Stu and Pat spend 15 minutes trying to explain why they were so bad at Restoring Love

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Glenn loved every moment of Restoring Love – well, almost every moment. He went on the air today and absolutely blasted Stu and Pat for their brief 5 minutes on stage. What did they do that was so bad? Stu and Pat spent the better part of the 4th Hour trying to make excuses for their failure.

Read the confrontation from radio below:

GLENN: You sucked.

PAT: Because we were genius.

STU: First of all, you gave us the worst part of the show by far.

PAT: He’s like, I don’t want to do this. Why don’t you guys do this.

STU: Exactly what happened.

PAT: It’s the most boring part of the show!

STU: Where you were saying, “Hey, Bill in Tennessee, he weaved a basket for Jim who was homeless” or something.

PAT: Serving others.

GLENN: It really was. It was three minutes of ‑‑

PAT: Excruciating.

GLENN: “Isn’t that right, Pat?”

PAT: “That sure is, Stu.

STU: But in addition to that, first of all, we never actually got to practice it. So we didn’t know what was going to happen.

PAT: Yeah.

STU: And beyond that ‑‑

PAT: Which was very difficult because first of all, we’re at the rehearsal on Saturday afternoon we’re told, “Yeah, oh, you’re in the TelePrompTer. Don’t worry about it.” Then we’re told, “I’m not sure it’s in the TelePrompTer. I’m going to have to check on that.” “Would you check on that?” “Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s in there.” Uhhh… we’re about to go up on stage. It’s not in the TelePrompTer.

STU: Right. So we’re doing it off our iPhones.

PAT: Off our iPhones with the script.

GLENN: No, you weren’t. That was in the rehearsal;

STU: Right.

PAT: Yes, in the rehearsal. And then at night we finally get it in, it goes into the TelePrompTer. I say, “Are we going to get a chance to look at it? Because those monitors are a really long way.” I don’t have great eyes to begin with and I’m ‑‑

GLENN: I’m the one going blind and you’re the ‑‑

PAT: Yeah. You know I have been blind my whole life.

STU: Right.

GLENN: You have corrective lenses.

PAT: But they don’t correct it to 20/20.

GLENN: Excuse me. I’m a doctor.

STU: I know, Doctor. I understand you’re a doctor, Doctor.

GLENN: Thank you.

PAT: And Doctor, Doctor, you know that I’ve got vision problems.

GLENN: I do.

PAT: And I always have.

GLENN: I do.

PAT: He’s got the prompters a hundred yards from the stage! I’m like, Stu, Pat ‑‑ no, that’s Stu.

STU: At one point I almost ‑‑

PAT: Bill and Bob is it? Is it Bob, Bill?

GLENN: You guys were so awkward.

PAT: I could not see it.

STU: Well, because we were told to stick to the script which was like very basic.

GLENN: Stick to the script.

STU: And then what happened was ‑‑

PAT: Horrifyingly bad.

STU: When Pat said, “Hey, I can’t see the TelePrompTer.”

PAT: Yeah.

STU: They said, okay, we’ll make the font larger.

PAT: Really big.

STU: Which is fine until you realize they do that, you can only see two and a half words at a time.

GLENN: I know.

STU: So ‑‑

GLENN: That’s why I had the font adjusted to the size I did.

STU: Well, look. They didn’t tell us that. We didn’t get to practice it. So we’re just standing up there and it’s like, “Bill in…”

PAT: And that’s all you see!

STU: Scroll! Scroll!

PAT: Scroll!

STU: Tennessee was ‑‑

PAT: So we’re making stuff up. It’s like, but I have and Sylvia Snodmakington drove all the way from Rangers park at Arlington to Cowboys Stadium, which is nearly a block! They sat in the parking lot and realized it was too busy and they didn’t want to bother with it. So they went home! Serving others.

STU: (Laughing.)

GLENN: You want to see how bad their part was? Check it out on GBTV.

  • John Meyer

    It’s always good when you can make fun of yourselves, cause “truth be told” that was excruciating to watch live.  Great effort none the less Stu and Pat.

  • NickDeringer

    Pat and Stu looked like a couple of tourists who had wondered onto the stage and were trying to keep from getting arrested by security.  In fairness, I think their arguments to Glenn were valid. Glenn was using the episode for a moment of Comedy Gold™.

    The only other beef I had with the “Restoring Love” was the scheduling. Glenn, did you really mean to schedule it on the first weekend of the Summer Olympics?

    Other than that it was pure genius and it needs to be seen by millions more Americans. Perhaps when the DVDs come out, 9-12 and Freedom Works groups could set up viewing parties in their homes.

    Just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha!!!  I knew that Glenn would give them heck on air.  It was great.  Proves that Pat and Stu are masters at improvisation.  

  • Teri Sullivan

    Really enjoyed all three evenings of the event, but yes, this was definitely the low point.  And what was up with those suits?  You looked like you raided Goodwill just that afternoon to have a suit to wear!  LOL  Love you guys, anyway.  :)

  • Anonymous

    What really matters is the fact that they can make fun of themselves.  This shows me that they actually have their priorities straight.  The event and intention of the event was much bigger than any individual.  The movement is extremely important and we are all just blessed participants.

    • Mona D. Guthrie

      It’s great you can laugh about it today.  Shame on Glenn for not giving you two ample time to rehearse! lol    All in all it was a great night.

  • Margie Ryan

    It was really bad, even the lame jokes I was making made it through on the chat because the moderator was looking for anything to distract from the train wreck of Pat & St :)

  • Anonymous

    It was kind of awkward…but loved seeing you two.   It’s great you can laugh about it today.  Shame on Glenn for not giving you two ample time to rehearse! lol    All in all it was a great night.

  • Anonymous

    stu and pat were horrible because they are simple minded beckling cult leaders…

  • Debbie Pulliam Schmidt

    See above

  • Debbie Pulliam Schmidt

    I was there when Stu and Pat presented their part on stage at Restoring
    Love (got up and went to buy some nachos)!!   I was wondering why you
    weren’t flashing up photos of all the people serving across the Dallas
    area and other parts of the country.   That’s all you would have had to
    do . . . let us see the people at work!  The guys from Operation
    Blessing were sitting in front of us at the Cowboys Stadium!   It would
    have been nice to see all the photos of them at work. As we all know, a
    picture tells a thousand words!

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