Pulling out all the stops: Barack Obama descendant of first slave?

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In the latest episode of ‘Obama media worship,’ the latest breaking story is that President Obama is a direct descendent of the first American slave on his mother’s side. That’s right, this super historical president is even more historical than you know! Don’t pay any attention to the crappy job he’s doing – just know he’s really historical

The New York Times reported:

The findings are scheduled to be announced on Monday by Ancestry.com, a genealogy company based in Provo, Utah. Its team, while lacking definitive proof, said it had evidence that “strongly suggests” Mr. Obama’s family tree — on his mother’s side — stretches back nearly four centuries to a slave in colonial Virginia named John Punch.

In 1640, Mr. Punch, then an indentured servant, escaped from Virginia and went to Maryland. He was captured there and, along with two white servants who had also escaped, was put on trial. His punishment — servitude for life — was harsher than what the white servants received, and it has led some historians to regard him as the first African to be legally sanctioned as a slave, years before Virginia adopted laws allowing slavery.

The media is, of course, trying to use this to bring race back into the conversation so that the media will have every opportunity possible to call anyone who isn’t an Obama supporter a racist.

“How can we not have him as president of the United States for a second term?  We ‑‑ I mean, we have to have him.  It would be racist to not have him now,” Glenn joked.

“Isn’t that a terrible conclusion from what you just said? Like, why would that make it so we had to have him as president? What significance would that have?” Stu asked.

Pat jokingly responded by calling him a racist for even asking the question.

Then again, if the ancestor is on his mother’s side playing the race card may not be that easy, seeing as she’s caucasian. Nevertheless, the media will find a way.

Make sure to watch the hilarious clip above and tune in tonight at 5pm ET on GBTV where Glenn will take a serious look at the glorification out media is doing of the first family and the shocking similarities it has to a country like North Korea.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Notice the way the article states…

    The findings are scheduled to be announced on Monday by Ancestry.com, a genealogy company based in Provo, Utah. Its team, while lacking definitive proof, said it had evidence that “strongly suggests” Mr. Obama’s family tree — on his mother’s side — stretches back nearly four centuries to a slave in colonial Virginia named John Punch.

    Key phrase:

    “Its team, while lacking definite proof…”

    Translation: NO solid, established proof and no documentation that confirms the fact of the alleged link to the first slave recorded in America. There is no reliable proof, its a complete attempt for political maneuvering and position on the field of racial politics.

    Obama is desperate to reinforce his connection with his base, thus by having others make the claim to being a descent, via “strongly suggesting” evidence, which is at best hypothetical and conjecture (i.e. A GUESS), and blatant fabrication and distortion at worst, of the very first slave recorded in America, he can say “my ancestors were repressed…’

    This is done for race political positioning and posturing only. Nothing more and nothing less.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZOBNH3WNPY6KPPAYWD2IDXKFV4 Gary

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Ancestry.com said; “What?  When did we research obama?”

    • Nonof Urbusiness

      It is also hyping Ancestry This is also about publicity for the website!
      This is FREE advertising for Ancestry(don’t want to use .com it will show as a link) Hype hype hooray!

  • Anonymous

    I got he same tingle up my leg when I read a couple of years ago when Kim Jong Ill was still alive and that when he played golf for the very first time, he scored 18 holes-in-one!!!

  • Anonymous

    Explain how he knows this please! He doesn’t even know where he was born. But as usual the liberal lick spittle’s will be swooning once again at this arrogant fool. If anything he is related to the “blacks” that captured and sold the real slaves to the white sea captains that brought them west. Yeah I know most people don’t even know that it was the black Africans that captured and sold these people. I guess it is just to damaging to their case for reparations.

    • Anonymous

      Many of us do know how African tribal leaders sold their own into slavery; unfortunately, it is their descendants who refuse to accept that fact in history because it is too easy to blame someone else.  Once they accept the facts as they really are, they have to then acept responsibilty and accountability for their own acts.  Oh, by the way, the original Roots opened with how kenyetta became a slave in America.  His uncle murdered his father and sold kenyetta so he could become the tribes’ chief; the position was inherited, passing to the oldest living brother if the Chief had no heirs. Later editions, I have heard, omit this opening.   The book was stolen from an 80 year old ailing man and later published by the current author, who was later proven to be a plagerist and he had to pay the elderly man a paltry sum–did the wayward ‘author’ share the wealth he received from his theft?  Certainly not–he left the originator of the book to die in abject poverty in the slums of NYC. 

    • landofaahs

      Without this story, he has no connection to being down with the struggle as Al not so sharpton would say.  It’s hard to get sympathy for slavery when your father from Kenya probably has more evidence of being a part of being a slave trader than a slave.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, you’re right, Sam.  Blacks did sell fellow blacks they defeated in fighting (or just

      rounded up some?), and then sold them for the going rate.  Elsewhere, I had heard the

      Arabs were big in the black slave trade, as well.   On another thread, someone had

      commented about Obama’s Arab heritage via Kenya.  Wonder when that will be looked

      into and/or investigated?   Could they have been in the slave trade business?   If so,

      that piece of information would probably never see the light of day.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FF5PDJLI6BBYLYMZECK6ZTIVIY Speak2Truth

    The REAL first slave in the American British colonies: Slavery was legally established by…. a black former indentured servant. He introduced African-style slavery to a system that had relied upon indentured servitude to pay off debts, allowing a person to earn their way to freedom.

    Anthony Johnson, African indentured servant in Virginia, established African-style slavery in American Colonies

    The question is, since Obama’s mother was pasty white, was she related to the white slaves in the early colonies?

    The Forgotten Slaves: Whites in Servitude in Early America and Industrial Britain


    • Anonymous

      There are better books than the one you mentioned and there is a video from the Scottish BBC on the Irish slave trade.
      Punch was probably Irish.Irish were slaves first in America,they sold for 20 lbs of tobacco. Cheap.
      Before there was a black slave trade there was the Irish slave trade.
      Google: Irish slave trade.
      See the BBC video Barbado’ed on Veoh and read the books.
      To Hell or Barbados by Sean O’Callaghan
      White Cargo by Don Jordan
      The Irish Slave by Rhetta Akamatsu
      Bound Over by John van Der Zee
      American Slavery,American Freedom by Edmund S. Morgan
      Emigrants in Chains A Social History of Forced Emigration to the Americas 1607-1776 by Peter Wilson Coldham
      Blacks also were slave owners and the Largest plantation in N.Carolina was a
      Black woman who owned a large plantation and a boarding house.
      Once you learned a trade you could buy yourself out of slavery in the early years.
      So Blacks were barbers, Blacksmiths and wheelwrights.
      South under Siege 1830-2000 by Frank Conner
      Black Slave-owners: Free Black Slave Masters in South Carolina, 1790-1860 by Larry Koger
      Black Masters: A Free Family of Color in the Old South, by James L. Roark

  • Anonymous

    This would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. First it was Paddy O’Bama then ObamaHauntus and now this !   I am still waiting for him to say ” I AM AN AMERICAN !” but looks like I will have a long wait.
    I need to get my hipboots out of the garage, an election is not far away and it’s really getting deep !

    • Anonymous

      Hey Rocky!   Don’t forget the shovel!  Things will get pretty stinky before long.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Campbell/100000364045832 Stephen Campbell

    Hey; That’s a good one..Are there anymore FAIRY TALES that might intrigue me as much as this Line of Heavy Duty Bull Shit!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1615406707 Ginny Lee Moss

    Well, with this ‘new’ knowledge, I think we should all demand ‘reparations’.  Who knew?

    George Downing wrote a
    letter to the honorable John Winthrop Colonial Governor of Massachusetts
    in 1645, “planters who want to make a fortune in the West Indies must
    procure white slave labor out of England if they wanted to succeed.” 
    Lewis Cecil Gray’s History of Agriculture in the Southern United
    States to 1860 vol.1 pp 316, 318 records Sir George Sandys’ 1618 plan
    for Virginia, referring to bound whites assigned to the treasurer’s
    office. “To belong to said office forever. 
    The service of whites bound to Berkeley Hundred was deemed

    • Anonymous

      I have been trying to get Glenn to acknowledge this for 3 years.
      And there is more hidden American History.
      The first communists into this country were in 1848
      Karl Marx and Lincoln knew each other. Marx wrote to Lincoln the letter is on the Net,and Marx wrote Op-eds for the NYT.
      See the Books:
      Google 48’s German and you get the Univ. of Wisconsin’s website they are very proud of their 48’ers(communists)
      Red Republicans and Lincolns Marxists by Walter Kennedy
      Lincoln Über Alles:Dictatorship Comes to America by John Avery Emison
      Lincoln’s Marxists by Al Benson
      1848The Year of Revolution by Mike Rapport
      War Crimes Against Southern Civilians by Walter Cisco
      South under Siege 1830-2000 by Frank Conner

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1615406707 Ginny Lee Moss

    My ancestors were from England and Scotland.  Reckon I could be a great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter of an original slave?  WOWIE CAZOWIE!!

    ” Alexander tells of the other 88 Scots sold into slavery that day in “THE LYON IN MOURNING” pages 242-243.
    Jeremiah Howell was a lifetime-indentured servant by his uncle in Lewis County, Virginia in the early 1700’s.  His son, Jeremiah, won his freedom by fighting in the Revolution.  There were hundreds of thousands of Scots sold into slavery during Colonial America.  White slavery to the American Colonies occurred as early as 1630 in Scotland.”

    • Anonymous

      Negro plantation owners owned many indentured servants as well as black slaves.  Some plantation owners had a practice of giving their favorite black slave a white indentured servant.  No matter who owned them, the white indentured servant was treated far less humanely than the black slaves.  Odd, isn’t it, that the descendants of these white slaves aren’t demanding reparation from the black decendants for their part in the inhumane manner in which they treated our ancestors. 

    • Anonymous

       There are some great books about this on Amazon.
      See the BBC video Barbado’ed on Veoh and read the books.

      To Hell or Barbados by Sean O’Callaghan White Cargo by Don JordanThe Irish Slave by Rhetta Akamatsu Bound Over by John van Der ZeeAmerican Slavery,American Freedom by Edmund S. Morgan

      Emigrants in Chains A Social History of Forced Emigration to the Americas 1607-1776 by Peter Wilson Coldham

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The article also claimed that Punch married a white woman and became a “free man” who then owned a large plantation with slaves.  Now, how can it be that he is descended from a “slave” when the alleged the ‘first grandfather’ was (1) A FREE MAN; and (2) OWNED HIS OWN SLAVES?  It is true that some Negroes were plantation owners and owned more slaves than their Caucasian counterparts, a fact that one can find in the Archives of several States. I don’t buy the ‘historical’ rendition given in this article.  If read correctly, obammy is no more qualified to be a desendant of a slave than he is eligible to be President–in short, he is niether.

    • Anonymous

       Blacks held some of the Largest plantations in the South. They were tradesmen like barbers wheelwrights and blacksmiths.
      Here are some books actually diaries of these plantation owners.
      Black Slave-owners: Free Black Slave Masters in South Carolina, 1790-1860 by Larry Koger
      Black Masters: A Free Family of Color in the Old South, by James L. Roark

  • Anonymous

    There is a race issue in the election…
    glenn beck, a proven racist, wants to avoid this…
    How do you explain Romney’s campaign stating that the President can not understand the “anglo saxon” relationship between the US and Britain?!

    • http://twitter.com/thinkpad30 Bob Compton

       You’re right; Glenn Beck is a racist. He only likes people of the human race. It has absolutely nothing to do with race. We started our existence as a British colony, and fought 2 world wars side-by-side with Great Britain. That kinda gives us a relationship, don’tcha think?

  • Anonymous

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…. And his wife is more beautiful than either Carla Bruni or the Duchess of Cambridge. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha….

  • Anonymous

    Seems odd since I recall that they could find no record of his grandparents’ births or their marriage certificate.  They do know they were from Kansas I think?  I’ve done quite a bit of family research and kinda, sorta almost close just doesn’t prove anything.  You need something  that obama just doesn’t want to provide and that is documentation so I don’t know how they traced anything unless it was through his mother’s relatives that do have records of some sort.  But I doubt that since he has spend millions trying scrub his history. 

  • Anonymous

    Did they also mention that he is a even closer decedent of the Arab Slave Traders that ripped people from their homes and sold them in the first place?
    His daddy is from the Luo Tribe and they are known Slave Traders living in Kenya on the coast as it was easier to ship them.

    What about Obama’s momma’s family that history shows they owned slaves? Did he forget about that side of the family?

    Looks he’s got more slave blood on his hands in his history than the credit of descending from one in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, fpark, it could have been the east coast of Kenya from which the slaves were sold.

      That is the area the Muslims settled when they first came into the country.

      • Anonymous

         His Mothers side that means Europe and the Irish were the ones sold into slavery before blacks were.

        • Anonymous

          gatekeeper,  My reply was to fpark who commented on Arab Slave

          Traders in Kenya.  I didn’t comment on B.O.’s relationship to the first

          black slave in this nation.

  • Anonymous

    This is nothing more than a distraction…they will lie,spin little stories of wonderment on how the savior BH O was “really” the one that walked on water. They certainly don’t want to run on his accomplishments…so they will just offer up shiny objects to dazzle the non-thinkers. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.hoing Mark Hoing

    Something is just not adding up here! Mothers side of the family! Caucasian!   You still can’t get there!   Here we go again with the Race issue!
    Who cares if he is Black, Red, Purple, Yellow, White or Green!  He is smearing America in the eyes of our Allies and Enemies and destroying our way of life, not to mention he is the Teleprompter Puppet. 
    Yes, I said Puppet!  

    • http://twitter.com/SarahTruesdell Sarah Truesdell

      They certainly don’t want to run on his accomplishments…so they will just offer up shiny objects to dazzle the non-thinkers. http://Achieved4Dream.blogspot.com

    • landofaahs

      What really is going on is that they have to make this up because he has no slave heritage except that his father from Kenya has a collective  heritage of being a slave trader. 

    • Anonymous

      Before there was a black slave trade there was the Irish slave trade.
      Google: Irish slave trade.
      See the BBC video Barbado’ed on Veoh and read the books.

      ToHell or Barbados by Sean O’Callaghan
      White Cargo by Don Jordan
      The Irish Slave by Rhetta Akamatsu
      Bound Over by John van Der Zee
      American Slavery,American Freedom by Edmund S. Morgan

      Emigrants in Chains A Social History of Forced Emigration to the Americas 1607-1776 by Peter Wilson Coldham

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cowfy-Kaufman/1199851080 Cowfy Kaufman

        we have a tradition of the nimrod who is mentioned in genisis as being a great warrior as being the first human to enslave other human beings.he himself was a black man.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Judy-Mahaffey/1088521191 Judy Mahaffey

        Also Free Black’s owned slaves in Louisiana and Mississippi and I’m sure other states in the South and North, early in 1800 to 1850.

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a shit? Does this mean he’s more black than we thought he was?

    • landofaahs

      I just want him to make one more bit of history, that is being the first one term black president. 

  • Anonymous

    What’s this have to do with all the Americans looking for work?

  • Anonymous

    What is the big deal? I a  descendent of Adam and Eve.

    • Anonymous

      You Rock !   LOLS.  Thanks..

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000176157609 Candy Bemis Eiferd

      I agree… If we read and believe the bible, we are ALL descendents of Adam and Eve. The next realization is, if we are all descendents of Adam and Eve, we are all products of incest.  Think about it.

      • Anonymous

         it works just fine in Kentucky

  • Anonymous

    As I read this article I kept saying , You have to be kidding……..  This latest that is NOT Definate, is a lame attempt to sway the black vote.  It is sickening to say the least.  Laughable but sickening and totally desperate…………

    • greywolfrs

      I agree, but dumb people (of all colors) will swallow this hook, line and sinker.

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely I agree with you and it sad to think people will fall for it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Martin/100000592217727 Daniel Martin

    American Heritage, vol. 441, “Selling Poor Steven” states that 3,775 free blacks owned 12,740 black slaves. This story also purports that the first slave owner in VA, Anthony Johnson, was a black man. Frighteningly, the story also outlines how free black women “owned” their husbands, free blacks sold their children into slavery, and absent free black slave owners “leased” their slaves to plantation owners.”

  • new2la

    That and the cost of tamales is just as important. The guy is a fake American; his character is much more important than his ancestry; Who really cares whether his family were slaves? The majority of Americans black or white, came from humble beginnings.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anne-Caluwaert/100000218117532 Anne Caluwaert

    I could care less. My DNA analysis told me that I am a true melting pot of ancestry from Europe. But most importantly, I am an AMERICAN.

  • Anonymous

    Except for recent immigrants about the last 30 years; Most Americans Are Some Way Related. Didn’t they find out that George Bush and Sarah Palin are related to BHO? Yet they still verbally abuse her. During the 2008 campaign Obama people and “celebrities” insulted Sarah Palin’s Family’s American Indian heritage nastily. But Obama and no dems criticized that or called for apologies. Anyone who has read the actual documents facts knows what Monk wrote. So are they trying to say O’s 11th great grandad who was Black or part Black was owned by another Black man? Wouldn’t that make “likeability” because of simpathy for “injustice” worse. “Ancestry com” and others say the report is inconclusive because complete proof is gone and can’t be found. So in other words the report is A GUESS, WISHFUL THINKING AND LONGING. By “npr” and “the times”. The same npr that fired liberal Juan Williams because he wasn’t liberal enough.
    And I’ll be dining with my 1st cousin The Queen later. Oh not That One. A different one.

    The-MonkPosted on July 30, 2012 at 5:59pm”The first person to legally own a slave was Anthony Johnson, a black man. http://guides.wikinut.com/Anthony-Johnson%3B-American-s-First-Slave-Owner/20va9y_5/ The first salve was John Casar who was declared a slave belonging to Anthony Johnson and not an indentured servant by a court of law. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Casor”

  • Anonymous

    I think “they” are just trying to further confuse the uneducated. 

    The article intimated that more of us have black ancestors than we like to admit, which makes people more racist.  I would think it would work the other way around — if you knew you had black relatives, that would help to alleviate any racism you might feel. 

    Then again, history tells that one reason Hitler hated the Jews was because he had Jewish blood in him and was ashamed of it. 

    Is this like the old saying about dogs, “They only kill their masters?”

    And maybe someone can explain this to me, it’s something I’ve never understood.  America was not the first nation where slavery occurred — it’s been around in one form or another since the dawn of man, practically.  America was, however, one of the first nations to make and pass a law preventing it from continuing.  So why does it seem like the only country where it’s even brought up anymore is in America? 

    • Anonymous

      AmPat, one of the reasons why our country is ”still paying for it” could be because there

      was a war fought around mid-nineteenth century which involved the black slaves to one

      degree or another.   As things progressed, it was easy for some to fall into ”the victim”

      mode and get goodies and entitlements from ”Uncle Sugar.”   Not saying the blacks had

      it easy.  They did live through the Jim Crow years and segregation.   But they were not

      the only ones in America who had hard times.  Look at the history of some of the early

      immigrants to this country.  Some of them were treated rather shabbily.  Irish, for one.

      Not too long ago, another race was rounded up and put into camps.  Remember what

      happened to the Japanese, who lived on the West Coast, during WWII?

  • http://www.facebook.com/stablepar John Michaud

    white marxist, black marxist???what’s the diff?

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I, somehow, don’t think we can rely too heavily on slave records. Now, if we were told Obama descended from Karl Marx and Lucifer, that would be an easier sell.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1334883866 John Scurich

    Wait a second!  I thought he was a direct descendant of Jesus?

  • cphil745

    What is so sad is Obama is trying to promote slavery again and making us slaves  by having us all on handouts, welfare and food stamps rather than promote us working and being independent of the government “Massa.”  We are not stupid and can take care of ourselves with out being enslaved to him and his new socialistic/communistic government.   Why does he want us to be slaves unless it is so he can be a dictator and have complete control of the people (slaves) and all their money.

  • landofaahs

    There is no proof of that.  The line ends and is picked up by another family name named Bunch.  They say the names are close enough to make the link, which pardon the pun, is a “BUNCH” of crap.  Everything about this joker is made up.  Really, I’ve never seen anything like it.  

  • Anonymous

    Wow!   Since ”evidence strongly suggests” that B.O. could be a descendant of the first slave,

    they should move ahead with this story?   How soon before a book deal will be made?  After all,

    there should be a prequel to go with the other life stories of B.O., shouldn’t there?  Fiction, of

    course, since there are no live witnesses to this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003480538186 Gary Bensen

    Has anyone asked themselves “Where does Glenn Beck get his information”.  “They said” is not a legitimate source of information.  This is the same person who 1 year ago said “The Chevy Volt” (an electric propelled vehicle with no starter) “would not start”.  You people don’t actually believe this man do you? Getting your info from the drudge report is like getting it from “The National Inquirer”.  

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a lot of C*R*A*P.  We need to ignore this type of propaganda (lies) from the masters (BHOs minions).  Nov. can’t happen soon enough.  By the way, Ted Cruz, is the new  Tea Party GOP Texas US Senate guy. 

  • Anonymous

    She might have show up the Queen and Kate Middleton with what she was wearing, but I bet she had the biggest ass in the crowd.  Have you ever watch her walk?  Her shoulders bounce up and down like pistons in an engine.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Allan/707974764 Gary Allan

    and we were clobbered for electing Bush, wow, you liberals sure topped us in electing rotten presidents. Oh, sorry, I am being blasphemous.

  • Sunshine Kid

    I note the quote in the article above “– on his mother’s side –“.  Did someone forget that his mother was WHITE?

    “Historical” information released by the Black House is more accurately described as “hysterical” in my opinion.  I’m going to the doctor to have the stitches in my sides fixed.

  • Anonymous

    If the facts are correct about Punch, that he was black, does not make him a slave.  He is reputed to have been an indentured servant – a free man who contracted his future labor without remuneration to cover passage to Virginia.  The consequence of his attempt to defraud his contract holder was a life of indentured. I agree this is harsh by modern standards, but this is not slavery.

    A slave (by colonial standards) was someone forcibly removed from Africa and sold into labor without the individuals consent.

    Other question, if Punch was Irish, he may have been black Irish. This does not mean negro, it means a Irishman that had dark hair and was a descendent of a survivor of the Spanish Armada.

    • greywolfrs

      One thing you are wrong about, a lot of the blacks that were brought here to be slaves were sold by their own tribes, in Africa. They were not captured and forced, their own people sold them into it.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Mr. OscrewUS being that you have checked your family heritage to this extent it made me a start to a thinkin’ ?
    My last name is BLACK and I couldn’t help but thinking we just might be related and much to my suprise nobody on my Father’s side had the last name WHITE this made no sense to me what soever so I checked it again and again and after all that work I realized that I was not doing it in the correct manner so I took my family to I 70 and we all laid on the hwy and after all that work I am part of that hwy now and my elbow’s are now part of my butthole so as sad as it was that my elbow’s are not related to you, in more way’s than i can count my butthole is !!
    Sorry folk’s I couldn’t resist :)

    • greywolfrs

      LOL, right on…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FVONTN7NFYTGM7O4B4QIGRMWAU Ling Ling

         Plantations were run like small cities, and the plantation owners were the law –something most people do not know.  Physical abuse of slaves never even happened as much as they say; they were punished when they committed crimes such as murder, rape, or theft. 
         You have to remember, too, that blacks were not considered 100% human 200 years ago; even 2000 years ago, the word they used for them was “beasts”, and the name for them has changed over 50 times since then.  They’ve come a long way, since now they are called ‘African-American’ by the ignorant, even if they aren’t American.  There is more abuse of animals today than abuse of slaves yesterday.
         Slavery was not a bad thing.  Instead of freeing the slaves, all they had to do was create laws to protect them, just like they made laws to protect women as wives, and just like there are laws which protect animals.

  • greywolfrs

    I guess his mom is of the Micheal Jackson sort, was black but spontaneously turned white. Talk about reaching, what a joke.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/43DW3K4UUG7TC5TWQTE7MX5ZOE Anonymous

    he is more likely descended from the Muslim slave TRADER who sent the first slaves over here.

  • Trayvon Kasel

    Even more ironic is that he’s also the direct descendant of the first slave trader on his father’s side. 

  • Anonymous

    Nice. I came to check out glennbeck.com because I decided he might actually have some good ideas and I find an article predicting the way the media will AGAIN singlehandedly try to get Obama re-elected. Really?

    I like it when the universe puts me in my place at a moments notice. What was I thinking? Now where’s that back arrow.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LBQMBGDDBDBRPSYUJUFYLVC5ZE james

    anything to get those votes. 

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