOD, for this man, this person who is able to express your Words, your reasons for our being.  America is the hope of the world and we must not falter in this work proclaimed by Divine Providence.

    • David Shedlock

      I didn’t see any of God’s words in what he said, did I miss something? Did he quote a lot of Scripture verses or something?

      • Anonymous

        Is it so improbable to believe that in the 21st century GOD may choose messengers who speak to and remind the people of those things of good we should be reminded of?  Perhaps this ‘talk’ presented by GB was not in direct quotes?, but in essence do express GOD’s will for HIS people–all peoples of HIS creation—mainly ‘LOVE’.  I suppose interpretation may lay in the understanding of each individual who heard and listened with an open heart or within a more critical nature. 

  • Charlee Jackson

    I did not know Glenn Beck had this in him..AWESOME!! God bless and protect him!

  • Kotawolf

    Okay….   I just tried to read this and listen to the keynote.    What exactly is his message?  What does he believe in?   No clear message…. except “make it better”  Make America better.   He doesn’t really say anything about how he expects these things to be done.

  • Kelly Ferrell Hanisch

    “…and i will be my brothers keeper so the the whole will know that their not alone.”  awesome…Awesome…AWESOME!!  marching orders excepted!  Thank you Jesus!!  God Bless you Glenn & ALL that helped & served with you & God Bless America!

  • Kelly Ferrell Hanisch

    whoops…”…and i will be my brothers keeper so the the whole WORLD will know that their not alone.”  awesome…Awesome…AWESOME!!  marching orders excepted!  Thank you Jesus!!  God Bless you Glenn & ALL that helped & served with you & God Bless America!

  • Anonymous

    GB has been compromised. David Axelrod must have gotten his hands on this before the show.

    “Everything we have…

    Everything we enjoy…

    Was done….

    By someone else….

    Before we were born.

    The America we have today …

    … is what someone else created for us.

    We inherited America…

    …this America …

    …from our parents and grandparents.

    What we have…

    They built.”

  • Anonymous

    An awesome speech indeed!! May God Bless you and your work, Glenn!!

  • Amber Foruria-Olzak

    I’m speechless, moved and overwhelmed…. Even my 16 year old is motivated and NO one has been able to do that!  Thank you Mr. Beck. You are a treasure.

  • Lynn Peyton McCullough

    Awsome, thank you Glenn!

  • causa pulchritudinis

    It is really interesting that so many low education people follow this nut and think that he is inspiring.  Jeez.  I think Beck’s follows all stopped taking their medication at the same time because they are all crackpot if they believe this Con Artist.

  • Natalie Smith-Trammell

    I went to CNN, MSNBC, MSN….. Nothing-Wow! If it were never really obvious before it is crystal clear now, I see who has our backs! Thanks Glenn for making things crystal clear. Take a bow, for the other “news” agencies have just shot themselves in the proverbial foot. 

  • Natalie Smith-Trammell

    If you did not watch it or go, you really have no right to talk about what you don’t have a clue about, that is just ignorance, BECAUSE. if you did watch or go, there is not one word that you should be able disagree with. If you really love America,you have to agree with him, because he is correct in who we are. so like the old saying goes, if you have nothing good to say….you know the rest. God Bless America, and her people.

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU GLENN AND YOUR STAFF, for making this all happen. My husband and I have made a commitment to become more involved with our personal faith , our desire to get the message out and to help others. I pray that this country will be protected and spared . Keep up the devine inspiration. God is directing his people for his purpose. I was give scripture back in December 1979 that was at that time meant for my Uncle who was doing time in prison ,he was rail roaded by  the teamsters union, at that time he was the treasure of a local union in New Orleans at which money was illgally managed . So in order to shut him up they planted drugs in the trailer of one of the trucks he was driving , he was a truck driver for a large company. He spent 1yr in prison exactly to the date when i was given the scripture he was released.
       But i realize this scripture is for more than one meaning,  its ISAIAH Chapter 60-9  (Ihave reserved the ships of many lands, the very best , to bring the sons of Israel home again from far away bringing their wealth with them.) The book of ISAIAH speaks how God will bless those who renew their spirit and come back home to the father. That their land will blessed.

  • Anonymous

    Just wondering, why are you all so negative? Are you ashamed of our nation’s heritage?  Love you all but c’mon, if you have the courage to say it in an intelligent way; w/out the cursing and BS; what is your problem with Glenn?

    • causa pulchritudinis

      He is a con artist and is the P.T. Barnum of the 21st Century. Beck is using Mr. Barnum famous saying to Beck’s full advantage: “There is a sucker born every minute.”

      I think Beck disrespecting the office of the Presidency of the United States by calling the current president a racist is very disrespectful.

      No matter who the president is, republican or democrat and you disagree with them but that is no reason to disrespect the highest elected office of this Great Country.

      I’m proud of our Nation’s Heritage and I served 24 years in the United States Air Force so that heritage to continue. But as a former military member, I don’t enjoy a
      crackpot like Beck showing totally disrespect for our Commander-in-Chief. I
      didn’t agree with all the Commander-in-Chiefs but I didn’t show disrespect to

      So you asked what is my problem with Glenn, we’ll there it is!
      Hopefully you’ll snap out of your delusiion about Beck and see the truth about this phony!

      And since Beck is so rich (Made $32 million last year!) why didn’t have to charge people $10 to his his Love Fest. Everything is about money with Beck.
      Did you ever hear of Martin Luther King Jr. or Billy Graham charging people to attend their events? No, they were not greedy and they had a true message to get out to the people. Free of Charge!

      • Susana Lopes

        First of all GB obviously had problems and made mistakes in his life and since has changed his life around. What is so respectable of politicians??? Most of them are crooks! 
        You seem to have ONE problem with him he called the president a racist (well that’s because he is!!!), he doesn’t seem to like rich white men or Jews for that matter. Obama has disrespected the office of the president, the troops, and America for that matter he does this over and over again, there are pictures of him not holding his hand over his heart during the American anthem, many times does not salute the troops (while everyone around them are saluting or have their hard over their heart), he has no respect for previous presidents (no matter how “horrible” they were the president does not speak negatively about previous presidents), the list goes on and on, bowing to foreign leaders, hands in his pocket…he’s just low class… 
        Those events do not pay for themselves!!! He rented a stadium it wasn’t free, he’s rich he’s not stupid. You probably hear what the lame stream media says about Beck because if you actually listen to what he is saying adn tried to be objective you would shut up!!

        • causa pulchritudinis

          With Beck’s millions from his nutty followers you would think he would pay for the facility out of his own money but he isn’t just a crackpot but a cheap crackpot at that.  What happened to Beck’s sponsors, they couldn’t pay for a facility? 
          But Beck can always rely on his delusional followers to give him money.
          As the old saying says: “A fool and his money are soon parted.”
          You say he’s not stupid?  LOL.  He can’t stand college professor’s but on his TV show he imiitates being a professor.  He never went to college so he might have excellent skills to scam people out of their money but he wouldn’t do well in any kind of debate.  Unless that debate was about the different kinds of alcohol which ones get you drunk the fastest.

      • Anonymous

         You should be loved, honored and deeply respected for your service. 24 years serving your country is a great thing. But what you fought for, was so that people would have freedom, and one of those freedoms is to have differing opinions and still be treated with honor and respect. I appreciate that you believe the office of President should be respected, but ALL human beings deserve to be respected. You believe that Beck is wrong by disrespecting the President, but are you “right” by showing such amazing disrespect for Beck? Do two wrongs make a right?  Be the great man of HONOR you are. Do not allow yourself to lower yourself to what you have such deep disdain for. Do not become what you disrespect. You are one of America’s GREATs. Your service and dedication prove that.  Do not allow your anger and frustration with one of Beck’s opinions to make you less.

        Thank you sir for your service. Thank you for your love and dedication. Thank you for being one of the great’s of this country, as ALL service men and women are. Carry forward the legacy of greatness that you have lived for many years. Do not become less now, simply because you disagree with an opinion of another. You spent 24 years defending our rights to have our opinions. What good is that freedom if instead on honoring the right of people to have their opinions, we become ugly, hateful and disrespectful. You are one of America’s great’s, stand proud. Bless you and Thank you again.

  • Myles Standish

    @causa, Thank you for your comments. They serve to confirm that we are indeed on the right path. That we as Americans need to be WE THE PEOPLE more than ever in our history. We must get off our behinds and not allow ourselves to become wards of the state. Addicts to government hand-outs and control. We must maintain and retain our rights, our freedoms, and not allow them to be swallowed up by politicians who are far more interested in personal power, status and wealth than they are about the people who make this country what it is — a grand experiment in SELF-GOVERNMENT that makes us unique in the world. It has served to make us the greatest, most generous nation in the world and in all of recorded history. We MUST remember our roots and our foundation, and not allow government to become what it was never intended to be in this unique and wonderful experiment. Our Founding Fathers risked everything to make this country the exact opposite of the one they were revolting against. They lived under an oppressive government, and gave up everything they owned, and risked life and limb, to travel to a new land and start over with the unheard idea that the people must be given the opportunity to govern themselves and keep government at a minimum. A new word was coined — DEMOCRACY! Our Founding Fathers felt that there was real hope that for the first time in recorded history, true freedom could be enjoyed by the people, and that government would only serve as a skeletal structure to help maintain our borders and other duties as we saw fit, as we the people went about selecting those who would be our police force to enforce our laws and electing those who would represent us in this new form of self-governing that had three primary branches of government. That we the people through our own houses of Christian worship, and charitable organizations, all free of governmental intervention or control, would feed and cloth those who through no misfortune of their own were experiencing a difficult period in their lives, and to aid them until such time as they were able to once again be contributing citizens in this grand experiment. As with any totally new concept, there are going to be kinks to iron out and imperfections to resolve, but after a very short breaking-in period, Democracy began to fly with the eagles! It is that Democracy that we are fighting to maintain today, as others fight to castrate and demolish the best form of government ever devised by man — all in the name of power and greed! They don’t want the PEOPLE to have the lion’s share of the power. No! THEY want the lion’s share of the power so that self-government will become a thing of the past! They being the liberal politicians, along with those who have become far too accustomed to feeding at the public trough, and want it to increase so that they are taken care of by government from womb to tomb. These kinds of people have no use for Democracy because they would rather be told what to do — just so long as that translates to a communist style of governing where the rich are robbed to pay the poor. They haver neither the desire or inclination to make a life for themselves. They are the lazy class who wants everything done for them. No aspirations, no goals, no desire to do anything but practice being lazy and non-contributing members of society. These are the kinds of people who will vote for any candidate, regardless of his agenda, just so long as it appears that he is a proponent of big government and entitlement programs. Problems with this is that it only adds to the numbers of those who are willing to sacrifice their freedoms and rights to a government that is willing to support them in exchange. What these people seldom realize until it is to late, is that they miss some of their freedoms and rights and want them back, but at what cost? These types of folks are so far removed from what it means to be free, and all the blood that was shed by millions of Americans who fought to maintain the only form of government that separates us from all the oppressed countries of the world! We didn’t become number ONE by accident. It took a form of self-government and the class of people that it produced, to create the greatest nation this world have ever known! Until more people are made to realize how grand it was, and how many were willing to fight and die for it, these people are not going to understand what they are missing until it is gone. That is why we who know, and we who care, and we who love Democracy and do not wish to see it go the way of the dinosaurs, must STAND UP and be counted and fight for what is right and great and without peer. We must combine our efforts and push our country uphill as Glenn says, and fight against those who are trying to push it down and turn it into just another oppressive form of government of which there are far too many already. Why else would people from those oppressed, opportunity-less, financially and morally bankrupt countries be willing to sacrifice everything to come to this country?!? They see us as the LAND OF THE FREE, where opportunities exist for you to make something of your life. They obviously know something that many citizens of own country fail to grasp or understand. One more reason that we must work doubly hard to make up for those who are doing nothing to preserve this great country and are in fact content to allow it to become East Germany or Russia or China. Having not lived there, they know nothing about living conditions there. Perhaps it would serve us well to ship them there to experience what it is actually like to be oppressed, which no one in this country has ever truly experience thanks to the hard work of people like Glenn Beck and his followers who know a good thing when they see it, and who wish to hang onto it by whatever legitimate means at their disposal! I am with you! I honor, respect and love you! I don’t need to know your names — only that you care enough about what our Founding Fathers started here some 236 years ago, and are not about to see it ransacked and turned over to a bunch of greedy, power-hungry politicians and those who follow them!God bless America! May our tireless efforts make her strong once again, and something that we can be truly proud and supportive of.. May our selfless, tireless efforts of today, the days ahead, and however many days it takes, help to RESTORE the memories and dreams of our heroes Washington, Lincoln and King, and many, many other great American heroes in our history who have believed enough in our great country to have fought and been maimed and who have given the ultimate sacrifice — all in the name of preserving this grand and glorious experiment and keeping it alive and thriving, just as our Founding Fathers envisioned it and who worked ceaselessly to make it a reality! We cannot allow it to die now, all because of some exceedingly misguided individuals and an evil party that is intent upon removing the power from the people and returning it to the government, where we would be assured of becoming a third rate country that simply cannot afford to lose the magnanimous nature of this great country that is the envy of all the world — thanks to the amazing vision of our Founding Fathers who make no secret of the fact that they prayed often and fervently for divine guidance.From all appearance, I would say that their prayers were answered! Let us too pray to God for wisdom and encouragement and strength. We cannot do this on our own. With God’s blessing, and our good works and deeds, we can make this country great again. Won’t you please join us?Thank you and God bless you!!P.S. I apologize for any spelling and grammatical errors.

    • causa pulchritudinis

      Phew, I’m not sure what your point was with that Diatribe you typed.

      Thanks to Glenn Beck for our country’s “Good Thing?” What?

      What has Beck ever done for this country except to sell Snake Oil to suckers and to make him a millionaire many times over?

      Did Beck service our country in the military or did he hold an elected office? No
      because when he was eligible to service in the military he was an alcoholic and
      that goes the same for him winning any elected office.  He could have joined the Peace Corp tp serve his country but no drinking and taking drugs were more important to him.

      So what has he done for this country?  I guess he went on FoxNews and called the President of the United States a racist is that something he did for our great country.  He didn’t need to disrespect the office of the Presidency no matter who is the president, republic or democrat.   It is the office of the presidency that he disrespected and that is very disgraceful. You can disagree with whoever is president but show respect for the position of the presidency.  No, Beck just says outrageous and controversial statements because he knows he’ll get his name splashed all over print and TV media outlets.

      If you want to see truly dedicated people really helping America, go to military bases that have open houses.  Military people get low pay, are sent in to harm’s way constantly and are away from their families for 12 or 18 months or longer.  Those are the people that Americans should look up to for inspiration, bravery and patriotism not a Snake Oil Salesman like Beck. 

      Beck knows all the fancy and hot button words to get gullible people to follow him and give him money.

      Can you name me one thing that Beck has done that truly helped this country?
      I can’t think of anything.

  • Susana Lopes

    then open your ears!!

  • Susana Lopes

    I think he was referring to freedom!

  • Anonymous

    It’s hard to belve that someone can write the vitriol that causa pulchritudinis is spewing on all the Restring Love pages right below the printed words of the speeches. 

    “that this nation, under God,shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people,by the people,for the people,shall not perish from the earth.”That is our charge,That is our duty,That is our blessing”

    Yeah, pretty radcal nutty stuff.

    “With malice toward noneAnd charity toward allLet us tonight restore Love……for lovewill hold us together.Love……will make us a shelter from the storm.I will be my brother’s keeper.The world will know once again…That they are not alone.The Americans again have arrived.With honorCourageAnd love.”

    So I guess telling people to love one another, care for each other, stand up with courage for what you believe in, this is “his lunacy”.  Just the ravings of “a crazy conspiracy theory nut like Beck who as done nothing for his country except take money from suckers to enrish himself.” 
    I for one bought into the lunacy.  I WILL be my brothers keeper.  I WILL find ways to serve my community. I WILL stand as an Americn for what I believe in.  Lunacy?  So be it.

  • Johnny Pernisco


  • Johnny Pernisco


  • Carolyn

    Glenn, The American people live. The American people are alive. Wecontine to do good despite our culture and the rhetoric that pulls us down. We look to our God for guidance as those who came before us did as well.  You inspire us, confirm us and help us to go forward. We need that connection to each other that you have brought in speaking the words we know in our souls.  As we humble ourselves before God, we will go forward in the tradition of the great men that lived  before us. I know the Lord will bless the good people of this land and will hear our cries.  Thankyou for being true to this land,  this people and most of all to God Most High.  

  • Michael L. Kailing

    Glenn presented a solid heartfelt call to action to We The People of the United States of America to commit to restore our great Nation. May we pray that God touches the hearts of thousands of American citizens to each be a part of the solution to commit ourselves to God and to one another, to restore the spirit of Love in our great country. Lord Jesus, help us we pray. Hearts united in love will bring us again to be the United States of America !~

  • Seth Root

    Where can I get an MP3 version of this?

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