STUPID GIRL? CNN bumps in with offensive slam on Palin

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Sunday morning CNN entered Jimmy Falon territory when they kicked off a segment about former Governor of Alaska and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin by playing the song “Stupid Girls.” The segment covered Palin showing support for Chick-fil-A this, along with a picture, on Facebook and Twitter:
“Stopped by Chick-fil-A in the Woodlands to support a great business.”
Watch the segment below:

“This is a network that seriously claims they are a news channel,” Glenn said after airing the clip. “These guys in those newsrooms over at CNN, they really believe they’re a news channel. And they start their report on Sarah Palin like that? How is that a news channel?”
Stu pointed out that when Jimmy Fallon did something similar to Michele Bachmann, there was at least a half-hearted apology given.
As of 11:00 AM this morning CNN had not yet apologized for their statements that Glenn, Stu and Pat had scene. The people giving this report call themselves “journalists,” Glenn noted. It would be one thing if it was Rachel Maddow or even Glenn’s show – those are shows where people know there is opinion mixed it. Glenn does not call himself a journalist.
“That’s why they’re losing,” Glenn said. “That’s why GBTV has more subscribers than they have viewers. I love that. Go look at any show and you look and compare.  You’re like, wow, the Glenn Beck Internet thing is beating CNN? Wow. You’re doing pretty good there, Time Warner.  Good for you.”
Later in the show Glenn updated this story by telling listeners that CNN had apologized. Here is the statement from CNN:
“The music selection was a poor choice and was not intended to be linked to any news story. We regret any perception that they were planned together.”
Not exactly the most believable or sincere apology the three of them had ever heard.
“They’re going to destroy themselves,” Glenn said.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This shows that the Communist News Network is nothing more than a propagandist spin machinery for the extreme leftists of the nation. The sheer magnitude of immorality, injustice, insult, injury, and insane incompetence shows through to the world; they will do anything to denegrate anyone who makes a stance against their ‘values’ of the left.

    The hypocrisy is self evident, as the left claims to be preaching ‘tolerance of views and ideals’ when in reality they smear, besmirch, intimidate and defame anyone who shows the least bit of non solidarity with their ideological, hide bound, narrow minded, concrete filling the void between the ears, views of the world.

    They shall do more than destroy themselves; there is soon to be a reckoning to be heard, it will only be a matter of who gets to them first – Obama as his world collapses into insanity, or the people of America.

    Who will get them first?

  • Anonymous

    Check out this pot calling kettle black. After this really Glenn?

    • Deb

      So what’s your point?

    • Anonymous

      I guess satire confuses you?

  • Joe Robinson

    this coming from the web network “GBTV, the truth lives here”.


    • Anonymous

      I know Joe, I know. Because everyone knows Glenn was lying about what song CNN played and what news and photos followed it. And everyone knows that Glenn is WAY off the market when he mentions that the apology holds no credibility. And the things that Glenn reports on don’t bother to just accept the fact that the White House is always telling the truth–along with Eric Holder, and Debbie Wasserman and Jay Carney. Those people never EVER lie…so you are so incredibly smart to figure out that it must be GLENN who isn’t telling the truth!

      The worlds needs people at least as smart as you Joe.

    • d.estra

      Idiot Joe why don’t you look it up on CNN and see the segment which it is the truth how they opened the story line about Palin with that crappy song. I suggest for you to also read more and get informed first before making dumb comments when you don’t even know the truth.

    • Anonymous

      Joe, If you don’t watch CNN, do you ever watch Fox News?  They covered this story.

      I saw it on Monday.    Don’t speak until you have verified.

  • Anonymous

    CNN claims its coincidence.  I’m sure “Stupid Girl”  is simply another song on their bumper rotation. good thing it didn’t pop up on a story about Barbara Boxer or Michelle Obama! 

  • Anonymous

    The most interesting thing about this is that one could make a very strong case that pink’s song/video is about the brain-dead, shallow, liberal, hipster culture making today’s girls into idiots.  So if CNN wants to equate Sarah Palin to the context of the song it would make Sarah the strong, independent, successful woman and such.  GB should watch the video, he’d get even more of a chuckle out of the situation.

  • Sheila Simmons

    Sarah Palin can’t be all that stupid if she is still a hot topic 4 years after the 2008 election;-)

    • Anonymous

      If obama had a real college certificate, Sarah Palin  would still be smarter than him.  She could make obama and biden  look like idiots while running circles around both of them and all their ilk.
      “They” are so afraid she’ll outshine them is why they’re so cruel to decent women.  MSM, and CNN and all of the liberal has beens are mean, hateful, spiteful and deserve to go off the air.   Most of us don’t care for their kind, so pay them no attention.

      • Brit Kirk

        If you knew anything you would know Obama has done everything for this country and everything he said he would do so why are you or anyone else pissed?? also the President has little to no power he can only present ideas..your republican majority in congress still has to vote it through. So you might want to do your research and be a little more intelligent yourself before making dumb comments. ALSO, look up the Roth child family and you will see who really runs this country and the world. they own everything. Stop blaming the President all because he has done the right things and has turned this country around that was completely run into the ground by Bush. He never promised miracles, as he could not have possibly fixed what Bush had created in four years, but this country has gotten a lot better. You can blame corporate America and the rich for your money problems and everything else. He does not have the power people think he does maybe you should learn that and start blaming the right people for the problems. He is one of the best Presidents we have ever had and God bless us if Romney wins who is a liar and has been caught in multiple lies too many to count and he is from the upper class.. ALL HE KNOWS IS WEALTH!!! So if you think he is going to help you and the middle and lower classes you are crazy. Republicans are all about corporate and helping the wealthy. AGAIN DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE OPENING YOUR MOUTH!!! I hate idiots like you, and that is why our country is in the shape it is in!!! not because of Obama but because of people like you!!!

    • Anonymous

      Well, I wouldn’t be so sure.  Obama is still a hot topic 4 years after the 2008 election, but it’s not exactly because he’s an intelligent man, you know.  It’s because he’s an idiot who has done absolutely NOTHING for this great country.  Still, though, I get your point.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter who the woman might be that is up for VP, all the Liberal Leftist arse kissing Media would still react in the way that CNN and Jimmy Fallon show did at that time!   The Liberals are so ignorant of women anyway and Cheney I really contribute his ignorance about liking Palin as a VP would be that his daughter is a Lesbian and he wouldn’t like anyone so against the Gay people in the President or VP area.  GOD help America!

  • Sean

    Stopped watching Jimmy FAIL-ON a long time ago

  • Anonymous

    This is just another swat at the air the Left takes in a desperate attempt to change the subject that the worst presidential train-wreck is heading off the cliff.    It’s quite pathetic !!

    Ted Turner is an idiot as I witnessed when he was a client of mine when in NewYork.    Money does NOT equate to WISDOM !

    • new2la

      You can’t buy class either.

  • Anonymous

    You know what, the communist movement is loosing.  Even people that lean to the left can see that this administration is fueled by radicals and they want no part of it.  When Obama told the business world, and small entrepreneurs, “You didn’t build that,” he lost alot of votes….that was the final straw.   Some of these idiotic leftwingers who slam Palin, couldn’t run a business let alone a big State as Governor…how little is their world?  Proverbs 23:7  The heart is the seat of reason and decision making, “For in his heart, so is he.”    Fools refuse to believe the obvious.

  • Anonymous

    The liberal media, CNN, MSNBC, and many of Hollywood’s
    stupid, stupid, liberal, ultra liberal actors and actresses are
    afraid of Sarah Palin.  She is the epitomy of what America
    is.  God Bless Sarah and her family.

    • greywolfrs

      Not that I disagree with what you are saying, but feel the need to clarify something. All those unltra stupid liberals are not from Hollywood or CA for that matter. Most of them are from little towns all across the country.

      Here is a prime example:

      “Stop congratulating me on Stanley Cup cuz I live in L A. No one here gives a **** about a winter sport played by Russians/Canadians in June.” -Bill Maher

      First, he states that he “lives” in L.A. but he is NOT from here. Second, he is too stupid to realize that the Captian of the Kings is an American, along with our goaltender and MANY others. Oh and we only have one Russian.

  • new2la

    They will find out how very stupid we are come November! Women……we always amaze when least expected. Take us for granted and in the end, we get the last laugh.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a Palin fan. But that’s an asshole thing to do.

  • d.estra

     Funny how they at CNN are always trying to make Palin out to being a stupid person when they never cover all the stupid ignorant things Obama says. I personally think Palin is smarter than dumb ass Barrack who he has made more gaffs than Palin every has and has average intelligence even for a black man.

  • Anonymous

    The problem is that the media DID convince many Americans with their lies. Their attack on Sarah was one of the most despicable actions by any media source. But, ike all liberals, they think they are the elite of the population. Unfortunately, many sheeple belive that to be true.

    • Anonymous

      The LSM certainly knew how to vet S.Palin, didn’t they?   Too bad they forgot how to do

      it when it came to B.O.

  • Richard Smith

    The song selection was referring to their anchors not Sara

  • CaptainAmerica

    It’s amazing how fearful the progressives are about this woman. Even thought she is not running for office, they actively campaign against her. They make a bigger deal out of her than she is, and she is laughing all the way to the bank because of it. 

    It figures the dolts at CNN would pull a stunt like that and then try to lie their way out of it. 
    There is a reason their ratings are low, too bad they can’t figure that part out.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right about that, Cap.  The progressives do fear her so they have to belittle her in

      whatever manner they can.  She is powerful because the folks see her as ”one of us”

      and it drives the progressives crazy.   She, after all, is not one of the elite.  She did not

      graduate from one of the ”big colleges.”   She was a mayor of a ”no name town.”   And

      she was governor of Alaska, for Pete’s sake!  And she fishes and shoots game!   ”She

      just isn’t one of us,” they say.   You betcha, she isn’t!

      • CaptainAmerica

        Thank God and bless her soul she isn’t one of them!

  • Erich Hoefert

    Did they really think us Conservatives were so stupid as to miss that!  Everything those “news” organizations do is planned including the stupid “happy talk” segments.  They are so very petty…I purposely don’t watch them.  It’s just Fox, Glenn and Rush : )))

  • Anonymous

    And the “War On Women” continues… ?  Spurred on by CNN?

    CNN is testing the waters just to see how much it can get away with and how much resources it can drain.  Whoops CNN is draining it’s own: CNN president Jim Walton is high-tailing it out of Dodge.

    CNN is foundering in the ratings and they wonder why.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, watched this coverage on O’Reilly’s show on Mon.  His guest, Bernie Goldberg, really

    blasted CNN for the poor apology they released.  He said that the network has ”millions” of

    songs/music they can choose to play and it just ”happened” to be ”Stupid Girl”?   And as Glenn

    did, he also questioned CNN and their ”journalism.”

    • new2la

      CNN isn’t fooling anyone, bjv. I think the final nail on the coffin that is the media is finally being laid to rest.

      • Anonymous

        I certainly hope you’re right on that, new21a.  The LSM may be going down the

        tubes to a certain extent, however, they STILL continue to bang the drum for

        B.O. and those who choose to watch/read them will still be influenced if that is

        where they go for their news.

        • Anonymous

          if obama is a idiot he took Mcain and palin to the woodshed and is doing so now with Romney

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glenn, 
    The Obama campaign has been going on day after day since the very first day Obama ran for Office some 5 years ago. That is all he does… that is all he knows  how to do. Obama has a vision for America, its called Obama. Nothing else matters. Nothing. Sarah Palin poses a threat to the Obama illusion so he sends out the “dogs” after her.

    • John

       Jeremy, I think that is the best explanation of Obama’s operating method that I’ve seen.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you John.

  • Rafael Torres

    Once they, refering to CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and other liberal spin machines, destroy themseves, I hope that boycotts, demonstrations, anti-PC rallies, petitions, and the resignations of their bosses will be the finishing move towards the liberal left. The gang-rapes of Lara Logan of CBS last year and independant journalist Natasha Smith last month, of which both stories had little coverage and had a bunch of PC (not that those two women did not mention a thing about radical Islam or its violence against women), and this story are just the final straws!! Had we had enough of political correctness already?! It’s time it gets thrown in the trashbin!!

  • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

    CNN is stupid. I never, never watch them anymore. Compare Palin’s resume with Obama’s.
    Hers blows his away – by FAR.

  • Sue Terry

    If there was a Chik fil a close I would eat there every day!!!!

  • Sue Terry

    Rachel Madow is a stupid lesbo,  and if I said that on Fox News I would be shot down as a right wing, homophobe …..but it’s OK to rip on Palin.  ?    Sarah Palin for Pres.  I will be her VP.  we are mean girls.

  • Anonymous

    Sarah Palin is the reason McCain isn’t in office now.  Honestly can you imagine if she was in the Oval office with all her drama and reality show family.  I shudder to think.  I know American is on the right path, but atleast we are respected worldwide, we would have been a laughing stock had we elected McCain/Palin.  Lets hope the republican don’t do the same thing all over again.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see palin at the RNC convention…
    Oh wait…
    palin has dropped so low that she hasn’t even been invited to speak!!!

  • Zooropa Fly

    If the cap fits…

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