Media reacts to Romney’s ‘gaffe-tastic’ overseas trip

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In light of Mitt Romney’s overseas tour the media has taken to pointing out the ‘gaffe-tastic’ nature of Romney’s trip, while reminding us that whenever President Obama goes overseas he is ‘gaffe-free’ and ‘picture-perfect.’

“Let’s move on to our 1984 world where two plus two equals five kind of ‑‑ kind of, you know, media formula, where nothing makes sense anymore,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Let’s go to Mitt Romney, his overseas trip, has been described by the press as gaffe‑tastic, gaffe‑filled, and his mouth runneth over.  Hmmm. Of course, when Barack Obama went overseas and really ever since, he was gaffe‑free and picture‑perfect.”

So let’s take a look at some of the horrors that show just how embarrassing Romney’s trip was.

For starters, he had the nerve to suggest that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

“Hey, Jeffy, according to the map, according to the location of the capital according to the location of the prime minister’s office, according to the location of all political offices, where would the capital of Israel be,” Glenn asked. “It’s like saying, ‘I’m not going to tell you where the capital of the United States is.’”

And we can’t forget about how embarrassing it was when Romney explained how cultural differences between Israel and Palestine could be a factor in why Israel’s economy is so much stronger than Palestine.

“He mentioned their respective GDPs as an example. Romney cited Israel’s per capita GDP at $21,000, Palestine’s at 10,000.  It’s actually more like 31,000 to 1500. So it’s not two times the GDP. It’s closer to 30 times, far more dramatic than even he indicated. If you were talking about that’s his gaffe, okay, I’d be with you. But that’s not what they were doing,” Glenn said.

Let us not forget how President Obama and his administration have handled questions about Israel situation as of late. No one with half a brain would call it picture-perfect. One day the President comes out in front of the AIPAC and says that Israel’s security is “sacrosanct,” and Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel. The next day he says:

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  This was an example where we had some poor phrasing in the speech and we immediately tried to correct the interpretation that was given.  The point we were simply making was is that we don’t want barbed wire running through Jerusalem similar to the way it was prior to the ’67 war. We believe the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps. So that secure and recognized borders are established for both states.

“What? You don’t think you is… was… make any sense. But don’t worry, none of that is gaffe‑tastic, gaffe‑filled, gaffe‑alicious. It’s sheer unadulterated perfection personified,” Glenn joked.

The bias is bordering on laughable at this point and further proves that the media is becoming more and more obsolete.

“The media is irritating but irrelevant. It’s like a little gnat. After a while that’s really irritating.  But here’s what happens. Welcome to GBTV. Welcome to talk radio. Welcome to the Internet. Welcome to the 9/12 project. Welcome to the Tea Party. Welcome to Freedom Works. Welcome to America,” Glenn concluded.

“We are the ultimate flyswatter. They’re irrelevant. Let them rant and rave. Let them dig their own grave. This November Americans will pick the man who best represents American principles and values.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The media has portrayed Romneys trip as a “monumental series of epic errors, gaffs, and fabrications” to condense most of them into a single trail of irrelevent and irrevrent thought.

    What they are doing to Romney and his family is the same as with Sarah Palin, and these constant assaults will get more and more vicious as the ideological madness and despeation of the media and the left advances to the elections.

    Look even with Reid, claiming without proof (in his words), of Mitt Romney not paying taxes for 10 years; yet if this is so, why is the IRS not becoming involved for non-tax payment? Why is the FBI not coming in for investigation of Fraud and Money Laundering or other such potential law breaking actions?

    Why is Reid not being investigated; as if he has such proof, then let it be presented under a sworn statement taken during a FBI or IRS investigation, then when found to not be true, he is a criminal.

    Mr Reid, the American people demand a simple action on your part:

    YOU claim to have the goods, so put up or shut up!!!

    • Anonymous

      If you think about this logically, how would Reid or anyone else know if Obama paid his taxes? Only two people would know, and that would be Mit Romney’s Accountant and the IRS. Like you said, if the IRS thought they were not getting their fair share they would have Romney by the neck. The pathetc thing is that people in this counry will believe what they want to believe, despite common sense, and the facts. Obama right now is going after the uneducated and the uniformed. May God help us, and protect us from Obama.

      • Anonymous

        My first thought was IF this is true, then someone in IRS should be in big trouble.  However, I say just another one of Reid’s lies

    • landofaahs

      I want Romney to win and have him assign a team of people who are anti obama to investigate everything that is obama.

      • Alva D. Morell

        So let’s take a look at some of the horrors that show just how embarrassing Romney’s trip was.

        • Sandie

           Ignore Alva’s links – she is an advertising BOT

          • Anonymous

            True, Sandie, but those babes certainly seem to get a lot of

            ”likes.”   I don’t think it’s for their comments (which are always

            copied from another’s post.)  Have you taken a close look at

            those pictures/avatars whatever?  Provocative.

          • Sandie

            I guess they stoop to the “sex sells” tactic.

      • new2la

        I want a jail big enough to house all the jackals in his camp.

    • Anonymous

      Based on Mr. Romney’s 2010 return, he would have to have losses for every year prior or IRS would have filed returns for him and they would not have been pretty. No deductions, no married filing joint. No mortgage interest. IRS would take the 1099’s and W2’s they had from whoever he received them from and filed. All penalties and interest would apply. He would then have to file a correct return. This is how IRS works. It is done to people who earn a lot less than Mr. Romney. Reid hasn’t a clue about what would happen in a case like this.

  • landofaahs

    Everything Romney said was the truth.  It seems the truth is the one thing that cannot be said.  He was spot on with his comments about  Israel prospering because of culture and Palestinians suffering because of their culture.  But liberals have always hated the term “Resonsible for your own actions”.  Liberals are like cigarettes, bad for your health.  You either need to get rid of them or smoke ’em.

  • landofaahs

    I did not hear your program Glenn, but I hope you mentioned giving the queen his weird DVD’s, his top a th mornin’ to ya.  I hope you also mentioned obama’s all too famous “Polish death camps” comment.  Obama is an idiot and no amount of media plaster can cover that fact.

    • Anonymous

      Right on, land, but no amount of ”truth in advertising”, as it were, will escape the pen

      when covering our darling Prez.  Gotta convince the folks to vote for him, again, you

      know.  Hope those folks are a lot smarter in their choice this time around.

  • Draxx

    Boy they Pick, Pick, Pick at someone until they don’t even know what they were complaining about anymore, talk about blind leading the blind…

  • Anonymous

    President Acorn is the ‘king’ of gaffers. I’ve got two pages, 8 1/2 x 11 worth of his gaffes and I’m sure that I only have a very small fraction of the total. The sad thing is that the majority of his are done with a teleprompter even. This so-called MSM is delusional at best, and downright dishonest at worst!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Romney looked more presidential then Obama ever has..WE need to stop letting the MSM who has ignored every criminal act of this administration, including the ten things I read about just today , and are trying to make up things about an honest man, who is as clean as a whistle..I cried when I saw someone treating our allies right and they don’t want you to see what Poland and Israel think, because it really makes our President look bad..

    I would like to add I wish that Romney would not give the MSM the time of day..they don’t deserve it after the distorted way they treat Republicans while ignoring the real news. Fast and Furious, Solyndra, thugs and Muslim Brotherhood in the Whitehouse..The Whitehouse investigating their own with their own. emails to meet big pharmo somewhere besides the Whitehouse..GSA spending taxpayer money even while under investigation..they truly think they are above the law and that’s because they dont’ honor the law..
    Also if they find out Romney didn’t pay his taxes , which they won’t , but if they did , will they ask him if he want’s a job because that seems to be a perk if you want to work for them..Hypocrites..

  • mudslide

    If the press scrutinized, criticized, or otherwise vetted Owebama 10% as much as they have Mitt so far, the community organizer wouldn’t even have made the nomination…

  • Anonymous

    This is no longer a matter of truth vs lies. It’s the democratic way. Feed people lies long enough and they will end up believing them. Besides, if anyone doesn’t think that the main media is paid off to spread these lies they are simply blind and America has many blind people.

  • Anonymous

    Romney makes Bush sound sensible. Romney should stand up for what he believes in and stop trying to please everyone, then maybe people will start taking him seriously ! 

  • Anonymous

    Romney went to pay respects – he did not go to bow.  He looked Presidential and did not embarass this Great Nation as Barack Hussein Obama has done on numerous occasions.

  • Anonymous

    you’re really cute here, glenn … and correct.

    welcome to the blaze.

  • Karen Rose

    Romney will win

    • Anonymous

       I sure hope you right with all the corruption, fraud, lies and deceit this admin. does!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, he will and it will be a landslide that will put Reagan’s win over Carter to shame.

    • w. Parker

      Regardless of how much liberals try to stifle the truth, the american people are smarter than liberals give them credit for.  Romney 2012!

  • Doris C

    I hope Glenn is right but I am worried. They are slandering Romney about his taxes and I think he should slam them back.TYou can bet the IRS knows he did his taxes but harry is afraid.

  • Ledarral S. Brumley

    Every time Obama opens his mouth, he is lying.

  • Anonymous

    ”This November Americans will pick the man who best represents American principles and

    values.”   And that well may be.   HOWEVER, the count may not reflect that.  I fully expect the

    ”Chicago Mob” will do whatever needs to be done in order for a win for B.O., including vote

    fraud.  I don’t trust them anymore than knowing I could bowl them over with a tennis ball.

    Re: Romney’s overseas trip—if the LSM EVER reported any conservative actions in a full and

    fair manner, I would be the one bowled over!

  • Anonymous

    glenn outdid himself with this line of bullshit!!!
    Let us look at Romney’s trip and how it proves that he is immature and ill prepared.
    1.  A senior Romney lad stated that the current President lacks Romney’s ability to cash in the Anglo-Saxon relationship between the US and GB.
    2.  Romney criticized GBs security for the Olympics.
    3.  After this gaffe, Romney visited 10 Dowling and got bitch slapped by the GB PM.
    4.  Romney left this meeting with his tail between his legs.  It is not surprising he was labelled as a Wimp by Newsweek!!!
    5.  Romney praised Israel’s socialistic health care system.
    6.  Romney insulted Palestine and undercut the delicate relationship between Israel and Its neighbors.
    7.  Another Romney senior aid to “kiss my ass” because they were at a holy site  Thank God Romney doesn’t mind using profanity at holy sites.

    • Anonymous

      You are dismissed!

    • tgimacb

      You’re just looking to pick a fight, adam smith aka strtlk. Why not go trolling for likes on huffpost?

      Hard to believe your points – half are redubs, and all are false. 
          you should base your points with fact – watch the coverage instead of regurgitating the slanted blather

      Community organizers organize communities – not countries.

      blobaama never had a chance, with or without a teleprompter (recall that really long pause as the teleprompter failed) 
      Whatever prepared noblamema for foreign affairs? Nothing -not ayers, wright or reszko

      ROMNEY never uttered a word, yet you and those just like you say he did [Romney doesn’t mind using profanity at holy sites]
          you should base your points with fact – watch the coverage instead of regurgitating the slanted blather 

      • Anonymous

        hey dipshit…
        I never said Romney swore in Poland, I pointed out that a senior campaign official did.
        Please, get off your high horse and post rebuttals based on fact!!!

  • Anonymous

    I was watching MSNBC today at lunch- Al Sharpton was on- casino had the sound turned down, but the gist was they were bashing Mitt Romney over “falsely claiming Obama didn’t create 2.4 million “private sector jobs”. Well, Mr. Obama- there are 2.4 million new “private sector jobs”? YOU didn’t build those- someone else did! Maybe you had some help along the way (small businesses?). But, hey- you didn’t build those.

  • Anonymous

    No One Has More Gaffes As Hussein-Osama oops Obama! however,the lamestream media never reports anything negative about the chosen one…yeah chosen one, chosen to destroy America and her Allies! What They don’t know is that We have God On Our Side and The One True God Has Proven He Is Much Stronger Then Their god of Evil….proof their god is evil well the Left Bible Is RulesForRadicals and this book.. is dedicated to…Lucifer!
    and the so called media are just teleprompter reading models! God Will Bless America when America Blesses God..again! Know Truth Know God,No Truth No God

  • Anonymous


  • Bonnie Somer

    too bad that the prez will never understand America and Americans.  His dictatorial agenda is so obvious and the Axelrod tactics to make Romney appear worse than obama oh and gaffes remember the one where le prez visited all 57 states, and when he said to joe the plumber we need to spread the wealth around a/o ex of his marxist upbringing.  I hope mrs obama enjoys here 6800.00 shiirt are the obamas planning to re-distribute any oftheir wealth.  The new add put out w/Romneys horse talking is obama the horses ass for the reason Ann Romney got the horse. By the way didn’t obama just destroy clintons sig leg in the welfare reform to create his personal poor permanent class dependent and enslaved to him and the fed govt.  ENOUGH of the obama war on America its up to us now. 

  • Anonymous

    our media is the best comedy on TV!!!  does anyone  believe much that comes form ABC,NBC or CBS?  The weather & Sports is about all the reality they have to offer.  Sad isn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    1.  Obviously, the real media is not irrelevant.  If it was, glenn wouldn’t be crying about how they “ignore” his money making scams and tent revivals.  Hell, even his old employer Fox News ignored his last restoring rally.  Maybe the networks, including Fox News, should have purchased a ticket to help fill the 30-40 thousand empty seats in Cowboy Stadium?!
    2.  I guess glenn doesn’t want to talk about the bill that President Obama signed off of which will provide $70 million more dollars to help fund Israel’s Iron Dome?! 
    3.  I also find it disturbing that glenn refuses to tell his cult about the praise President Obama received from the Defense Minister Ehud Barak and President Shimon Peres!

  • w. Parker

    “The media is irritating but irrelevant. It’s like a little gnat. After a while that’s really irritating”.  Well said…

  • Porphyry

    “_Wir werden Romney zerstören! Straf! Straf! Straf!_”

  • tgimacb

    A very good post. Brief and correct. With this strtlk ala adam smith posting falsehoods he’s not informative nor entertaining  

  • Anonymous

    A quick
    question to all you Romney apologists. What would happen to the country’s
    national debt if we all were so fortunate to have an entire accounting firm do
    our taxes so we could go 10 years without paying any income tax? Answer, we
    wouldn’t have enough cash to buy one bomb or one jet that you chicken hawks
    want dropped on Iran. I know it takes critical thinking skills so go get
    yourselves a couple Advil and a Scotch or better yet do what you usually do and
    let G. Becky do your thinking for you.

    BTW, have
    you watched the Romney interview after the SLC Olympics where he praises how
    well the government (to the tune of $2 billion) and the private sector work
    together to build the infrastructure Salt Lake needed? It is a hoot. At least
    now we know Mitt is not a flip-flopper: He is just a flop.

     I see Sarah P. running as an Independent this
    year given the lack of attention you have been giving to our little Alaskan
    sweetheart (oh wait, she moved to Arizona shortly after she QUIT Alaska.) Peace

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