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Terrorists have infiltrated our borders through Mexico and as we showed you in Rumors of War 3, they have also infiltrated our government, but there were no borders to cross. They were invited. No one else will share this information with you, but as we learned on 9-11, we can no longer afford to ignore the desire to destroy America.

On Friday, August 3rd, Glenn will be joined by National Security and Terrorism Correspondent Patrick Poole, former Pentagon Islam Specialist Steve Coughlin, former Inspector General for the Department of Defense Joe Schmitz, and former Federal Prosecutor And McCarthy for a special focusing on the threat posed by the Muslim Brotherhood to the United States.

This is an episode you can’t afford to miss!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    We need to keep warning the nation, and our own communities as well. Its only a matter of when, and no longer if, another terrorist strike occures. Only other questions will be how big of an event will it be; and how much warning will Obamas administration have had and chose to ignore for the political gains they so desperately seek.

    Look for some sudden series of ‘plots’ to be discovered near the middle of October.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! I don’t know that they’ll be stopped in time, though. I’m thinking when Israel hits Iran, the sleeper cells will awake in a big way.

  • landofaahs

    It’s why we never give up our guns and ammo.  I refuse to allow to let the evil forces take over my country.  I our children and grand children are raised in an evil islamic societ., we make it easier for Satan  to take our children.  They are given to us as a trust.  

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      I’ve seen and learned first hand the evil of the Muslim Brotherhood, and will die before I give in to any of them. I will never bow willingly to another man, for God is my Lord, and the only boss I answer to in the end.

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    Warning. If you want to rediscover America, don’t use the fairy.

    • Spencer Weinstein


  • Thomas Berquist

    I received a response from Robert(rubber stamp for Obama) Casey Jr. regarding Bachmanns request to look into the Muslim Brotherhood in government. He ripped Bachmann and her supporters which is what I expected from Casey. He must be out of politics THIS YEAR! For those in Pa. it looks like Tom Smith is the horse we must go with this time but ANYONE is better than Casey Jr. He is pure Progressive and totally committed to obama. 

  • Anonymous

    This was something I was telling people 6 years ago!!!!! I hope Glenn decides to tell people about the nuclear EMP threat from Iran and North Korea before the lights go out!!!

  • Anonymous

     well you better get you guns and amino obama wants to take america down and turn it into a muslin country …I trust that man as far as I can see him….He lied from the beginng as the bible teaches the evil ones comes as a angel of light……………Trust in Jesus but do your part…..and Keep praying and vote for ROMMEY HE LOVES AMERICA…AND WILL NOT TRY TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY AS OBAMA HAS BEEN DOING SINCE HE WAS ELECTED….

    • Anonymous

      Barry-Hussein-Osama oops Obama Is And Always Is An AntiAmerican Islamist Terrorist!! He Is The Face Of Evil With His AdviCzars Pulling The Strings! All He Does Is Speeches and Signing! Their Bible Is Rules-For-Radicals Which Is Dedicated To Lucifer! That is how We Know He Is Evil!!

      • ChristinaMary

        Elizabeth implied I am stunned that a mom able to get paid $6566 in one month on the network. have you seen this(Click on menu Home)

    • Bonnie Somer

      couldn’t agree more.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the laughs.
      The stupidity and ignorance of bigots like yourself never leave one wanting.
      1.  “amino”?!  What word were you searching for here dumb ass?
      and …
      2.   “bible”?!

      • ginger

        Gosh, another distraction from the spelling and puncuation nazi..BACK to the subject ..

      • ChristinaMary

    • Anonymous

      thats because HUSSEIN-Obama’s Bible Is RulesForRadicals,which is dedicated to Lucifer…so we know we Hussein-Obama is coming from and is taking US!if we let him.
      as Glenn says, At Least Romney Is Not A Commie!

  • Anonymous

    Everything Glenn Predicts Comes True! Achmijad says Hussein-Obama Is the Leader Of The MuslimBrotherhood and Every Hussein-Obama Does Proves It! His ReElection Will Probably Be Our Last Election….For The Narcisist,Celebrity-In-Chief Will Be The Dictator-In-Chief of The New World Order,One World Government!! Wake Up Rinos and  syop fighting the conservatives!

    • Mike Bozo

      Only one thing will ever change the minds of our liberal friends. Four more years of Obama .But it will be to late, the freedoms of today will be lost forever.

  • Anonymous
    excellent National Geographic documentary on the Muslim Brotherhood and different offshoot groups.
    The different Muslim Brotherhood groups really aren’t all that connected.  Hamas is technically muslim brotherhood but they operate independently.  This is not some giant terror conglomerate to be terrified of.

  • Gunner

    Obama has been trying to destroy America since he first entered office. Now he is putting Muslim Brotherhood members in government positions. How anyone can vote for him is a mystery to me. I was hoping that Herman Cain would be nominated but Rommy will be just fine. But keep your guns and ammo ready. 

  • Tony

    Obama cannot be re-elected, it will spell four more years of stagnation in the economy and his evil roots, along with his disciples, will be firmly trenched in this great nation’s government. Conservatives need to be back in power, only their fiscal responsibility will lead this nation out of it’s economic distress. Almost a trillion dollars spent to boost this economy and the unemployment rate is higher than when he took office. Where did all the money go?? I would love a breakdown of how each dollar was spent.

  • landofaahs

    Let’s see if the liberal jew Rahm e-manual will side up with anti-gay Muslims(Fair-a-con,muslim bro-hoods etc.) to bash Christians.  It is amazing to me that so many liberal jews will cozy up to people who want them dead and yet bash Christians who only want them saved.  What an upside down world we live in.
    But the real answer is that liberal jews are cowards who afraid of getting blown up by muslims and need to boost their sagging ego by attacking a group who for the most part take it in stride.  That easy to pick on group is of course the Christians.  But we take it knowing that the Savior Jesus Christ also had this to bear.  True tolerance of others it seems is only to be found in Christendom.

  • Rafael Torres

    The same Radical Islamists that gang-raped Lara Logan of CBS last year and independant journalist Natasha Smith 2 months ago are now here in our country thanks to Obama and his support of the Muslium Brotherhood. Both stories are not being covered by the MSM thanks to the PC quagmire that they got themselves into. Of course Obama pleaded Egypt to bring Lara Logan’s attackers to justice, but our idiot president doesn’t realize that the Muslium Brotherhood is not interested in getting justice for Ms. Logan, who like all of her CBS buddies and other MSM journalists are still drinking the Obama Kool-Aid and are still politically correct. The Brotherhood does nothing about sexual violence in the Middle East and now, they’re proposing Sharia Law as a quick-fix. When are we going to wake up about Radical Islam?!

  • John Edward Kapler

    Why has nothing been said about Mr Rubio siding with McCain, Graham, and Boehner against Michelle Bachmann? This is important because Mr Rubio is being touted for the VP ticket with Mitt Romney and I cannot understand why he would turn on Michelle Bachmann on such a critically important National Security issue! Is he taking marching orders from Mitt Romney, nothing here makes sense, unless Rubio is one cowardly bullshitting liar.. These politicians are all beginning to sound alike, who really is conservative, I have my doubts with any any of these people. None of them stood their ground on spending the other day, Boehner caved again. Where were they! It looks as though Rubio is nothing but a talker, the fact that he would not stand with Michelle Bachmann on a National Security Issue tell me, he is incompetant to be Vice President and is nothing but a player for the establisment! What a damn coward!

  • John Daniels

    Politicians such as Rubio and McCain are just as responsible as Obama for giving our nation to Islam. Read, ‘THE COMING: A TRUE STORY OF HORROR’ @ amazon. It will shock you!

  • Anonymous

    And Napolitano just said the other night, regarding how our border is more secure than ever – “Yeah, once in awhile a terrorist slips in”. Really??? Isn’t THAT why Department of Homeland Security was created??? To keep terrorists  from “slipping in” across our porous borders??

  • Ted Kotoff

    This guy calling in about Harry Reid being a rapist better have substantial information or he is in very HOT water!  Is this guy for real?  Come on!  Setting up this obviously bull charge completely disgusting and if it doesn’t stop, I am not going to listen to this station anymore and neither are my friends and family.  If you are running for the Presidency of the United States, you should be completely open and transparent about anything that comes against you!  People can get the wrong idea just because you are stubborn and you don’t want to release your tax returns!  Even if you aren’t REQUIRED to release them!

    • Elaine Benson

      he already did what was expected of him where taxes are concerned

    • Anonymous

       Get your sitting president to release his records..ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Your reverse psychology and hate isn’t going to persuade any of us here, go on go some where else..

    • derbygate

      Romney released the tax return to the public that showed the accounts he holds his money in …how exactly is that “hidden”? we want to know, Harry Reid…

  • Anonymous

    Here is the answer fellow human’s we will fight it all come’s down to this MATTHEW 6:24
    Be blessed and be forever REAL
    with luv

  • Anonymous


    • Rex Whitmer

      I agree with you man!  These guys are hollering about tax Records for Romney but have closed their eyes when it comes to Obama’s records.  Frankly I’ve seen data that showed that he entered the US for the first time when his mother returned from Kenya when he was three months old!  His aunt (here ilegally) says she watched him being born in Kenya and I have seen copies of a birth certificate from Kenya that looks much more authentic than the fake Hawaiian certificate.  Then, why was he so adamant about sealing up his records for his schooling?  His draft card is definitely a forgery.  His Social Securty Card reflects that he never lived or worked in the state it was issued in?  I wonder about conservatives.  They have grounds to disqualify him, but give in to the Liberals with a whimper.  Our so called President is illegally in his office, as illegal as the people he’s trying to make legitimate!

  • Sharon Taylor

    Thank the Lord.  Someone has the courage to say what we all know is happening.  Thank you, Glenn for being honest and consistently precise about all of the Muslim influences in this country.  I used to live close to where part of the royal family is living.  Appreciate what you are doing.  We need to do more to let people know the truths out there.  God bless you.  

  • Payman

    This is all part of a propaganda, a plan against the Muslim Brotherhood.  

  • Poison_ Monkey

    Think about when you see Bush or Obama or Reid or Pelosi or B Frank.. We see them on short TV bites, they all appear dumb as rocks… These fellows on GBTV mix and know all these people. Im sorry but Palin and Bachmann seem extremely smart on TV verses all the above…The two that both sides slam the most.  

    We need to develop a far greater way of knowing these people running our Government. Second-who these Islamist (who HATE Americans on a global bases) are and why they are in our White House. This is bunk…

  • Anonymous

    The muslims have been invited to our nation, via Obama.  An incident I had seen at my local Wal-Mart showed an arabic couple with children who had waited for their change from a government check after they had purchased their groceries.  Our citizens are hurting yet foreigners receive gratis from our government.  What is wrong with this picture?

  • Frank Livingston

    I hate to say it but every useless politician that has not spoken out AGAINST the Muslim
    Brotherhood influence in the White House, House, Senate, DOD, DHS, DOJ and other agencies/department are actually helping those that believe in Shariah/Islamic law. It is treasonous for a politician to refuse to come out in public and post a letter in support of Rep. Bachmann and the other four true American heroes willing to stand up and tell the truth.
    By not coming out publically for what Rep. Bachmann the others are asking and that is IG
    investigations as to the influence within our government, they are actually helping spread Shariah in the United States.

  • Anonymous

    obama, carter

  • Anonymous

    Once again, glenn beck proves that he is not only a bigot, but he is a hypocrite.
    “restoring love” my ass!!!
    glenn beck is an evil hate monger!!!

    • SoThere

      Folks, strtlk this is the face of the Liberal Progressives in this country.

      He’s a hatemonger like all of them.  He is the reason we need to vote them out of power.

      Save America, Vote Conservative.

      • Doodaddio

        SoThere, strtlk and the rest of the liberal progressives are all hate and fear driven lunatics. It’s time for them to go, and I agree with you that we should never vote for anyone but a conservative again. They have proven they aren’t to be trusted with the responsibility of leadership and are incapable of doing the job in the first place.

    • Doodaddio

      Sorry, but you are the evil hate monger here. Beck isn’t nearly as bad as his critics. 
      Fear is what I see in all your vile, vulgar and hate driven declarations. 

      I see you do know where the shift key is, so why don’t you use it? 

      (I know why, but I just want you to admit it.)

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the comments about Obama being the face of evil.  But the scarey part is his army of evil.  who are they, where are they and how do we get rid of them and the computer programs that are fully in use in this country.  His programs and ideology will continue to destroy our country after he is gone.  

  • Anonymous

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